Texas Florist Becomes 100Th Us Capitol Rioter To Plead Guilty - Cnnpolitics

Texas Florist Becomes 100Th Us Capitol Rioter To Plead Guilty - Cnnpolitics

Texas florist becomes 100th US Capitol rioter to plead guilty

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10/14/2021 2:30:00 AM

A Texas florist became the 100th person to plead guilty in connection with the January 6 insurrection, a landmark moment more than nine months after the deadly attack on the US Capitol.

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Y’all laughing, meanwhile a man has fallen into lego city and needs your help 😰 Flowers for Algernon comes to mind A shameful act of insubordination against the American Constitution & the rule of law. A disgrace to womanhood to allow herself be used as a terrorist & insurrectionist the sacred place of American democracy. She should face the wrath of the law.Their chief sponsor should be in

Stop trying to overthrow the government and you won't have any more problems.. Oh good...another slap on the wrist. Why won't they release the 15 thousands hours of video... Simple. It puts the Media/Dems/Left's 'insurrection' bull to sleep. She is from Brazil? Interesting! Congratulations 👏🏾 🎊 All small fries & misdemeanors only. What we witnessed on TV was an insurrection, attempted govt overthrow, attack on hundred of police officers, govt officials lives threatened, destruction of federal prop by an angry mob, all incited at a GOP rally. RepAdamSchiff tedlieu

She belongs in prison NOW, not later. NOW.

Covid-19: US airlines defy Texas order to stop mandatory jabsStaff must still get vaccinated, the airlines say, despite the state governor's ban on such rules. 'When will this medical tyranny end' They are doing anything possible to make the lives of those who don't want the jabs difficult to live. Including intimidation, coercion and bullying. What risk does an unvaccinated employee pose in a firm of fully vaccinated employees? Wonder if the MSM will start bandying around terms like 'insurrection'. No? These mandates are immoral and causing all manner of issues. Dire.

What kind of monster buys flowers from her? Insurrection? Is when the military involved, not one unarmed riot by the right. For that matter the leftist media and leftist politicians have been instigating an insurrection for years with false attacks, lies and impeachments & nonstop race card playing causing riots and unrest

She's 37 (36 in the pic?)? I try not to judge. But, damn. Hate makes u age... Aside from a trespassing charge, how badly do you people want to hurt this silly old woman? Do you want to burn her like a witch? Is that what would make you happy? what she growing poison ivy? Lock her up.. Protesting for Free and Fair elections are now a crime in USA 🇺🇸 whereas, the person appointed through a fraud election can be the president . What an irony? Wake up confused Americans to see that USA is sliding into a dark era with no possibility of return

How’s it going finding the ppl last yr that looted,burned major cities, businesses, govt property, vet memorials, attacked cops? Jan 6 was wrong but last yr was worse. Imagine if the left did that, Capital would be destroyed like the cities were. By deadly attack you’re referring to the black capitol police officer that shot the white unarmed girl right? Because she was the only one murdered that day

DOJ opens civil rights probe into Texas youth correctional facilitiesThe Department of Justice is opening a civil rights investigation into Texas’ juvenile justice facilities over allegations of physical and sexual abuse against children there Sorry to say but would not shock me at all In Texas? What a surprise! Dayum

So I guess the 2020 flower arrangements I ordered aren’t coming. Liberalism/Wokeism(aka communism) is a cancer in society Charged with insurrection? No? Then not an insurrection 🤷🏾 Deadly attack? Really? Wow It was a riot and less damaging than all the riots you covered as mostly peaceful as towns burned and stores were looted. Try coving thing as an unbiased reporter once. No wonder your only viewership is at the airport.

Jan 6th, our next national holiday Insurrection 😂 Only flowers in prison are heroin Did she win a vacation to a non-extradition country? Isnt this the lady that said she's too white to go to prison?

Climate Change and Reproductive Rights Collide in Texas - Women’s Media CenterOn Saturday, Daniella Flanagan rallied for reproductive rights in downtown Houston along with more than 10,000 others when the skies opened. Relentless, heavy rain poured down.

There was NO 'insurrection' you lying fuck!!!! The ONLY people armed were the capital police, one of whom MURDERED an UNARMED vet! FYI, when you keep INNOCENT people imprisoned and in solitary for months without being tried they will say what it takes to get out!!

Texas Gov. Abbott issues order banning Covid vaccination mandates in rebuke of BidenBREAKING: Texas Gov. Abbott issues an executive order prohibiting any entity, including private businesses, from imposing Covid vaccination requirements. Will not mean a damn thing. An executive order signed just for publicity and window dressing Does Abbott have something against commonsense or is he a descendant of Santa Anna... insider threat to TX. Just another reason why Texas should he boycotted.

Texas Governor Bans All Vaccine Mandates In The StateRepublican Gov. Greg Abbott is blocking any business or other entity in the state from requiring employees or consumers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. GregAbbott_TX GOP TexasGOP sounds like some of that big government, regulatory overreach you guys claim to hate so much

Texas governor orders ban on private company vaccine mandateTexas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an order prohibiting anyone, including private businesses, from mandating COVID-19 shots for workers. The Biden administration plans to require employers with more than 100 workers to mandate vaccinations or weekly tests. DebBRVA This will never end! _Politics Just like Florida. Will the judge overturn it? Will the one above him allow it to go thru. Trump and McConnell horrible judges are in place all over So looks like government overreach is an acceptable way to pass legislation when in a red state….I see no reason why the President couldn’t do the same. Mandatory Vaccination, Infrastructure at 3.5T and National Voting Regulation all via Executive Order. Yeah, it would be fun.