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Texas governor shuts down drop-off sites for early mail votes

Texas governor shuts down drop-off sites for early mail votes

10/1/2020 10:50:00 PM

Texas governor shuts down drop-off sites for early mail votes

Texas counties will each be limited to a single site for voters to drop off their mail ballots ahead of Election Day, under a proclamation issued by Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday.

The order will close down more than a dozen satellite locations in at least two counties: Harris, which includes Houston, had opened 12 sites to collect early mail ballots, while Travis, which includes Austin, had four.Texas is one of the few U.S. states that does not allow all voters to request absentee ballots without an excuse. Instead, only voters who are over the age of 65, have a disability, are confined to a jail or will be out of town on Election Day can vote by mail.

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Earlier this year, both the state Supreme Court and a federal appeals court rejected efforts to extend mail voting to all Texans amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.The Nov. 3 election includes the White House race between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden as well as federal, state and local contests.

In a nod to the outbreak, Abbott, a Republican, had issued an order in July allowing voters to submit mail ballots in advance, rather than only on Election Day, and extending early voting by several days. Thursday’s proclamation modified that order.“As we work to preserve Texans’ ability to vote during the COVID-19 pandemic, we must take extra care to strengthen ballot security protocols throughout the state,” Abbott said in a statement. “These enhanced security protocols will ensure greater transparency and will help stop attempts at illegal voting.”

The decision drew immediate criticism from the chairman of the state Democratic Party, Gilberto Hinojosa, that Abbott was changing the rules at the last minute.“Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans are scared,” he said in a statement. “We are creating a movement that will beat them at the ballot box on Nov. 3, and there’s nothing these cheaters can do about it.”

Texas, which has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in more than four decades, is seen as potentially competitive this year, though polls show Trump with a narrow lead.Reporting by Joseph Ax; Editing by Daniel Wallis Read more: Reuters Top News »

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Racism GregAbbott_TX you are all about voter suppression. He should be arrested for election tampering! Long prison sentence. Our elections are not a game. Making sure no shenanigans happening! The Appeals court only stayed temporarily a court ruling from a lower court, until they have read the lower court's ruling.

There has always been one drop off box. Geesh. Mail the ballot. The same happened in PA and OH. Judges ruled against the practice in both states and ordered to supply more drop boxes. OH’s LaRose is appealing ruling for 2nd time. Texas voters mobilize and bus the votes to the drop off sites. Hell make it atleast 3, you're asking for a traffic jam.

At start Trump said “if we do nothing millions will die” “if we do measures 250k will die I hope it’s a lot less” Some are stopping the success. If trump does not win in 2020 the USA is finished for the next ten years . If antibodies DRs say immune for a month maybe 3 months . Old news. Courts have overruled.

Tramposos en todas partes This was rightfully deemed illegal. Why are republics trying to suppress the American citizens right to vote? VoteBlueToSaveAmerica VoteHimOut2020 BidenHarris2020 Desperate Why GregAbbott_TX UPDATE THIS STORY. This Order was overturned by the federal bench. WHO “We in the WHO do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” David Nabarro, Oct 8, 2020

What, he doesn’t think this could hurt them as well. He shows so much confidence in the GOP’s chances to garner the most votes to serve. 😒 What happened to this? Translation: Texas Governor won't let Democrats steal his state...bad man. We the people of United States don't want fox news propaganda. We want Trump's taxes, his medical records, his phone records with Putin, Kushner's and Ivanka's security clearance documents, Melania immigrant documents and the translator's notes from Helsinki.

KEEP VOTING DONT LET THEM WIN THIS WAY. PUT YOUR MASK ON AND HAND DELIVER YOUR VOTE Abbott and Paxton are underlings of the evil empire. You might want to take this out of the schedule. Old news. Judge blocked this order. Unfollowing - I don't need ancient news confusing the firehose of information. if GregAbbott_TX really cared about COVID-19 he would increase, not decrease, the number of drop-off locations

The GOP knows their reign is coming to an end. That's why they are going all out to try and steal election. They know they can't win a fair election. GOP is a dead man walking. Why anyone would vote for a person who is willing to make it difficult to vote hasn't read or understand the US Constitution... Now we are seeing a Republicans trying to stop a vote in the middle of the worst crisis Americans have seen since 1918.. Worse then the Depression

Republicans only hope of winning is to reduce the number of people who can vote, because they know that they are a minority, elitist, ultra wealthy party. why would a governor shot down drop-off sites for mail in votes, limiting each county to a single site? guess anything to stop DEM voting. Voter suppression in real time! The GOP is now the dictator party. VoteBlue2020

Old news 23 days to go! Don’t give up or relax. Give time or money or both. REGISTER AND VOTE BLUE. Because of the evil Abbott, Texas is second only to New York in the number of COVID-19 deaths. Texas had warning, New York, New Jersey and California did not. America would have been much better off if Texas had stayed as part of Mexico

Good Gov Greg Abbott of Texas is practicing voter’s suppression. That’s it. Fixed your headlines for you! Delete your outdated tweet, it is now factually in error. Sucks when your autopost posts something that's been made irrelevant. Why? What’s the difference with having five ballot boxes or one in a county? But things are bolted down and bombproof. I don’t understand why they’re doing this, except to suppress the vote. In metropolitan areas, that means one dropbox for 1 to 3,000,000 people.

The Republicans apparently scared stiff of democracy, so want to restrict voting. GregAbbott_TX until the court overturns your attempts at voter suppression. Grateful I live in a state where casting one's vote regardless of your age, gender, income, religion, race, sexual orientation or address can be done with few obstructions. GavinNewsom thank you!

That's not the action of a good Governor, a good Governor would do anything for the rights of his citizens of his state to have an easy time voting hands down. Not the case in Texas, a Governor of a Republican state wants to limit the voting so he can rob his citizens of choice. Where has Reuters been for the past 24 hours?

Please stop tweeting this. A federal judge blocked Abbot's order yesterday. You even tweeted it: An American political Party whose only hope for survival is rooted in keeping eligible voters from exercising their rights. Pitiful. Which was halted by the courts. Reported for election disinformation. Why are you posting now? That is a Thursday story which has been rendered inaccurate due to Federal court injunction.

this was overturned and you uploaded this video *after* that decision was handed down. that is disinformation. , you had ONE job... Got to love continued attempts at voter suppression from Republicans who position themselves as the party for patriotism Reported this tweet that will suppress voting in Texas. A federal judge in Texas on Friday BLOCKED Gov. Greg Abbott’s move to limit counties in the state to one ballot drop-off site each. You are supposed to be a news site. Be Better.

This was already overturned by a federal judge last night You need to take this story down.markeli this was already overturned. Boxes coming back. Remove The Australian people would not tolerate this, why do Americans? Please remove this. It is no longer correct and will confuse more voters. Federal Judge Blocks Texas Governor’s Move to Limit Ballot Drop-Off Sites

We should be expanding voting sites not limiting them. I thought a federal judge shut that down? Why are the Republicans always trying to rig elections? Sad that the party of Lincoln has become so undemocratic They don't even try to hide the voter suppression anymore. 1 box for each of the following: Harris 4,713,325 Dallas 2,635,516 Tarrant 2,102,515 Bexar 2,003,554 Travis 1,273,954 Collin 1,034,730 Denton 887,207 Hidalgo 868,707 El Paso 839,238 Fort Bend 811,688 Montgomery 607,391 Williamson 590,551

Voter suppression. Cowardly, naked voter suppression. TX deserves better If Trump was to be president for just one decade, US political system would be a perfect replica to what we have in many African nations. I'm writing this as an African from 'a sh*thole'. Sue him! Trump's Authoritarian GOP will do ANYTHING to keep power.

I am appalled at the lengths current Republicans will go to stymie the election. Reagan and Bush are turning over in their graves. I wish Geoge W would speak out. Voter suppression, ho! Suppress suppress suppress! It’s the only way they can win! VoteBidenHarris2020 Voter Suppression. Killing of democracy

Republicans know they can’t win a fair election what a travesty there taking away our freedoms Good. While Mike Pompeo is chastising other countries, asserting their right to pick their leaders in free and fair elections in the face of unjustified repression by the authorities, the GOP and Trump are repressing American voters.

GovAbbott SpeakerPelosi RepKatiePorter RepAdamSchiff maddow JoyAnnReid AymanM Abbott is a thief. Trying to steal the election. Shame on all u GOP cheats. Why one plc so u can confiscate all ballots Sounds criminal to me. GregAbbott_TX you must be scared. Only a weak man would do this. Coward. GregAbbott_TX is a coward.

Man get a grip you see what’s going on, Relax stop suppressing the votes, GregAbbott_TX Truly despicable. Are you afraid realDonaldTrump will lose? Republicans are against DEMOCRACY! Look it up. Learn about it. Abbott pure evil... What. A. Communist. Stooge. Somebody is terrified that Texas is turning blue.

Republicans hate Democracy. Look what's happening in India r u blind or sleeping Nobody does voter suppression quite like the republicunts 🤬 Texas, at the forefront of voter suppression. Model for the GOP across the country. DONALD TRUMP YOUR VOTERS AND FALSE PROPHETS ARE NOT CHRISTIAN ! CHRISTIANS DO NOT SUPPORT ANGER AND DEATH TO THE BROTHER OF ANY NATIONS, WHETHER BY COLOR,OR SOCIAL POSITION, JESUS SAID:YOU WILL LOVE YOUR LORD GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR LIKE YOURSELF. KRISHNA

the4thpip That’s not good. Vote everyone! And then the ballots collected will be lost, stolen or destroyed. He really hates his position of being a Governor. He chooses to serve his master over the people he is was elected to care for. TX: Not only will it reduces ease of and access to voting, but I presume it is part of Trump's 'chaos' plan: The fewer voting stations, the fewer staff available to count the votes. Ergo, counting takes longer, impatience grows, budding violence across the county/country...🙄

Voter Suppression in your face. Voter Suppression. Further, each ballot box will be located in remote, rugged terrain, and carefully hidden. Then, GOP registered voters will receive a map taking them to the box site, while Dem voters will receive a series of cryptic clues they’ll need to solve without a map.

Ironically GovAbbott is making it harder for those with disabilities to vote. vote It's the same situation in Ohio. One drop box per county -- and we have 88 counties. A tacit admission in itself. So what exactly, Republicans, happened in 2 years that has you thinking less people will vote? It isn’t mail in ballot fraud. It’s Republicans doing ELECTION fraud. Limiting places to vote. Limiting where ballots can be dropped off. FEAR is causing Republicans to commit FRAUD

lyft Uber Will you provide free rides to people that need to get to polling sites? vote Oh, the inhumanity! Yet the people in TX voted him in office. Says a lot abt the people of TX that can vote and how voter suppression happens. Til they chg the rules you'll keep getting assholes as who rep you. God or $?

Wow, who’d-a-thunk that Texas would be in play this cycle. Typical GOP attempt to keep people from voting. Wtf? Why is GovAbbott afraid of Texans voting? This situation won’t last it’ll be up before the courts for illegal voter suppression-and Democracy will win. VoteHimOut Seems a little unfair to the democratic process... I'm so glad I live in 🇨🇦.

WINNING Voting fraud rampant in Minnesota.Mailman said dozens of people have cars full of ballots Texas will never vote for Socialism and BLM and Open Borders This is evil. No possible excuse. Egregiously partisan and undemocratic. Fie! Trump supporters hate democracy. TexasVoterSuppression VoteHimOut this should infuriate EVERY TEXAN. This asshat is attempting throwing the election with more voter suppression. This on top of gerrymandering other GOP BULLSHIT.

Amen. reminder to the Texas Governor, that in Michigan 2 GOP operatives face up to 24 yers jail for voter suppression, what you are doing is Voter suppression. Must be a friend of Putin, or Kim, the man in belirus, and want to play dictator. Good job he does not have is hands on Novachock, sorry bad spelling, there . He would have a field day, with the stuff.

Vote him out then. This seems like something a judge would overturn fast. His maker Corona a Trump told him to This is so wrong Republicans have a long dishonorable history of employing various voter suppression tactics. Blatant voter suppression! TexasVoterSuppression More Republican efforts to suppress our right to vote. They should be locked up.

ha ha...this is only gonna help democrats. In Texas, you can't mail in your vote anyway unless you're 65 or older. That’s a violation of the constitution, human rights and democracy. It will not stand. Because they are in violation of the law. Why don't you say that? So DanCrenshawTX which is it? The state can be totally open for dining and bars but not for voting? Pick a lane and stay in it. Any interest in posting how the state of TX got it right by staying open? aoc pls call out the gentlemen from TX for his hypocrisy.

In any well-functioning democratic country, a high ranked politician with this level of liability and responsibility, who botched a pandemic response like he did... Mwahaha...well he wouldn't even been allowed near a voting slip, let alone decide to deter people from voting. All REPUBLICANS DO IS CHEAT!!!

Another move from Trump puppet to derail the vote of 2020 Azerbaijan used artillery towards Shatvan village in Gegharkunik (Armenia) and a drone missile attack to Mets Masrik. One civil is dead, two others are injured. In the same zone 4 drones were destroyed.KarabakhNow Armenia ArmenianUnified Who is cheating

He thinks that's going to stop us from voting. Fuck him! We are already planning to get together in groups and vote early in person. TexasVoterSuppression File suit on him Typical Republican tactics! They only win by cheating and making it hard for people who aren’t Republican to vote. The GOP and Trump are the enemies of real democracy.

What was the 'rationale' This should be sent off to the people that need to know this. Because you know Trump's behind this because he's the only one that actually believes in this stupid election fraud has been done this way for decades. He wants people to not vote and we can't let this happen. That's just BS How are these power hungry & power abusing public & elected officials from Dejoy to CorruptGOP & corrupt Senator & governors NatlGovsAssoc get'g away w/intentional & obvious VoterSuppression efforts? DO SOMETHING Congress ! SpeakerPelosi senatemajldr

Is this even constitutional? Has anyone taken this to court yet? He thinks that helps his cause? Hands up everyone who thinks pissing off the electorate is a good idea! GregAbbott_TX , don't forget to add Voter Suppression to your resume Twinsfan811 Why is this asshole wearing a mask? You don't get to wear a mask after what you've said. Let God save you from COVID.

Despicable, anti-American, and anti-democracy. Texas: VoteBlueToSaveOurDemocracy Feudal! Someone will step up and pay the Uber fees I’ll pitch in My God, these Republicans are dead set on keeping folks from voting. In Texas, especially in Harris county. Why GovAbbott Are you part of the covid extermination plan, or better known as 'herd immunity'? Will you & your family be part of the 6.8 million expected to die if this proceeds? Will you make the 'Sophie's choice' on who? You are proving to be as loathsome as Dan Patrick.

One more republican who knows Trump can't win without cheating. How does Trump’s boot taste GregAbbott_TX ? AbbottSuppressesVotes DRIVE YOUR BALLOT DIRECTLY TO VOTING OFFICE THEN••• DONE✅👀 Republicans running scared. Vote! It's your right. And there goes the democracy. Man Republicans really seem to hate democracy and love voter suppression and intimidation.

The GOP, the party of white autocratic rule. Republiklans HATE democracy. Typical Republican level vote suppression tactic. Hey Texans, where is your flag waving now? Where is your constitutional banner waving now? Where is your 'Don't tread on me ' flags now? Oh it affects white people now so maybe do something to at least better the world for yourselves.

Vote, vote, vote. Stop whining and vote. This is voter supression. The party of GregAbbott_TX is now synonymous with racism, hatred, greed, and idiocy, and so they are going to lose in record numbers this November. This is an act of abject cowardice. Don't let them steal this election from you Texas. TexasBacksTheBlue

Sure sign that Republicans are losing Texas. Compare and contrast with USDA's ethnic cleansing of the Black farmer in order to whitewash the Senate. How long will Americans continue to let their politicians hold their elections hostage. Only in the US and dictatorships do the politicians control the elections.

This is nutso. someone roll him off a cliff please Why? I see a lot of spineless, scared and losing politicians in the CorruptGOP. VoterSuppression VoteEarly Biden2020 Texas Yey for democracy? Universal suffrage... apart from when it ain't. Gee GregAbbott_TX, we did Nazi this moving coming. Republicans are really doing everything to prevent democracy

Team Trump running wild with sabotage plan. Reuters trying to stir up paranoia so Dems don't trust election results when Trump wins. There's a cancer deep in the heart of Texas. WTF?

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Texas' election won't have straight-ticket voting, appeals court rules, dealing blow to Dems Texas voters will not have the option to cast a ballot for every candidate of a single political party with one mark during the November election, a federal appeals court said on Wednesday evening. Ridiculous

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Review of Texas Tech softball program uncovers another issue: baptismsWith the resignation of Texas Tech softball head coach, an internal review of the program was expected to examine allegations of player abuse and racial insensitivity. But another issue was revealed. You mean a white woman whose skin looks like broken leather from the state of Texas is a racist? Color me shocked! Seriously? Come on now......this isn't journalism. You're reporting about baptisms during optional FCA gatherings? wtf

Texas teacher loses job for wearing 'Black Lives Matter' maskThe San Antonio art teacher says she was terminated, but the school says she 'effectively resigned' by refusing to follow the dress code. Good. It's a one sided statement. AllLivesMatter not one superior to other Ethnicities Don't agree with this unless it was done in class, if it was on her own time, that's her business, but if it's to influence the politics of her students that's different.