The 4 business books everyone should read, according to this former Starbucks executive

Self-help books, memoirs and narrative non-fiction tales all sit on Adam Brotman’s bookshelf.

11/28/2021 5:49:00 PM

The 4 business books everyone should read, according to this former Starbucks executive (via CNBCMakeIt)

Self-help books, memoirs and narrative non-fiction tales all sit on Adam Brotman’s bookshelf.

.Covey outlines a step-by-step approach to improving both your personal and professional life with tips on time management, positive thinking and more. After his death in 2012, Covey's sons Sean and Stephen have continued to share his teachings on the author's social media channels and through FranklinCovey, a global consulting organization.

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Seanonce sharedhis best leadership advice with CNBC Make It: learn all the requirements of your job, then figure out how to go beyond those responsibilities. "What you can do today is to understand what's expected of you in your role in the organization and how your values, skills and abilities line up with those expectations," he said. "Then, see how you could make the biggest difference in your current role."

"I've carried Covey's guiding principles with me, and used them my entire life," Brotman says, adding that his favorite lesson from the book is "first seek to understand, then to be understood."'Shoe Dog'By Phil Knight

Nike's billionaire co-founder Phil Knight details how he turned Nike into a brand worth over $30 billion in this memoir."This is the book you need to pick up if you're looking to be inspired," Brotman says. "It really is this incredible story of entrepreneurial determination and vision."

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Knight co-founded Nike with his former University of Oregontrack coach Bill Bowerman in 1963 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. In those early days, he would travel to track meets and sell shoes from the trunk of his car.In 2016 Knighttold CNBC's Jim Cramer

that building Nike was the most fun he ever had, even if people doubted his ability to succeed. "We knew we could fail, we just didn't think we would," he said. "We loved doing what we were doing, and we loved each other."'Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time'

By Howard SchultzBrotman swears he picked up Schultz's memoir before he was offered a job at Starbucks.Schultz chronicles his quest to grow Starbucks from one store in Seattle to the world's largest coffeehouse chain, including a fun anecdote about how he convinced Bill Gates' dad to invest in the franchise.

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"Howard doesn't just explain what he did, but why he did it, and the 'why' is priceless," Brotman says. "To me, there is no [other] book that combines a story of entrepreneurial success with real lessons that you can apply to your own career and life."

Schultz has been praised for his business acumen and work ethic, but Brotman believes that the memoir captures how big of a heart the leader has. "He has this incredible ability to bring humanity into every conversation and decision."

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