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Texas Republicans to host in-person convention despite coronavirus surge

Texas Republicans to host in-person convention despite a surge in coronavirus cases in Houston, where it will take place via @bradleybrooks

7/3/2020 10:11:00 AM

Texas Republicans to host in-person convention despite a surge in coronavirus cases in Houston, where it will take place via bradleybrooks

The Executive Committee of the Texas Republican Party voted on Thursday to push ahead and have their state convention in person this month despite a surge in coronavirus cases in Houston, where it will take place.

The committee voted 40 to 20 to host the meeting that about 6,000 people are expected to attend in Houston’s George R. Brown convention center in just over two weeks.During a lengthy virtual meeting, those opposed to hosting the convention in person said it would endanger older delegates and would disenfranchise many people who would not go out of fear of the virus. About 50% of state delegates who would normally attend have already said they would not go.

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But committee members backing the in-person convention said it was a question of personal liberty and canceling it or moving it online would set a terrible precedent for the Republican National Convention, which President Donald Trump has said will take place in person in Florida next month.

“Texas maintained our in-person convention process through World War Two, we met together after our 9/11 terrorist attacks despite the danger in the air,” said executive committee member David Covey.Another committee member, Dr Robin Armstrong, who spoke from a Houston hospital where he was treating COVID-19 patients, said he supported an in-person convention because of the opportunity to pull it off safely.

“We can be a great example of how we can successfully get this done,” Armstrong said.TAKING HEATThe Texas Republican Party has been under pressure to cancel their convention or host it virtually.The Texas Medical Association, a sponsor of the convention, had urged Republicans not to hold it, and after the committee’s vote, it said it was withdrawing its sponsorship.

“An indoor gathering of thousands of people from all around the state in a city with tens of thousands of active COVID-19 cases poses a significant health risk to conventiongoers, convention workers, health care workers, and the residents of Houston,” said the association’s president, Dr Diana Fite.

Delegates will return to communities across the state, potentially spreading it in areas where there have been few cases, she said.But several executive committee members said the party should not bow to the pressure.“In the name of liberty, which right now seems to be in short supply in our state, I say we have our convention in Houston,” said committee member Jill Glover.

Others said the people criticizing them for wanting to host the convention were the same people who supported protests for racial equality that saw thousands gather in cities across the country.James Dickey, the chairman of the Republican Party in Texas, said before the meeting that measures were being taken to try to host a safe convention, including free masks, hand sanitizer and encouraging people to distance as much as possible.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, on Thursday issued an executive order that masks must be used inside commercial buildings or outside when social distancing is not possible.Texas has long been a Republican stronghold with Trump winning it by 9 percentage points in 2016, but Democrats have made gains in recent years. The state convention this year will decide the party’s platform and leadership in the state.

Reporting by Brad Brooks in Lubbock, Texas; Editing by David Gregorio, Robert Birsel Read more: Reuters Top News »

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

SylvesterTurner TXMedCenter hcphtx LinaHidalgoTX TexasGOP GregAbbott_TX The continued disregard for the well-being of our frontline workers, our elderly & families trying desperately to get on their feet has to STOP! We finally...finally got masks on everyone & now this? more good decisions form texas republicans it seems. those thoughts an prayers arn't really doing much to keep your covid numbers down are they.. maybe build a wall?

Only Democrats left in state by November? :) Sort of a cv19-phone-tree! I guess stupidity is bigger in Texas too. circosta_j You mean the Texas Fascist Party!! What can go wrong? bet it doesn't happen In just over 2 weeks? The July 4th surge should be hitting right about then. Let's see if they're smart enough to change their minds amidst overwhelmed ICUs and death spikes.

Excellent. Put them all close together. As many as possible. Are they outta their minds? How many advance team members are they going to infect this time. It should be realDonaldTrump and VP The Republican Party is a death cult. Let them hold it no masks no social distance, lock them in for say 18 days with food and drink (can’t be cruel) they can list all of Trumps great moments Reply his speeches on loop and try to guess what he’s on about! That should help them understand how COVID works!

Actually I see this as a good idea. Fewer is better. Less is best. Wrong answer! The texan republicans push themselves into their hospitals. Right now, the ICU beds are nearly full. By the convention, the texan repulicans may have to sit along the hospital hallway to wait for disposal bags. Ignorance bradleybrooks Problem with everyone in Congress is that none have the ethics and integrity as the men of days gone by. Where are great men like Bobby Kennedy? When George Wallace not allow Black Student to enrol in Alabama , sent Govt Official with Army backup. Civil Legislation introduced.

bradleybrooks bradleybrooks Sir, is this masked mass suicide 🤔🤔 bradleybrooks bradleybrooks Good. Thin the Republican herd. bradleybrooks bradleybrooks ...meanwhile this is the percentage of hospital beds already in use by region (~80% in Houston/Harris County) along with quite a spike that will take a while to flatten. I feel for you Texas 😢

bradleybrooks Oh-My-God-OmniabsoluteGRAVITATIONAL-CONSTANT: Thus 'Huston' is one of USA's🇺🇸 'Promise-land cities'. Abeit Houston TX is one of the Cities that assisted in METAMORPHOSIZE me as we exist. (thanks & gracias 'Huston, TX')!$!$ bradleybrooks Asked for comment, coronavirus said, “Hell yeah!!”

bradleybrooks There's no accounting for some people's children. bradleybrooks Supernatural Healing Oil, A Healing balm for Healthy Life and Sickness free life Kindly Dm if interested bradleybrooks bradleybrooks I hope that, in the great State of Texas, this will be an open-carry event. bradleybrooks They never learn.

bradleybrooks Do it. bradleybrooks I’m all for it. Also invite US senate and house Republican leaders, and billionaire donors. bradleybrooks Personally, I think this is a great idea. bradleybrooks bradleybrooks Make your bed, sleep in it bradleybrooks People might start leaving the Texas GOP out of a healthy instinct for self preservation.

bradleybrooks bradleybrooks Y'all didn't seem too concerned about potential casualties when thousands of people were protesting and gathering in large quantities for the past few weeks. But I suppose that the virus is smart and knows who to infect and who not to? bradleybrooks sweet...keep going bradleybrooks Cool 😎

bradleybrooks He had to do something to kiss Trump's ass for making people wear a mask. staten73 bradleybrooks Take it Jonestown was already fully booked? bradleybrooks As long as they sign away their rights to call a doctor, visit a doctor, or go to the hospital once they start showing signs of illness.

bradleybrooks Hopefully it will hasten their extinction. bradleybrooks This is criminally irresponsible. bradleybrooks GovAbbott is going to be responsible for countless deaths in Harris County, their hospitals can't take more of this!

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