Edge Control, Baby Hair, Natural Hair Products

Edge Control, Baby Hair

The 15 Best Edge Control Products To Keep Your Hair Styles and Baby Hairs Sleek

There won't be a hair out of place.

3/1/2021 3:18:00 PM

There won't be a hair out of place.

For dry, dull, or brittle hair, it's best to apply this edge control dry to prevent curl reversion for sleek styles. Honey and aloe helps to keep hair manageable and soft, with a holding power to sculpt and style to your liking.

ByMar 1, 2021Christine GiordanoNo hairstyle is complete without having your edges laid and baby hairs swooped. Laying your edges is a work of art, an expression and extension of who you are, and how you project yourself to the world. “Edge control is the cherry on top, the final touch to a beautiful style,” says hairstylist Nish, owner of

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A Touch of Nish Hair Studiosin Lakewood, California.I have fond memories of using old toothbrushes and tons of gel to lay my edges. Thankfully, I’ve learned along the way that more product isn’t always necessary. Edge control products are typically gels, but wax, oil-based, and liquid formulas of edge control are also available. Your hair type and final desired style dictate how much product you’ll need.

When shopping for edge control products, keep in mind that “water-based edge control products are more suitable for looser curl types or straight hair, as water can cause curl reversion, while oil-based stylers help to nourish dry coily types,” Nish says. If you're going for a more elaborate hair design, or will be frequently reapplying, go with a lightweight, water-based styler, she adds. headtopics.com

Now that you know what you're looking for, start shopping. Whether you’re looking to achieve sleekness on a simple style or an elaborate design of swirls and loops fit for an editorial, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for edge control products that give your edges sleekness sans stiffness.

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