Texas woman shot dead by police in her home remembered as dedicated aunt, 'peaceful woman'

A family lawyer said Atatiana Jefferson, who was with her nephew, was fatally shot while investigating a noise in her backyard.


The 28-year-old black Texas woman killed in her home by a white police officer was a pre-med university graduate who worked in pharmaceutical equipment sales, her family’s lawyer says.

A family lawyer said Atatiana Jefferson, who was with her nephew, was fatally shot while investigating a noise in her backyard.

The department said in a statement that the officer was dispatched to the home after a report that its front door was open. As the officer searched outside, he saw a person inside standing near a window, the statement said.

Merritt accused the department of “villainizing this beautiful peaceful woman” and turning her into a “suspect, a silhouette, or threat.”

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Stop calling her Black.. smh.... No one is going to make a welfare check call now. The cop didn't even announce himself before firing. Also, didn't park their car out front. Who does a welfare check with guns blazing as soon as they get there? Bs.... can’t go outside, can’t stay inside......can’t even play video games in peace.

Race bait fail Another sad despicable tragedy where the city will eventually pay the family a couple million dollars to make another police murder go away. The fight for equal justice continues. Unbelievable The Constitution specifically states we can have guns. What does it matter if she had a gun in the home? This woman was murdered.

My dad was a cop. I don't often say this about law enforcement but, Lock Him Up! Heartbreaking What is goin on here! Sympathy to her fam. A Tragedy yet to play out. The Police officer is entitled to due process but not looking good for the officer in question. God Bless her friends and Family.🙏

Texas police officer shoots woman to death inside her homeA Texas police officer checking out a residence with an open door opened fire on a 28-year-old woman inside her home, authorities say. What the entire fuck?!? Are we safe in our own home anymore? Not from robbers but the Police? Deja vu

How many medals of valor did the fortworthpd bestow on the cop for murdering her? Why emphasize their race... I want to know what is in the training manual for police. Either it needs some serious revision or they need to make sure that the officers that decide to do their own thing are punished like anyone else. Where did we get this notion that a police officers life is more valuable.

The cop needs to charged with murder and never be free again. And the cop will walk. Her being pre-med grad or where she worked has no bearing on the facts. If it was a high sch dropout does not make their death any less important. That you put importance on it is absolutely is disgusting. You are not better for having a higher edu or more $. You are prob worse.

These are the people responsible in the murder cover-up. fortworthpd FWPOA CityofFortWorth MayorBetsyPrice GregAbbott_TX SenTedCruz SharenWilson4DA tarrantcountyso JusticeForAtatiana AtatianaJefferson BlackLivesMatter It’s shocking how the United States 🇺🇸 can be a dangerous country, because of its police force

This must stop! Race of victim and police officer is irrelevant. Stirring the pot. Police officer recently convicted of manslaughter for nearly identical crime in Texas.

Texas Woman Was Playing Video Game With Her Nephew When Shot by PoliceMinutes before she was shot and killed in her home by a Fort Worth police officer, Atatiana Jefferson was playing video games in her bedroom with her 8-year-old nephew, a lawyer for her family said Sunday Why are the police SOOOO afraid of everything/everyone all the time. They should have training or something. This Happens only in trump elected country So, neighbour call cops, cop show up, shot poor lady dead, through window, why, she innocent,,cus door left open,neighbour should of checked, lock dude up, cop killer, no excuse,

Will not set foot in the U.S Tragic She was murdered, pure and simple. Yet the pro life crowd will defend the pos. We live in a police state. It's not as obvious as other countries, but the cops here can still kill without much backlash from the pro life crowd. Yes we get it. It's the 4th or 5th time you're posted this story with it's racially divisive headline.

😱😱😱😱😱so sad We have to keep each other safe any means necessary. I just googled these places, I hope you guys find this useful! usembassyharare comments please where are the human rights activists black lives matter Just saw the body cam footage. The officer was scared and jumped the trigger. Not racial it's bad police training. This is most unfortunate and my heart goes out to her family

Officer kills woman inside her Texas home after welfare callFORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A black woman was fatally shot by a white Fort Worth, Texas, officer inside her home early Saturday after police were called to the residence for a welfare check,... This is why hugs don’t work. No. Just fucking no! Murdered is the more appropriate term for when a cop sneaks up on a house, doesn't announce himself as a police officer, and shoots the first thing he sees move in a window.

May she Rest In Peace I like how its lowkey 'she went to med school so she is/was worth more' if she worked at walmart they wouldnt have mentioned how she made money or her education Name the killer cop already! So people can protest in front of his home & department & since Texas is open carry they can bring their fire arms to peacefully protest

Crazy Sounds like she didn’t stand a chance. I read somewhere, she was killed in 0.6 seconds. If some of these cowards are so scared, that they shoot first and ask questions later. This is not the job for you scary cat! Why is this not happening in the white areas? Horrendous. And the video is shocking.

A 28 year old woman was killed. A young, educated, apparently kind and dedicated family member who was in her sisters home, minding her nephew and minding her own business. Now she is dead. This is beyond tragic. The shoot first ask later culture in the USA terrifies me. Thank goodness for technology. Otherwise, what would be the spin on this tragedy. The police officer didn’t even identify himself. Now what happens?

Atatiana Jefferson should be alive today. BlackLivesMatter When we're all safer not calling the police, there's a problem. FixThis

Family seeks answers after police kill Texas woman at homeFORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A white police officer who killed a black woman inside her own home in Texas didn't have time to perceive a threat before shooting her, an attorney for the woman's family... Why did you mention their skin colours? ap readers seek answers to the continuous race-baiting P_VanDamme_EU TimoOlkkonen usembassyharare

black people are treated as animals in America This police officer should be sent to HONG KONG Yes she Was. She was Human. A Somebody. But they Only saw her skin color. Smh. RIP Queen👸🏽 So horrible that this happened to her. Dear heavens! She was so young! So very depressing I hope the cop has been fired, a major PUBLIC investigation has started to flush out racist cops and a lawsuit of MAJOR proportions is in progress.

Not that it should matter. What’s Wrong with these Trigger Happy Cops? Crap Training? Personality Flaws? What is Wrong? This is Despicable. Looking like another Texas cop murder. imagine if the officer had just knocked on the screen door and announced himself, we wouldn't be talking about this, instead he prowled around her house and shot the first person he saw, which happened to be the homeowner.

Arrests in Ukraine scandal may cloud Texas Republican's comeback bidA federal indictment that appears to link Former Republican Rep. Pete Sessions to a campaign finance scheme and the Ukraine scandal at the heart of the impeachment investigation. omnipotent Ukrainian mafia! 😁😂 That would require Republican voters to care about the ethics and morals of their candidates. Wow, that’d be a shame, thinking of u during this time mr. sessions, please take care of yourself and know u r loved. ❤️

Can't stop thinking about her & what must've been going through her mind suddenly seeing a strange man at her window in the dark shining a bright light in her face. Then he shot her as he was giving the 'show your hands' command. You can't show your hands while you're being shot. A black woman shot inside her Texas home after a cop thought she was a threat If she had been white she would be alive today me thinks. Or as the cops say, we got our October quota

The number of times this seems to happen. Getting shot in your own house, by the cops. Soon hitmen and crooks will be out of business, because the bigger home invasion threat will be trigger happy cops Law enforcement needs to find and fire all current and future law enforcement officers that are afraid of Black people. End the bloodshed now. Itchy frighten killing trigger fingers across the nation just waiting to kill the next Black person

😥 Let's see what happens with this one...😐 .....just don’t call the cops to do welfare checks on your friends/family anymore It doesn't matter what work, studies she did or what color she had. Unless her family & lawyer endorsing inequality and racism. Life loss is tragic. Why been killed? If she did something bad & killing cannot be avoided, then ok. If not, police officer should brought to justice.

If she was a high school dropout, addicted to drugs and working as a prostitute those facts would make this no less a murder by a trigger-happy, dumb, white cop. The media needs to clean up its smelly, racist ass. This is what the GOP wants. Anyone who is not white is in danger.

Man sentenced to death for Texas attack that killed 6HOUSTON (AP) — A man who prosecutors say was driven by vengeance when he fatally shot six members of his ex-wife's family in Texas, including four children, was on Friday sentenced to... ClintonBodyCount Neat. Does Texas still use firing squads? Or is that only OK? maybe in 30 more years they'll finally execute him for it

I hope her family gets justice, but I have a feeling these cops will get away with it just like that other girl did getting only 10yrs!! Cops aren’t above the law and our justice system needs to show that!! NRA thanks for that donlemon it is not enough to have an Emmy in journalism if you don't have sharp teeth.

Her little nephew witnessed his aunt’s murder. Horrifying beyond words. It was 2:30am, the officer was unannounced inside her property, and proceeded to fire a round of bull*ts on her direction through the window. Hopefully, he gets life in pris*n unlike the female officer. Unacceptable use of authority.

So sad😪😪😪😪 If she was looking out the opposite window of which she was shot was she shot in the back Another tragedy being exploited by NBC to push racial divisions... NBC hiding from Protecting Rapists Turns to Race Baiting. FBI statistics. Police shoot and kill more white people every year than black.

a little less MAGA is needed Texas is one fucked up state

Murder by police officer is a crime or no crime? Until Officers stop getting murdered and they can feel so.ewhat safe in their job they will be quick to react this way. All you have to do is listen and comply, this situation could've been different. RIP Another wonderful educated black woman killed by a lousy cowardly white cop. Its definitely open season on black people.

What color people in this situation happen to be is not needed in the story except to incite racial tension. She was shot. He shot her. Period. It's stupidity. Can we not leave our doors open to fresh Fall air anymore? Who called the Police!? Another senseless loss of life. Sad. Does it matter her status?

Is it too much to ask that when the phrase “28 year old black woman” is trending, that it not be immediately followed by “was murdered”... And then followed with, “by the police.” MayorBetsyPrice hasn’t said a word. She’s a white affluent mayor of one of America’s fastest growing cities, but I haven’t heard one word of sorrow this weekend from her.

This is egregious. DelaynaPS Dallas and Ft Worth are going to be rioting soon. The behavior of those police departments is unacceptable, and residents aren't having it anymore.

Atatiana Jefferson YOU WE as black human beings deserve more than being slaughtered like animals for absolutely no reason. The country sits silent from the WH to the poorest white human being when we get murdered for just being BLACK. Angry is not even close to how I feel🤬 WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? LexAlexander 😥😭😡

That’s the new & usable excuse from the police. “ I felt my life was in danger”. Not a good excuse. Later they found a gun in the house. Let me repeat that, it was in the house. Who in Texas doesn’t have a gun. It was not in her possession when he shot her What was the IQ of this specific officer? White officers are always attempting to villainize unarmed black victims they murder!!! I understand why some Muslims call unrighteous white/Caucasian people 'Devils' due to the attempts to cover-up of their fuck-ups!!!

Just putting myself in the family's shoes, imagine if that were your mom, sister, or daughter being murdered like that when they are home minding their own business... So infuriating! She had no time to even react or anything - he just shot her instantly. Sad and infuriating! Home while Black, that can be fatal in America.

Saw the video. So sad. And inexcusable, although I don’t believe race had anything to do with it. A trigger-happy cop, who wasn’t trained properly, was the problem.

It's tough to find even 1 thing to admire about the US these days. You're a nation that many respected but you've squandered your blessings and now can only be scorned or even worse, pitied. Devastating. Over and over. A tragic loss. Yes and the 6 year old white Jewish boy picked up and slammed down to the concrete on his head by a black man is in critical condition. That's a shame too

Genocide and apartheid is as vast in America as outer space. No end in sight. Wtf is wrong with the pigs in ft worth? This is the 6th shooting there since June! Are they asking for war?! Texas is still racist to Blacks in the Worst way.. Texas Cops are telling Black Folk that if you go against then.. they can and will get you.. even if you're in your own home. Texas needs a Boycott or something.

It's hard for African Americans to have sympathy for Kurds and others outside of the nation, when police are indiscriminately killing us. Nice job fanning racism flames. Slimebags Rest in power.

WOW, no words. Murdered.. clearly state what this is Nice way to try and stir up racial tension’s by making it avoid race The cop hadn’t even finished his sentence before shooting... “PUT YOUR HANDS UP, SHOW ME YOUR HAND....*Bang*..S” Unbelievable. There is a character problem with white police. 🙁 Rest in Peace

This is devastating, her nephew will be traumatized forever. Heartbreaking.

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