The 2020 Debate Over Health Care Is Getting ‘a Lot More Real’

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Joe Biden and other Democrats were already talking about health care before the coronavirus, but the outbreak gives new urgency to a central issue for the party.

2020 Election, Health Insurance


Joe Biden and other Democrats were already talking about health care before the coronavirus, but the pandemic has given new urgency to a central issue for the party

Joe Biden and other Democrats were already talking about health care before the coronavirus, but the outbreak gives new urgency to a central issue for the party.

hear an appeal in that case, which is the latest major challenge to the law. The court is not expected to rule until next year, but Democrats point to the Trump administration’s legal position as yet another example of the president’s desire to shred the Affordable Care Act. All together, those steps by Mr. Trump and his administration amounted to something of a policy piñata for Mr. Biden and other Democrats to swing at in the general election, even before the coronavirus threat emerged. “Trump wants to take health care away,” said Representative Ami Bera of California, a physician. “Democrats and Vice President Biden want to extend health care and make it affordable.” In his campaign, Mr. Biden has already put a focus on health care, promising to build on the Affordable Care Act and create a so-called public option, an optional government plan that consumers could purchase. On the campaign trail, he has talked about his own exposure to the health care system, including when his late son, Beau Biden, had brain cancer. He has also regularly heard from people about their own struggles. “They walk up and grab me and say, ‘I just lost my daughter, cancer,’ or, ‘My son’s dying,’ or, ‘I have Stage 4,’” he recalled this year . Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, said Mr. Trump had “spent almost his entire presidency attempting to cost millions of Americans their health coverage,” adding: “The coronavirus outbreak, which Trump has egregiously mishandled, would be even more catastrophic if he had his way on health care.” At a Fox News town hall event this month, Mr. Trump said he had not “been able to sell what a great job we’ve done” on health care. While the president and congressional Republicans failed at repealing the Affordable Care Act, they succeeded at undoing a key part of the law when, as part of their 2017 tax overhaul, they eliminated the tax penalty for people who go without insurance. The Trump campaign has already attacked Mr. Biden over health care, including by arguing that he poses a threat to private health insurance with his proposal to create an optional government plan. “As President Trump is leading our country and taking unprecedented action to stop the coronavirus, Joe Biden is campaigning on his Bernie Sanders-inspired, socialist health care agenda, which would take away Americans’ access to quality health care,” said Sarah Matthews, a Trump campaign spokeswoman. “Make no mistake about it, Biden’s government-run ‘public option’ is just another name for a government takeover of the entire health care system.” And although the Affordable Care Act has gained in popularity during Mr. Trump’s presidency, Republicans can still point to rising health care costs as a problem that voters want to see addressed. In that vein, Senator Bill Cassidy, Republican of Louisiana and a physician, cited the substantial premiums and high deductibles that many consumers have. “Democrats have to have a credible plan to control health care costs,” Mr. Cassidy said. “If you look at what the No. 1 concern is, it is the cost of health care.” In the Democratic primary race, the health care debate has largely focused on the divide between moderate-leaning Democrats looking to build on the Affordable Care Act and progressives calling for Medicare for all, a government-run health insurance program. Mr. Biden and Mr. Sanders represent the two sides of that argument. Mr. Sanders, the Vermont senator, faces long odds at catching up to Mr. Biden in the delegate race , but he has remained in the primary and continues to push progressive policy ideas, including on health care. In response to the virus, he has pointed once again to the need for Medicare for all. “It is nearly impossible to believe that anyone can still think it’s acceptable to continue with a health care system that leaves tens of millions of people uninsured,” Mr. Sanders said this month. “The cruelty and absurdity of that view is more obvious in the midst of this crisis than it has ever been.” In a poll this month by Morning Consult, four in 10 Americans said the coronavirus outbreak made them more likely to support universal health care proposals in which everyone would receive their health insurance from the government. Under the single-payer system that Mr. Sanders is proposing, private health insurance would be eliminated — a potential political vulnerability that Republicans would most likely exploit in a general election if the Democratic nominee supported Medicare for all. Mr. Biden, who has repeatedly criticized Mr. Sanders’s health care proposal during the primary, does not share that vulnerability. At one of his final campaign stops before the virus shut down in-person campaigning, Mr. Biden visited a community health center in Grand Rapids, Mich., where he spoke of his pride in having worked with Mr. Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act. “I’m running to protect the progress we fought for,” Mr. Biden said. He cast doubt on Mr. Sanders’s plans for a single-payer system and spoke about the urgent need to improve health care — now more evident than even two weeks ago. Talking about the patients at that clinic, he said, “They can’t afford to wait for a revolution.” The Coronavirus Outbreak Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions Updated March 24, 2020 Read more: The New York Times

They were working on a vaccine. Look, I'm just saying I have no idea why you put Biden's name out front when healthcare was a central calling card for Sanders for 8+ years 🙃🙃 Bernie Sanders has been fighting for Medicare for All for a very long time, Joe Biden and “other Democrats” don’t want us to have universal healthcare, even during a global pandemic. Fuck your biases.

Health care is a right for all citizens. Why does someone want to make money on people’s health? This epidemic has given a new meaning to what is valuable in life; oxygen, water, family and friends ... and other democrats, lol. This has been 100% Bernie Sanders, this is the reason I fucking hate NY times, you guys have great journalists but a horrible direction.

Please include nonprofit legalaid services for grants in virus aid. There will be a significant need for civil legalservices that an increasing number of people cannot afford legal help for domesticabuse eviction immigration, debt .BarackObama SenSchumer JoeBiden Joe Biden has been talking about Corn Pop, his leg hair in a swimming pool and how Americans are very, very strong. What are you publishing ?! Why are you purposely shafting BernieSanders who has been talking about m4all for decades?!

So with all of the Socialized medicine in Europe hasnt helped with their citizens healthcare. In fact, it has made those countries decide to have older people die because of the lack of life sustaining equipment and housing. This blows holes in the Medicaid for all pundits. Biden does not belong in that headline

I've seen Bernie's M4A in Italy. I think I'm good.

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You spelt Bernie Sanders wrong...🙄 The a Republican answer...thoughts and prayers... Yes dems made sure they could afford toilet paper and food. You are no longer real news! Nancy sabotaged every effort to contain the virus early. With holding money, medical supplies etc. what a bitch Funny how dems were the ones selling up their major stocks before the virus hit ay. Dems knew about the virus

Joe Biden and other Dems?! You mean Bernie Fucking Sanders who has been talking about the need for a universal Healthcare for decades! Then why have they shut down hospitals and 13 per cent of hospital beds in NYC since 2010? Why did Gov Cuomo not get ventilators in 2016 when it was offered to him? 'the hell kind of headline and opener is this? Biden was arguing against universal health coverage: it wasn't a discussion.

The Guardian and the New York Times seem to criticize Spain's mismanagement in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, do you really believe that Macron's France has handled this crisis so well? Many French people are unhappy with the government's slow response...

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Man the New York Times is such trash Per Reuters, they failed to act during the early phases of the Swine Flu. No it hasn’t lol, why did y'all name drop Biden here when he wasn't the one who started the health care debate? BernieSanders is the one who has the revolutionary health care ideas, just in case your biased news organization run by the DNC forgot 😉

SenSanders has championed advance in healthcare. Um, Joe Biden!? Nope. Joe has done little more than defend the fatally flawed O-Care refusing to acknowledge its systemic shortcomings and industry perks. You're kidding, right? M4A, NotMeUs ThankYouBernie GND Yes your party Medicare for all is the only serious health plan proposed by any candidate. Biden's ACA expansion leaves 10M uninsured.

I think you meant Bernie Sanders

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Trump has been talking about reducing globalism and sanctuary cities that import illiteracy, disease and over-breeding. The 3rd World is growing by 383,000 per day, which is causing Climate Change and is unsustainable. That guy has been in government for decades and got nothing done. What makes you think he has an answer for this virus. News flash....he doesn’t! Just another Monday morning quarterback flapping his gums. He can’t help anybody. Never has, never will.

Yeah, this should go over well now If Biden is elected he has a lot of difficult choices he will be facing. LMAO. Joe Biden and other Democrats were talking about how to make insursers rich while keeping as many Americans uninsured and make the ones who do have insurance pay an arm and leg for coverage.

US needs to forget about the military industrial complex and concentrate on giving everyone healthcare and education at no extra cost other than paying your taxes and having that money used for what’s most important in life. The Democrats have been speaking negatively about our healthcare for years. The reality, according to John Hopkins, the US was better prepared than any country on earth to handle the Pandemic.

“And other Democrats” really? Say his name BernieSanders When over 50% of voters support M4A and we face a growing threat that our healthcare foundation has no bearing on A Biden plan to incrementally throw money at it does not structure us for the future. The Democrats talked about free healthcare for illegals which would cost American taxpayers $ 220 billion a year. Biden is now one of many who calls for end to deportations and for open borders so that we can cover millions more.

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Yeah, let's make centralized places for healthcare and a centralized system....because clearly this doesn't show they can be easily overrun!..... Joe Biden Healthcare is a national debate because of Bernie Sanders and M4A. Trump will be re-elected M4A does not talk about the Healthcare worker and medical supply shortage.

Bernie Sanders! Say his name! Give it up . Joe Biden will do nothing to improve healthcare. WHO DrTedros are misleading the world, covering the truth for China and bring pandemic to people. SPQ_ESQ Thank God Anthony Fauci out maneuvered Trump & implemented social distancing early, because Trump fired the Pandemic advisory department back in 2018 & cut funding for the CDC. We were woefully unprepared for this pandemic, especially after his tariffs disrupted supplies of PPE.

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If you travel the world you would know Europe is the last place to follow

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