Texas Order Banning Ground Transportation Of Migrants Slammed As 'Flagrantly Illegal'

Immigration rights advocates have slammed the order as 'flagrantly illegal,' unconstitutional and xenophobic.

7/29/2021 3:24:00 AM

Immigration rights advocates have slammed the order as 'flagrantly illegal,' unconstitutional and xenophobic.

Immigration rights advocates have slammed the order as 'flagrantly illegal,' unconstitutional and xenophobic.

on Wednesday restricting the ground transportation of migrants in his state. The order ― which immigration rights advocates have decried as “flagrantly illegal,” unconstitutional and xenophobic ― prohibits nongovernment individuals and organizations from transporting migrants who have been released from federal custody. It also gives authority to the Texas Department of Public Safety to stop and seize any private vehicle suspected of carrying migrants.

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Abbott cited the threat of COVID-19 as the reason for the new order, saying migrants “pose a risk of carrying COVID into Texas.” Immigration attorneys, however, say that, although coronavirus transmission doesamong migrant populations ― just as it is across the country ―

migrants currently make uponly a fraction of new casesin Texas, and a majority of them are voluntarily getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.Earlier this week, the health authority of Laredo, a city on the Mexico border, said unvaccinated people ― and not migrants ― were the headtopics.com

main cause of a recent COVID-19 surgethere.Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, an attorney at the American Immigration Council, said Abbott cited outright falsehoods in the executive order.“Governor Abbott enshrines unscientific xenophobia into executive order, pushing the false narrative that migrants are spreading COVID, and appears to ban private citizens or contractors from transporting migrants, which is *flagrantly* illegal and unconstitutional,“ Reichlin-Melnick wrote on Twitter.

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Sounds about right for Abbott then, those are his forward facing traits his base deems acceptable. Anything Texas is a giant leap back into the Stone Age. Abbot the Maggot Blacks treated in Federal courts. Documents labeled for Appellant court District Court rules on them. District court has no jurisdiction but wants to influence an Appellate decision.

GovAbbott gets his script from the GOP Central Bureau of Disinformation...several other GOP Govs are putting out the same trope of the infectious migrant instead of the real problem which is the unvaccinated infected American Thank you Texas Abbott knows it is illegal but it is fuel for the fire.

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