'The answer is no': Mohave County judge rejects Republican Party of Arizona lawsuit to end early voting

6/7/2022 12:30:00 AM

More than 90% of voters cast early ballots in 2020 and the system was approved in 1991. Trump's loss in 2020 has prompted the GOP to try to end it.

More than 90% of voters cast early ballots in 2020 and the system was approved in 1991. Trump's loss in 2020 has prompted the GOP to try to end it.

More than 90% of voters cast early ballots in 2020 and the system was approved in 1991. Trump's loss in 2020 has prompted the GOP to try to end it.

| Arizona Republic There's nothing unconstitutional about Arizona's early voting law, a Mohave County judge determined Monday.they once falsely claimed caused Mr.the other at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.lawsuit , filed on Wednesday and shared first with NBC News, accuses U.

The ruling, knocking down a lawsuit from the Republican Party of Arizona, is a win for the state's election officials and Arizona voters who use the early-voting system, a vast majority of the electorate.And it's another setback for the state party, which has argued the practice violates the Arizona Constitution's requirement for ballot secrecy.The Politics of Guns: Republicans have been far more likely than Democrats to use messaging about guns to galvanize their base in the midterms.Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen boiled down the essence of the case in his four-page ruling to this:"Is the Arizona Legislature prohibited by the Arizona Constitution from enacting voting laws that include no-excuse mail-in voting? The answer is no.The leading cause of death among children is a firearm," Schumer said." He noted that the no-excuses mail-in voting that lawmakers approved in 1991 provides protections for secrecy.Secretary of state races were once sleepy affairs, dominated by politicians who sought to demonstrate their bureaucratic competence, rather than fierce partisan loyalty.For example, the ballot return envelopes are designed in a way to ensure the voter's choices are not visible.The lawsuit also raises the possibility that officials violated the First Amendment by seizing the masks because of their political messaging.

In addition, the envelopes are"tamper evident" so election workers can notice if someone has tried to open the ballot envelope.Trump’s attempts to overturn the results — including his failed attempt to pressure Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state , to “find” votes to reverse his loss — has thrust the office’s power into the spotlight.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and analyses from researchers at three academic centers.Jantzen denied the Republican Party's case as well as its request for a preliminary injunction that would have blocked almost all early voting for the Nov.8 general election.Many have little chance of succeeding.That would have required millions of Arizona voters to obtain their ballot at the polls and cast it there.There were 3,219 such deaths in 2020, followed by motor vehicle traffic deaths, of which there were 2,882.The lawsuit did not seek any change for the upcoming Aug.Hamm will compete to place among the top two candidates in California, and Audrey Trujillo, who is running unopposed in New Mexico, will cinch her G.J.

2 primary election.Ballots were already printed for that election and early voting begins July 6.P., " researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions analyzed CDC data from 2020 and found that gun violence was the leading cause of death among children, teens, and young adults under age 25.Jantzen presided over a 2 1/2-hour hearing Friday in the case.In his ruling, released Monday, he made it clear that the lawsuit had nothing to do with the ongoing turmoil over the results of the 2020 election in Arizona, where nearly 90% of the ballots cast were by the early voting system.Neither candidate is favored to beat Democratic opponents in their solidly blue states."It is important to note what this case is not about allegations of fraud in the voting process," he wrote.Researchers at the Rockefeller Institute of Government, Leigh Wedenoja and Jacklyn Schildkraut, used CDC data, and found that if"children" are defined as people 19 and under, as they said the CDC tends to do, then firearm deaths exceed traffic deaths.Those relationships went cold after his items were seized, he said, as did some of his business relationships with activists.

"It is not about politics.Two of them have already scored primary victories in these states: In Michigan, Kristina Karamo, a novice Republican activist who gained prominence challenging the 2020 results there, won her party’s endorsement at an April convention, all but securing her nomination in August.It is not even about whether the parties believe mail-in voting is appropriate.It is about one thing: Is the Arizona Legislature prohibited by the Arizona Constitution from enacting voting laws that include no-excuse mail-in voting?" An appeal is widely expected, and the case ultimately could reach the state Supreme Court.Mastriano, was involved in an effort to keep the state’s electoral votes from President Biden in 2020.If infants are included, rankings of the leading causes of death for children up to age 18 change.Attorneys for the Republican Party were not immediately available for comment.Arizona has allowed voters to cast ballots early since 1991.Image Jim Marchant, a Republican candidate for secretary of state in Nevada, is a founding member of the America First slate.The “baseless seizures and searches,” the lawsuit states, caused significant emotional and mental distress “not just because of his and Movement Ink’s financial and reputational hits, but because he and Movement Ink have been effectively shut out of a movement and a community that they spent (and continue to spend) years investing their time and energy in.

The system has grown in popularity, with nearly 90% of the ballots in the 2020 election cast early — whether by mail, at drop boxes, early vote centers or by dropping off the ballot at the polls on election day.There were caused by a firearm in 2020.Reach the reporter at..

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Fact check: Among children, firearms were the leading cause of death in 2020Fact check: Sen. Schumer says the leading cause of death among children is a firearm. Is this true?

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