The 12 Best Electric Shavers for Women

Unveil your smoothest skin ever with these top-of-the-line hair removal tools, which create a closer shave without causing irritation, nicks or cuts.

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12/6/2021 1:00:00 AM

Unveil your smoothest skin ever with these top-of-the-line hair removal tools, which create a closer shave without causing irritation, nicks or cuts.

Unveil your smoothest skin ever with these top-of-the-line hair removal tools, which create a closer shave without causing irritation, nicks or cuts.

, there are many additional benefits to using an electric razor as far as how the device removes hair from the skin, and this is especially true for those who are prone to ingrown hair growth, King tells WWD. “Ingrown hairs (skin-colored or red bumps that contain a trapped hair growing down into the skin) are more likely to occur when hair is curly, and/or when skin covers the area where hair is growing,” King explains. “Therefore ingrown hairs can be decreased by not shaving closely — for example, use an electric razor rather than a blade so that the hair, even at its shortest, is above the skin surface.”

As far as irritation goes, board-certified Miami dermatologist ofRiverchase Dermatology,Dr. Stacy Chimento recommends those with particularly sensitive skin also reach for electric shavers as they glide over the skin rather than give you the closest shave possible. “This means less irritation and no chance of cuts, as opposed to blades that scrape and damage your face or skin,” Chimento tells WWD. “To be clear, this does not mean that electric razors have no irritation. However, they are generally easier on sensitive skin.”

How To Shop For Electric ShaversThe holiday season is very much upon us, and if you’re wondering what are theto treat those on your list to this season, electric shavers definitely make the cut. Now, you might be thinking razors are aneed, not awant, that’s not entirely true. If a woman on your list chooses to shave her body hair, she probably views the process as a form of self-care. But, it’s all too often that people skimp when on grooming tools, opting for the more affordable options that simply get the job done. That’s where you come in.

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