Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Announces Plan To Arrest Migrants And Build Border Wall - Cnnpolitics

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Announces Plan To Arrest Migrants And Build Border Wall - Cnnpolitics

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces plan to build border wall and arrest migrants

Texas will begin building its own border wall and next week will begin arresting migrants who trespass on private property, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced

6/12/2021 7:46:00 AM

Texas will begin building its own border wall and next week will begin arresting migrants who trespass on private property, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced

Texas will begin building its own border wall and next week will start arresting migrants who trespass on private property, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday.

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Abbott = Idiot. Texas deserves better WTF?!?!? Will the wall really address the immigration issue in Texas? Gov., please do not play politics and the previous admin has been passed. Let's move forward and let the new admin do the job. Do not be the spoiler and waste tax payers money to buid the stupid useless wall that everyone can climb over and tunnel thru. GOP

How about teasing roads,buildings, bridges and flood plain areas in your state ? Rather than extending your hate ? Where's Texas rank in education? Healthcare? Affordable housing? All of sudden they have money for a fucking racist border wall that even Republicans in DC wouldn't fund under Trump? 🤨🤔 It's an election culture war strategy. Oh, and it's insane bullshit. FuckGovAbbott 🖕👊

Có cùng sở thích true Christians right there 🙄 If only the natives could have done so, after 1492 on the whole continent! Thats the way it should be. Mexico is responsible for their border. You can support them but they should block unwanted travelling. Ok but how about going after the ones who bring them? How about going after the Americans who hire them? They can’t stay if there’s no work.

Texas Gov. Abbott Vows To Build Wall On Border With MexicoThe Trump administration's construction project came with a price tag of nearly $20 million per mile. who will pay, the electric company maybe gun dealers Well let's start getting these Churches in America to start paying their taxes, and we can just use that money to help finish paying for the rest of the Wall! When its for money to actually help people, it's government is too big'

Where are they getting the money from Awesome! He is doing the shitty federal government's job Fantastic Wait i thought they had a lozy POWER GRID, He cares nothing for the residents of Texas. We need more patrols not more fencing that people can climb or tunnel under. This is a political stunt we as taxpayers will pay for To help him be elected.

Build it around texas instead and keep America safe from crazy gun-toting Texans Rt on and send there Ass back over!!! Americans better wake up....the Republican party is waging a civil war. They're separating their states and building walls by the own laws. Trouble ahead... God bless Texas! North Americans (and that means you too USA) are going to get chewed up by China if we don’t come together and develop better relationships with each other.

Texas Gov. Abbott vows to build a border wall with MexicoTexas Gov. Abbott says his state will build a wall along the border with Mexico and blamed President Biden’s policies for a humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Abbott, obviously, thinks of Texas as the independent country🤗 All boarders and immigration are in charge of the federal government. He is a very poor populist. The migrant problem actually started increasing during Trump’s presidency. Trump loves taking credit for things so all credit goes to Trump. Plus I don’t know how Gov. Abbott says we have a humanitarian crisis & say he’s going to build a wall. That doesn’t sound too sympathetic. Does he have video of this crisis? A daily record? Proof positive?

Please consider land mines, army sentries with shoot on site orders, and completion of the wall. Security of the border is a top priority. How’s it being funded? Good about time Nonsense!!! Good in the Indians want to put a wall around you and your whole part of the white Nation can they do that everyday put us all in one square corner of Earth to keep the bad white people out of their part of the country who stole it.

Texas needs a time out for wacko behavior. Reminder.....everybody in the us is an immigrant unless they are native Americans....got it? Yes, that's my Texas for you. The governor's dereliction causes deaths and hardship during a winter storm. So, he starts arresting illegal aliens and building a border wall to get back on the good side of his base supporters.

Uhhhh ok. Infrastructure who? 🌨

Exxon defeat could lead drillers back to TexasThe $265 bln fossil fuel giant’s board upheaval will prompt other drillers to merge higher returns with greener investments. Buying Texas oil ironically could fit that bill. Deals not only offer companies a way to cut costs. Acquisitions can actually help them look greener, too. Reuters rob_cyran nice

Abbott is afraid Dan Patrick is more popular than him and might beat him in the next republican primary forGovernor, so Abbott is trying to out-trump him. It's pretty pathetic. GOOD!!!!! Yes, build a wall, but do it around you to yourself. Hopefully, after a while, you generate better ideas. I’m an idiot. I qualify to govern Texas. Nice!

Good job Greg go Texan Can we keep those Fuckers from Moving Out Of Texas because I swear it's like Rats from a Sinking Ship. Texas license plates Everywhere But Texas! Good!

California recall that could oust Gov. Newsom projected to cost state $215MIt will cost California counties an estimated $215,000,000 to stage an expected recall election this year that could oust Gov. Newsom from office, state analysts say. It’ll be money well spent He is not going anywhere. Right, but he unjustly forced the closure of businesses in his State leading to mass poverty when instead he could have just been giving the infected people some hydroxychloroquine.

The wall was to be called 'The Great Wall Of Trump' Now he's decided to rename after himself, the famous electric grid protector! 'Greggos Gate' Abbotts opened a store on the Mexican side selling bottled water,beans,cheese,tortillas,rope,and maps.HeCanRobTexansAndMexicans!CROOK! And this is the reason why the republicans will never win another election

Like i don't really know the set of people who thinks building a wall is top notch for protection after all this years. It sound so stupid, why not channel the money on something else to bring more money? i believe by doing that it has a great impact on the economy. quan tâm yêu thương người yêu jasoncarrollcnn Go ahead. I mean, it's not like you need a power grid anyway. 47 million a mile makes super sense.

He’s trying desperately to bail out his re-election. Maybe they can address the mass shootings and daily murders in Dallas, Houston, and now Austin. Jails and walls. That’s what Abbott wants to build. No immigrant will want to live in a state with a failed power grid. Theyre gonna be looking like the shithole 3rd world countries they laugh about.

And Trump won't claim Mexico will pay for it.

Texas Man Pleads Guilty To Plotting To Bomb Amazon Data CenterProsecutors said Seth Aaron Pendley, who claimed he brought a sawed-off rifle to the Capitol riot, hoped to “kill off about 70% of the internet” with his... good

Is it free Go Texas! Since Kamaltoe and Joe refuse to do anything! They just had another shooting but hey wall yay texas and don't worry about that grid failure being addressed and updated. go build that wall Those people are fleeing their country in DESPAIR. No wall will stop them. They are afraid and desperate and that is powerful motivation. You should thank God you don't get to feel that level of sadness and fear. How about a more humane approach instead of 1st century solution?

Somebody has to take control of this crisis lord know VP has not and will not! Did yall help fix people homes from the storm yet? Good job Abbott!! I hope the wall built around the whole state.

Teen charged with capital murder in death of child found in middle of Texas streetAn 18-year-old man was charged with capital murder in connection with the death of a child who was found in the middle of a Texas street, according to police.

Have them build it all around the state and let’s just remove them and Florida from the United States. No need to have their backwards thinking polluting our country. There has been migrant issues for years! So he wants to start enforcing things he should have been enforcing all along!? doofus, hope you Texans vote this blowhard out next go around. Should been fixing the power issue first..dontcha think

Arrest them and buy them a one way bus ticket to Vermont, Cali, Washington, New York City. What are you going to do after you arrest them? House and feed them 3 squares a day? I wonder if they would really mind that. 🤔 Better he waste the tax payer monies from his own state. maybe then those voters will finally wake up and vote this fool out.

Private property? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤪🤪🤪 Interested in what Abbott intends for Texas to do with these arrested migrants. Give them jobs no one else wants, house and feed them? As he isn’t the federal government he can’t transport them to another country. Absolutely nothing good can possibly come from this. Just the Texas Govoners latest attempt to keep tedcruz from running away to Cancun at the drop of a hat.

I wish he would do a David Carradine 😕

It’s the only card republicans got , every single time they fuck up they use it blame the immigrants, we are tough in inmigración , it works for them, becouse they don’t have nothing else! You spelled illegal alien wrong. *Yawn* Build border walls around all the red states so we can contain all the radicalized members of American Isis.

Benevolent There have been miles and miles of wall built BEFORE TRUMP!We are STILL saying build MORE!This is NOT the solution! And with which money will he pay for it. He's probably gonna cut some entitlements for the poor and needy. Again with the wall after four years of Trumps promises about building the wall he's even promised to make Mexico pay for it , then came Steve Bannon's we build the wall scam with Eric Trump so what kind of scam has Abbott got planned , my advice don't fall for it not again .

BS Texas can’t even handle a fucking power grid let alone a got damn wall lmao 😂 bye 👋🏾 Gilead? That you? Are the Handmaid uniforms coming next? Couldn’t pay me to set foot in TX.

That money should've went to their infrastructure. I guess they enjoy mass power outings for days in the dead of winter. Yeah, a border wall is way more important. Can we build a wall around Texas? Good So he can fill private prisons for profit at the expense of the tax payer. Just imagine at least $7,000 a day per prisoner all payed for by Texas citizens

Not on federal land he won't.He wants to stir up a trump now all he needs is Mexico will pay for it lie. Where he will get the money not from Texans. He's talking points are stupid and to tell u he hasn't done a thing for Texas. His trying to take credit for business coming to D Is trump still a president 😧!

When that wall is getting built, I inspect to see a lot of you (far-right) red maga hat wearing conservatives out on your asses and start helping to build that wall in the middle of the scorching sun when it's more than 100° degrees outside, because nobody wants it except Texas! texas divorsing. a last moment before decleration.


You could replace Texas with Germany in that sentence and it would sound at home in the 1930s Are there any good, honest Republicans left? They need to start a new party. They can take Manchin and Sinema. GovAbbott Wait? Didn't you just have a major infrastructure failure this winter? Why upgrade that when you can build a scalable fence. $1B California never looked so good.