Texas sees record uptick in COVID-19 cases as protests continue

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Texas sees record uptick in COVID-19 cases as protests continue.

Dallas County announced an additional 298 positive cases of the novel coronavirus on Friday, according to Dallas County Health and Human Services, bringing the total number of cases in the county to 11,541. Meanwhile, the city of Houston, in Harris County, announced there were 180 new cases on Thursday, bringing the total number of cases in the city to 8,231. There have been over 13,600 cases in Harris County, most in the state.

Medical workers work at a drive-through COVID-19 testing site in Dallas, Texas, the United States, March 21, 2020. County Judge Clay Jenkins, the county's top elected official, discussed the concerns of protesters becoming infected with the virus -- as well as police officers."I am concerned about the officers when I see 100 people shoulder to shoulder in a deal where we have COVID, which we have no immunity for and it's spreading through our community," said Jenkins."That's a concern.

Private First Class Armon Ramirez from the Texas National Guard is given hand sanitizer after testing people for COVID-19 in the parking lot of Memorial Swimming Pool on May 18, 2020 in El Paso, Texas.Persse cautioned that the recent protests were unlikely to be the cause if there's a prolonged spike in cases.


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greta As though at this point we care.

greta But do u have an “up tick” in hospitalizations...that’s the issue.

Thanks covidiots.

Yea, everyone will conveniently report 'upticks' to discourage protesters.

No sale Fake News

oh look at that.

It's what the democrats are hoping for.

Cases have been growing in Texas for the past month so has nothing to do with protests that just started a week ago. We get enough lies from this administration so don’t help them amplify another one

You do realize the incubation period for COVID is longer than the protests have been going on? I think this has more to do with folks clamoring to cut Ted Cruz's hair.

This is such an irresponsible tagline . People in Texas have been standing in line for packed restaurants and not wearing masks in public. Don’t try to draw the line to protests. This is the result of GregAbbott_TX opening up TX before it was safe to do so.

Good, send it to Alabama

No one cares about COVID or its impact anymore at all.

But if more people are being tested is the “uptick” due to protests or just a fact that more people are being tested. Yellow journalism much?

Rioting, looting and zero social distancing , what do you expect

I’m sure the early opening of gyms, bars, and restaurants and people partying at bars had no impact.

Has nothing to do with the Evilgelicals gathering in their mega churches? Just the marchers outdoors with masks. Gimme a fuckin break ABC.

Nobody cares...now that the planned riots are fizzling don't even try to bring back a fake pandemic. It's over for the evil left trying to keep Obama's crimes from coming out.

You’re just figuring this out now America? JFC! A few HUNDRED THOUSAND more of you will die just from the protests 🤷🏼‍♂️

greta 👍

Your absolutely right! It couldn’t be the people who partied for Memorial Day without masks or malls opening and people not wearing masks or the protesters who fought for gym or salons to reopen.

But nothing about how the REOPEN THE ECONOMY NOW craziness increased people's exposure? OK, fine. I see you. I see what y'all are doing here.

GregAbbott_TX DanPatrick great job of reopening COVID19 season in Texas. Hope seeing tens of thousands packed together in restaurants, public spaces, beaches/rivers, bars ignoring others’ safety and not wearing masks was worth it. The coming deaths are on your shoulders

Good news and let all terror cult Antifa protestors get virus and die like stray dogs.. good news for blacks lives.. amen..

Of course it is. But we can’t be expected to stay home anymore & let this racist system continue to harm our black friends & neighbors. We need universal healthcare so we don’t have to decide btwn our health or civil rights-so private hospitals & ins corps can profit off of us.

It's from reopening weeks ago. This is irresponsible drivel.

greta Lol....cities are being disrupted, businesses looted, buildings destroyed, people being victimized during the 'mostly peaceful' protests, and there are 'concerns' about potential spread of the virus. You all are hillarious. What is wrong with you people?

greta Testing, you idiots, more testing equals more cases!

Yeah that's why. Copaganda!!!!

Fake News don’t buy in to that story.

Too soon for that bump, though we'll see it. What we're seeing now is more likely related to May re-opening and Memorial Day weekend gatherings.

Quick math says you're wrong. This is from the idiots that wanted to go out 2 weeks ago, for no good reason.

greta Who cares how many cases? We are testing 100's of thousands of people per week. It would only make sense that cases increase. How many people are being hospitalized & how many are dying?

greta It sh9uod then lets refuse the rioters health care, cut the funding for them to repair all the damage.riots2020


RealDoctorMike said : Racism isn't just a Human Right Issue. it's also a Health issue 👌 Full video 👍 BlackLivesMatter

You don't say...

Who wrote this? What’s wrong with you? You forgot that these cities opened up prematurely, without having a plan to fight the pandemic? Most importantly, the fallout from current protests won’t materialize until 10 days to 2 weeks have passed. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Protests didn't cause the initial 'uptick'. Reopening did and all the folks wandering around like normal.

Blah blah blah we can't hear you 🤣

I'm guessing it was the people ready to party for Memorial Day weekend, no?

rEoPEn mUrICa

greta Ya think?...

They weren’t protesting 2 weeks ago. It has an incubation period y’all

greta Shut up

Maybe all those protesters need to go home and self quarantine.

Roquan Smith was a much better QB

It’s about a two week incubation period, protests started last week aren’t you supposed to be like a facilitator of truth calling yourself news and all

Greg Abbott opened the state back up a few weeks ago actually


Whatever happened to the incubation time

This framing is absolutely evil

Yeah that disease that takes a couple of days to two weeks to show up in a positive test result could ONLY have been from the people protesting in the name of BLM and DEFINITELY NOT the entitled white dipshits who protested on Memorial Day two weeks ago.

We’re at phase three somehow....we never saw a slow down in cases prior to phase one or two. Thanks Abbott!

Is this what passes for journalism? No wonder y'all are such flying fux. We already KNEW the 'open' campaigns were causing upticks in cases. Blaming the protests is blatant lying and racism.

Remember when Abbott said that he was going to move through stages based on numbers improving.. Well now we know that was all bullshit

Incubation period is two weeks dumbdumbs. It's been mentioned many times by many health organisations. Reporting stuff incorrectly just so it fits your narrative is exactly why the president's repeated calls of 'FAKE NEWS' stick. Please amend.

Nothing to see here... Sigh

Lab Rats, both Dem and MAGA.

Texas also has a state run lab that had to shut down because of too many false positives!!!!

Protests? Those imbeciles are entering Phase 3 already.

Texas commenced reopening on 18th May I believe, 2 weeks later..... Here we are. More businesses reopened towards the end of May. Voila.

BULLSHIT!! TOTAL FEAR PORN 😱😱😱😱😱😱 Doesn’t mention declining hospitalization or infection rate, declining deaths & increased testing! Doesn’t mention the BOOMING ECONOMIC REBOUND!! ABC IS FAKE NEWS

All these death in the name of racial injustice kudos KingJames

Texas sees record uptick because they did not reopen the state properly. Do not blame the protests. Look at the statistics people. I have recorded daily numbers and we never reached the CDC 2 week guideline. Note these are prior to any protests.

Covid starts on the average 5 to 6 days after exposure and that is a fact. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict cases will increase because of the protests.

Hay que evitar las aglomeraciones, eso lo han dicho hasta el cansancio los expertos de la OMS.

Would that be teens? 😱🦠🦠 curiously minds want to know?

It’s not because of the protests, you idiots. It’s because of the science-denying, Trump-fellating politicians who eased safety restrictions too soon. The blame lies here: tedcruz JohnCornyn GregAbbott_TX TexasGOP

How many celebrities and other rich people participated in these protests? They are staying at home and watching the mad dance of death & destruction Peaceful protests are a necessary part of a healthy democracy but it's not the right time for protests. Follow social distancing!

Per the Texas Dept of State Health Services, 5,045 new cases reported in the last 3 days (state-wide)

Are the hospitals filling up?

These cases are from memorial day weekend. Unless of course you mean the haircut protestors who took bazookas to wendys

Fake News from a Liberal, This is Memorial Day Spike


Texas was Stupid and Arrogant another 14 days we will see results of Protest , Thus spike is from Memorial Day Pool Parties and Beaches

Define “record” you snakes

Memorial Day weekend!

This is from the pool parties, bars, restaurants, day parties, etc.

gurl this is from memorial day weekend lol get that shit out of here

If you’re seeing an uptick then the cycle started two weeks prior, before the protests.

Hope they are GOP!

Well duh

oh it's ok right

DON'T LET THEM turn this into a 'blame the protests' story. It was the haphazard and early reopening that is causing this spike. The GOP is going to try to spin this against the protests.

Yea this had to do with Memorial Day as wel don’t just blame the protests 2 week incubation period ppl !

Fake news! Anything to make a red state look bad and help the DNC and their narrative.

No problem the China killer virus pandemic declared over by Democrats so protest, looting, stealing, burning buildings can began the next step of destroying what is left of America’s economy.

Well, yeah!? I’m shocked that this is still a surprise for anyone.

So does Arizona. The protesters are preventing me from trying to get back in society with their potential spread of the virus.

Why don't you write against the protesters...because you want them to carry on with their misleading and looting?

Darwinism at work Arent these the fuckwits that squealed 'LET THEM DIE' when peolle wanted their livelihood back? Well, well Live by the sword bitches!!!


When did the Texas demonstrations begin? 2 - 14 days afterwards is the transmission period.

You have no relevance.. there’s more testing, fuk ABC

The uptick was likely from Memorial Day Weekend, not recent protests

the dnc and msm are in joy over this remember Texas defied them

Here we go

No!? Really?

Second wave is going to hit us sooner than we think.

Agora é que a Economia vai para o... Abismo.

No, it's not because of protests. It's the tear gas police use. Stop blaming people, just stop using tear gas.

Here it comes folks back on the stay inside or you die train....

No shit- we all saw that one comming


After businesses open back up prematurely and regulations are eased/lifted you mean. State media will do everything it can to place the blame solely on protestors to try and turn the public against them and maintain the status quo.

How 'bout that?

I am telling you. Someone we don’t know is controlling all these. BS at this point.

I think it was those Memorial Day parties.

Just Texas? This is happening nation wide..

Gov. Ipso Facto what's his name? What's he saying now?

NidaKhanNY This is from Memorial Day weekend you irresponsible hacks

The incubation period is around two weeks. What you’re seeing is a result of Labor Day. Stop spreading propogands

As the quick re-opening happened you mean....

Because y'all opened back up...Memorial day weekend was 2 weeks ago...

No problem.. As long as they will die at pneumonia.. Like in Florida too.. But it's good, that you journalists cover that so detailed...

Nahhh, dont worry about it...pandemic is over. All the dem mayors and governors say social distancing no longer a priority. Protest away.. the ignorance

LET THEM GO! It’s on them!!

We must continue to exercise our first amendment rights but also follow guidelines set by the CDCgov. Be safe out there but keep the momentum up! You’ll want to be on the right side of history once this is all over. justice BLM

Wrong. The protests have canceled Coronavirus.

Covid takes 2 weeks to incubate and manifest symptoms. Don't blame the protests for Memorial Day.

Soon, you'll have people dying because of BlackLivesMattters protests because they srpead COVIDー19

Let me guess, overall low death rate and nursing homes are experiencing a loss of life.

Texas please Vote

Everyone needs to be inside and government should be getting money to the people but cops are still killing people indiscriminately and government is only looking out for corporations. No wonder everyone is fed up.

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