Texas brothers beat stepfather to death who was accused of sexually assaulting sister, police say

Police say the teens beat their stepfather to death after hearing he had allegedly sexually abused their 9-year-old little sister.

City Of Pharr, Texas Brothers

1/27/2022 2:24:00 AM

Texas police say the teens beat their stepfather to death after hearing he had allegedly sexually abused their 9-year-old little sister

Police say the teens beat their stepfather to death after hearing he had allegedly sexually abused their 9-year-old little sister.

HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas -- A Texas man, whom authorities investigated for sexually assaulting a child, was found allegedly beaten to death by three teenagers, two of whom were the man's stepsons, police say.Police in Pharr, which is located in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, announced this week the arrests of 18-year-old Alejandro Trevino, 17-year-old Christian Trevino, and 18-year-old Juan Eduardo Melendez. The town's police chief, Andy Harvey, identified Alejandro and Christian as stepsons of Gabriel Quintanilla, whose body was found in an open field by a farmer on Jan. 20.

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So proud of them!! Good. One less degenerate in the world! You know that step dad would have done it again and again! Standup freetexasteens What an L if he didn’t lol If it was true- we can’t rehab sex offenders- so I grant them the right spirit to protect young girls their sister. If our laws would of done it for them. Hot topic but 1 in 4 children mostly girls are sexually abused daily.! Every day!

JUSTIFIED! The system would have just given him a slap on the wrist! Good job Brothers/protectors Good Well 'Allegedly' isn't reasonable. 'Facts' are. Umm there is no allegedly... one of the brothers walked in and witnessed it. Told the other brother and their friend. Then they mollywhomped the pedophile. They are upstanding outstanding brothers and friend too.

They should not be charged Release them. In these situations calling the police doesn’t help. They’d believe stepfather because he’s an adult. They call it a domestic argument and send him right back in the house with those kids which makes it more dangerous. Police can’t act without evidence of a crime.

Good for them.

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And this is a problem why? 🤔 I hope a jury will understand and convict them of a lesser charge- they acted in the best interest of a kid sister - they seem to be good boys 🤲❤️ Lethal force in defense of another. Close out the paperwork and send them home. I dont speak english my question is: they just heard he raped her or they know with probes and stuff?

As they should. Yes family justice!!! Good. This is how child abusers should be dealt with. where can I donate to help these guys Set these three heroes free and give them an award. They should let these boys go free. They’re not criminals they’re hero’s.

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Temporary insanity. They did nothing wrong. These boys are heroes! Cool! If true charge-justice prevailed. Let them free they did the right justice was served unlike government Ok now there family can cross the boarder to make it even Stevens These are the circumstances where I hope a stereotypical Texas justice does come into practice. Beating a man to death is no small act, but in context of the situation and passions ignited, perhaps the justice sought has already been delivered.

I can’t imagine being in their situation. I really hope the courts see their side of it and the psychological pain they must of felt not being able to protect their sister from such a monster.

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What's the charge? Delivering justice? freealejandro freechristian freejuan freethebrother That famous American belief in the English common law concept of innocent until proven guilty just goes right out of the window eh? Who's starting the online signature list to get them out? 🇺🇲💯💯💯🇺🇲 Free these gentlemen, these laws continue to protect those who need not to be protected.

A Reaction to their little sister HURT, it’s Hard to Judge. Anyone that had a chance to do it… do it in a Hart beat !!!

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Then... good for them. Based These behavior should be an expectation for All Sexual Violent Predators. The world of humanity will be a better place without perverts 👍🎭🎬 But if they beat him to death while they caught him doing it they’d be free men. Free these kids. Death to child molesters. Got what he deserved, let these guys go free

Good for those boys Edgars didn’t do anything wrong love it. I would have done the same if she was my sister.

Man arrested for allegedly selling gun used in hostage incident at Texas synagogueOh, look, the gun was obtained illegally and no additional gun laws would have prevented it. Go figure. But Texas only has good guys with guns. Say it ain't so.

Prayers for their kids… and for a fantastic attorney. 💌 I don't see an issue Go sign the petition guys I have the link In my tweets Ok. So I’m not sad about this Put me on the jury. NOT GUILTY Good Give them a week or two of community service They did a good thing. they did what any older bro should do to protect their little sister or brother from a monster. no charges necessary.

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The man had it coming I see nothing wrong with that. Free the boys heroes Let them run for president’s of USA in the future Self-defense against domestic violence! 💀 👮‍♂️👮🏼 Good for them! Heroes! let_sbe92 They getting a reward and key to the city

They should had called the police than taking it in their own hands. Let them free. They are doing the lords work. Sounds like the headline should say Teenagers Did What Police Couldn’t… KarmaIsABitch Good Free these hero’s it was a crime of passion! I don't see a issue Here with a boys 👊🏼💥👏🏼 Give all of them a scholarship! 👏👏👏

If it’s true that he was abusing the girl then. let’s f-;;n go !

Sounds like heroes to me. Drop the charges FREE THEM BOYS gofundme takes down their funding page but leaves Rittenhouse one up. Hmm 🤔 Double standard DoubleStandards I mean.. yeah . Good. Good