Texas mom says daughter's high school is refusing to let her graduate over braids

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The mother of a Texas teen said her daughter’s high school is refusing to let her graduate this week unless she removes her braids or covers them.

“You’re basing a graduation and diploma on hair,” said Hooper, 44. “Which is totally ridiculous with what’s going on in this world.”

“Accordingly, Principal Bedair telephoned your client and told her that the color of Kienjanae’s hair would need to be changed so it met dress code requirements,” the letter said, adding: “Gladewater ISD does not understand how the confusion arose.” “I said, ‘I’m totally blown away when you’ve never said anything about this last year or this year,’” Hooper said. “We’ve got four days before graduation.’”

Hooper added that when she asked Bedair why the removal was necessary, “she wouldn’t give me an answer.”

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WHAT ? Her braids were on when she passed her exams !

ThePrezIsInsane Rules against braids or ethnic hairstyles is nothing but rules against Black and Brown expressions of culture. Schools are teaching compliance with images of beauty over academic preparedness. RESISIT!!!

It’s 2020 and we still care about this? They are braids FFS!

It sounds like someone is very jealous of a beautiful youthful girl to me.

Wonder how many bleached platinum blondes will be graduating this year

It’s a fcking pandemic, these kids were already screwed out of the end of their senior year, and now this nonsense?


Something’s gotta change

This has been their way of destroying young minorities identity and conform to 'white beauty'

So now i have to stop braiding my daughter's hair? Do i have to use a specific shampoo as well? This is ridiculous.

WHAT EFFING YEAR IS THIS 19 damn 50? GEESH!!!! HOW IS THE US LIKE THIS in the YEAR 2-0-2-0 🤬🤬🤬

What do braids have to do with anything? We are in America. Wear your hair whatever way you want. Bunch of stuck in the mud snobby bullies trying to run other people's lives. BS! Let people be who they are not who you want them to be.

Kymon5 WTF!!!!

This is also a form of racism. Seriously if the school didn't like my hair I'd tell them to give me $$ to go to a hair dresser or STFU.

Why is blackness so offensive to some?

There is nothing wrong with those beautiful braids

Has this damn high school not learned ANYTHING from this past week?! 😡😡😡

What? Is this America in 2020? 😡


What does braids have to do with intellect? 😑 I hope they were working on changing this throughout the school year if it is a stupid policy. This kind thing has to end.



What is up with the State of Texas fear of natural braids?’ There is nothing wrong with that young lady’s pretty hair braids! If she were a white high school graduate this wouldn’t be an issue!

In case y’all want to contact the school and encourage them to confirm she will graduate here’s the public contact info

It doesn’t diminish the value of he diploma. Only the value of the the school and the district the community the city the state the country and the clown trying to take America backwards! Congratulations on graduating, young lady!

This is NOT self expression, this is a hairstyle that Africans and African Americans have worn for CENTURIES before white folks started wearing mohawks or pink hair.

Where is this? I live in Texas and if there's a school like this then expect it to have new employees because that's just stupid. It's her hair!


Rules are rules. Don’t play the race card now.

This isn't news

FAKE NEWS. It had nothing to do with her braids, only the color.

We're Still Doing This?In The Middle Of A Pandemic. Sone ppl can't ride Above Thr Smallness, Pettiness

I want to know how this have been allowed to continue for so long. It's hair!


Prayerful! There is nothing indifferent about braids, she's academically inclined and has a bright future. I am sure she will make the school proud. We all must relax and keep a calm spirit. Blessings!!

Has this High School been in a bubble? Do they not see the people uniting around the world in protest of this very thing. Change is well over due even for HIgh School’s who think they have the right to deny a student graduation because she has braids in her hair..BRun13 maddow

I think almost everyone replying never read the story... the school said it was about an unnatural hair color, but they will permit it now and the matter is closed... the mother is trying to make headlines and still saying she thinks her daughter can’t graduate.

What is it with Texas discriminating black students? I feel like I see a story like this every few weeks

MatthewACherry Seriously?

This kinda shit!!!

She should have a right to wear her hair anyway she likes are we living in a dictatorship now?

There’s a lot here about following rules. As if rules can’t reflect stupidity and racism.

It’s the hair color in dispute, obviously. If NBC wanted the real story, they’d find other kids with hair coloring and ask them, or verify no other kids had hair coloring. Notice how they didn’t? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Her braids are beautiful, a work of art.

This is ridiculous!! lethergraduate

Schools have dress codes - later in life careers and jobs will have dress codes. You can either follow them or buck the system and whine that the system is discrimatory “just to you.” It isn’t. No matter how incredible you are; tattoo a dick on your face and you’ll go hungry.

Don’t lose those braids.

Sue the SHIT out of that school. Cover her college.

Exactly what does hairstyle have to do with learning, what studies have been done on this and how does hairstyle adversely affect graduation ceremonies.

Time to tell them to shove their so called school.

What kind of rule is that? Does it come from the era of slave ownership? Having braids erases her knowledge and qualifications? SHAME!

Aren't there more important matters? This is sooo Texas...

So Texas has learned nothing about racism during this time of protests? We will not see change unless states like Texas changes...

Rachel Dolezal, the early years.

what does hair have to do with educating children? schools have one job educate the children and not be the hair police!! this is discrimination pure and simple. the high school should be sued for discriminaltion!!


Bet the girls who bleached their hair didn't get told they needed to change or color it though.

Her braids and she are beautiful !

That is horrific!! Shame to all of them!

She looks fine. Who are these gestapo school officials who get to decide what color, length or degree of curliness kids hair is?! Just stop. So ridiculous.

Seriously? In the midst of pandemic they are punishing her for a hairdo? She gets a graduation? Ours are having a drive thru graduation. Let the 2020 grad be as special as they all are.

No, no, no. Overreaching!!

Lots of plot holes in this news story. Principal hints at non-natural hair color, not braids, which is still weird in 2020. But also never mentioned it to her in 4 years. And is TX immune from Covid? In-person graduation in stadium? What?

Its Texas I would expect no less.

rolandsmartin Can't believe in 2020 schools are still able to get away with this. Oh wait, nevermind.

This is so petty amid all that is going on now.

Hi girl, you are beautiful!!

Mother, Stupidity in its mayor expresión!!

No way!! She can wear her hair however she pleases! She’s adorable and please stay that way. They certainly cannot stop her from graduating. Expose the Principal with this BS

This girl is so beautiful and insisting that she remove her braids is racism . Another issue that must be addressed in schools and sports. Keep your beautiful braids,and you be proud of yourself ❤️❤️

Gladewater needs to reach the 1970s on its way to the 21st Century.

rolandsmartin Sue them if you can

rolandsmartin ABC texasdemocrats TAMU texasprotests texasteachers

rolandsmartin Fuck em don’t go

rolandsmartin donlemon cnnbrk washingtonpost nytimes GBrowneMarshall nhannahjones RepMaxineWaters MSNBC JohnBerman HouseDemocrats SenKamalaHarris

Dress codes are stupid.

Glad I live in California. Our governor passed a law against this type nonsense.

Won’t she wear a graduation cap, covering her hair? So what’s the problem...besides her race🤔😏😒

WTF Have “Braids” got to do with completing her schooling ? + she looks absolutely gorgeous, Agh there lays the key, Wallah they are Jelous ! Sad load of crutch spiders !

But bullying is A OK according to American schools. SMH

Ridicula. Deja de quejarte. Por tonterias. Quitate. Las trensas y Graduate. Antes. De quejarte.

I would graduate from home. Screw them

What damn school is having graduation ceremonies with this pandemic? People are forgetting about the corona virus because of these scumbag animals rioting under the guise of a protest. Stop the nonsense or you’ll all be looking for a ventilator.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Really? Don’t we have “a few” other things to address other than hair?


This is bs. I went to public school with a girl with a Mohawk in the 80s. It’s her head. She ought to be in charge of it.

What has dress code got to do with graduation?

Come on... seriously? In the state that brandishes weapons?


RULES are rules they just didnt come up with this last nite


So what's wrong with braids? Come on. People in their right mind, which it's apparent that these high school leaders aren't in, have much better sense that this. That's downright prejudice. Just look at her. She's black and they're using that as a sore reason to stop he. Stupid!!

Way to go, GladewaterISD 😡

? Dont schools have better things to worry about.


Our research shows there are many options for stabilising society developing local economies relocating unemployed and racially harrassed. Pandemic showed govt can move wealth quickly and its time it did so more often. Every dollar reciruclates not lost as some believe

Sue the hell out of them

She has beautiful hair. The School is RACIST.


Officer Derek Chauvin was trained by the Israeli Police who do this to Palestinians every day!


Burn the district office to the ground and employees houses

rolandsmartin Racist

We comeback at this crap again...Texas what's wrong with you...keep embarrassing yourself.

very understandable... maybe it is a statement of peacefulProtest.... ..but if it incites violence, .. then.. um, I'll be back... Have to, um, fix my hair...

shwinnypooh I’m ashamed to live in Texas

Texas is a bunch of racist hicks.

Nope not gonna do it

This is the reason why California enacted thecrownact. If Texas was any kind of state, they would have this law.

Oh for fucks sake!

Braids are beautiful. Wtf is wrong with these losers?

it is something truly wrong with people who won't let someone graduate over a hairstyle/color. let her march it is nothing wrong with her hair. but it something wrong with their policy.

Of course you should punish this shit lady...

rolandsmartin First of all these kids been out of school for over 2 month. WTH are you worrying about what color her braids are? This world has been turned upside down because of closed minded individuals who think everything should be one color. Most kids recieved diplomas in a car...WAKEUP

She’s pretty!!!

Name the High School

I don't understand. What's the problem?

She’s beautiful.

WTF?! This is appalling.

I’ve seen a lot worse

Read the room



Shave that ugly mess off Ur head.

Sue! Ridiculous.

LeslieMarshall Every time a Black person's hair is used as a leverage against them, it's racism. Get a lawyer. Cornrows are an indigenous style and in line with her heritage.

Dress code violation. Play by the rules or don’t play at all.

Beautiful girl, beautiful hair. What's the issue?

Graduate? Schools closed lmao

The principal thinks he’s a headmaster running a private school...

That’s a joke . Leave the braids it’s not their choice. Or tell them she will take the braided out if they stop being assholes

Racism at its finest.

Good Republicans at work! So Christian of them.

shurwitt Now there's a school admin that needs to be kicked to the street.

FredoDaGawd7 Looks like a young JoyTaylorTalks

I’m gonna need to see the hair and roots of every teacher at that school. Anyone who’s NOTA wearing their “natural hair color” will need to be on admin leave without pay.

Seriously? Texas go away. Pack your s*it and close those borders. You are now worse than Florida 🙄🙄🙄🤯🤯🤯🤯

TVWatchtower ProfessorDWendy

rolandsmartin Unbelievable! This country is never going to move forward…. Your braids are beautiful…..

Riveting stuff. Very brave.

So the color is what’s wrong here? I means it’s just hair let the poor graduate!


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