Texas Sheriff Charged With Destroying Evidence In Officer-Related Death

A grand jury has indicted Sheriff Robert Chody with intentionally destroying or concealing video and audio recordings of the encounter involving a Black man who died in police custody last year.

9/29/2020 4:09:00 AM

A Texas sheriff has been indicted on evidence tampering charges in the case of Javier Ambler, a Black man who was killed by police during a traffic stop that escalated into a high-speed chase filmed by a reality TV show.

A grand jury has indicted Sheriff Robert Chody with intentionally destroying or concealing video and audio recordings of the encounter involving a Black man who died in police custody last year.

Live PDfootage. The show was canceled in June and according to theStatesmen, the production company held on to the footage at the request of investigators. But after some time, the recordings were destroyed.Live PDwas a ratings hit for A&E and had been on the air for four years. But amid nationwide protests against police brutality and a slew of recorded incidents of excessive use of force against people of color, the cable network moved to yank the show off the air.

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The reports of the destroyed footage prompted Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick and Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore to open a joint investigation into the matter in June.Live PDtoldKVUE that they only disposed of the recordings after they were told by Chody's office that the investigation was completed using body camera footage and dash camera video.

Dan Abrams, the host of the show, explained the program's policies on retaining raw footage on his podcast,the Dan Abrams Show,saying:"The show has a policy of not retaining video for more than roughly 30 days. The reason for that is that we didn't want to become a video repository for either side — prosecutors, for defense, et cetera. We didn't want to become an arm of law enforcement. We didn't want to become an arm of defense attorneys, et cetera. So we had this policy in place about not retaining videos."

But investigators from the Austin Police Department and the Travis County District Attorney's civil rights division say they were still relying on obtaining the footage, KVUE reported.Chody, who is up for reelection, addressed the indictment and ongoing investigation by the Williamson County District Attorney in a news conference hours after he made bail.

He categorically denied allegations that he attempted to impair the investigation and said he would later provide ample email correspondence as evidence that he willingly cooperated with all aspects of it.Reading from a lengthy prepared statement, the sheriff attacked Dick, whom he called"petty," and accused him of acting"in a vindictive and politically motivated manner by seeking an indictment in this case."

Chody said Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore took"no action for 19 months" and suggested she only agreed to launch the investigation"to try to save herself during a runoff election."Chody's attorney, Gerry Morris, also dismissed the charges, claiming the sheriff was a"scapegoat" for Dick and Moore's own failures.

"To say that this is critical evidence is baloney," Morris said."There was a chopper in the air that followed Ambler," and several vantage points of the incident from a variety of bodycam videos, he said.He added:"The videos show that [Chody's] deputies did nothing wrong."

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Chody's office fought the release of body camera footage and other documents related to Ambler's death. They were only provided to news outlets after the sheriff was compelled by the Texas Attorney General's Office,which said it could not withhold the records.

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valerileist Lock him up Shame on him! I expect terms like 'officer-related' death from other news media orgs, but y'all are better than that. dont worry ill get you a pardon bro, just take administrative leave He can join Kamala Harris in jail then for doing the same thing. Both bad humans. Wasn’t that Live PD that helped hide the evidence?

That sheriff isn’t the only one that needs to catch a charge. These LivePD crooks are part of the reason law enforcement is broken. They should be shut down, and the “producers” that encourage cops to act unprofessionally should face criminal charges. Nooooo you mean this type of thing really happens? For Shame

Texas is worse than North Korea. But back the blue right? Why aren’t they showing his mug shot? This is a systemic, widespread, common problem. Defund. Dismantle. Fucking cops. What a Racquet. A syndicate. This is just outrageous. Typical Pig!! Bitcoin just broke a record for longest standing over 10k! So glad we can buy just a fraction of one. It's going to the moon!

These stories are getting old. Reform the police already. Lock him up MFisher1274 You don’t say. Wow. MFisher1274 You don’t say huh? ACAB NPR should also report about the innocent Americans being attacked and some murdered by rioters!!! Ambler, a retired postal worker was stopped for not dimming his lights.

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If we made a show arresting bad cops based on real life stories, the episodes will be endless... Look at his mugshot. They can’t even pretend 2 different legal systems in the U.S. Lock him up turboe4truth Electric Chair Don't call it 'officer related death'. Call it a murder, or at least a killing. Notice that the majority of “people” responding have less than 100 followers....trolls it’s liberal hacks trying to take down a conservative....it will backfire on them! they are trying to turn texas blue and they have to lie cheat and steal

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AND no one with eyes and a soul is shocked. BlackLivesMatter DefundThePolice Great, he’s probably a Republican, boy, won’t that be neat? Blue Lies Matter And this was his mugshot- ANYONE else arrested in Williamson County wears orange jumpsuit with blue background for their mugshot 🤷‍♀️ Not in the USA , not in Texas, not by a man, not by a Christian. Can’t be! Black people have made this up every day for the past 400 years.

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Damn, whist I was surprised. This should be a much bigger deal. It happens frequently. NPR dying for a race war Williamson County. Yall heard of it? WOW. COPS TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE?!?! I WAS TOLD THERE WERE ONLY A FEW BAD APPLES. Time to Reload GovernorAbbott When self-driving cars are standard, traffic cops will be obsolete because autonomous cars always automatically obey all traffic laws. In our driverless future, we can abolish police traffic patrols Nostradamus wrote about “Phoenix“ in AD 1555

Texas sheriff charged with evidence tampering in death of Black man after police chaseA Texas grand jury has indicted Sheriff Robert Chody on an evidence tampering charge in the destruction of “Live PD” show footage that showed deputies chasing and using force on a Black man who died last year. A lot of bad apples... Live PD should still be on the air. Only this crazy purity test this country is on got it canceled. Heavan forbid you get a show on TV that doesn't portray all cops as bad guys. I think that's the only way we're allowed to portray them now if I'm not mistaken.

Texas Sheriff Charged with Evidence Tampering in Black Man's Death on 'Live PD'A Texas Sheriff featured on 'Live PD' is now facing charges of evidence tampering -- he's accused of deleting video of cops chasing a Black man who died in custody. looking to grow your finical status via making investments on bitcoin trade by a professional trader with as little as $500 to earn a minimum of $7200 ? Contact me for more information pin me a message or contact on Business WhatsApp +14075643305 He gonna squeal like a pig. The tmz racism machine is back!

Texas Sheriff and 'Live PD' Star Indicted After Probe Into Black Man's DeathWilliamson County Sheriff Robert Chody was booked Monday into his jail on a $10,000 bond and released a short time later. How is Chody considered a Live PD star? I watched probably every episode and I honestly don't recall ever seeing him on air. I don't think I ever heard his name. The department was on the show but I don't recall seeing the sheriff. who!!?

Texas sheriff indicted after probe into Black man's deathA Texas sheriff has been indicted on charges of destroying or concealing video in an investigation into the death in custody of a Black man, Javier Ambler, that was filmed by the police reality TV series “Live PD," prosecutors said Monday. Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody was booked Monday Oh shut up Why the killing.we need to know who is responsible for their motives and how they are being influenced to do what they do.

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