Texas Customs Agents Seize $4.3M Worth of Fake Jordans, Yeezys

Fraudsters stand to make a fortune off these knock-off brands.

8/11/2020 12:28:00 AM

Texas Customs Agents Seize $4.3M Worth of Fake Jordans, Yeezys

Fraudsters stand to make a fortune off these knock-off brands.

Seize $4.3M in Fake Jordans, Yeezys ...Agents Say It's From China8/10/2020 2:20 PM PTUS Customs & Border PatrolFederal agents say a massive shipment of footwear on its way to Mexico contained millions of dollars worth of fake shoes -- including some coveted, rare Jordans and Yeezys.

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U.S Customs and Border Protection announced the bust their agents down at the Dallas/Fort Worth port this week -- where they seized a haul which included over 1,800 pairs of phony Limited Edition Dior X Air Jordan 1 kicks that were heading to retailers south of the border.

These specific shoes retail for about $2,000 a pop on the market, and all in all ... the feds say the shipment was worth upwards of $4.3 million.The agents add that the boxes -- about 60 of which were targeted, all coming from China -- had all the markings of a scam ... bad packaging, poor quality and the officers' previous experience with this sort of thing told them the shoes weren't legit, so they halted them.

The Jordans weren't the only sneakers in the mix -- as you can see in the photo above, it looks like there are some Yeezy 350 Boosts scattered throughout as well ... knock-offs, we should note. USCBP says several different shoes with Nike and Adidas logos were spotted.

They also say they gave the shipment's cosigner the chance to submit proof of Trademark Licensing before taking it outta their hands. Obviously, their paperwork wasn't up to snuff. Read more: TMZ »

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They should give them to ppl who need shoes Everythings manufactured in china, they are probably real, just not sold through certified retailers. We shouldnt be buying these brands anyhow..2 dollars to make and we pay 200.00. Gosh were stupid😂😂😂 I bet the overseas thinks we are so dumb. Cómprate de esos, hugo_ochoa

All cap Nice job Texas They pretty bad fakes too 😭 Vechain could be a solution for this. Nike jasonrockwood vechainofficial Fugly shoes. Have a local manufacturer rename them, that is put a generic name on the products, and sell them to generate some money. Give people in the area some work, if it's at all safe to do.

$Vet I like buying fake clothes at the flea market It wasn’t Ali Express was it 👀 Good! We stay flossing out here with real stuff. So you mean that its too late to post them on Etsy? 😶 C’mon man, they’re not interested in fakes, they’re looting for the real stuff. Take them and hand them out to kids less fortunate

Good lol 😆 that shit don’t need me on anyone’s feet lol lol if they’re fake, how is it worth $4.3mill Really 😱 I wonder how much folks unknowingly pay for these counterfeit shoes oh come on I would’ve paid maybe $20 They play soccer with your packages while they are in Customs! They be abusing any fakes on purpose. I mean look how beat them Dior 1's are 😂😂 them employees be having a field day!

I ask cuz I’m not sure does anybody make real shit anymore? same material , same everything. only difference is that nike doesn’t get the millions of dollars worth of shoes relying on sweatshops. 😂😂 Yoo we gatta eat These the ones everybody rocking out there. You pay the white man to make the fake but can’t pay the black man to make you the real ones we need to start buying black owned too be supportive

Duh!! The all comes from the same place 🇨🇳 Then they will end up selling them on the black market to make profits for their pockets. Law enforcement are the real crooks. Nothing new, This amount of fake shit is sent in daily. Thats bad for Offer up n ebay shit lol Are they really fake if they are made of the same stuff by the same people at the same place?

Bullshit, ain’t nobody faking any yeezys. GAD 🙏🏽 The true crime here are those Yeezys am I right?!? 😭 JMcNeill85 Facebook marketplace 😂😂 What will they do after seizing?

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