Texas lieutenant governor says he's done listening to Dr. Fauci: 'I don’t need his advice'

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Dr. Anthony Fauci 'doesn’t know what he’s talking about.'

7/2/2020 2:58:00 AM

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Dr. Anthony Fauci 'doesn’t know what he’s talking about.'

Hours before Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s remarks, state health officials reported a new daily high in coronavirus infections.

Texas does not meet either guideline.Responding to reports that hospitals in some parts of the state had nearly reaching capacity, Gov. Greg Abbott suspended elective surgeries at hospitals in four more Texas counties Tuesday.And warning of a “massive outbreak” last week, Abbott also paused further reopening plans for Texas, closing bars and reducing restaurant dining room capacity.

5.1-magnitude earthquake strikes 100 miles north of Charlotte, along Virginia border US hits 5 million confirmed virus cases, Europe is amazed What's Your Favorite Boy Band Song of All Time? Vote!

Where are states on reopening?At least 19 are adapting plans to stop the spread of COVID-19'The worst thing we could do is lock down Texas again'Since Memorial Day, the state has broken record after record in the number of new cases reported each day, and the state’s positive test rate reached more than 14% Monday. Abbott said a rate over 10% would be cause for concern.

That number was less than 6% one month ago.Patrick said he agreed with Abbott’s latest plans to tighten restrictions in the state, particularly for bars.“We stepped back on the bars, which I think was the right decision,” Patrick said. “In my view, the worst thing we could do is lock down Texas again.”

But Patrick argued that Texas’ low death rate shows the state doesn’t need to lock down again.“We’ve had 2,424 people die and New York has had over 31,000. Even California has had almost three times as much as Texas, and ... those two states have been locked down the whole time while we have been open,” Patrick said. “So locking down doesn’t work. If it did, those two states would be doing better than Texas.”

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Typical statement by an ignorant name-changing sicko who gives not one shit about people dying from COVID. But you do? But a radio talk show host, does? God help us! 🙏🏽 Citizens Dr Fauci has a medical degree & is specialist in his field .Patrick graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Who are you going to take medical advice from? Texas you need to vote him out ASAP

At least the governor listened vice this biased unscientific POS Check with the people of Austin dufus.....I think they will attest your state is a SHITSHOW He is an embarrassment to us sane Texans! WearADamnMask ListentoDrsnotPoliticians ShutupDan! camanpour , jchatterleyCNN , donlemon , wolfblitzer , drsanjaygupta, richardquest, donaldtrump, realDonaldTrump, POTUS, rosemaryCNN , richardquest CNN interviews people who don’t realise that life is grey, that there are caveats, ifs, buts, qualifiers, and exceptions!

camanpour , jchatterleyCNN , donlemon , wolfblitzer , drsanjaygupta, richardquest, donaldtrump, realDonaldTrump, POTUS, rosemaryCNN , richardquest Let’s see when CNN will stop blaming Trump for the China virus and start blaming the people who get infected with it. May corona consume your entire family and ALL of their friends and family ! !

Over 40 years of experience and top doctor. People Hate when you're Great! WOW,can you say Denial Bravissimo! I don’t see MD after Patrick’s name. Shut up and do your job not increase the chances of deaths. What a idiot who is suppose to be protecting his a constituents. .....and you, Sir, should be charged with murder, because your lack of a brain is killing innocent people.

Patrick should stick with what he does best. “Nut Checks” in public bathrooms. 🤔all politicians are Medical Doctors now... And after the election in Nov. this will all magically disappear! All political BS! Dan Patrick is as bright as the color black. He’s had his head up trumps butt for so long he can’t think

Oh lord! A lot of people don't take the position of the Lt. Governor seriously when they go to vote. But as Texas has demonstrated, when you give an idiot that position and platform they will nationally and internationally bring down your state in a very negative way. Dan Patrick swore to the world, and especially to his fellow Texans, that he was going to make the sacrifice of; his life for the economy. Idiot Patrick is still breathing. Who can trust someone that doesn't keep his word. He needs to stop breathing before he'll be trusted.

You’re the moron who offered up an entire generation of a necessary braintrust to Covid-19! Ask a millennial the capitol of Iowa or who’s Dolly Madison (hint: not ice cream) to get my point! You’re the last person who should comment on someone’s intellect! FauciHero COVID19 Sorry Texans😷 Hi It would be great if he would keep his ignorance to himself

Patrick is a fool WOWSERS! 😅🤣😂😭 Look in the mirror Dan Dan Patrick doesn't know what he's talking about. As a family physician, I believe you are an embarrassment to humanity. Stupid is as stupid does. Candidates should take an IQ test before they are allowed to run. This governor obviously would not have been allowed to run - contributing to people dying. A real shame!

I guess science is overrated 😤🤦🏽‍♀️ Texas f u Well the way Texas is spiking he apparently was never listening to begin with. Right now, while Texas cases are skyrocketing... it’s probably a good time for Dan Patrick to stfu Caught was appointed by DemoRats and has been a clinton supporter. Apparently Dan Patrick thinks he's a doctor now? Fauci's been the best source of info coming from DC. Just because he's not saying what Mr. Patrick wants to hear doesn't mean he's wrong. COVID19

Says the git that said our grandmas would happily die for the economy...Where did he get his medical degree ...Facebook? I follow science and actual experts unlike this current Administration... Ok, I will keep it up, life is going to become very difficult. Look out the window, who are you going to call?

COVIDIOT Let me guess the good(?)Lt. Gubner is a Repub.? Which leads me”Curious Minds Want 2 Know”? If Repubs. R conservatives? WTF do they conserve other than their bank accounts? 😄😂😂😂👎🏼 Cont: After a month follow the Best performing countries S.Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand corona virus model and part run their economy not with cautious; but with ultra-cautious.Cont:

Cont: Also, make every Doctor, Nurse, cleaner et who work at the rock face of corona virus, wear hazmat suits and disinfectant hospital every day to protect their lives, family, patients in hospitals.Cont: Cont:A tap of Dettol, disinfectant in baths to wash your skin(Like the olden days to wash vagabonds/tramps); or bleach which kill the virus; remember chlorine is in swimming baths. That’s how you beat or contain this corona virus war and run the economy alongside of it.

Cont: their ALPHA MALE leaders never took Coronavirus seriously early enough and the UK nearly lost its Prime Minister Boris who was still shaking people hands in hospital and not wearing a mask; and then took it serious. Cont: Cont: Let me give you the evidence for corona virus death S.Korea rate 270,Japan a population of 120 million(CV rates 900), Poland rate 1,000, China rate 4,000, Germany rate under 5000, New Zealand rate under 25, Taiwan rate under 10 and Vietnam rate is NIL you heard me NIL,Cont:

Cont:all mandatory for everybody and even their leaders to wear facemasks/covering in enclosed spaces.What the USA needs to do is study these countries and mix in the best solutions in, after a month of lockdown and do a deal with protesters to quell anger to protect health.Cont: Every state Governor/Mayor/Politician should put it politics aside and follow the most successful solution and death rate countries for corona virus pandemic; by the evidence. The main problems for the worst affected corona virus countries e.g. U.S.A, Brazil and the UK, Cont:

They haven't listen at any time and is the reason for the wave of infection in Texas, Florida and Arizona all Republican States who listen to Trump and not the Health officials. Register to vote and vote this cancer out of America along with the 23 Republican Senators That’s his stupid opinion. Please show me your medical credibility. You are so wrong and sound stupid and misinformed.

Well given the number of cases in Florida, I really wonder who will follow the advice of a failed Lt Governor who have seen the largest number of cases in the past week! I always listen to Fauci, not a person who wants to sacrifice my elderly families so he can reopen economy! Money is higher than human lives.

Fauci has been wrong about everything. He said; it won't come to America, go out and live your day to day, quarantine, can transfer from person to person, don't wear masks, wear masks. The list is long of guessing. Isn't it surprising to see so many politicians show their ignorance in front of the nation?

LtGovTX ah, not only in my home state where the deer and buffalo roam do we have Abbott and Costello running our fair state. GovAbbott what a bunch of twits. May the virus be with thee. 🤨 There’s a guy named Trump who apparently knows all about the virus and says it’s just go away!! Why are you behind this fool and listening to him.

Enjoy your lupus medication You are like Trump Mr. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick , if you don’t wanted to listen to Fauci then don’t , listen to your Trmp 👎 i disagree Says piggy... Who doesn’t know what they are doing? This is just funny. Look at the state of Texas and how many patients they have for not listening to Fauci. This governor is at par with desantis in Florida. They are two fools. Two Trump Mini Mes.

He is more stupid than texas governor MORONOLOGY: NEVER-MIND THE EXPERTS! Ohhhh I see where your head is at.... right up someone’s a**! HowardIRubin he looks real special. dr fauci is a world known expert in his field. who ever heard of this nut and what are his qualifications Thats why this country leads the world in Covid-19 cases because of people thinking like you. Thinking you are smarter than a doctor who specializes in this field. GOP killing Americans.

Lol. DanPatrick should resign after such a moronic and dangerous statement. The guy is a wacko. Go back and hear his previous comments 😜 And just where did this bozo get his medical degree? 🤦‍♂️idiot I stopped a long time ago... He’s either Deep State, OR disgunctionally inept! My family lives in Texas. I was born and raised in Amarillo. Went to Baylor. I cannot comprehend, not for one moment, what would motivate a Texas politician to say something so stupid and shameful.

If you get the virus will you forego medical treatment or are we going to pay for your stupidity So who does? He’s says don’t reopen, you proceed and your state lights up like Xmas tree🤷🏾‍♂️ DAN PATRICK IS KNOWN AS A 'WHITE CHRISTIAN FRAUD' W/TX ARROGANCE & A BRAIN THE SIZE OF HIS BIG TOE. HE NEEDS TO SUCK ON IT 2 KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT.! PATRICK'S WILLING TO SACRIFICE 'OTHERS' 2 COVID-19 AS LONG AS TX ECONOMY KEEPS ON GOING; HE'S A SICK CREATURE!

Don't worry Dan.. Ron over in Florida has your back. Another stupid statement out of the mouth of someone who doesn't even belong in office. No wonder the state of Texas has a major outbreak. 🤦‍♂️God Help us Wondering, Dan, what you think of Einstein and his theory of relativity? More Texans will die. Said the dope from Texas.

That’s just embarrassing. I’m sorry, Texas. What a clown. Precise the problem: an under-educated non-expert is telling an expert he’s wrong about a matter of life and death. DanPatrick You sir are not a Dr. please stay in your lane. I’m a nurse. I’m staying in my lane and telling you if you don’t mandate masks soon more deaths will be the result of your decisions. It’s bad out here. Listen to the medical professionals. Please

And that is the mentality that has caused your state to be an absolute Covid sh*t show. This the same man that said the elderly are ready to die for the economy to reopen... He's an idiot Texas governor that is! This a pandemic, no one has a roadmap. It’s a global catastrophe. Mankind has never quarantined for a pandemic with a mortality rate this low. Terrible disease, but it is like the flu in terms of numbers infected and mortality rate, in patients younger than 65.

This guy is fcking hilarious Idiot! Yep. He’s a real bastion of medical and science knowledge. You don’t have the balls to say you been following Trumps advice and as a result you have a disaster in the making, so blame USA Today. You are following right along the lines of your fake leader ‘the Donald’. Cowards never take responsibility for their actions they blame others

Spoken like a true asshole! Another stupid Republican who thinks he knows more than the person who was on the front line fighting AIDS. What is wrong with this party? Yes, clearly YOUR way is working perfectly! Dr. Fauci has been wrong the whole time? Ta ke a look at the numbers! Just because you don’t want something to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t true!

Forget arguing with this talking bag of fertilizer. Time to take real action. 😂😂😂DanPatrick puts politics over the health of texans. Smear campaign by Trumpers. This dipshit says the top medical professional doesn’t know what he talking about!! And his state is under siege!! GTFOH Wow is all I have to say to this.

He is just an idiot Just when I think Patrick can't get any more stupid he goes and does it. Remember this he is the same prick who said some of us HAD to die to protect the economy. Perhaps if this fukwad did listen to Fauci Texas might not now have a huge increase in covin cases. Hope he is one He’s a coward like every other Republican

I love it when a non-medical, less than educated person asserts that a MD does not know what he’s talking about. Irony much? Dr. Fauci is a fraud! One of themis full of shit and the other in is Dr. Fauci. Where do all these dumb politicians come from? Yes! Because Dan has spent just as much time in medical school! Sure thing Dan.

Dumb Danny! I know when I have a question about a medical condition, I always check with a broadcast journalist for the best advice. This was said by NO ONE, EVER. This guy doesn't play with a full deck. Wow I don’t know how many times I have said this - another example of the lack of intelligence in our government!!! I guess there are no requirements for the job anybody can do it. So scary!!

Says another 45 Cult Follower! So is Dan Patrick a Doctor or some kind of health expert? We are not going to be clear of this virus until if and when we have a vaccine so in the meantime Dr Fauci is just trying to keep you from getting ill or dying! The guy that said something like his parents would die for the U.S. economy. We don't listen to people like him.

Jajajaja. This is just surreal! Vote! ... ignorant! I agree with him. The spikes are coming from large cities like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. There are many counties in Texas that have no cases. A state wide mandate is not right here. Hell, DFW airport is bigger than Manhattan. Mmmmmm yes let’s take our virus/pandemic information from a radio/tv personality , that seems about right !

And you do? He knows what he's talking about regarding killing thousands of aids patients with placebos in the 80s, and tens of thousands on tests in Africa. Let’s hope he catches COVID-19. He might smarten up once he does. Idiot! DanPatrick How stupid is he! Ignorance is not a virtue. Idiot. Bet he trusts these fools!

Where did Patrick get his medical degree? Trump university? Npxs and paypal... New bitcoin I asked yesterday if lead poisoning was a problem in TEXAS. Yep. This dude is a bona-fide idiot. Nut job. Dr. Fauci's panicky prediction of 2.5 million coronavirus deaths, which many epidemiologists contradicted, started the hysteria which surrounds the virus to this day, and his other mistaken statements are still sustaining it.

Ha ha what a tool..... and what is his education? Patrick is convinced that whichever republican can show the most stupidity becomes the 2024 front runner. He now has the lead The facts and statistics speak for themselves. Another village idiot. Right - Fauci v the guy who thinks seniors should willingly die for the TX economy. Uh-huh. Riiiigggggghhhht.

Can we see the governer’s credentials? cuz the failed radio host and sports bar owner knows more about epidemiology than the... epidemiologist? I’m so glad I live in Maine and not Texas we’re listening to Dr. Fauci that’s why he has the name expert Hmm 🤔 What's his medical degree? He is correct Radio Talk show host with no medical training says what?

We are sick of him so there you go Nutcase Fauci had stated at the beginning of Trump election that there would be a pandemic during his administration. This whole bs thing is a bioweapon virus that was planned from the beginning to control us. He has a point, in the begging of pandemic panic Fauci used computer model data that were totally wrong, one day a mask is needed, next day maybe not...his presentation are not consistent

Another know it all that is putting the citizens of Texas in harms way Dan Patrick looks like Hank Hill, but sounds as dumb as Dale Gribble The anti-science propaganda is killing Americans. Stupid kills. Amazingly stupid kills even more. Patrick is a moron. He doesn't So “Doctor Patrick” isn’t listening to Real Doctor Fauci. There’s a lot of wannabe doctors around.

Like a talk show host is the expert. Careful Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, your ignorance is showing. Where did he get his medical degree/training? How many years of expertise does he have dealing with deadly viruses? Yep, Dan Patrick is medically qualified to render such judgment. Wait, he's not? Texas Lt. Governor please listen to the public health experts, especially Dr. Fauci, not for your sake, but for the vulnerable people in Texas... think of the people you govern. Don’t fight Dr. Fauci....

Stop giving this 🤡 more coverage of his ridiculous comments. Trust Dr. Fauci and experts trained in infectious diseases and not some idiot elected in a state where cases of COVID19 are increasing. And how is Texas doing under the leadership of this 10 watt bulb of a Lt. Gov.? I don't think abysmal is bad enough of a word to describe it.

Accomplice to Murder Thank God. He’s not the authority on science and he has too many ties to bill gates. Fauci is a DC bureaucrat he has no clue about how the country really functions Fool. Sorry for you folks in TX that your governor is dumber than a box of rocks. Better voting next time! Don’t forget! TexasCOVID

I hope I can watch the day you eat crow. Pretty sure he is a dr too? So a non medical person doesn’t want to believe Dr Fauci who has more experience than him? Interesting.... bye Texas. 😟 States that listened to Fauci have had quite a bit of success lowering the virus. States like Texas & Florida did very little to help themselves, caved to the public demanding reopening after barely even shutting down. Using Fauci as a scapegoat shows their own incompetence.

He sounds like he's drinking bleach. What an idiot This guy is a LOSER!!! I would Move!!!! You should be removed from office. Yeah, Dan Patrick doesn't need Fauci's advice...cause he's done so well all on his own. One day record and all. Patrick is a moron in the truest sense of the word. People are competing to make the most ridiculous statement of the day

Dan Patrick 👎🏻 If you don’t listen to healthcare professionals don’t blame them when things go wrong. Is that right!? Then Dan Patrick would be willing to host a town meeting with Fauci and answer attendees’ questions. Put up or shut the hell up. That’s why Texas Covid numbers are so low. Haha, you can’t fix stupid

Well, well, well, we know how they are calling those racist ranting women KAREN, why dont we just call this guy DICK! Why is the Lt Gov doing all this mouthing off? Where did this dimwit get his medical degree from?wait he doesn’t have a medical degree I had no idea Dan Patrick was a doctor or a scientist. 😂

This guy Lt. Gov. needs to give his head a shake. Ok shit show LT Where did you get your medical degree? Agree Yeah say the LT GOV DUMMY with no medical degree.... okkkk Dan Patrick,Texas AG who reportedly said,”There are more important things than living” in reference to COVID-19, now has become more of an authority on infectious diseases than Dr. Anthony Fauci. Trump has ran the GOP”Stark raving mad.”They will say anything. Something we knew.

Lt. Gov Dimwit speaks...LOL Got_It 👊🏻 Dr. Fauci takes these criticisms with such grace. I respect him and research findings. But they don't have any more hospital beds in Houston Texas . All full with virus cases. DUFUS Was that dr dude the guy who couldn’t make up his mind on what was what a month ago and was wrong about a shit ton

DanPatrickTX is a horse’s ass. txlege Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick believes in Dr. Trump. Are Texans doing it right? Yeah why listen to science...he should remove his eyeglasses...scientists created that stuff too. I'm sick of these people!! If this wasn't so pathetic it would be funny Just how ignorant is this man

Maybe DanPatrick would have a little more credibility if his state wasn't one of the leading states with Coravirus cases and overflowing hospitals. Well, he sure got done with med school fast. 🙄 So said the former conservative radio DJ has a degree in🤔🤔🤔STFU Patrick Is he that ignorant? He is correct..Fauci is only interested in creating sick people by confusing them so more people will get the vaccine which creates more sick people...an endless business.

Patrick must be a rocket scientist! I don't get how this guy thinks that Texans will forget his lack of leadership. Even if they agree with him now, they will not forget his current smarmy cavalier attitude about their safety later. He is an enemy of the people who elected him. They won't forget. No chance.

Medical degree from trump university? Thanks, Dr. Goeb. And there in lies the problem America, DanPatrick. The surging coronavirus cases and deaths in TexasCOVID speak for themselves. Texas may want to listen a little more. دیگه نبینم امام جمعه های مادر جنده و حروم لقمه و کثیف رو بیارین پشت تریبون هاتون که یکیشون اون اجنه حرومزاده امام جمعه وقت تهران خاتمی بود با اون قیافه وحشتناکی که داشت که دقیقا شبیه به اجنه های کافر و کثیف و مادرکونی بود.نبینم تو مسجد های نجستون برای امامان پاک و معصوم...

Is this jerk off a doctor or politician Well if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, then you surely don’t have a clue! You must be voted out ASAP!!! Then President should fire him like everyone else that “doesn’t know what they’re talking about.” Maybe Dan should stick to his sports show Another COVIDiot. What about you? Do you know what you are talking about? Don’t think so.

Dan Patrick is an idiotic ignoramus. Good luck to all Texans they don’t deserve what’s happening to them. Can’t believe he insulted Dr Fauci, a renowned and respected scientist! If they started listening to Fauci, it would mean they are listening to Science. Can’t have that now. Maybe time for a recall? I don't think anyone cares if it is another Republican in office as long as this asshat isn't letting citizens die.

The face of a fool How ironic would it be if that Danny contracted COVID... I’ll put my money on the medical professional, who’s expertise is in the field of contagious disease and has been 100% accurate in his predictions to date, not some blowhard politician with zero knowledge on the subject. Yeah, he’s just a soulless politician.

😂 what a fun duck! Who knew a LT. Governor could be such a Covidiot! He should stick to sports So let's see if I can unpack this: an expert in infectious diseases doesn't know what he is talking about, according to the opinion of a former radio talk show personality and failed bankrupt businessman. Wow. Sounds a lot like Trump.

i'm not sorry to say...but it would be hilarious to find out he got covid because of his stupidity.... I agree And their way of opening was soooo great Famous last words It's public record that DanPatrick has a massive predilection for human sacrifice upon the altar of infectious airborne disease in praise of the almighty dollar. Team red wants us dead and this guy is vying for team captain.

Thanx but he is still on tv: a QUACK All these states o will never travel too Well, isn't that Special. Recall this man. Give him a 60 day free trial on a ventilator and see if it improves his personality. No, make that 90 days. Here is another KKKTrump puppet n saying that Dr. Fauci doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Dr. Fauci prediction millions infected, thousands deaths, n counteen, but believe in his master KKKTrump that its going to disappear,stupid idiot.

This was the same guy who basically said old folks should be willing to die for the economy. AAAAAANNNNNNDDDD that's why Texas' infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are about to go through the roof and its economy down the toilet. Good job guys! The Doctor is one of the people in the world who knows exactly what he’s talking about.

What are the low requirements to run for office in Texas? We know who you listening to Mr Kool-Aid laced w Lysol🙉🙉🙉🙉 You tell these super stupid republicans it’s raining outside with them standing in it and they will lie and say that it is not Reciting trump. That’s all The Texas Lt. Governor is a 🤡‼️

He should spend a few hours in the coronavirus ward so he can take his chances with the virus and then have him repeat his stupid comments. Idiot. Yeah I will stick with the accredited scientist if the LT Gov assclown And what medical degree do you have? You are like a brick layer telling a baker how to make a pie. Stay in your own lane.

Fauci has been a failure on about everything. And were did he get his virology degree from? I would call him a tool, but by definition, tools are useful. Patrick has never been anything but a wacko and an embarrassment to Texas. Yes, Fauci does know what he is talking about, Mr. Patrick. It is you that needs to sit down, shut up and listen to the experts here.

Practicing medicine means just that. Practice til you get it right. Give the Good Doctor a break. i hope you have a will dan Coming from the guy that needs to be removed from office due to gross negligence and incompetence! DanPatrick is an embarrassment and should resign Get this fool out of here All of you need to take note, COVID 19 will keep on spreading. For your sake, and the sake of your loved ones, stay safe and do whatever you can to get rid of this virus. The politicians have failed. You are the only one who can protect yourself. STAY SAFE

Fauci has been WRONG from DAY ONE!!! He has a personal political and financial agenda!! realDonaldTrump HowardIRubin 'Patrick began his career as a radio and television broadcaster. After forming a chain of sports bars and subsequently going bankrupt, he became a radio host again, this time becoming a conservative commentator.' 'Patrick graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English'

lol Agree Idiot That's why Texans are dying fool Coming from the guy who can’t name the 4 phases of cell division without googling- most basic High school science ever BREAKING: politician tells doctor medical school is useless. We're all just getting tired of the drama & constant misinformation and changing information.

Somebody voted for him Show this guy the door. Can’t believe TX fell for a radio show host who played the gun, god, pro life card to get elected. Oh wait we do that every election cycle. patrickresign He also said there are more important things than living. Wow! Does he realize his state has imploded since they opened too early? Is he trying to get a job in the realDonaldTrump administration of denial? TexasCovid19 TrumpPandemicFailure

Isn’t this the old guy who said he would die for the economy? Texans Know What They Are Talking About....... ...............Don't Mess With Texas'.............. realDonaldTrump Well.. if Fauchi had been accurate. But he hasn’t. Why do we still trust this guy so much? As they everything is big in Texas even STUPID.

Listen to Dr. Dan Patrick, he knows more than Dr. Fauci 🙄 What medical school did he graduate from? No need to give this doofus press, it only enables him. You're not Fox. All hail ignorance! What a massive tool. Can’t fix stupid Republicans Murderer. Sue him. Radio host vs. Doctor....umm.....Would you let limbaugh give you a phyiscal?We know what he'd prescribe...

I trust Dr.Pepper more than I trust Dr.Fauci Without Dr Faucci’s advice, Americans are in deeper shit than TX right now, another president donkey He only trusts the Lysol injection guy. There is no law against being stupid. Thank you, Lt Dan. Shit, I can't believe the next battle front is: Gray's anatomy vs the Bible.

Fool I’m starting to think he doesn’t too. Idiocracy Great job Pat! I give you the gift of COVID-19. Republicans amiright A radio talk show host knows all about the medicine. He should star diagnosing his own brain illness. When did he start listening? As a Texan, he is so embarrassing. He just never stops with his ignorance.

Obidenshit$59billioncash payouts GOP default is 'When in doubt, DOUBT THE EXPERT?' Obidenshit$59billion cash payouts

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Congress new coronavirus cases could reach 100,000 a day without changesNew coronavirus infections could increase to 100,000 a day if the nation doesn’t get the ongoing surge under control, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress Tuesday. Dr Doom and Gloom Fauci. America FIRST!😜 Dr. Scary

Dr. Anthony Fauci Warns U.S. Coronavirus Cases Could Swell to 100,000 a DayThe nation’s leading infectious disease expert said areas seeing recent outbreaks are putting the entire nation at risk

Rand Paul again rips Dr. Anthony Fauci over coronavirus: 'We just need more optimism'U.S. Sen. Rand Paul attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday over the United States' coronavirus response in round two of a confrontation between the junior senator from Kentucky and the nation's foremost COVID-19 public health expert. For some reason, no idea why, I trust Fauci over Paul. Maybe it's Paul kinda sorta being a doctor on paper and Fauci being an expert on the matter for decades. RandPaul you are a disgrace. Dr. Fauci has been wrong More than he’s been right

Stop going to bars, Dr. Fauci tells AmericansAs states have started to reopen, bars have proven to be a perfect breeding grounds for the virus, healthcare professionals say. “Congregation at a bar, inside, is bad news. We really have got to stop that,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said What you are seeing is CNN, again in denial that millions of people rioting , looting and protesting, spitting on each other from 6 inches apart, for 20 days straight, had nothing to do with the uptick in cases..LOL!! All cases now are from protesters and rioters Don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m at a bar I like the effects of alcohol. It loosens me up so I don’t much care. When I don’t care then you’re in trouble.

Dr. Fauci warns US 'not in total control' of coronavirus, could surge to 100K per dayThe government's top infectious diseases expert warned that coronavirus cases could reach 100,000 per day and urged people to avoid bars to stop the spread of COVID-19.