The 10 Best Albums By LGBTQ Artists In 2020 (So Far)

Here are 10 of @billboardpride's favorite albums of 2020 (so far) by LGBTQ artists.

8/2/2020 5:00:00 AM

Here are 10 of billboardpride's favorite albums of 2020 (so far) by LGBTQ artists.

Here are 10 of Billboard Pride's favorite albums of 2020 (so far) by LGBTQ artists.

Have U Seen Her?This year, Finnish singer-songwriter Alma told Billboard she felt she “grew up away from [the] EDM dance-y vibe” of her early tracks. Indeed, on the DayGlo-haired-artist’s debut album, she spreads her sonic wings, proving she’s as good at the sweetly somber (“Final Fantasy,” “Mama”) as she is with pounding pop-rock (“LA Money,” “My Girl”). Fear not, as there’s still plenty to dance to.

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-- GAB GINSBERGChika,Industry GamesIt is rare to see a talent as distilled and refined as Chika on a debut project. With herIndustry GamesEP, the 23-year-old rapper tackles subjects from love to self-confidence to other rappers’ obsession with clout and cash. She does it all with astounding songwriting and an emphatic delivery that will leave you wondering why it’s taken this long for Chika to be given a proper platform to spread her message.

-- STEPHEN DAWHalsey,ManicHalsey is at the place in her career all pop stars dream of getting to: Where she can do whatever she wants and it works as long as it still sounds and feels like her.Manicis her best and most fully realized LP yet, a combustible brew of last-call R&B, self-flagellating emo, brittle trap and chart-conquering pop, with fellow top 40 grad John Mayer even showing up on her answering machine halfway through to validate that every decision she's currently making is the right one.

-- A.U.Hayley Kiyoko,I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit#20GayTeen inventor Hayley Kiyoko's most recent body of work rolled out in real time, as the trailblazing pop singer dropped new music each month leading up to the project's completion. Standouts include “Demons,” an undeniable earworm about seeking forgiveness for one's inner demons, and “I Wish,” whose stuttering verses were accompanied by a can't-miss video where Kiyoko and some pals hold a seance.

-- G.G.It Was Good Until It Wasn'tHer first official album since becoming a mother and publicly owning her queerness, Kehlani'sIt Was Good Until It Wasn'tis her most satisfying, mature release so far, a collection of self-possessed, alluring R&B jams that bring an introspective, meditative quality to themes of romance, longing and desire. Plus, as far as relationship postmortems go, you'd be hard-pressed to think of a better summation than"It Was Good Until It Wasn't."

-- JOE LYNCHPabllo Vittar,111Fans of Brazilian drag superstar Pabllo Vittar have grown accustomed to hearing the 25-year-old queen sing in her native Portuguese. But with her third studio album111, Vittar flipped the script and gave fans new music in three languages; Portuguese, Spanish and English. From the club-ready, Charli XCX-assisted bop “Flash Pose” to the pure Latin pop vibes of her Thalía collaboration “Tímida,” Vittar proved once again why she is the name to know among rising pop stars.

-- S.D.Set My Heart on Fire ImmediatelyIt's been six years since the artist born Mike Hadreasqueer art-pop royalty, but as the bare-bones (and bare-chested) cover ofSet My Heart on Fire Immediatelysuggests, he's not necessarily feeling that regal this time out. Luckily, Perfume Genius' quiveringly vulnerable fifth album is also his most musically vibrant, each song a transfixing mini-universe of grunge-pop lust, dissolved-ballad melodrama and even country-disco frustration -- his own heart no less safe than that of anyone listening.

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-- A.U.Rina Sawayama,SAWAYAMADespite being almost oppressively straight male-dominated 20 years ago, the sounds of nu-metal have provided surprisingly fertile inspiration in recent years for queer-identifying female alt-pop artists like Halsey, K.Flay and Japanese-British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama. The latter cemented her cult following on her full-length debut by integrating that genre's grinding sonics into the dead-center pop instincts and starry command of the biggest artists from across the

TRLaisle, a retro combo that still sounds downright futuristic.-- A.U.Zebra Katz,Less Is MoorOozing confident come-hither charisma one moment and Harlem ball culture tartness the next on debut albumLess Is Moor, Zebra Katz makes it clear that the eight-year wait between his viral"Ima Read" single and his first album was time well spent developing his voice and sonic style instead of rushing out a release to capitalize on an unexpected breakthrough. Stuffed with dark, libidinous bangers like"Upp,""Ish" and"In In In," bookmark this queer industrial dance classic for when the clubs open.

-- J.L.Main Image: Halsey, Zebra Katz, Chika and Rina Sawayama. Read more: billboard »

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