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Documentaries, The 30 Best Documentaries Of The 2010S

The 30 Best Documentaries of the 2010s

From the art of sushi to the responsibility of seeing, from casting JonBenet to finding Frances to minding the gap, here are the best #documentaries of the 2010s


From the art of sushi to the responsibility of seeing, from casting JonBenet to finding Frances to minding the gap, here are the best documentaries of the 2010s

From the art of sushi to the responsibility of seeing, from casting JonBenet to finding Frances to minding the gap, here are the 30 best documentaries of the 2010s .

, putting a fine point on it with a tracking shot of adorable baby dogs caged and crushed together, yipping and climbing over one another to find enough room to lay down. The legendary artistic couple—two people, we assume, who must have been attuned to the moral grey they’re wading into by giving money to a store which is totally cool with selling Costco-bulk creatures—were only giving one helpless puppy soul a better life. A better home. They

It’s clear in Anderson’s documentary that she and Reed adored Lolabelle, especially in the context of Anderson’s ruminations on grief following Lolabelle’s death, but the more telling aspects of the film are all the ways in which Anderson treated Lolabelle like her own child. She opens the film by retelling a dream in which she forgoes all manner of medical malpractice to give birth to Lolabelle, forcing doctors to implant the full-grown dog, alive and well, into her uterus, to soon after be expelled. Then, too, there are the piano lessons, the recording sessions and performance gigs, the concerted effort to develop a language with the dog—if you aren’t a self-identified “dog person,” this will all translate as alien and obsessive. And yet, the most human of Lolabelle’s luxuries was the fact that Anderson shared with her dog a Buddhist teacher. They would work toward nirvana together.

wallows in the grief that follows. And while Anderson steps aside frequently to muse on post-9/11 surveillance or anecdotes about her childhood, the film’s throughline is that grief: how to deal with it, how to live with it. How to, ultimately, control it.

sad—that’s to hold that sadness, to turn it in your hands, to trace its contours and understand it like a phrenologist treating an especially craggy noggin. Maybe the functional difference between the two doesn’t really matter—and maybe you aren’t into piddling over such semantics—but for Anderson (who in close succession lost her dog, her mom and her husband), the idea that she can take ownership of her sadness is a comfort when dealing with the incomprehensible forces of the universe she has no choice but to live with.

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goodbye to the 2010s, a decade of upcycled cultureAs we head into the roaring 2020s, Y2k nostalgia is alive and well. But rather than feeling boring, a new generation is reinvigorating the trends of the past, making them exciting and completely their own. Loved this article ok

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Netflix stock has fallen 30% in 3 months but its valuation is still irrationalThese Netflix bears say slowing growth means the stock is worth 57% less than where it now trades. Thanks Obama. Nothing in this article about Netflix striking a deal w/the world’s largest fraudsters. People threatened to boycott NFLX a year ago over that. Nah, couldn’t b that. Subscribers➡️shareholder report=⬇️performance. Solution, back-out,apologize and maybe ⬆️subscribers. But MiteB2L8

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