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The 11 Best Antiperspirants for the Sweatiest of Underarms

Because natural deodorant isn’t for everyone.

5/16/2021 1:07:00 AM

Because natural deodorant isn’t for everyone.

Because natural deodorant isn’t for everyone.

Furthermore, thethe link between aluminum and the neurodegenerative disease is a "myth" and that "studies have failed to confirm any role for aluminum in causing Alzheimer's."So while wanting to use aluminum-free oris understandable — especially if you find antiperspirants' active ingredients irritating — for those of us who want to block both body odor and underarm wetness, aluminum-based antiperspirants are the science-supported way to go.

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Luckily, there are countless antiperspirant options — which also makes it hard to choose the perfect one.Extra-luckily, we happen to know exactly which solids, rolls-on, sprays, creams, and even pads are the very best antiperspirants on the market.Below, you'll find awesome perspiration-inhibiting formulas that include some award-winning drugstore favorites, a beloved designer fragrance turned beloved designer antiperspirant, and even a couple of picks from beauty brands that may surprise you.

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1/11Dove Dry Spray Go Fresh Anti-PerspirantDove is all about its products being "one-quarter moisturizer," so it should come as no surprise that, while this is calledDrySpray Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant, it leaves your skin feeling super soft. Technically, it leaves it feeling dry, too, but in the lack-of-sweat kind of way, thanks to aluminum zirconium. This

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