Texas Governor Lifts Mask Mandate Despite Health Officials' Warnings - Cnn

Texas Governor Lifts Mask Mandate Despite Health Officials' Warnings - Cnn

Texas governor lifts mask mandate despite health officials' warnings

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3/2/2021 11:18:00 PM

Gov. Greg Abbott has announced that he's lifting the mask mandate in Texas, even as health officials warn not to ease safety restrictions

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God Bless Texas Idiot! Everyone needs to do this all this nonsense would stop. Can't put everyone in jail. Today marks a day in history where the largest bill was passed without a Republican vote. Republicans are doing everything they can to suppress the votes in states won by democrats. Texas wont forget how Abbott suppressed the vote in election. Abbott cares nothing about Texas 🖕

I would wonder how this man ever reached a position of responsibility, and then I remember Trump was president. Weird country these recent years, Now he has gone, I do hope they go back to being Great again. Has you know very well the drug/pharmacy corporation never look for a cure-only to suppress the problem and keep you coming back for more relief as FACTS-Pfizer's and Moderna's shots were at least 10 times less effective against variant in a new study.

I wish it can be like that every where l'm so sick of Politicians ruining our lives!! Regardless of what anyone says, my family and I will continue wearing masks and social distancing. I've had to many people around me die because of COVID and I'm not taking that chance. Is Greg saying that he wants to defy the President of the US so bad, he is willing to risk the lives of all Texans, who have not frozen to death, just to look good to Trump. I hate to tell him that Trump would throw him under the bus for $1.

Dems are trying to end Game Plan 2020. To get Economy back for Biden. This was Criminal. There are No Innocent Players in What Was Done to the American People. This is not Shame on You. This Is You Need To Go To Prison Bad. From Biden/Harris to Obama. Game Plan 2020 was Criminal! Trumpets still messing with folks and putting lives in danger!

This is news? Why? Aren't there already 12-15 states that don't have mask mandates? Texas wouldn't need masks if not for all the illegals coming in with COVID.. How stupid can a person be? A governor no less wow. Abbott has lost some major brain cells. Not many left in my opinion. Bet he's been vaccinated!!!

Me guessing: It must be really hard to aim and shoot wearing a mask, especially in winter if one is wearing one's glasses... c'mon be kind with the texas gunslingers and let them shoot properly to defend their patriotism... cheers from the golden state - ps winter's here Ignorance at its best. Fantastic , Good ol Texas God Bless it.

This is something that we were all waiting for right? The great neanderthal, and to think 🤔 this is what represents us simple constituents. I can see you have problems with your legs but you must have problems with your brain too to remove the mandate for mask You should go hide your face, shame on you

Even though he has lifted it none of us are willing to go without it or be in large crowds still. Epic fail when we still have people with no gas, no power, no water here. You could've pushed the vaccine another way instead of opening the state and taking away the masks bad call. This is very irresponsible. What percentage of Texans have received Covid-19 vaccine?

These fraudulent health officials are deep state. They don't know wth they're talking about. Perhaps it's because the mask itself doesn't stop a person from catching the virus. They tell you to wear it to make you feel safe. Hundreds of thousands have strictly followed CDC guidelines, and they are still catching the virus.

Turning Texas into an Abbottoir... Fake leaders like Abbot give the appearance they are for peoples freedom to do as they please (party, socialize, and not wear masks to protect the rest of us from them.) But, the truth is that they want us to spend our money to support their donors and fill State coffers.

Getting ready for the third wave NOOOOOO! They need strike Bad bad bad decision!!! Stupid DUMB ASS! seriously? then he got the Trump disease Time to open is this country !!! Murica! He doesn’t care about his people,he’s like Cruz just care about staying in power and already putting the blame on somebody else If COVID comes back blame it on the immigrants. Get them out of office vote blue.

Idiot Texas dies what it wants despite dem horses hit mandates. Why CNN complains but when CA did their sanctuary city horses hit no big whoop? Stupid idea Texans are desperate, when your desperate you are irrational. Why doesn't he also lift seatbelt and all other safety requirements? He's demonstrating reckless leadership that will cause serious harm to the people of his state.

Hes an IDIOT Either the Governor will be a genius or a damn fool.....we'll see in the coming months. Hien lanh, ngoai hinh kha, chan thanh trong tinh cam. Minh la nvvp, o quan 10, chua co nguoi yeu. Nói chuyện với nhau để đưa ra nhận xet This Texas governor Is an idiot! By not following federal mask mandate, Biden should have said NO mask, NO aid!

China's anus test for virus only for American visitors. They waive Russian and other countries visitors. The evil Xijinping tests American's reaction. Let ‘em die. It’s obviously what they want. He is paving his way to replace Ted Cruz. He is trying to appeal to Trump republicans. Time to vote both of them out of office.

What a stupid idea, do you really think all Texans will keep wearing masks NO and new COVID cases will go up again. A clear insult to nurses and doctors I guess we will see if the anti-maskers are right. If they are, rates should drop. Stay tuned. What an absolute plonker. He obviously wants to see his people die.

That is criminal ... What a reckless and irresponsible move by the governor of Texas!! Bad timing, Mr. Abbot. TigrayRegion was already on the verge of food shortage and humanitarian crisis as the crop production was detrimentally affected by climate change, land infertility, and desert locust. EthiopiaPrevails UNSCsupportEthiopia Chinamission2un franceonu RussiaUN UKUN_NewYork

Good! I guess they don't need the vaccine! More for the rest of America! Texas and Mississippi Governors are two examples of patheticpoliticians. Putting powerful business interests before the health of their residents. They are NOT heeding the advice of medical experts in their own States. They are counting on residents to be weak. wearthemask

So very dangerous Tw alert Stupid is as stupid does. In order to deflect from the Texas Power Gate fiasco, Governor Abbott is further risking the lives of Texans by lifting al restrictions to protect people from COVID-19. CNN MSNBC TX_PAN He's a dangerous foolhardy ignorant fool. I hope our extended family in Texas won't be stupid to listen to the Governor's ban.

Big mistake. Let’s watch the numbers go up again. More cause for delays to open borders!!!! Seriously Ignorant! z The Texas Governor isn't the sharpest pencil in the drawer. Oh give me a break. Anyone can still wear a mask if they want, any business can require that they be worn. Is the Governor of Texas going to deliver the eulogy at my funeral? It won’t be a closed funeral because the Governor’s opened ALL businesses 100%. GovAbbott GregAbbott_TX


Is he dead in this picture? He already failed his state during the winter issue & will fail then again as he is a bad leader with the mind set of a teenage boy who has no clue about himself. American politicians and officials have officially gone nuts!🤣 NO!! Let's see, wearing a mask, not comfortable, interferes with your existence OR could wearing a mask potentially safe your or a loved one's life? Wow, tough decision? Pure BS. Wearing a mask does not prohibit economy from opening, IT IS the path for opening the economy!!!

Texas governor and a couple of other governors don't want The Biden Administration to succeed. They want to make sure the covid virus strengthens which well make The Biden Administration appear to be losing the fight against covid. Even if more Texans dies. How many will he kill with this opening prematurely. What science is he looking at. Everyone is telling him not to do it. This is only going to keep the smart people home. How will this help the economy. Crazy!

Tìm một bờ vai để tựa vào. Cùng nhau vượt qua mọi thứ tat ca cac ban dang co gia dinh He lifted mandates and left it up to the localities and businesses to determine how they want to proceed. SPECIAL OFFER INVEST $100 EARN $1,500 INVEST $200 EARN $3,000 INVEST $300 EARN $4,500 INVEST $400 EARN $6,000 INVEST $500 EARN $7,500 MINIMUM OFFER INVEST $50 EARN $700 TRADING TIMOUT IS AFTER 12HOURS Contact Admin Roselledavis_fx

Are you serious? What’s wrong with these people? 500,000 deaths isn’t enough?!? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Sheer Insanity Nguoi Hanoi, song tai TPHCM duoc 3 nam, nguoi phu nu ưa nhìn, vui vẻ, cá tính, doc lap manh me, luon song lac quan, thich du lịch. Thích đọc sách, trồng hoa, nuôi cá cảnh, And here I thought his only handicap was physical. Someone has put a helmet on him. .

For sure he has had his vaccinations so why wouldn’t he do thus as it is in the best interest of his career, have all of you had your vaccination yet? FREEDOM. Finally a Governor that gets it !!!!! Which health officials? Probably those with stock in the pharmaceutical companies. None are quoted in the article. I see a judge and a retail lobbyist. Way raise the FUD, CNN.

This is ridiculous! Start stocking up on ventilators! (VERY SAD) And they should restrict Texans from traveling elsewhere. You will be putting other lives in danger! I feel bad for Texas they just went through so much and now they are about to dig themselves deeper! Sheez! Covid is an airborne virus. Unmasking in Texas affects the entire world’s health and exposure to the virus courtesy of Gov. Abbott. Biden should stop all federal funding to Texas effective immediately. Texas put Abbott&Cruz in office.Give Texas the opportunity to get rid of them.

Complete foolishness. Enough said Like Mr. Rather said, ur spiking the football b4 u get in the end zone, loser.. Hopefully the avg Texan has a lot more sense and respect for their fellow Texans. C'mon Abbott. Use your head and keep the mask mandate in place! It would be so refreshing to see Texas actually do something right, for once.

😡 Idiot gỡ bỏ mớ lộn xộn Mindless I’d get upset about this except America has taught me: It isn’t gasoline’s fault if the fire decides to ignite the gasoline. 🤫 Considering “health officials” have yet to be right on any aspect of this entire thing.... can’t say that I care. there are more studies showing that it does not work, it has been found more harmful than working, they are nominated to show the populations that corona is a very serious killer virus, fortunately it is proven not true

Shit Show! Stupid Other states should ban Texas travelers or at least require 2-week quarantines. AOC right now... Wrong decision to lift masks Lunatic Idiot Abbott is sick! What is wrong with his head? He will pay. Ignorance is bliss, I pray for you all... I do hope when the shit hits the fan you remember to come back here and say, ohhh shit I was wrong again. Really sad that some ppl are so educated but yet so dotish!!!

Thai Airways Dhaka Office | Contact Number, Address, Ticket Booking No investigation needed, this Governor is just a fucking moron Stupid move! It’s hard to fix stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. Oh, but Abbott knows better of course. Not. He’s playing Russian Roulette with Texas lives. I'll need to read through to understand what this means for churches.?.?

Idiot on wheels What has lift up a mask mandate got to do with anything but a political statement. I believe mask mandate is for public safety. The question should be, would the public be safe with the mandate or without the mandate. Every other aspect of life can still go on including reopening This man is evil just like Ted Cruz! These guys do not care about people and it shows in abundance!

A very scary and unwise decision that seems to put financial concerns above all else with no regard whatsoever for those of us who have been taking the safety precautions seriously this past year. He doesn’t care about anyone but the donors that put money in his pocket. Why would you lift all safety nets that have use going in the right direction just to fill your political agenda.

Ta 18t . Là hủ nữ. Đọc giả của thể loại Yaoi, Danmei,... Ủng hộ hết mình cho hôn nhân đồng tính. Count on this guy? Texas you got water you don't have to boil yet? I would like to know why PEOPLE are tweeting misinformation about masks and other guidelines from the CDC....those people that decide not to mask up and have a big mouth--- may you join the others .....

Why He's very intelligent Mississippi is right behind him......in the middle of a pandemic. He needs to go Just secede already I'm a retoucher,I can make your image perfect. My Fiverr link: So irresponsible!! He wants Texans to die!! Anyone that dies of COVID as a result of Abbot opening up Texas should file Wrongful death charges against Abbot.

Those who are concerned stay home, double/triple mask or whatever to protect themselves. Individual responsibility COVID panic alarmist want everyone to lockdown despite scientific evidence showing it is close to impossible to transfer virus outdoors or in well ventilated places Insurrection? Pay the price Texas

Why are Texans so stupid? Is it something in the drinking water? Everything is bigger in Texas, including the idiots you all elected Taxas has suffered enough everyone needs to go back to a normal life now One cannot love and be wise GovAbbott Jesus fuck i know this state has issues, but you really lower the bar. (I SO did not vote for you)

Can't fix stupid! It sounds like some of his constituents are going to do the right thing. Good for them. Can't Americans learn at all? How many must die coz of other peoples stupidity? GovSherazKhan Deep in the Heart.,,you know he’s wrong & reckless, endangering Lone Star lives. I’m starting to really question the intelligence of a lot of your governors!

stupidity người Hà Nội, người có thế tin tưởng, vui tính, công việc ổn định, Some Republicans are putting their public into danger. Texas is going to show all what happens when you ignore Covid. I’d shut down borders between those states involved in this discussion. Good luck TEXAS. Texas please Vote!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Negligent homicide on this and the power failure. they still don’t have clean water to wash their hands. He should be recalled along with Cruz. No vaccinations for GovAbbott People should be encouraged to wear masks, not forced. Once people realize that the flu had literally never been so scarce because of the masks they will choose to do what most Asian countries do and just wear them during flu season.

Hey, just a thought, but you can open a state WITHOUT doing away with masks....IDIOT! “Ooo now Texans love me” Now you are on your own, good luck, pal. You F’ed up the the power grid now death of your people will come-a-knocking. All for the sake of vanity. Yippee Calle M F’er He is just a Trumpist A great leader!

Is it wise to open while the pandemic is still ragjng? Would you cross a busy street against a red light? Two weeks from now, will you still be able to work , to care for your family and community? Or will you succumb to this virus. It’s your choice. Only a few more months.Masks! Thanks you!! Now should the rest of the states . Then all the ppl can go back to work and their normal lifestyle again. StopWithTheLies UnfuckAmerica POTUS CNN ABC KamalaHarris TheDemocrats

Idiot Genocide Then he needs held accountable for any death due to Covid once he lifts the mask mandate!! All these republicans that keep bucking the system and following the DEVIL need to go! This country is a mess because of them. I am so thankful I don’t live in Texas because then I would have to move. Who wants a governor like that!?

Irresponsible! GregAbbottFailedTexas See, this is why in dire situations the head of gov't should take control or at least send knowledgeable people in the health & disease department that can confirm it is safe. It should be 'a health official' that says it is safe. Not Gov. Dummy McDummy. The Guv' is right.

That was not a smart move in fact I feel it’s endangering the welfare of people not just in Texas but everywhere CROOKS Well with Texas ya can’t fix stupid What planet is this guy on or is it a Texan bullshxt thing one has to wonder what the hell is going on there I have been to Texas twice loved the ppl and state but this guy has really lost the plot given what has happened in US with over 500 k ppl dead or does he not get

I bet he's vaccinated. Dumb ass didn’t they just go through a disaster Pendejo! Watch the numbers skyrocket. I’m waiting for a day that republicans start running around naked....because of freedom, you know. 😂🙄 taking to court the far-right ass licker While pretending to care so much about people, the lock downers are killing. They will never relinquish power voluntarily.

Watch a big spike in the next few weeks! Really bad idea!!! No creo que sea una buena idea, dejar de usar las mascarillas.☺☺ Ai cũng được...biết quan tam và chia sẽ buồn vui, và hiểu mình đang cần gì và muốn làm gì.....đơn giản chỉ thế thôi mình hơi hướng nội một chút,nhưng là người cũng dễ tiếp xúc,vui tính

No wonder he is a Trump supporter! Also a psycopath! LOL Texas. Wtf is going on in that state ? Run by infants? He's hoi going to kill thousands of texans and many other people by this rediculouse decision Is Texas over crowded cause it seems that everything they do is aimed at reducing the population in Texas

When a politician acts like a god. Due to the high rate of American support for President Joe Biden increased. Republican leaders, Republican governors are rioting to oppose President Joe Biden's anti-epidemic plan Covid-19. The Republican Party considered partisan interests over the lives of the people.

Disobeying the advice of the CDC, the scientists, the number of people infected in Texas, Mississippi in the future will increase again. This fools only doing this because we have a Democrat president. When the sh×× hits the fan and the sh×× will hit the fan due to the sheer population of Texas. You watch he will blame democrats and the president

Looks like he and Trump will be married soon at trump towers in Florida. He loves trump so much he is willing to kill thousands of Texans to win trumps favor. How come so many “health officials” are overweight? 🤜🏻🍆💦 Is he going on walk abouts to help open everything up. Good for you finally someone making a move in the right direction

Oh sure, you people better not spread the virus. Stay in you state. Follow the science Gov. Abbot! You're killing us!!! Stupid is as stupid does. Help! Our inept political leaders in Texas have betrayed and abandoned us. We need outside intervention quick! Người có thể làm con tim tôi vui trở lại Go Texas! Freedom is taken not given!

Idiot. Bad idea Texas is the new Florida. Tuổi Kỷ Mùi, chân thành, nghiêm túc và có cuộc sống ổn định. Good for Texas 👏👏👏 A fool for him self not quite the monk of politics a bad seed of republicans!!! The star state! tâm sự chia sẻ niềm vui nỗi buồn This is never going to end. Ever. We might as well all kill ourselves.

I thought Biden was going to have a national mandate on masks to avoid this crap These repugnant-cans are trying to sabotage Biden's successful handling of the virus and vaccine roll out. Apparently they don't mind killing their citizens in the process. To hell with those muzzles let us live free better die free than live in fear in kenya we have a curfew from ten to four as if the virus is nouctanal.

Why would he do something so stupid? Isn’t this reckless endangerment of life? Mississippi is lifting restrictions as well. I hope the people of Texas ALL stay in Texas or we will never get out of this situation. we're(USA) only 4% of the worlds population with 25% of the total covid-19 deaths, That's a big failure by any standard. Now Texas want's to double that number? Money & Power is their god.

Trump must have told him to do it, more deflecting. Americans keep wearing you mask. Not safe. Use your 2020 vision and see through the bs. I'm sure Abbott already has got both vaccines 😳 Or is he demented? I wouldn’t ever live in Texas even as a free or even visit that state. These people should be running out of this state. They’ve suffered from the Covid virus and their states not on the national grid and people died

How stupid is this guy ! Stupid Desision This dumb shit. Another RonDesantis is born! Stupid Why is he doing that? What do we lose wearing mask? It’s people like him that caused the country so much griefs. They shouldn't allow the stupidity of this man to put the whole world at risk again. COVIDIOT COVID19 The same mini minds in the Texas government who brought Texans $70,000 monthly electricity bills are now going to bring Texans a new wave of COVID-19 infections and deaths. Texas stumbles from one disaster into another disaster.

Everything is big in Texas, even stupidity Republicans don’t care about people.. they care about “freedom” we have to choose to die!!! GregAbbott_TX wanting more death and destruction of Texas citizens. Doesn’t believe in science. Covid nope, climate change nope. Not good Well we won't be going to Texas anytime soon.

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 You mean he is letting grown adults make.decisions for themselves? He is letting people open their business and make a living? He is letting kids go back to school? BRAVO!

How else can people asymptomatic spread the virus? get those masks off, mix as much as possible and drop social distancing. There should be the same travel ban for Texas as is international travel back into the states Too soon Everything is bigger in Texas! Even the stupid ones are more stupid. Examples? 1. Abbott 2. Cruz

Voglio essere americano puro vi prego !!! Niente alibi niente truffe !!!!buona notte !!”💤 Idiot On with the Texas Super Spreader and Culling the Herd. The GOP loves the Ignorant. If you are from California, New York, or Colorado maybe you should move back home where you feel safer and take your politics with you! Thanks, Governor Abbott!

Annointing oil for blessings and financial freedom And prayers for life challenges and difficulties +27717290271 Tình cảm, vui vẻ và chân thành OMG! S T U P I D Just why don't you guys in the US keep wearing masks by yourself? You travel across the world. Clown alert!!!!! Don’t let you guard down Texans, we’re not out of the woods yet. Continue to wear your mask and distance from others. The life you save could be yours.

This is obviously an attempt to spike the death toll in order to hurt President Biden’s efforts to defeat the coronavirus. How about that power outage Reckless Gotta plan ahead. Like for the next election! This virus will never end with lifting the no mask and distancing rules,what wrong with you people Greg Abbott is a moron.

Big mistake on his part, just shows how much he does not care about the citizens of Texas. Lol Texas. People will die if you do this! Bad time to double down. Science doesn’t matter in gop fantasy land. Maybe a better idea would be to solve the water problem and winterize power stations. DUM DUM! Texas don’t listen to him. He doesn’t know much. Sad

Only in America! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not traveling to Texas or Mississippi anytime soon. I honestly have a difficult time feeling empathy for people like this who don’t even believe in COVID till they’re sick. Smart people will continue to wear masks and avoid going out. I love Texas! Health officials have been lying for a year. Besides that who are your credible health officials?

emilyann_cowan His career is toast. Love Texas, not the Governor. This is a mistake. big mistake, If Texans had the sense God gave geese, they'd be too smart to be Texans. This is nothing but trouble, please wear you mask if you want to be safe. Going to kill more people F yes !!!!!!! It’s time to move past this political bullshit and get back to doing what we’ve done for the history of fucking civilization and take these shitty ask masks off

Idiot Here we go again..SMH..He really doesn't seem to care about the people in his State or about anyone else.Just doesn't make any sense many could be affected by this decision.coronavirus A chance to get ahead of this pandemic due to the vaccine, masks and distancing will be squandered. Removing the mask mandate is being divorced from reality to the point where more Texans will die. This dereliction will lead Texans to believe the threat is over so why vaccinate?

Someonr seem to have his head up in The clouds not trusting all expertis that know better He knows and does not care. He is not that big of an idiot. He and the rest of the Republican genius collective just think it is acceptable losses. They are not smart enough to come up with anything else but 'open everything and let people die' strategy.

Pretty soon he will reverse his guidelines when cases spike. So obvious he is doing this to distract from the electric grid debacle Idiot W...T....F...? We ask ourselves daily. 'Will this ever be over?', then you have Texas, the USA for that matter with the highest COVID rate in the world and they are opening up...C'mon Man.

Hey Abbott, BAD IDEA!! Texas gonna Texas lol You cannot fix DUMB! Texas wants to take first place for most number of COVID19 cases per capita and fill their ICU wards to overflowing. rosemaryCNN He abbot to fck up his own state He and Lt gov Patrick both feel that if we kill a few people, it’s ok with them. 😢

And see the cases spike the minute it ends We all read that a TX lawmaker submitted a Secession Bill to the legislature. Let them go. Wow how else does he plan on destroying the state? Keep all Texans inside your state. No traveling outside. We don't get to vote you out but they do!!!! Immediate travel ban

It would seem unreal. Texas has suffered a lot that again they had no control over. We know as the weather changes and people get shots things will get better. To push to fast may create more problems as the people are tired. Don't visit Texas right now. Love it Ahhhh Texas, where science is subjective and brain matter is optional

Criminal.... 😷 The only thing he is saying is it is up to you if you want to wear a mask there are people out there that can not wear them because of there health He is ending the mandate, not forcing people to stop using the masks. People should be smart enough to mask up until this pandemic is over. Lifting the mask mandate is irresponsible. This decision is going to lead to many more preventable deaths.

Florida never had one Freedom!! Because Texas doesn’t have enough problems💆🏾‍♀️ IDIOT!! It’s a pandemic and these insensitive fools treat it as a joke.😡😡😡😡 Asshole Republicans and their super spreader events. I'm not surprised. Word out governor Abbott has conspired with Ted Cruz to create deflection for Cruz’s true colors & Texas desire freedom from mask mandate. Plus, design to overload Biden’s COVID rollout at high contagious & death rate of under privilege people. So, Ted Cruz & Gov Abbot look good.

😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 Distraction. The people who survived the big freeze are restless. This will appease them, even as his stupidity results in another superspreader happening. GOPCowards GOPSeditiousTraitors Please Texans stay out of Colorado!!! God, please be with the people of Texas. DumbDumbGregAbbott

Build the wall. How I loathe this man. A girl’s prettiest curve is her smile! Chân thành, hiền lành. Có thể làm bạn hoặc tiến xa hơn nếu hợp bonehead how did you do on power , Jerk! Texas’ government literally left millions to die without power or electricity for about a week due to their failed, partisan “leadership.” I guess their purge didn’t work, and now they want to double down on their recklessness. Texas will turn blue next presidential election.

IDIOT!!! WHEN your state gets in the situation you were just a little while ago, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR HELP. Maybe you all should of visited the exhausted hospital staff dealing with your ignorance. I guess since he was such a disaster with the snow storm event this is his way to kiss ass Maybe lift mask now is too early. America is most pandemic country. Near million died. Hope America be careful. First thing should let everybody take vaccines.

He don’t care about Texas, he is still listening to 45😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Glad I don’t live in Texas. I’m sure Abbott was among the first in Texas to get vaccinated. Idiot! Istupido Abbott has be one of worst Governors ever. Stupid ass And so it begins...again...god we were so close. Literally just got vaccine resistant covid strains here, and he wants to unmask. Smh.

Gutsy move for a state that can't keep the heat on in the dead of winter, blaming everything and everybody except your own raggedy infrastructure! Yes remove your mask and allow Darwin to drain all the swamps in Tex-ass! He's a fool Gov. Abbott, try and understand if you lift the mask mandate in Texas, that will directly affect the lives of all your health care workers, don't you think they have all been through enough, you are being so selfish you need to think who will be affected by your incompetence....

Why do Texans put up with this fruit cake? Một cô gái hay cười Bình thường như bao người bình thường khác. Here is the status of the Pandemic in Texas as of today. 'Freedoms' in Texas froze them to death and poisoned their water supply. Now Abbott want to up the ante of a 'Freedoms' fail. WTF? Total cases 2.66M +8,140 - Deaths 44,108 +129

Here we go again. Numbers are down so a Republican GOP Member who is the Governor is rescinding the mask mandate This is jumping the gun. Too soon. I'm a 1b person with not even 1 dose yet! He is officially worse than Cruz. Thanks for leaving us out to die glad you got your vaccine abbott what about the rest of texas our lives dont matter- wewontforget VoteOutAbbott

Not good!! All in the name of politics!! Wtf why educationmatters Texas 100%...STUPID GovAbbott That makes me want to stay home more. 😷 ummmmmm.... isn’t the COVID death rate still increasing? What a piece of work this guy is🥸 Is that stupid stamped on his forehead? Texas wants all the smoke. It’s only March.

I guess he figures he can kill a few thousand more people before they have the chance to sue him and the state. Blame the windmills Impeach Abbott After surviving a deadly freeze, they decide to lift a mask mandate in the mild of an ongoing pandemic... I think it's time we put Texas on suicide watch. Health officials know BEST!! I'm following THEIR advice! 😷

I’m good with Less Texans cluttering up the earth Isn’t this against the federal mandates? I’m moving to Texas Wait what!? Did we magically skip the pandemic or some shit? So we're asked to feel sorry for Texas when they have a natural disaster...but then they turn right around and punch themselves in the face😒

About Time! Don't trust the fakepandemic. Recycle same lies and fraud. Ignore the science and claim you follow the science. The. Gig. Is. Up. 100 days only just wait for it They should build a wall on the north border. CNN. Keep wearing yours. We don't need to see your faces spitting fluid out anyways.

How ignorant can this governor be Because is a fraud from the beginning more we follow all this nonsense we stop the world belong to jesus not the deep state evil men who wants to control the world not caring about lifes Get the electrical grid straighten out first! Only the Lone Ranger wore a mask GregAbbott_TX

olajuwon06 if your scared go to church or stay home Holly crap! Biden should not give them vaccines- he always looks like George Bush melting... and just like that the governor broke the fourth seal and unleashed pestilence upon his constituents. to their feverish applause. Freedom. Allow the people to choose. If you are high risk, stay home, if not go party!!

Correct decision; mask cannot be mandated. It is a personal choice jaketapper Let's see how this pans out. Maybe Abbott will be known as the cruelest governor ever. He is crazy Mental health evaluations necessary before taking government positions of power. Politics politics politics Is there actually anything stopping people from wearing masks if they like?

400,000 homes in texas still don't have water. I wonder if they wash their hands with the water they don't have. Texas focus on money over people. I think he’s a guy who will make a lot of money off of dead bodies. Hasn't Texas suffered enough between Governor Abbott I hope he has his hospitals ready and that Senator Cruz who goes to you know below the border to enjoy warm weather when his Texas constituents literally are freezing to death

So he allows his state to freeze and now he is jumping the gun on lifting the mask mandate. Just wow What an ass! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Right before Spring Break. What could possibly go wrong? Take the brakes off his chair cause Ricky Bobby done lost his mind That is so stupid! Couldn’t kill them off during the last snowstorm huh?

Good job, Governor. I guess he’s trying to kill the people of Texas. Nothing is 100%. WTF is wrong with the GOP? Then absolutely no help or vaccines going forward because they are not responsible jaketapper jaketapper GregAbbott_TX may want to read the replies to this thread. Doesn't look like this dumb f*ckery is playing like he hoped it would.

I am a Texan. Gov Abott is crazy. Probably trying to change the conversation off of the power fiasco and demonstrate that “TEXAS” is independent. This will either be very good or horrible. I just lost a brother-in-law to COVID on Jan 12th and know many others who died. Unfortunately, you can’t fix STUPID🤷🏼‍♀️

What about the H20 ? What’s wrong with this guy? jaketapper I honestly hate humans. We are the most useless, pointless, mindless species that has ever inhabited this planet. jaketapper Abbot has grown tired of having living Texans who complain and disagree with his policies and so, has taken bold steps to reduce the population with Covid as the agent.

I thought Rick Perry was bad with his force inoculation of all teens. Getting kick back from unities and chemical plants, but Abbot have him beat. This man cares nothing for the people given his own situation. Well this bitch is a republican what should we expect!! Very wrong for our state!! Folks ... just a Question : WHO NEED TEXAS 😜😜😜😜 If they want to get SICK / DIE ..let them do it !!!

GregAbbottKills jaketapper I guess the population wasn’t thinned enough after the freeze. When did America become so stupid. They used to be a country to look up too. Each day it becomes a bigger joke. Driving north of TX this year! This is a mistake. He is putting lives at risk...oh that right...he doesn't give two cents about people. It's all about party lines and idiot loyalties.

It’s so his constituents can breathe easier under their hoods....oooo went there He got his vaccine. What does he care if we get ours or not. Remove him and charge him for genocide. 11-8-22 VOTE HIM OUT! Another reason why I won't visit the dumbass state of Texas - they're so gung-ho to fail in such a spectacular fashion because you know, everything is big in Texas.

Dummy!!!! GovAbbott is not very bright. Folks still without water and massive clean up. Hey Texas, vote this dude out of office. BetoForGovernor stupid GOP wants us to have a set back , that way they can try to blame the Biden admin I thought our leaders were shit here but you guys are definitely winning.

CNN what does POTUS say about this Abbott is as irresponsible as he was with the freeze. Won’t vote for the joker. POTUS President Biden please help us!!!! This is ridiculous. Do you trust his judgment? How is your water and power holding up down there. jaketapper 500000 deaths is not enough for ge and trump!

Who does Abbott work for? Texas or Trumpski? Take a look at what happened over here. Relaxed the rules and death rates spiraled. Strengthen the rules again and deaths reduced. Did this idiot’s mother not tell him to cover his mouth when coughing. jaketapper Covidians As far as I am concerned, they (Republicans) could all stop wearing mask and they could all refuse to get the vaccine. No mask, no vaccine!

One week later, Abbott: 'We have no idea why there's a spike in this fake news, Democratic hoax virus!!' 🤦‍♂️🤪 No regard for others. Why on earth? 😕 Guess you didn't kill enough people in the snow storm, right Greg? What a frickin idiot we have for Governor !!GregAbbott_TX 🤬😡 The second most populous state, still recovering from a huge public health disaster NOT related to COVID, with some of the worst Covid infection and death rates and an abysmal vaccination rollout is eschewing masks? That’s totally makes sense for Texas. AbbottFailedTexas

So.......republicans are just literally trying to kill their own citizens now We are utterly sad :( Especially given that the ASTM Mask Standards are JUST released and POTUS is strongly encouraged by the scientific community to mandate clear mask standards to be adopted by employers. We need to reopen the economy in a SAFE way above all else.

jaketapper Before this is over, many states will legalize cannibalism. Guessing he knows he won't be governor for much longer. Sad to see GovAbbott not care about the people of Texas but only his reputation and pockets. Cant fix stupid What’s next here in Texas....banning seatbelts? jaketapper He wants you to stop talking about the ERCOT failures. His logic is there was too much outrage for only 40 people dying. They don’t want to address the power grid and don’t want you to talk about it either. He can bury the story in the COVID-19 pile of dead Texans.

Now watch him blame Biden and the Democrats, when cases and deaths inevitably rise Bad idea. GovAbbott's announcement is good news to businesses (tho' most long dead & buried)! Per MaskMandate: It's possible Texas' Gov, Houston's HarrisCoJudge & CDCgov not informed there's prediction of CoronaVirus variants on the way to US this March -

jaketapper This is ridiculous. Can they do anything besides play to their base of white supremacists? jaketapper Pro-life governor of TX upholds his citizens’ right to die from COVID. Cases are rising in Texas and this fool open the state at 100%. Thank God I received my first Moderna dose last Friday. It is about to be Animal House, especially with Spring Break ahead. SMDH 😷♥️🇨🇱

jaketapper Next you’re going to tell me they plan to execute wind energy for its part in decimating Texas’s power grid.... jaketapper They were stupid for getting off of the grid and they just want to prove that stupid has no limits. When Covid amplifies in Texas perhaps they’ll all go to Cancun. It doesn’t matter. He’ll blame AOC and the Green New Deal as soon as he sees an uptick in new COVID variant. And Texans will believe it!

Idiot. Gov Abbott is creating a distraction to the fact that NOTHING will be done to correct the energy situation in Texas meaning we will continue to suffer power shortages and outages during the next natural or manmade disaster. AbbottFailedTexas AbbottResign jaketapper Just another crazy trumper😡

jaketapper Mask acceptance had become almost universal here in TX, but Abbott blew it up for political convenience. It’s a Trumpy move, calculated to foment and harden political divisions, because as champion of red hats and anti-maskers, he’s more safe from a primary challenge. FTG Just like the Impeached Killer, former guy, irresponsible. Always going against the experts recommendations. Political motivated.

🤦‍♂️ Hopefully Texans will use common sense, what science has proven, and, be guided accordingly. govabbott COVID19 MaskUp Stupid logic: Survival of the fittest. If you survived the Texas ice age (without going to Cancun) then why need a mask? 1/ As a Texan, please not majority of us do not agree with this, to any degree. The state has yet to roll out a “fool proof” road map to getting everyone vaccinated. The state is depending on elderly to get online and make their reservations.

States around Texas should make Texans to self isolate for two weeks before entering there state Typical. Medical science be damned! If it ain’t Jesus or the Constitution, it’s wrong!!! Good grief! Gov. Greg Abbott has announced a bad plan to distract from his government’s colossal failure over the last few weeks.

I think he must be trying to kill as many people as possible Republicans only care about themselves! GregAbbott_TX another political blunder by a corrupt republican politician in Texas. Enjoy your time as Governor, this will be your last term. jaketapper Some leaders like to distract from disastrous personal failings with good news. Strange to see one respond to the needless deaths of his people with policy that will only lead to more.

This sounds like a horrible idea that is guaranteed to increase deaths throughout the state. We haven’t beaten covid19, merely slowed the transmission. Human arrogance will always be our worst enemy. Stop acting like wearing a mask will stop your reelection. don’t you have enough work fixing the power grid so what happened to the electrical system doesn’t happen again for another hundred years!! Get to work doing the real work 😡

jaketapper Here is the current Covid-19 map. Note Texas. jaketapper ☹ He’s deflecting attention from the disastrous winter storm ... what a horrible leader Crosses Austin off bucket list... He's handicapped in more ways than one ……. Texas, you sure know how to pick em! One that tucks and runs in a disaster, and then this one …...

One word for Texans. RUN!!