Texas Governor Bans Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates By Any Employer İn State - Cnnpolitics

Texas Governor Bans Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates By Any Employer İn State - Cnnpolitics

Texas governor bans Covid-19 vaccine mandates by any employer in state

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10/12/2021 3:50:00 AM

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order banning all state entities, including private employers, from enforcing vaccine mandates

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Abbott, can you just secede now and declare yourself Emperor. All states need to do this. All because I have an allergy to one of the ingredients, I can't get none of the vaccines and I cant get a job anywhere. How do I support my family. I don't get welfare or any other help. I'm about to get evicted and my entire savings is almost gone.

Someone please just snap TX off the U.S. & let it be it's own sovereign looney bin. Hey to be fair Texas and the GOP are just importing there version of whatever Christian evangelical bs there Rambo Jesus, Fat Jesus or illegal Jesus needs What is this man's problem? What a hateful person. I'm amazed how many people support ignoring 730K deaths. I think KARMA has a name, and it's DARWIN. antivaxxers

So glad I don’t live in Texas. Good. Its sad how the gay community is treating those who choose by their own free will. There's more than a triple standard. Thy are acting superior. Kicking people to the curb or no service at all. It's sickening. The ignorance and hypocrisy is alive This fuckin guy can take a rolling leap

He should b locked up Hope the rest of the US does the same. This whole thing has been politicized beyond belief.

Covid-19: Three more Covid-related deaths and 1,115 new casesThe total number of coronavirus-linked deaths in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,588.

700k+ dead americans might disagree with your policy. Obviously you lack intelligence and are happy to keep making the same mistakes that keep killing americans. Legal? Not! Never , ever have I witnessed elected governors supporting the destruction on their own people they represent by a virus. There is something so wrong with these red state governors - why would you want your residents in your state sick and overwhelming your hospitals?

So, COVID vaccination is a private health matter with no public benefit, but abortion is everyone's business. Politics laid bare. Cos nobody wants mandates. What happened to the free market and the autonomy of private businesses? Today’s GOP is unrecognizable. 15 Strangest Things Recently Discovered In Egypt pharaohs اغرب 15 قصة حدثت للفراعنة

Idiocy at best. So now TX wants to control women's bodies AND businesses. The party of small government, eh?

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Sweet a218nd romantic❤️😘 Bullshit Can come there and live please GOOD FOR HIM!!! MAYBE IT IS TIME TO MOVE TO TEXAS!!!! This is bonkers. Sorry Texas, I will probably never go back to Texas again. I will never recommend the state for meetings and conferences for work. Sadly, no more Franklin Barbecue brisket. Perhaps more sensible politicians will eventually take over and I’ll change my mind

What the hell is going on with the Republican party, have they completely lost their dignity and souls because of Trump? I don't get it! Your health care professionals are appalled by your complete ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss, no further words needed for this so-called Governor!! 70,000 died on your watch

Where America's cases, hospitalizations, deaths stand 19 months into the COVID-19 pandemicAlthough hospitalizations nationwide have been trending downward since September, more than 40,000 people remain hospitalized with COVID-19. But trump said that covid would just disappear because of politics if the dems won.

Sounds like fucking Communism to me. Yeah too bad its illegal. No state may make any law that contradicts federal law. Airlines already said they are going to ignore it. Me, as a Texas business owner are ignoring it too. Im requiring vaccines for EVERYONE. There isnt a damn thing Abbott can do about it.

Republicans continue to fight against science Stop this insanity!!! They’re perpetuating disease … wonder if they got the polio vaccine?!?!? What’s the difference? Unbelievable. Bozo So glad I don't live there They need to roll him straight out of Texas. He is definitely turning Texas to the Taliban of the western world.

That why we’re voting him out of office. Just for the men though, right?

Allen West, Texas GOP candidate, hospitalized with COVID-19Tea party firebrand Allen West is hospitalized with COVID-19 but says he’s “doing great.” The candidate for the Republican nomination for Texas governor, who is unvaccinated, says he has “no complaints” and is “just relaxing” at a hospital near Dallas. Yes. I often go to the hospital when I'm 'doing great' in order to 'just relax.' 🙄 What a shame Allen West relaxing at the hospital saying he didn't need the vaccine.

PLEASE....Ban ALL vaccines and you will kill off the lower class, dramatically reduce Texas state expenditures and give yourself a big fat raise. Who cares who dies? You certainly DON'T!!! More people will die, and those deaths will be on him. La pregunta es, como puede ser este tipo un político, o sea empleado público y además gobernador de un estado? Con que conceptos y nivel intelectual fue la elección?

With this anti health move folks who want to be safe are at risk. Personal responsibility is no responsibility. Parents right when there is a question. Who raises all the delinquents, criminals, do nothings, and folks not bright enough to take advantage of a vaccine. Parents! Does anybody find it ironic coming from a party who preaches freedom of choice?

He’s so weird looking. We living in the twilight zone. Good Idiot. give TX back to Mexico, if they'll have it. Ugh! So over it!!!

Allen West, Texas GOP gubernatorial hopeful, has COVID-19Tea party firebrand Allen West, a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of Texas, said Saturday that he has received monoclonal antibody injections after being diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia. The antibodies are used to treat those in the early stages of a coronavirus infection. According to his Twitter account, Allen West did not get vaccinated against the virus, but his wife did. 하나님의 구원의 지식을 갖게 되면 당신은 예수님을 귀하게 여길 것입니다 HourOfRepentance Well, if there was only a free vaccine that was readily available… You have to be high up in the hierarchy to get that kind of expensive top-tier medical treatment.

Finally a politician who cares about people's rights and Not forcing shit on them Good choice. This is the way it should be in every state ! Newsom demanding all school age kids 12 up get vaccine but his wife is anti vax . His age eligible daughter isn’t vaxed but it’s ok to force other parents ? Not ok .

So mis-guided is he. 👎 Must be friends with Southwest Airlines CEO😂😂this happens right after their strike against mandatory vaccines but he was cricket when the Texas nurses were protesting 🤔 Good, fewer republicans voters in 24. How much did his treatment for COVID cost taxpayers? Does he have investments in companies that profit from those treatments? Does he take money from them? How much does he make off them?

THATS WHATS UP..BIDENISLAME Too much stupidity going on in Texas disease takes no sides just strikes you dead.

Primero COVID-19, ahora VIH: Científicos de Moderna y San Diego trabajan para crear una vacunaLos investigadores planean utilizar una serie de inyecciones para enseñar al sistema inmunitario a producir respuestas de anticuerpos contra el virus It is all about guidance when it comes to investing. Many are seeking for whom to help them on this field. Just know every achievement begins with a decision to try and to be successful you to take risks, I recommend Geoffreypreud for your successful trade … we hope they don’t use humans to test their new stuff like they did with Covid vaccines.

Of course he did. Douchebag Well that’s stupid! I wonder what will happen when the likes of Google, Tesla, Facebook, Apple, etc all who are investing heavily and moving HQ’s to Texas challenge him or simply pull their billions out of the state!! I’m sure he’ll quickly revoke that order. What an a-hole!!!

Does this include government contracted companies? Lock him up along with Paxton & Patrick! 👺👹👺 I’m pretty sure he can’t do that but it’s TX. Fucking circus. I agree the vaccine doesn't work, straight bullshit! Selfishness....this is not about rights or what I can or can't do with my business..it's about helping to protect our society

Fantastic news for the Texan population…. Isn’t it amazing how willing Abbott is to sacrifice the lives of his citizens in order to impress the national audience of Deplorables?

The man is not worthy of any office unless it’s taking out the garbage But it's not just an individual matter. It affects everyone. If you don't take measures to pressure the unvaccinated, we will have the blasted virus forever. And it may become more deadly and resistant to vaccines. Do you have “recall elections” in Texas? This guy has got to go. How can he be so blind to fact and truth and so illogical?

Is the reverse psychology working yet? The way I see this is you have a vaccine with out know if your immune system will respond successfully to the virus, if fact people with vaccine have 50% to catch the virus? So he made a mandate against a mandate.. He wants to run for POTUS. This ban gets him more name recognition and news coverage. The ban has nothing to do with individual rights or freedom. The ban is serving his own self interests.

That’s beautiful I think I should move to Texas Good luck with that! You’ll have COVID forever in your State.

He should be in jail! Go somewhere and get lost … I promise we’ll look for you…NOT!! I don't think they get it. They are risking the lives of their followers and there won't be anyone around to vote for them. Weird. Why does this not surprise me. Sorry, the federal government outranks him. What’s he going to do when OSHA, issues it’s new guidelines? Probably next week. Thank you 👍

715,000 dead Americans and rising. Covid looks forward to taking your families this winter. Politicians like this are supporting that misery. Nothing like a pandemic to show just how weak and cowardly Americans are too fight this virus Republicans are killing their base. From the party of small government 🤨

Death wish? This fellow should stop eating hallucinatory mushrooms. Really. Idiocy. Mf can’t even walk and he’s trying to tell people what to do. The irony Putting your personal beliefs in front of your responsibilities can be hazardous. What the hell is wrong with this idiot? He's making a sacrifice of his people in order to gain brownie points with trump

Ban him Why doesn’t he just retroactively remove all vaccine mandates - smallpox, meningitis, etc. Worst governor Texas ever got God help Texas

I got in trouble on Twitter over my response to an Anti- vaxxer over this. He looks like Trey Parker and Matt Stone designed his face for a Team America sequel Great news. Mandates don’t accomplish anything. Abbott, you are so concerned about people’s rights being violated, and then you take the rights away from business owners to require their employees to be vaccinated. You should just stay out of the conversation instead of setting mandates.

Congrats to him for standing up for 'We the People', no one should have the power to force us to put anything into ours bodies against our will! I wish he was our Governor. How are private employers state entities? Or is that just a bad headline? I see a Civil War coming' Our democracy is failing (Thanks TFG/GOP)- we are in a Constitutional crisis. Period. Ignoring, or refusing to acknowledge it, will not make it go away. In fact, it makes you complicit - you give consent. BE THE STACEY ABRAMS IN YOUR COMMUNITY!

Ignorant!!! The red state race to the bottom continues.

so fucking glad we live far away from the historically fucked state of texas! Texas is going to be a death state. What is your goal? If your goal is to turn Texas to a blue state by killing off enough antivaxer keep it up. Damn, Texas really wants to hurt themselves, is there a therapist in the room? Bueller, Bueller?

Good… How many ppl go out the house everyday sick? Some with certain virus they can spread to others like the flu… how about those that don’t feel just stay home. Others keep your distance and wear a mask Yeah, its unconstitutional 2MAKE anybody get vaccine. Flat OUT. Merck has red pill out prevenitive for Covid & there is cure. So 2 force anything other than being precautious is un-called 4. Covid has been here. It also is mistaken 4TB=immigration issues

Sounds like big brother, the very thing Red Texans are afraid. Idiot Another reason to never buy a Tesla Tell me someone else sees this

What’s with the Seditionists in Florida and Texas, its like they have all gone mad Is it legal for a government office to interfere with private business? BUILD THAT WALL AROUND TEXAS Good on Texas! Measles and Diptheria right now Idiot but isn't Texas the state that's for less regulation? LMAO. How is this legal? Private companies?


Good! Freedom and I got the vaccines. It should be the people’s choice that’s what America was founded on !!!libbies Btw Harris using child actors lol fake party of corruption. Gas prices, fentanyl coming in in truck loads way to goooo libbies way to go What percentage of Texans get all the drugs and treatment that he got when he contracted the virus?

What a MARXIST thing to do! Prevent small businesses from deciding how to run their operation? Taking away their right to decide how to protect themselves and customers? Is he out of his mind You failed to mention that his office requires masks for all visitors. Good 4 him..ppls choice, ppls right... if u die u die🤷🏾‍♂️

👌🤟😂😂😂💪🇺🇲✌️ CNN, this is an almost fact-free fluff piece. What is the response of health experts? What is the response of hospitals? How is Texas faring in the epidemic? How many have died this week, month, year? Let’s hear from those suffering from infections at work. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

Texas he does not care if you get COVID! You can do better by electing someone who REALLY cares for you!

He isn’t the president of the United States to order what the real president is trying to help the USA the virus under control. I don’t understand how he can do this…override the POTUS explain AbbottFailedTexasAgain Royal decree from King Greg. This is not democracy This little Napoleon has a need to show he has power to deflect from his disabilities. Why would Abbott want to put Texas citizens in harms way and not encourage them to get vaccinated and wear masks Dead people can’t vote!!!

Great job Mr governor 👏 👍 🙌 Ass clown 🤡!!! Republican Governor Abbott is an absolute ass!! He does not give a crap about the health of Texas citizens. His political ambitions will not be realized if he kills off some of his voters with Covid!! This make’s me want to move to TEXAS!!! All these people saying they are gonna die, they’re going to die.!! Guess what: THEY WILL LIVE!! So be happy with your vaxx untill you’ll realize that the vaxx has nothing to do with the illness and you have been screwed all the time!

GOP hates big Gover.... oh never mind, another lie they want us to swallow. Finally a leader that says fuck joe Biden.

Time for these guys to move en masses to Hungary...the home of authoritarian wet dreams Idiot… Excellent! Let's include all childhood vaccines as well. Let's see Texas getting crippled... literally... ... on the other hand, I see the benefit of letting mother nature be in control and have the Darwinian rules lead Texas...

What an ass.... So this is just for the cooties and all the other numerous vaccine mandates stay in place? Jerk Abbott believes in government over reach, authoritarianism where governments control private businesses and BIGLY BIGLY government. Is civil war inevitable? Will people on either side fight on these life and death issues. Extreme but I wonder with our country very polarized what will happen. If you don’t get vaccinated and don’t wear a mask you could be killing someone. To be clear I don’t advocate violence

Someone should introduce a bill that businesses and employers don’t have to have ramps at any entrance..

He just won’t be happy until his states is the number one deaths of Covid. I guess he just wants to be number one ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ From the state that is anti-mandates, behold how they embrace executive orders that mandates their agenda. What happened to the GOP being against exec orders? Well done Texas -just keep shooting yourself in the foot.

Governor Death is determined that people die. This is a bad idea. Businesses should be able to dictate their own rules and regulations without the heavy hand of government interference. Why doesn't he just come clean and admit that he doesn't care if every last man, woman and child (except the unborn) die? He wants FAME, he wants to appear macho. Instead he appears barbaric, vain, and totally unfit for office of any kind.

Thank you Lord ❤️ Seems like government over-reach frankly. He know vaccines not help us

About Fucking Time Then businesses need to leave the state. He cannot mandate what a business does to their employees. = Texans will keep dying 💔 So much for the land of the free. What a State. Follow the money. It's amazing to realize how some governors behave irrisponssiblely by issuing orders puting at risk The lives of people.

once again, a 'pro life' Republican wants it's citizens to die retronexgen Considering moving to Texas. Wow, all of a sudden that play is appealing to me. FreeDumb The art of Republican genocide. If Trump gets away with treason any thing else is OK

Finally some balls from up top. Your body your choice This is how it should be in all states to be honest. Forcing people to get Vaccinated for a virus with a very high survival rate should be optional not mandatory for employment. One man enforcing his view on everyone? Business (private parties) can't run business as they see fit. Big government will now run your business as the government sees fit. Welcome to the new Republican party.

Very stupid🤬 FU GregAbbott Good lord how are Americans tolerating this? Is the level of intelligence below normal in Texas? What legitimate reason has he given for this? Thanks Governor Good job, the whole world must follow suit sarenajacintha Everyone with any sense ought to flee the Covid State (and Covid State 2, Covid State 3, etc.) Of course, they would need to undergo a proper quarantine upon arriving anywhere or else they will just be spreading around more infection.

👎🏻 I’m glad I don’t live there , I feel bad for people that do. Not cool to feel unsafe. It’s sad. I’m guessing he read Allan West Tweets, from his COVID hospital bed! The Texas QGOP Governor primary is going to be a race to the bottom! How can someone be so irresponsible 🤯 Super darren_done He can’t do that

Um, the Federal Government is an entity with employees in Texas. Performative move. Feds rule.

Texas = backwards around the WHOLE WORLD….sorrytonormaltexans Hypocrite How is that not treasonous? He is literally helping people get sick and die! If he was working for AlQaeda they would probably be asking he do shit like that Dead republicans… thank god This man has a very very dark soul and HE darn well knows he's serving HIS master.....what other explanation is there for his callousness 🥺

Bad! Never in the history of any president has there been someone saying that they forcing vaccine on anyone mandating vaccine right there is against our constitutional rights and when people start getting fired it was mostly people that voted for him are done Covid is nothing but the flu on steroids get that through y’all heads people don’t let the media fool you. If you are waiting for Covid to go away for ever it is not so live with it mark my words Fabian hernandez

So much for prolife I am calling Dexter

I love it governor. Abbot knows what he is doing I’m taking it as we can’t force anything upon employees, but we can highly encourage them 😬 either way no one can’t make everyone happy. There’s always a way to get it your way 💁🏻‍♀️right? Dunning–Kruger in action, again. SMH. Good for him. This should be standard in all States

texas=clown country tweeted this for 61.4M followers to see. C'est un danger ce gars la Building his own empire. Y'all be warned for this extremist.

What’s wrong with him? I’m just amazed So the government can tell private citizens what they can and can’t do. Got it. Trying to muscle out with the good policies of the US President,just to make his presence felt,that is selfish, Texans be wise,get covid-19 vaccinated Guy has heart in the right place What happens to federal contractors that work in Texas?

Hero. Not a great move! Absolutely crazy is this Governor! Madness Seriously? you got nothing better to do?

Illegal. Sounds like another lie from CNN. Is he the worst Governor ever or do we need to see more? Oh! wait..there is his competitor Desantis..go for it..I wanna see who can go even lower..US version of Squid game.. Just so everyone knows the flu has variants every year and the flu kills people. I NEVER heard any of y’all speak up about flu shots before hand. And no, the flu is just as dangerous as Covid because it simply, it kills.

What a dipshit loser. Time to kiss his ass goodbye! Murderin’ Abbott So much for freedom and personal rights! It’s my way or the highway with the so called fiscal conservative’s! Another bush Shameful Stop making a global pandemic politics and just get the shot. Vaccine mandates have been around for decades, it’s how we all get to go to school. Get the shot.

Idiot Thank you Governor Abbot! We dont fall for the fake media (like CNN) scare hype. Good. It shouldn’t be mandated!! Virus Man, Virus Man, does whatever a virus can, spins a web of friendly lies, just don't try to defend your life! lookout! here comes the Virus Man GregAbbott_TX GovAbbott jeffwardshow

At least someone stands for The American People and The Constitution. God Bless Greg Abott VAX mandates aren’t even a law! Not your job!!! Good so much for small government and private businesses having any say so in how they run their operations This guy has balls not like other governors

ICA please bar all Texans from entering SGP Good luck with that How “pro life” of him. Good for him. Someone has to fight for the American freedom. This puts the decision to vaccinate in the hands of each individual. I am vaccinated but believe individuals have the right to decline if an individual has a personal reason for doing so.

Dictator Dabbit Yeah, pretty sure courts will strike this down in short order. recallAbbott GOPDeathCult We are so messed up political we don’t even know what’s up or down anymore. We just stack hypocrisy upon hypocrisy and can’t even tell what we believe in anymore He can ban state entities but not private businesses.

That’s the way!! Be the kim jong of texas!! Tell them what they can and can’t do!! They won’t know the difference when they vote anyway riiiight GregAbbott_TX You think the people who vote for you are stupid? I don’t think a guy making BANS OVER AND OVER WILL WIN 🤔🤔

Is it legal for him to tell private companies what they can do? welcome to the beautiful beach Republicans want to tell people what to do with their bodies and not have government telling private entities what to do ALL WHILE telling private entities what to do and telling people they have the freedom to choose what to do with their bodies. Today’s GOP is a joke.

Abortion ban and this. Goodbye TX. You'll never see me and countless others in your regressive authoritarian state. He’s stupid and he can prove it. Interesting but he has no authority to do that for private entities. Gotta love those small government conservatives 🤦‍♂️ He doesn’t care about you Texans , do you understand ?!?!? He got COVID and was able to get the best meds, regeneron, therapeutics etc, you won’t !!!!!!!

Yup, and his next exc. order is to reinstate witch burning and bleeding as a medical treatment. The party that doesn't want big government telling them what to do You really have to laugh at these clowns. 😎😅😂🤡

Businesses should leave Texas Is it just Covid or all vaccines At what point do you start calling these people madmen? They’re actively getting people killed and they’re still treated respectfully. It’s absurd. 🐀 plague rat. Just glad there are still people willing to stand up for our great American freedom to die! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sell Texas back to Mexico. So what does that mean for cruise ships leaving Galveston… ? He just prefers to control women's bodies. That's all. He has my vote for president Can’t wait to move to Texas. GovAbbott thank you 🙏 NYC is a disaster zone now

MrStockBot Show me $MRNA financials Amen. Finally a Governor with Balls. Texans wake up & run GovAbbott out of office. HoldRepublicansAccountable Well done In other words, he’s pronounced a death penalty for all those left unprotected from the thoughtless! Way to go, hub! You’re an even bigger a-hole than I thought! 🤬

I will never vacation in Texas Good smart man. Look what’s happening the air lines over the weekend left thousands of people stranded same with the railroads. The employees held a sick out over Biden’s mandatory vaccinations. Also cargo ships can’t get unloaded no workers people have had enough of the bs.

They call the democrats communist 🤣🤣🤣🤣 fucking rich Ahhhhh freedom thank you GovAbbott

Hot wheels is at it again LOL Whatever GregAbbott_TX 🤣 I see more DEAD PEOPLE!! If Texas is a right to work state then employers can simply terminate anyone not vaccinated anyway. the more people he kills the less people will vote against him. thats the plan It must be the decision of each person whether to vaccinate or not, it should never be an obligation if today they force to be vaccinated in the future they can do it with other things

Suavecito16 Lol 😂. What is the name of the executive order—. Let us kill more people act! Only in TexAAS Boy 👋 👋, haven't listened to you in over a year AbbottFailedTexasAgain Why is he hell bent on killing everyone in Texas

He also is gonna order the letter D be stricken from the alphabet….Because… Today is issue fantasy order day?! Republicans and GOVERNMENT OVERREACH 🙄 He does not have the authority to do that I don’t know who the fuck he thinks he is. This is getting out-of-control we need to round up these cult Republicans and do something with them…

human waste I am glad this is happening. Just let them be, we are overpopulated anyways. Boycott Texas The party of small government at work. Gotcha What do you expect from the faux pro life party Crazy!!!!!!!!!

Texas just continues to be more and more unappealing to me Again with Texas ? What the fuck is in the water there …that reduces what should be somewhat average intellects to something just below Protozoa… Back Under you Rock Greggy Boy your not fat enough down the evolutionary line to make life or death decisions for others 😑

Everything in Texas is bigger, even the morons! If that's the case, then nobody should be able to enforce no smoking laws, or seat belt laws, or texting & driving laws, etc. No federal funds should sent to Texas full stop. You don’t have to follow the rules. Sustain yourself. POTUS VP SpeakerPelosi PressSec

Cut Federal funds going to states that don’t follow federal guidelines. We will save money and these crazies can do what they want. And no, this doesn’t reduce federal taxes, they still have representation in DC. Who the hell does he think he is, Jesus Listen to the accomplices of the totalitarian state screaming out why forcing medical procedures is perfectly legitimate

idiot Or else what?

The people of Texas are being lead by a neanderthal. Kyrie to the Mavs! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏆 One individual has the power to do that? I guess Texas not only wants to be in charge of The Uterus, they also want to control every business in the state. Says the vaccinated Governor He does not have the power to tell companies what to do

He’s going to kill more people. 🤬😡 Good HE ONLY SEEKS RE-ELECTION.

Nullification for the win. Next up, Texit! Private employers Thought they were the free market party? Pro-life. Nope. They are pro-covid 'we're against Government regulation' he yells as he... regulates through his Government Not pro-life confirmed Joe Biden: 'And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.' Joe’s mantra for 40 years.

Welcome to Texas, if our fragile power grid didn't kill ya'll last year, our science denying politics will. Gov. Greg Abbott is simply a political secessionist. Really He knows it's illegal but wants publicity to be trump 2.0 contender A person has the right not to get vaccinated but the person that pays him a wage hasn’t the the right to say get vaccinated or find employment somewhere else. I don’t think that makes since. One has a right and the other hasn’t

we'd all be better off in that tree had finished the job Governor Abbott should be arrested for crimes against humanity. TexasDeathCult GOPDeathCult Bringing back the Iron Lung is all the rage I see. Good! Individuals should decide if they want poison vaccine . A true Hero!!!!