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The 20 Best Cult Movies of the ’90s

There’s nothing like a campy, indie, or otherwise offbeat classic to transport you to a simpler time.

4/29/2021 10:33:00 AM

There’s nothing like a cult film from the '90s to transport you to a simpler time. Here are our favorites.

There’s nothing like a campy, indie, or otherwise offbeat classic to transport you to a simpler time.

Fargo’s apotheosis of sheer, exuberant oddness amid a classic crime-caper-goes-wrong plot remains untouchable, fresh, transcendent, and, dare I say, necessary. If that’s not enough: It’s got. The FX series has been a delight, but this is forever the godhead. (N.B.: The accent in this film isn’t by any stretch of the imagination from Fargo; it’s from Minnesota.) —Corey Seymour, senior editor

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Pump Up the Volume(1990)Photo: Everett Collection“Eat your cereal with a fork, and do your homework in the dark.” This is just one of the slacker koans uttered by Christian Slater, a.k.a. Happy Harry Hard-On, in the opening moments of thisfrom 1990. Nominally about a misfit high school kid stranded in an Arizona suburb who uses a pirate radio show to express his angst and stick it to the man,

Pump Up the Volumeis actually a deeply romantic, impeccably cool how-to for wannabe countercultural Gen X’ers—and a weirdly prescient parable about the rise of internet culture. The soundtrack—Pixies, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, Bad Brains, Cowboy Junkies—is legend. Don’t get me started on Samantha Mathis. Also:

Pump up the Volumeis currently not available on streaming services. How punk rock is that? —Taylor Antrim, deputy editorShe’s All That(1999)Photo: Everett Collection Read more: Vogue Runway »

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Cinderella, Trainspotting, Before sunrise, The virgin suicides Trainspotting is masterpiece٩( 'ω' )و I dont know about 'the BEST!'....def some classics here...will have to check out the many I didn't necessarily love at the time...time definitely changes perceptions Cruel Intentions Trainspotting The Virgin Suicides Before Sunrise

“Cult movies” doesn’t mean what you think it means. Ahem. Cabin Boy (1994) I'm going to have to track down this forgotten underground grindhouse classic called Fargo. Half of these are not cult movies. Omg Ok Yes