The 2022 Runner’s World Calendar Is 28% Off (!!!) for Today Only

It's filled with training and nutrition tips (as well as stunning photos).

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12/6/2021 9:05:00 PM

It's filled with training and nutrition tips (as well as stunning photos).

Packed with gorgeous running photos, tips, and motivation, this is the perfect gift for runners—or to set next year's goals.

, but sometimes the best way to shoot for a big running goal is to put pen to paper. Even better if that paper is already printed with stunning photography of runners around the world, plus tips from editors on training, nutrition, and injury prevention.

The 2022 Runner’s World Calendaris now available so get your copy while supplies last! It makes the perfect gift for your running buddy or an easy way to brighten up your work space. Take a peek inside at some of our favorite rave runs included in the calendar.

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