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The 25 Best Anime Series On Netflix, Lists

The 25 Best Anime Series on Netflix


8/21/2019 11:53:00 PM


Paste 's anime experts select the best anime TV series available on the streaming service.

definitelyNetflix, and throw on an anime and still be able to claim something resembling social cachet.What’s anime, you ask? (Unless you don’t, since you’re already so cool.) Well, in Japan, “anime” just means “animation.” Outside of Japan, though, the term refers to Japanese animation and its particular style of drawing and animating, rooted in manga, or Japanese-language comics, which has since spread to countries like the United States. And

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, in addition to bringing a whole lot of great Japanese animes, both classic and current, to its streaming platform, is getting involved in financing and producing its own anime as well.That means that there’s usually a whole lot of anime on, and for the average watcher, that might be hard to sift through. That’s especially true now that some of the platform’s offerings, including Western remakes like

Aggretsukoand original shows like the decidedly non-JapaneseCastlevania, are pushing the boundaries of what would even be considered anime by purists. Someone who’s just trying to find a good example of the genre to watch in their spare time and not, say, freaking out about the particular order of our

list might have a hard time knowing what’s what.That’s wherePastecome in. We’ve rounded up the 25 best anime TV series (and, in one case, film series) on Netflix—yes, Western shows andNetflixoriginals included—to give you a hand in figuring out just what to watch when you’re craving big-eyed teenage school romance or sword-swinging action with that particular hunger only anime can sate. Dig on in. (And come back soon to see where Neon Genesis Evangelion ends up on our list).

25.The Devil Is a Part-Timer!Original run:2013In the mythical archipelago of Ente Isla, magic is real and demons roam the Earth. Satan, the ruler of demons, mounts a campaign against the kingdom of humanity with the aid of his four generals. After nearly being felled by the holy knight Emilia, and with his armies decimated, Satan vows to enact his revenge before blindly fleeing through a wormhole with his servant Arciel and plopping smack dab in Tokyo, Japan. His powers depleted, and with no obvious recourse for returning to his world, Satan assumes the human identity of Sadao Maou… and takes on a role as part-time cashier at a local chain restaurant. The comic absurdity of a demonic king being forced to contend with navigating the pressures of financial independence as a

is this series’ most charming quality, likeComing to Americaby way ofLittle Nickywith an anime twist. Based on Satoshi Wagahara’s original light novel series, the 13-episode run ofThe Devil is a Part-Timer!is a hilarious slice-of-life action-comedy that’s as fun as it is compulsively watchable. And with no sign of second season on the horizon despite significant fan interest, this series is probably best savored for as long as one can. —

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Link is broken 😬 Also your list is missing Parasyte the Maxim

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