Texas' Gop Governor Signs Permit-Free Gun Carrying Legislation - Cnnpolitics

Texas' Gop Governor Signs Permit-Free Gun Carrying Legislation - Cnnpolitics

Texas GOP governor signs permit-free gun carrying legislation

Texas GOP governor signs bill into law allowing citizens to carry handguns in public without obtaining licenses or training

6/17/2021 2:26:00 AM

Texas GOP governor signs bill into law allowing citizens to carry handguns in public without obtaining licenses or training

Texans will soon be able to carry handguns in public without obtaining licenses or training after the state's Republican governor on Wednesday signed a permitless carry gun bill into law.

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As if I ever wanted to visit Texas, here’s another reason to stay away. GregAbbott_TX I hope you take time out of your busy day to read these tweets. People from other states don't want to visit Texas. They don't trust YOUR GUN LAWS. Stupidest bill that has ever passed in Texas... No license equals No background check? Criminals will now be able to obtain a gun legally to commit their crimes... Way to go!!!

U know what will be the next good thing for business in Texas? Bulletproof vest.. R u crazy? I have to get a license to put up a wall in my house...I don't understand why common sense is lost on some people. Guns are dangerous tools...you need training👍👍 If you don’t like Guns don move to Texas that your solution .

wow,just wow Why If it doesn’t extend to the statehouse and legislature, it’s hypocritical.

Texas Governor Signs Law To Stop Teachers From Talking About Racism'The idea is to whitewash American history of any legacy of racism,' said state Democratic Rep. James Talarico.

Good, not enough killing in the war of another country now you are killing each other. This is karma. WHAT ! Wtf!!! That is dangerous in my opinion What is next, driving cars without passing a driving test? Crazy good for you Not surprised Oh thanks goodness, all the gun toting idiots can all start shooting each other. Yee haa!

I never liked the south and now I have yet another reason to consider those states to be evil land.

Texas Governor Signs Law To Stop Teachers From Talking About Racism'The idea is to whitewash American history of any legacy of racism,' said state Democratic Rep. James Talarico.

It’s going to be one big ‘Ol West’ shoot out in Texas. The only good news for Texas is there will be less air conditioning demand on the electric grid🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Idiot! The can kill themselves if is what they want What a killer idea. Can my 12 year old get a driver’s license? CA Please 👂 Listen to Texas 🤔 👌

With these kinds of decisions, I say to myself Oh Texas, why won’t you flush already Oh good This is a dangerous move without no background check. Can wait for the Governors election this is totally ridiculous

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to solicit donations across country to build border wallAbbott said during a podcast that anyone can donate online to raise the money needed to construct a wall on the border shared with Mexico. What's your IBAN?! Isn’t this the same scam Steve Bannon got indicted for? 😂😂😂😂😂

Been a thing in KY for a couple years now. Same amount of guns on hips at flea markets round these parts. 🤙 I thought the centre is trying to curb erratic shooting behaviour? But with legislation like this.... Yes, he’s now giving everyone a free for all outright lawless state. Who the heck would ever go into that state for any reason. Very dangerous situation for everyone who lives, works or travels into this state.

OMG.... Love Texas What could possibly go wrong? 🙄 This is ridiculous. So many lives are gonna be on his head. Sống vì người mình thương yêu State of Texas is moving backwards in time!

GOP leader vows to make Joe Biden a 'half-term president'.MaddowBlog: With his 'half-term president' rhetoric, Sen. Barrasso is giving away the game. The GOP doesn't want to govern; it's desperate to stop Democrats from governing. MaddowBlog Absolutely pitiful MaddowBlog Introductory Plexaderm offer on tv guys, just a thought :) LunalNewport MaddowBlog SenJohnBarrasso is playing the base. The GOP doesn’t fill the seat when they unjustifiably remove Biden. Kamala Harris becomes president and gets to choose her own VP (her successor)… Stacey Abrams, Beto ORoarke, Adam Schiff, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Eric Swallwell

Its our right already it shouldn't have to be signed into law Wow! Boycott Texas Why? Its TX sooooo I'm not surprised. But I can see that turning real bad, real fast. This governor must be ware of passing laws to express his anger The Devil was kicked out of Heaven to earth. Here is were he has been. He will control the minds and hearts of anyone that allows him to. The Devil mission is to destroy everything God Like. He will us anything and anyone to do this.

Oh Goody. How about doing the same thing for driving. No lessons no training and let loose on the road. Too much of democracy,going in all probability to tear off the social fibre. As if we don’t have enough shootings in this country. What the heck is he thinking. Lord have mercy on us all.

After meeting with vice president, Texas Democrats concede federal voting rights battle is in SenateDemocratic Texas lawmakers met with Vice President Harris, but conceded that while the administration wants to see federal voting reform pass, the hurdle is the Senate. Gotta kill the filibuster, but that’ll screw the democrats when inevitably the balance of power shifts.

What's wrong with Republicans? Mong tìm những người bạn đơn giản và chân thành. This is beyond stupid and very dangerous!! Người vui vẻ hoa đồng lâu cũng hơi nóng tính nhưng chúc là hết ak mình là người sống biết quan tâm yêu thương He's a coward for a father or grandfather, for Father's day his children should disown him.

Now do away with speed limits. You'll be the best state ever! The Mark was the first to make theft and fraud and the first to teach employees theft and looting. Why are you silent asking, is Mark paying you money so you don't talk? Where are the honorable officials in this country Good maybe they’ll kill one another and rid the state of its violent repulsive hatred population. I’ll certainly not visit.

As a Texan this scares me. There has been so much gun violence since the isolation of Covid 19. But then HE has shown no care for the health or well being of his constituents 😂🤣😅

Florida Gov. DeSantis sending law enforcement personnel to aid Texas, Arizona with border crisisFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that several of the state’s law enforcement agencies will send personnel to Texas and Arizona to aid local authorities in addressing an immigration crisis at the southern border. Yeah, because Florida has so much experience with people crossing borders. This must be a Donald idea. I can’t wait to see how this pans out! I think THE FEDS will have their say! In fact I KNOW it!

What is the man thinking? I guess that he’s not… Good for him… watch the crime rate drop like a rock… after the initial 'let’s test this” by wannabe crooks… Welcome more crime and senseless deaths right on!! Brilliant!! 🤬 Another reason not to love Texas Good job Texas governor everyone that lives on the border are in danger the ranchers I feel so sorry for them to come across their land and destroying their fences .and scaring their families you've got to do what you can do and that is to let Texans protect

UNITED STATES REALLY IS A FUCKED UP COUNTRY!! GOD HELP US!! Visions of the wild west and imbeciles with the IQ of Ma Barker Boebert running around firing willy-nilly admonishing unsuspecting citizens to 'dance, pewwww-pewwwww dance!' Real dark forest Let them start shooting each other. It won’t be long…

To the primos in Texas pronounced Te-hASS, to quote one of your abuelos, “Pa pendejo no se estudia.” But your gov leadership is showing their pedigree in pendejoism. “Maybe she/he is born with it? Maybe it’s Maybelline.” Nah… must be born with it.😜

Meanwhile, he wants to check your prostate cavity before you get to use your God given right to vote. Another political move that plays with people's lives! What other useful purpose does this serve? Well no telling good guys from the bad guys. Definitely the wild wild west now. Nothing like instilling fear into you constitutes. People have lost their minds.

Gee, how dumb was that? It’s like they think there’s no gun problem in the US. Idiots! It’s still the Wild West Dumb. Wtf is Texas on The statistics will continue.

Is Tx part of civilized world? I think 🤔 governor has made some private deal for his own profit with the gun lobbyists! This is insane and scary! More gun violence! When did handguns become pencils What is this man hiding America already knows he is gay. What could possibly go wrong? What could possibly go wrong 🙄

Crazy! What can go wrong I wonder!

All in Another US State I won’t be visiting. Tourism’s gonna take a hit. Too bad for the workers who depend on it. Make the Texas GOP Governor legally responsible for all deaths resulting from the firing of a handgun. Everywhere needs this Insanity What's happening with Mr. Trumpitito As if we didn’t have enough problems already. God help us all!

Maybe instead of a gun this citizen of Texas should discover a toothbrush and mouthwash!! So someone like me, who’s never held or shot any type of firearm, can just walk around with one, loaded & ready to kill? 🙄

Ya ‘cuz guns in the hands of idiots is sure working well for Texas… LOL Now everyone is a want to be Texas Ranger! Good Luck.. He gonna have blood on his hands and on his karmic record What the hell is he thinking? Saddle up I not know how this guy became governor 😡 It’s a race to the bottom between Florida & Texas. And Texas has just taken a commanding lead. AbbottFailedTexasAgain cantfixstupid


Definition of Stupidity Is this guy $&? In the head? Great let the killings increase I can't wait to see these dumb asses start challenging each other to a quick draw in the streets. let's make notvisitingtexas a thing And he claims to be prolife Wow ! It’s the Wild Wild West in Texas Cao hơn mình, vui tính, hiền lành

Eish! Whats that? Putting people's lives at risk. I'll never go to Texas again.

I hope he is required to attend funerals of all the innocent people that are going to end up dead. This is outrageous. This the lowest I heard- We willl pass Totally unacceptable and insane OR training? 🤦🏽‍♀️ You're in the mall. You're carrying Your AR-15, nodding to other citizens equally armed. Was that guy carrying a liquid cooled backpack fed mini-gun, 'Predator Style'? Suddenly, a gunshot/loud noise. You lay down suppression fire, but someone Else is shooting at You now. Shootout

A timely law that really answers current pressing problems in Texas. Okay so IG they want more shootings then If you want this law to be repealed, please encourage every black, brown, and Asian person to open carry in the state. BASICALLY THE WHOLE WORLD OUT SIDE TEXAS WILL NOW NOT VISIT YOUR STATE, WAY TO GO HURT SMALL BUISNESS, no one carries a gun in canada and we get along just fine…this is insane!!

Most likely the only places you cannot conceal carry are the governors office, state legislature or any of the courts associated with the judiciary. Carry anywhere except where we work .. So I guess y’all’s power grid is not killing enough people. Let the odds even be in your favor. 🤦🏼‍♂️ We all know what’s going to happen here. May the victims’ families sue the crap out of him for endangering their loved ones

Such an incredibly unwise decision Sad 2nd wins again Sweet Jesus but America is the stupidest country in the world. Never again will I set foot there. My self and millions of other decent folk will never ever travel to Texas for a holiday or to just spend money, it is time to boycott the cowboy gun,s and shoot everything state. We no longer hunt for food,farming needs no guns

Keep voting these people in and this is what you’ll get. The Wild Wild West In Texas

Crazy Texas should secede immediately, said the rest of the country. It make you think of this bill could be racially motivated..I can’t imagine a white guy getting shit for carrying like a black/brown or Asian guy.... hell any color apart from white. Watch police killings rise and more protest about police brutality, and then the GQP say its blm

Hey Texans!! NY is pretty nice. Lush green grass, no idiotic gun laws, we have water and yes we have high taxes but honestly not as high as you think. I need to move to Texas 🇺🇲 Bet cops aren’t happy. So much fir Blue lives matter Yippy Kayee ... You....!!!! Let’s end shootings by making it easier to obtain and walk around with guns

A live look at Texas: This can’t be real…

What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Now do cars We all know this will lead to the complete end of shootings and violence in the State. There will always be “good guys with guns” available to safely, and intelligently end any potentially threatening encounter. Can’t wait to see the statistics back me up…. 😐 Countdown is running down to the next mass shooting in Texas.

This is THE MOST messed up thing I have ever heard of in my lifetime....and I’m old! What have we become. Last week’s news had shootings up and down IH35 from SAT to ATX but yea I’m prob gonna go get a gun now Guns n walls guns n walls! Dey dook er jerbs! EllieElliott123 Aww. Now they can all shoot at the power grid when it fails.

What can possibly go wrong Wonderful. I can’t see anything bad happening here. No gun laws worked well for the ol’ west. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Dude SHUT UP !! 🤔If only voting were that easy in Tx 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄😞 Cool!! Maybe they can shoot those dang viruses. Good luck Texas, you’ll need it. Moronic move Why don’t you go and let your citizens drive a car without a license too🙄 Republicans in Texas: you have no right to live I think the Texas house should allow open carry on the floor during debates.

Law - can someone inform governor that citizens have been carrying guns without license/training long, long time ago!!! 🤣 I don’t understand how this is good for anyone. free healthcare pls

Praying for our state. This is absolutely mind boggling. How does he come up with this stuff? If you’re raped by ur dad, there’s a law preventing your abortion… Now he can do it at gun point without a licence. No wonder the housing market is on the up-n-up. It's a fact that more people have been killed by guns in the US than all others in the world combined. Now there is a statistic to be proud of.

We shoulda built a Wall ! What could possibly go wrong? death and lawlessness likes this So just like the constitution says routeofthesun There's nothing like taking Texas back to the worst lawlessness of the Wild West. 'Ladies & gentlemen, we are on final approach to land in Texas. Please set your watches forward 2 hours and your minds back 200 years.'

Isn’t it great!? We can’t keep the lights on but we can shoot each other at will. Go texas! There should be a mass exodus from Texas leaving the governor with his gun loving constituents

Can’t anyone see 👁the harm and negative consequences in this action. “No permit to carry”?.. He’s so dumb, Rick Perry wanna be 🤦🏽 JFC, & thought my country was bad with a mouse plague in 1 of the states with a Prime Minister with a hardon for emulating all things Donald Trump and trying to either kill us or send us into poverty. (IMO, of course).

MadMen Brain Dead PuckingRefuglycans. Lol my mom just got her freaking gun license. I hate Abbott! Doesn't he know he just opened the door for very bad hombres to carry 🤔 Back to the wild wild west...

What could go wrong? 🙄 Hey Governor, what is the advantage of this law you signed? Pleas tell us. Y’all are crazy Why not just pass out the guns when the child leaves the hospital after being born....UFR! Time for all the sane people to get the hell out of Texas. So stupid and so dangerous Confirming Texass is still the armpit of America. Question Gov: will the power grid hold up. Getting hot out there. Do your job

Vote like your life depends on it....because it does! Check out this new software the sales link in in the image Admit you are clueless without saying you’re clueless

debralenora This Governor is dangerous. Why is it permissible to have a driving license but not a gun license? Answer please. Anyone that thinks this doesn't have anything to do with corrupting future elections has their head in the sand. Notice the shootings in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, JUST THIS MONTH. Meanwhile the grid is failing and Abbott ask for Texas wall donations.

Disaster waiting to happen... So when those klan members start shooting rando people they have a legal right to do it. It’s so good we are making it legal to be a racist POS! This country is so great isn’t it! We shit on poor folks and make klan members heroes? WTAF? We are so screwed in TX until we get this Idiot out. We are also wasting $250 on a border wall. Half of TX may lose electricity but we build a wall!

That really makes sense. Let’s go shooting! Well, never going to Texas I will not visit Texas or even drive through Texas again. Too dangerous.

I think this law might....backfire 🥁 Just stupid Never going to Texas again. The land of the free; the land of many deaths Except if you are black or brown then the law doesn’t apply. Americans are generally ill equipped emotionally to carry a gun. I expect that more needless deaths will occur but hardly any change to crime statistics

All the more ready to stay out of Texas! WOW. Only in ‘Merica. He’s got his priorities screwed up something awful Well…could lose some Republican votes if this all goes the right way. Love this, those guys kneeling on people’s necks they gotta approach with caution

Did he sign it by candle light? He’s bringing new meaning to “going off the grid.” I'm dying to know what will be That feeling when there are more restrictions on women than handguns. Terrible. More dead people to come... Texas does, what Texas does !! Zero training! Some Court is gonna overturn this right? Because it's absurd! It's like saying it's legal for parents to let their toddlers play with loaded guns&if they blow their heads off, oh well... Or, do 🇺🇸 Courts not care? To think some are rejoicing...

Because this is so much more important than fixing Texas’ electrical grid. Hope y’all enjoy the heat! If you can legally own it you should be able to carry it but not everybody should. Disgusting

I don’t think this is going to turn out well… Texas has the government it deserves. I said it the Purge will soon be introduced to America very soon 🔜😂😂😂😂 Baghdad It's the wild wild west all over again. Its no wonder the NRA relocated to Texas. Abbott is a joke. GovAbbott America is a violent country

Oh FFS can’t we just give Texas back to Mexico. never leaving my house again 🥰 Kriminell!!

Great! The more we humans think we are civilized is the more we continue being dumber and dumber...we will soon finish ourselves.... Has this guy lost his MIND This is so WRONG!!!! I will never understand this country...... Prayers for the people of Texas. well that’s just ab the stupidest idea i’ve ever heard

That should help keep the population under control! Might as well go to all the insane asylums and start handing out guns At least the kids will be able to defend themselves in school now. Why? Do you want to learn how to read the glorious Qur'an fluently within a short period of time? Would you like to memorize the glorious Qur'an in the best of form? You wish to know more about the Deen, AL-ISLAM? 👇almanaaracademygmail.com AL-MANĀR I. A.

Nice priorities, Abbott. I mean, it's not like we still have folks recovering from the Winter Storm, ERCOT threatening brownouts cause they still haven't fixed the grid and summer about to kick it into high gear, right? Right? Then you wonder why police officers are trigger-happy Disgusting! Wow sure is the Wild West over in Texas and I thought Florida was bad

Turning back to the Wild West Remind me to not go to Texas. Does machine guns allowed 🤔🤣 Madness Dufoss16 rip dallas fuel

This will totally work and have zero repercussions! 🥴 PUBG in real life. What on earth is happening out there It's going in the WRONG direction, America! 🤯🤯🤯 What could possibly go wrong? He just wants to gain prominence in his political future waiting for NRA to pay for his next seat.This is what lobbying does, pay for the GOP seats to continue flooding our streets with guns and have more massacres everywhere. He doesn't care about lives or crime.

Texas governor signs bill enabling more mass shootings. Great wild wild wild west . If there were loaded hand guns, just laying every 4 ft in the US, would that lead to more or less gun deaths each year? It’s so obvious the question seems asinine, but the GOP would still rather pander to zealots and increase gun sales for their donors.

Okay as long as its the white Americans with the guns Next step, no drivers licenses, public intoxication! This fucking sickens me, hope he gets what he deserves for making such a cold blooded law. This can’t be real What could go wrong? What sort of idiotic move is that, it’s a big like legalising murder

FIX YOUR POWER GRID BEFORE ANY WALL OR OTHER LEGISLATION....SLACKER 😰😰 The 2nd amendment talks about “a well regulated militia “. Hasn’t Texas just completely deregulated guns?

People need training at the very least. I guess it's a good thing governors get Secret Service protection huh? There are already too many gun deaths in America. So if you live in Texas, do not go to bars, or hang out with anyone who’s been drinking. And for sure, do not get into a fight with anyone. A dent in your car is better than a bullet in your chest.

Idiot! I WON'T BE VISITING TEXAS AGAIN. I previously had vacationed in Houston and I've visited Dallas around 5 times. I won't be in Texas ever again, and will advise others to stay away. I find it bizarre how much people value guns over family, friends, neighbors, even visitors. It's truly bizarre. Everything is bigger in Texas even dumbass ideas like this law!

What could possibly go wrong? Pure craziness! What happened to good old Kung Fu 🥋

The Wild West. Fatality 😢😭 No training I hope they don't miss the target 🎯 And shoot the innocent This is crazy!!!! Dead people everywhere!!!!!!❌❌❌❌ Hun? Why? Going to be a whole lot of stolen guns this year. The cowboys style? Old habits die hard. Nothing bad can happen with that. Idiot What is wrong with this guy?

No one ever said he was smart. Tn will do the same thing effective July 1 …. Despicable.. it’s like the want to see more gun violence.. Gee………What could go wrong? Thanks for protecting our amendments. Texas TexasDeservesBetter That’s a good idea. Wtf? This is a good thing What a great idea! Everyone with anger issues can just shoot their problems away. 🙄

Just what we need more guns Great!!… can they just angrily confront and eliminate each other…

99.9% of the people/odd genders, bitching about this are pretty much dumb as fuck. There.. I saved you the time scrolling Just in time for the Texas heat wave? Good timing. Well, I personally have no plans to travel to Texas, ever. Now when I go visit in Texas and say draw pardner I won’t be meaning chalk. In the old west you had to hang up your six shooters till you left, too many people were getting shot. Well I hope it works out ok. The only thing stopping a good guy with a gun is

What in the right wing hell is this terrible idea? No well-regulated militia in sight, only chaos and definitely an increase in gun violence. Psychosis! Idiot hasn’t figured out yet that it means the bad guys too. Start praying for Texas. In ... The Twilight Zone Awesome! Same in my wonderful state of Tennessee

Lol. Thus guy's getting bribed

Dudes more worried about boot licking crazy constituents and will let everyone suffer with no air conditioning this summer. goodluckTexas It's going to be a hot summer in Texas in more ways than one. Can't wait to see how this all ends... Yeah next cross-country trip I'll be glad to avoid Texas. Remind me never to visit Texas. Actually, remind me never to visit the States period!!! What a fucked up country

Douche! AbbottFailedTexasAgainAndAgain I am super worried about how many kids will get hold of handguns in Texas. Shame on txlege and Abbott. That’s going to work out real well. more mass shooting on the way That tracks.

This doesn’t sound good but given our success in gun controlled states, heck, who knows. I like when they pilot new stuff in other states “Hôm nay em đã đi ngang qua ai và ai đã đánh mất em?”... Hopefully YOU will be the first recipient so the Lt Governor can repeal (?) it… What could possibly go wrong?

Texas will be like the old west again with people getting shot over having a better poker hand A8. They need to vote him out. With all these mass murders, I guess giving everyone a gun sound like a good idea. People never learn until the shoe is on the other foot. wow Congrats to gun manufacturers. How about this freak helps Texans with the electric grid.

This law is absolutely ridiculous. Your asking for shootings at this point Oh great!!! Guess I won’t visit Texas any time soon. Free for all on guns!! Guess I won’t be visiting Texas… Idiot. Do you still need to go to Driver’s Ed to learn to drive and then obtain a driver’s license in Texas, or is the state only lackadaisical on this one thing.

Yet people place the blame for the surge in violence at the feet of BLM and defund the police movements, not the excessive amount of firearms given to any and everybody. The gaslighting is at an all time high. When will he band automotive transportation make you ride horse and buggy. I think Texas is going backwards

Whewwhy! I done near reckon we all be a shootin and a'tootin down'a yonder in freedom lovin banana republic of tayk'sis, land where jesus bestowed upon the good common folk the right to empty multiple clips of high capacity weaponry into their fellow citizenry indiscriminately. What could go wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄

He has blood on his hands. What a dumb idea. Why?!!! But like, why? For what reason did he THINK (probably didn’t) this was a good idea 🥴🥴 These republican governors are fit to be president. Better late to the table... Then never reaching the table... Congratulations now you just like your neighbor Arizona... LOL

I have a CHL permit and took training to use firearms safety. I can conceal carry in other states due to reciprocity agreements. Wonder what kind of agreement is in place for carrying without a license? Thank god Abbott’s time is up here in Texas. They'll be riding horses into town next... Tennessee has a similar law that goes into effect July 1. Our ignorant governor says its in name of public safety! No training required. No police force endorsed it. Just kowtowing to the NRA.

Shall not be infringed

WHAT THE FUCK. I’m about to seriously look into moving out of this fucking hick state. I’m totally good with 49 states. Texas, you can secede…adios! That’s stupid