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Texas power grid CEO fired after deadly February blackouts

BREAKING: Texas’ power grid manager has been fired following February’s deadly blackouts that left millions of people without electricity and heat for days.

3/4/2021 6:06:00 AM

BREAKING: Texas ’ power grid manager has been fired following February’s deadly blackouts that left millions of people without electricity and heat for days.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas ' power grid manager was fired Wednesday amid growing calls for his ouster following February's deadly blackouts that left millions of people without electricity and heat...

ADVERTISEMENT”During this transition period, Bill will continue to serve as President and CEO and work with state leaders and regulators on potential reforms to ERCOT,” the organization said in a statement.Magness, who made more than $876,000 in salary and other compensation in 2019, was the target of much of the outrage over the blackouts that began Feb. 15 when a winter storm plunged temperatures into single digits across Texas, causing skyrocketing demand for electricity to heat homes. Grid operators unplugged more than 4 million customers as the system buckled, which Magness has said was necessary to avert an even more catastrophic blackout that could have lasted months.

But the powerdid not flip back on for daysfor millions of residents, and the prolonged outages quickly escalated to a crisis of tragic proportions, as people trying to keep warm died of carbon monoxide poisoning and others froze to death. The storm and resulting blackouts have been blamed for more than 40 deaths in Texas, but the full toll may not be known for months.

At the Texas Capitol last week, lawmakers investigating the outages laid into Magness for his handling of the storm.Over hours of testimony,Magness defended actionsthat he said kept the grid that serves most of Texas’ 30 million residents intact.“It worked from keeping us (from) going into a blackout that we’d still be in today, that’s why we did it,” Magness said last Thursday. “Now it didn’t work for people’s lives, but it worked to preserve the integrity of the system.” headtopics.com

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has accused ERCOT of misleading the state about the readiness of the grid, placing blame for the outages almost singularly on the grid operators. His outrage has not extended to the state’s Public Utility Commission, which oversees ERCOT and is led by Abbott appointees.

ADVERTISEMENTstruggling in two lengthy appearancesbefore lawmakers following the blackouts, but said others should also accept responsibility for the outages.At least six ERCOT board members have stepped down in the aftermath of the blackouts. Many of them lived out of state, a fact that only intensified anger toward ERCOT as the crisis unfolded.

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Why not? Paid a lot of money to do a particular job. Ignored basic principles, ignored what he condoned causing a major failure. They should put in a clause to allow the State to claim damages from him. Good. The captain is responsible for his ship to use navy talk. He probably didn't want to pay for upgrading his grid in good capitalistic fashion.

I seriously doubt it matters. I’m sure his pockets are lined. Now fire GregAbbott_TX Good! Just don't forget that the Governor screwed up as well. Where are the 'criminal' charges? People are dead because of his and other's choices and decisions🤨 People get locked up for selling some drugs or stealing some food from a grocery store. exposehypocrisy TexasBlackout PolarVortexTestimony

I hope the good people of Texas “fire” Abbot too. Fleurdelisazure Ummm...yeah, I don’t think that’s the Governor. Nor does it appear to be a major Republican donor that paid(bribed) for deregulation kfdmnews Texan's: It's time to vote Democrat's into power so that Texan's can be taken care of properly. All the Republican's, especially, Texas Republican's have voted for what they can put into their pockets for decades. It's time to vote in people that have your best interest in mind.

Ahhhh, they found a fall guy. This is good, but it's also kind of like announcing they successfully pulled a splinter from the finger of a car crash victim. Sad. He is a scapegoat. The ones that need to be fired are the idiot government officials that had Texas act independently of the national energy grid BECAUSE they didn’t want to follow regulations!

Ban all Republicans from working in the WHITE HOUSE!! Let alone Ban them period from working any GOVERNMENT POSITIONS! Also ban them from running the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!! Good. Now the real work should begin. Maybe Texas can reinvest in coal FIRED power plants now 🤔 Nah. It’s the Governor that should be fired.

Meanwhile, it's not as if the governor was innocent in the matter, yet there he sits, fucking up more shit. Not enough. People died. He must be charged. michaelcox1951 I bet if the power grid had reproductive rights 💯TEXAS WOULD’VE REGULATED THE SHIT OUT OF IT!!🤦🏽‍♀️ 😆 It's a start Was the “jackpot” he delivered not big enough for GQP?

Seems like fired isn't enough Correction: Left many people to die.... Randolphgibbs He should be locked up. Well, you knew they had to find a scapegoat. I’m sure he got a fat multimillion dollar “hush” severance. One thing I appreciate about him is he took responsibility and didn’t fly to Cancun Texas politicians are the ones who should be fired.

great fire that texas power grid manager and please fire texas senator accountable for the deadly power outage!! The governor should be fired. That was not only a tragedy due to the loss of lives but an embarrassment. A state such as Texas whose supposed to be a powerful red state caught with their grid down. It just shows what happens when GOP cater only to the rich & forget others

JenniferJJacobs When will GregAbbott_TX be fired for callously allowing for over 44,000 deaths due to COVID-19 to grow as a result of his political based decisions on masks & other restrictions? Whelp, they've got a scapegoat. Back to business as usual. And what about the texas GOP who've perpetually ignored all the red flags to fix inadequate energy infrastructure fir decades? I guess a no mask mandate is the proper responce to deflect from your failed leadership GregAbbott_TX

Good JenniferJJacobs Someone has to be sacrificed... The rest of the perpetrators stay to commit more fxckery. I'm sure he's relieved!!! JenniferJJacobs Do Greg Abbott next! The governor is appointing a literal barrel of oil to replace him. Everybody but the politicians that caused this bullshit Now how about the legislators who decided to pull from the federal grids so they wouldn’t have to pay and maintain its safety measures but are fine taking tons of federal money to pay for the disaster caused by their reckless severing and since non actions?

JenniferJJacobs That’ll surely solve the problem. 50 years of deferred maintenance is not one guys fault. This should not placate anyone and Republican policies should be on trial in Texas and everywhere else. deray Is it me or do all the wealthy people who do crime and neglect look evil? Someone had to take the fall. Don’t wait for a republican to stand up and own up!

JenniferJJacobs Now if they could only fire the governor... JenniferJJacobs Yeah I am sure its the grid managers fault and not the insane decision by the Texas govt to be off the national grid Fire the governor too! deray And the Governor? Is he still in office? “Cancún” Cruz? Scapegoat JenniferJJacobs Now let’s fire the Governor and legislature who were just as responsible.

They should fire the whole board and their governor. How about criminally charged for the death of the people who froze to death? JenniferJJacobs ah, the scapegoat! Good work, good ole boys! JenniferJJacobs Oh no. I bet they gave him a nice going away account JenniferJJacobs scapegoat Take note South Africa

Texas government was looking for a fall guy, & they found one in the power grid manager. Firing him won't escape the fact that the State of Texas was told that their system was not winterized & they needed to spend the buck to make it happen. The Governor didn't do a damn thing. Texas government was looking for a fall guy, & they found one in the power grid manager. Firing him won't escape the fact that the State of Texas was told that their system was not winterized & they needed to spend the buck to make it happen. The Governor didn't do a damn thing.

Yet, Cancun Cruz is still in office? One down and many...many more to go .GregAbbott_TX lifted mask provision to change subject... and fired this guy to take the fall. This whole mess rests with that idiot in the governors office and the idiots before him Wake me when it's no longer privatized and it's properly regulated so i don't have to worry about anyone i love freezing to death.

Don’t worry... He’ll be a “special guest” on Hannity next week. That’s it!! I’m out of here! Will the problems be fixed? He even looks sleazy🤦‍♀️ no_itsmyturn TIME FOR INDIAN MLAs to SHAPE UP OR LEAVE narendramodi CMofKarnataka nimmasuresh BBMPCOMM BJP4Karnataka Cool. Now weatherproof. TexasFreeze

Surely will be headed out the door with 8 digits of stock options to really teach him a lesson Retweet: I would like to ask if you can share this campaign to help raise $5,000.00 for help with family storm recovery. let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is a child of God and knows God. –1 John 4:7

Good, now fire Greg Abbott next... Now do whomever is in charge of the Public Utilities Commission This should have happened days ago, but there still needs to be a thorough investigation by the Federal Government, so that nothing is missed. Next up on the chopping block: GregAbbott_TX conveniently! ahahahaaa! switchman fired and no problem! and who will be engaged in modernization or is it more convenient and cheaper to sponsor politicians?

But we we are being told by scientists the Earth is warming, not freezing. UNLESS Texas links up their power grid to the national grid and winterizes their equipment, THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN, GUARANTEED. More Texans will freeze and die, and Republicans will just point fingers again. thursdaymorning ThursdayThought

Cool...now let’s demand GregAbbott_TX resign as well. Now do Abbott. What does 'fired' mean? Does it mean he gets a severance package? 😡 I thought he stepped down and leaving in 60 days or so Only because, as many people are saying, the problems could have been avoided. If they just took their jobs seriously and not thought about filling their pockets.

Journo_Christal I thought it was the windmills Firni Yeah? How much is his bonus? Wonder what caused the Texas power outage... ReignOfApril Aight now fire Abbott too Stephen Colbert raises a giant point these assholes that are doing nothing but collecting billions off of our backs need a very serious kick in the ass as to who they think they are trying to manipulate and regulate independently of the federal government.

Oh my! Fired! Well that makes up for killing People. 🤬 Wait, I thought it was the generation plants....so....this makes no sense, right? Took too long tyrasquared As though he was the problem LOL He was hired by someone... fire them too. Good. Next up- Abbott & CancunCruz It's not his fault. ERCOT did not have the authority to force winterization. Only the legislature did. Texas govt screwed up and fired a scapegoat. The Texas Railroad Commission is a real villain too.

KrauseForIowa Fired isnt enough. They need to seize everything he owns. This is another Enron. Let me guess...he got a severance package of 25-30 million? Not to worry; Abbott will step up snd kill more Texans So y’all mad at the guy that took advantage of the states leeway or policies but the guy that used the taxation system liberally to screw the little guy and not pay taxes is the guy you profess as the best president ever. 🤔. Texas is messed up.

Sad thing is.. he probably did his best with that he had, what they gave him.. smh. Why? He did the exact job they hired him for. *watches Chernobyl on HBO* Oh, that's why. Abbott next! AbbottFailedTexasAgain Amen It's that all? He should be held accountable for the misery that people went through. Should be arrested for criminal negligence

Is it genuinely his fault, or is he the scapegoat? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 he'll be replaced by someone just as competent i bet What about everyone who decided that federal regulations didn't matter in Texas? With a big fat golden parachute no doubt FireAbbott also Good. I hope that he’s named in the wrongful death, class action lawsuits.

Good news The cartel of corrupt Republicans who built the unregulated ERCOT system remain in place. And are currently working on a mask less pandemic resurgence to harm even more Texans. Who gets a two month termination notice? People died because of this man’s greed and incompetence. scape·goat /ˈskāpˌɡōt/ noun 1. a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.

matteroffacttv Abbott & Patrick next? First of many scapegoats. UnequalJustice TexasFreeze NoWater Durung a Pandemic 2 months notice 🙄which gives them time to find another 'qualified' person Now fire Gov. Abbott! That is window dressing. His termination does not address root cause. Besides he walks with a golden parachute.

Bit his golden parachute is “off the grid.” Abbot next So help me God they had better not be giving him millions of dollars as a payout! He will walk away with a huge severance package. He was offered a deal to take the fall. Give him a year and he'll be back to work for some other energy company. Patsy 2 little 2 late!

Yet tedcruz is still employed..... Fire tedcruz and the governor while you’re at it. Texas government was looking for a fall guy, & they found one in the power grid manager. Firing him won't escape the fact that the State of Texas was told that their system was not winterized & they needed to spend the buck to make it happen. The Governor didn't do a damn thing.

Now fire Abbott! BlueWavePatriot Good news is he is now in charge of Texas pandemic response. This is what happens hen you go tilting at windmills. may the angry mob be placated with our offering of the scapegoat, let him carry all the sins Lord have mercy, that is one spectacular indictment of fossil fuel conservatism.

It was power plants insufficiently winterized that went down. How does the grid distribute power that it doesn't receive? They did the best they could with the power that was available and also saved the grid from being wrecked for months. This is peak scapegoating. 2022 Texas gubernatorial election Firing paid employees are just another cover up by the Politicians like Abbott, who put them there in the first place. VoteThemAllOut VoteHimOut

Are they sending him the bills for all the extra electricity residence were charged for? Scapegoated. The txlege needs to be fired. The governor and Lt governor need to be fired. These energy producers own our representatives in Texas. How much was his bonus? Don't stop with him. Abbott,Cruz,Paxton and the rest of the republican leadership of Texas. They are complicit in this.Your leadership wanted this and created this, supervised it's operation. They must be held accountable.

Fired isn't enough, criminal negligence This is exactly what I thought he’d look like without ever thinking about what he’d look like The power grid manager is fired. Now, how about the politicians that were in partnership with the Texas PUC....because there was money to be made? This is how we go under the bus, under the bus, under the bas

Of course fire the peon. The governor and Republican deregulation are responsible but as usual, the rich and powerful remain unscathed. GovAbbott Resign. You already have blood on your hands why add more Good colleen_benn Back to the propane depot. Not reading the article so can someone let me know how big his golden parachute is?

2022 Texas gubernatorial election Fire? He should be prosecuted CorruptAndComplicitGOP Sacrificial, stringy lamb. It's not gonna stop people from looking into it Thats a great start! Now get rid of Abbott and legislators who voted against upgrading equipment to winterize the systems. Texas needs to clean house!

Goes to show you, most lived OUT OF STATE so they didn't give a damn what happened to Texans and neither did their elected officials, Texas needs to fire them ALL You wanted a liberal free market. There you go. Enjoy. They had to throw someone under the bus for a dumb decision made ten years ago. There’s the scapegoat. They’re too stupid to ever figure out what went wrong. Lol 😂

tedcruz should be next. He can just tale a long extended vacation to Cancun and never come back. 😃 Today, TX has 7,620 new infections and 266 dead. That’s not punishment! Some of these people need to be in jail!! ercotfail moteging BelgiumMFA dreynders Kadriilham SolvayGroup SamsungUkraine SamsungAustin BREAKING: Texas’ power grid manager has been fired following February’s deadly blackouts that left millions of people without electricity and heat for days.

😷 did he get a golden parachute?