Texas Governor Limits Election Drop Boxes To One Per County İn Sprawling State - Cnnpolitics

Texas Governor Limits Election Drop Boxes To One Per County İn Sprawling State - Cnnpolitics

Texas governor limits election drop boxes to one per county in sprawling state

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10/1/2020 10:42:00 PM

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is limiting the amount of drop-off locations for mail-in ballots to one site per county. The move significantly affects the Democratic stronghold of Harris County, which is the state's largest county by population.

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Not his first mistake and not his last. Gov have you read ‘Federal Prosecution of Election Offenses’ lately - good read.... Voter suppression A real bad guy, trying to control the vote because his kind will soon be shit out of luck. That's why he's trying to keep the real people from voting. VoterSuppressionInTexas. Oneday these MF are going to wake up to a civil war on their hands. And they will be the cause. GregAbbott_TX jackass

When does the lawsuit get filed ? Just proves that Texas has one of the worst elected officials in the country. Voter suppression, United States of America what has happened to your country? once a beacon of truth, decency and hope now descending into cruelty, hate and fear GOP CROOKS CHEATS LIARS THIEVES texasgov GregAbbott_TX THUGS 👎🏼 GOP CANNOT WIN WITHOUT CHEATING. TexasTribune dallasnews HoustonChron abc13houston

Gee how generous. Republicans are dedicated to voter suppression at every turn of the corner. Kind of reminds me of the bad ol days I wonder why Republicans want to make it so hard for people to vote Seems fair meaning a huge number of people will gather same times Democracy Dies in Darkness! he is hurting his own party, they don't want to go to crowded polls... Texas Governor has no concern for its citizens. vote him out...

Everything in this damn state stinks. Cowboys, Governor Abbott, senator Cruz and his ugly wife (that’s what potus said) and now this. Bonehead move. Great to see the governor blocking legitimate voting so the GOP can steal the election. Making people travel farther to cast their ballot seems similar to Pharoh demanding that the Hebrew slaves make bricks without straw. (No disrepect to the Hebrews) BUT, WHY make things harder than they have to be? This IS OPPRESSION & SUPPRESSION!

LAUGHS AND LAUGHS WHEN YOUR OWNED MORE THEN MOSCOW HERES YOUR SIGN ****STUPID******* First It isn’t easy to vote absentee in Texas. So the use of the drop box is probably limited. Second, it IS easy to vote early in Texas, oct 13. Hundreds of early locations. Most are open all day, every day incl wknds (100% dem here no love for TX)

Aren’t you care Sir Governor that GOD ALMIGHTY is looking straight at while you are hurting your brothers and your sisters just you are in the positive of earthly power now. Do you know Sir Governor of Texas tomorrow belongs to GOD ALMIGHTY. Wow ‼🗳 you sir are hindering Americans voting. How are you legally implementing those mandates ⁉️️⃣✊🏿🇺🇸💙💦🤏🤡👍 what the heck is your justification for this decision ⁉️ oh.... trump telling you to. You dont work for him ,you work for Texians. votehimout voteyououttoo

That’s called a scared GOP! If you’re not worried.. if you think you’re doing a tremendously great job..let your people tell you 😳😳😳 idiots fools TexasVoterSuppression Another Republican trying to help Donald cheat to win. It's one of those 'I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine'. These are Losers and Suckers, folks. LOSERS and SUCKERS. Remember that. They don't care about u or me. Plz Vote, because ur Vote counts. Vote the Cheaters out

People can still vote. They can mail-in their absentee ballots. They can vote early for 13 days with extended hrs in some places, and they can vote on Election Day. This is an attempt to stop ballot harvesting. GregAbbott_TX DUDE!!! You're not even pretending to hide your voter suppression - just utterly EVIL!!!!

From outside the bizarre political & electoral systems of the US, people with a far fairer idea of democracy [ even of a dysfunctional plutocracy ] are shaking their heads at how very weak American society is in the face of self-serving & corrupt vested interest$. Putin's amused. Good. Biden can't win without cheating. Same as Hillary. Democrats gonna cheat.

Where is the lawsuit to negate this proclamation? DNCWarRoom DNC One drop off box for a county of 4.7 million people One miserable excuse for an American! Vote HimOut!!!! This seems like cheating We have 20 drop box locations in our county in WA State, or you can mail it, postage prepaid. Not difficult.

That is Shameful!!!🤬🤬🤬 Why are Republicans so hell bent on making it hard for people to vote. They act like voting is buying 8 cartons of untaxed cigarettes. I’ve never seen anything like it. Vote this turd out Texas. Good. Gotta have that integrity of the election Sorry GregAbbott_TX you just lost a supporter. so much for your political career. I had so much RESPECT FOR YOU AS A TEXAN. GOOD BYE.

Hopefully there are volunteers to collect and deliver. There’s always a way! Bravo governor Abott! Well done! What he’s doing shoukd be illegal He should go to prison for this stunt! 😭 Gee that’s not too obvious what’s going on there. I’d put a wall around the one box also just to be sure. AND make México paay for it

horsnhound GovAbbott blatant voter suppression. Helping Trump become the dictator he desires to be. LindaAbrams16 Sue his ass. CorruptAndComplicitGOP Not surprising Texas Republican Governor Abbott a Trumper is making voting in person Unaccessible to the elderly and handicap and others only one ballot drop off box per county within 2000 square miles that’s BS. Trump trying to Steal the Election. Blocking voters rights!

Idiot 🤬🤬🤬 Cheaters How is this okay GregAbbott_TX ? People should vote. All people. Democrats & Republicans. GOOD democrats are corrupt!!!!!!period! And no one cares about you CNN after you defamed Nicholas Sanddman and allow Chris CUOMO to act like a tool box Voter suppression! Arrest him! The GOP have turned into the party that will win at any cost; prostituting integrity, decency and our democracy wearebetterthanthis

Democrats need to mobilize and provide transportation to the voting place for anyone needing it. How is this ok? these people are blatant criminals. TrumpGarbagePeople Abbott you are violating your oath of office and committing voter suppression. What are you afraid of we Texans will remember this on the next election

This is so screwed up. Election tampering is just going to get worse closer we get Now wonder why he do that ( trump butt buddy) If this isn't voter suppression, I don't know what is. got sued This Administration, the complicit opportunistic Republican Administration will do what ever it takes to undermine the integrity validity and legitimacy of the November election. Trump enablers- monumentally corrupt

Republicans can only win by preventing as many people as possible from voting. Itvis minority rule in other words Tyranny . That is what Republicans represent. Tyranny of the minority. So, vote in person! Isn’t it obvious? GregAbbott_TX wants to restrict voting because the Rs are on the edge in Texas Good! Free and fair elections 👏👏

Excellent; democrat party are thinking that they deserve the whole benefit .crazy Lincoln project! Call out Abbott! It's time! Another Trump ass kisser So basically the Republicans want to maintain a racist republic bolstered by a police state...☠😷🇺🇲 Sigh. This is why I make a monthly donation to the ACLU They are kept so busy by these anti-American GOP clowns. I'm going to make a separate donation to ACLUTx right now.

They would have one per State if they thought they'd get away with it, fucking criminal 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Voter suppression GregAbbott_TX should be removed from office!! This is blatant voter suppression and he should go to jail because of it!! Time for him to go TrumpsVoterSuppression TrumpCult When the balance of economic power is so tilted to the few, they will have no choice but to destroy the apparatus of voting and public will to preserve themselves.

GOP = cheaters Texans should mail them in or vote in person Voter suppression = racism Can any sensible person try to explain why the GregAbbott_TX would execute such an order. This is an anti-USA anti-democracy decision! Voteusafreedom Democracy VoteUSA Of course he is, Trump's little puppy. First pole watchers🍆😡now this, Reps deserve to lose the Gen Election and the senate. They’re dirty.

You have shown us where you stand...oh you can’t stand Texas being Texas. Texas dems should hire e few people with trucks to pick- up and deliver the ballots Anything to suppress the vote. Can’t stand the GOP! VoteAbbottOUT2022 Why does it only effect Harris county? Of course he is It’s called voter suppression. Prison?

More GOP interference in our election process. I hope when this nightmare is over they are all investigated! Republican right and up Trump's ass Absolutely disgusting move🤦‍♀️ Bravo ! someone should rent a bus - pick people up and transport them to the drop off location Crook! Why not! Go vote, not go mail.

This makes as much sense as having one working toilet in a football stadium. You're a dirty little man governor. I'm not buying that this is about Covid-19, governor (or ballot security.) If it were about Covid - you'd be encouraging people to use drop boxes & increasing their numbers so that voters don't have to be exposed to other people at polling places.

1779 was the height of the French revolution and the guillotine was used widely. We should bring it back, don't you think and make it available for the appropriate people. They should have to lay face up while they meet the blade. These obvious political restrictions should NOT be allowed to happen. Each state does (or should) have an election commission that should have the legal authority to prevent these types of intrusions. If this is not the case, a federal law should be passed creating such a thing.

He wants to make sure that the peoples will not get the result in time the day of the election. He’s playing Trump’s game . Wake up people American democracy is taking away from you right in front of your eyes. More election tampering. The only way the Republicans can win is if they cheat. Voter suppression only works if you know you're not what the person want.

mmckinnon How is this possible? How is this allowed? How is this democracy? It’s okay. I’m still going to go vote. BidenHarris2020 GregAbbott_TX EVIL. There’s no other way to spin this. EVIL. Look who wants to steal the election...a Trumper! More gop voter suppression. They’re scared. They hate democracy but want Trump’s facism. Texas governor limits election drop boxes to one per county in sprawling state

How do you spell rigged in Texas or does that just apply to the oil industry knowles_lawson Beyonce Texas needs help getting to the poll sites. This is a whole new level of suppression. But they are desperate and so are we. Any assistance would be appreciated. Criminal The U.S.A. is no more a leader in democracy of the world .

Wow what a scumbag Why I hope the whole country is watching you limit voting in your state during a pandemic... shame on you! You need to be voted out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abbott CANNOT legally do that. It's election fraud and that's a crime. The highest election official in all 50 states is the Secretary of State FOR the individual state. ONLY the Secretary of State can make that decision LEGALLY. The governor can 'suggest' but that's IT.

God, please help! Stupid question alert....why would you drop off a mail in ballot? Dont you just put it in the mailbox? ...dont be rude, I truly dont know bc I go in person or early vote. Pathetic republican AGAIN Ya ain’t gonna cheat in Texas... What an asshole. Don’t worry. That won’t stop people from voting. Keep trying.

It's inconvenient but doable. We can change that after we vote out the Republicans The man can't walk but he can sure trample over voting rights....what? too much? too on point? it is a joke....like most Texas republicans. That cripple can go ahead and try to stop me from voting, I’ll go to the polls if I have to.

GOP’s illegal VoterSuppression VoteBidenHarris2020 VoteOutCorruptGOP The amount of effort people make to chip away the powers of democracy is telling. Loser. That is voting suppression. Where are the Republican senators? Is this really alright? Once again, Republicans prove they can't win on their ideals or records and have to resort to cheating, gerrymandering and voter suppression to hold on to power. They are not in favor of democracy.

Blatant voter suppression! A clear violation of the voting rights act...this should be in court any second now...wait for it....wait... Anything to rig the election. Vote this corrupt governor out!!! Anything to suppress ( or cheat) the vote Mrs Abbott your husband as a token How is this allowed of course there is this alternative called in-person voting

We need people to go to the booths. It’s the only way This has to be illegal and should be rectified immediately. Let’s Make the hashtag AbbottisAVoterSuppresser trend! Closeted fascists Only way they can win. Vote every single one of them out Typical Republican voter suppression. Can the mayors sue him?

🤮 Unbelievable suppression, now there is no doubt who aspires to be Nazi. Trash. Wow! This is bullshit and a complete violation of USA right to vote. LBJ is fuming in his grave. limiting accessibility to voters!! But you can still vote in person right? This is absolutely outrageous. Harris County has 4.7 Million people, 69% minorities....1 location is completely unacceptable.

Jackass😡 Wow! As a Canadian we can...1. Vote by mail. 2. Vote early. 3. Vote in person. In every town there are a minimum of 3 places to vote. Even small towns with populations less than 2000 people! The USA is so far behind the rest of the world it's laughable! Oh my God. I live in Houston/Harris County! What an embarrassment!

Shady jerk. They are all corrupt as hell. I’m pretty sure GovAbbott is in cahoots with realDonaldTrump -Abbott became a Trumplican in 2016 and forfeited any Republican ideals he had. The only way republicans can win, keep moving the goal. This isn’t a democracy, I thought the people ran government. Next election vote the ass out

This is bullshit Would call this another Republican trying to sabotage the election! Complicit! Criminal! What is the basis for this? Evidence? GovAbbott There needs to be an investigation! SenWarren SenSanders SenKamalaHarris KingJames This is voter suppression. Texans flood his phones and emails. This is a coordinated effort to rig the election, in the Republicans favor. Plain and simple. Coordinated between the WH and the Texas Governor. 100%

He has that right. That makes sense to me. The county's doesn't have funds and they can mail in ballots. This is in line with other decisions he's made regarding limited funds available He is a criminal part of the criminal enterprise Got these racists scrambling 🌊We’re coming for you next Governor 🌊🌊🌊

Harris County is laughing at all the fake hurdles!!! Can leap them in a single bound!!! After everything it’s been through? Scoffs and circles her early voting day. Can’t wait The myth of mail-in ballot fraud trumps the reality of pandemic-related risks. Abbott proves to be gutless in the face of GOP pressure to suppress democratic votes.

Governor shame on you. You supposed to make voting easier. You are suppressing voting not very American. Country over Party. I guess it’s party over country or state for you. UNAMERICAN. Find a judge to block that All the ballots should be dropped off in front of his house walk across his lawn Wow... Trump play book....

bruh idc if i have to personally uber y’all to wtv tf it is y’all need to go but VOTE this shows they’re afraid of texas turning blue TurnTexasBlue TexasVoterSuppression Sie him! TrumpScummery Change your plan of action, Harris County voters. Vote early and try to drop your ballot off at one of these locations on one of your days off from school or work. Voting may be harder this election, but you can still do it. Plan your vote!

You Americans are screwed. Get rid of all these people that are interfering democracy. Voter suppression at its best... Fuckin texas.... I hope those reading this will question why the drop boxes were there in the first place. Why was it OK in the primaries and in 2016 but not now? I hope you will at least pause a moment to consider.

Trumper! Cheaters!!!! Republicans can't win when people vote, this is obvious. They are silent when Trump is trying to wreck the election process, because they are ok with it & will benefit from it. Republicans have won the presidential election popular vote one time since 1988. Clearly they are the minority and cheating is the only option.

Serious question. How many dropoff boxes per county are there in other states? Is 3Texas the only one limiting it like this? I assume rationalization is that it makes it easier to monitor mail-in ballots to prevent voter fraud. I live in HarrisCounty but will vote in person. smh This is on brand. If true ... suppression Continues against our core value as a democracy. GovAbbott ... quite a legacy. How are you sleeping at night?

I’m shocked Voter suppression and intimidation. Ted Cruz where are you?!?! Are u you lu behind this too?!?! Your vote matters.. unless you're a Democrat. So unconstitutional!!!!! Hopefully it goes to court Democrat party should mount a legal challenge. Why is the GOP so against everyone getting a vote? It’s absurd the levels of voter suppression this upcoming election. I can’t wait until security measures are strong enough to do a mobile or online voting

How blatantly obvious what he is doing. Nothing subtle about it. That’s classic Republican voter suppression for you. Why is it that Republicans try to diminish participation in our democracy? Probably because they know no one wants to vote for them and they only win when there’s no participation. Fascist every last one of them.

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It Will Take Months To Clear Texas’ Lake Jackson Of Brain-Eating Amoeba, Officials SayA 6-year-old boy is believed to have died from the amoeba. Wut Geezus. weatherchannel EPA HHSGov does anyone know why this particular lake has brain eating amoeba vs. many other lakes in the world that do not have this issue.

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Texas teacher loses job for wearing 'Black Lives Matter' maskThe San Antonio art teacher says she was terminated, but the school says she 'effectively resigned' by refusing to follow the dress code. Good. It's a one sided statement. AllLivesMatter not one superior to other Ethnicities Don't agree with this unless it was done in class, if it was on her own time, that's her business, but if it's to influence the politics of her students that's different.

Texas man who spent nearly 40 years on death row releasedAn intellectually disabled Texas man who served nearly 40 years on death row has been released from prison. A Texas criminal justice spokesman said 60-year-old Bobby James Moore was released Aug. 6 and now lives with his brother. Doesn’t make alot of sense, what prevents his “intellect disability” from killing someone else if he doesn’t know better? What about justice for the dead person and family? You don’t have to kill him, but you can’t release him. Thats worst type of criminal, scary What is intellectual disability? Billy Bob Thornton was great in this movie.

Disinfecting the Texas water supply from a brain-eating amoeba could take months, officials sayTexas officials said that it could take months to disinfect the brain-eating amoeba contaminated water that claimed the life of a 6-year-old boy Wow!!! 😳😳😳😳😳 Trump again, goddamn Flint water doesn't sound so bad now