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U.S. News, Coronavirus Pandemic

Texas becomes biggest US state to lift COVID-19 mask mandate

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas is lifting its mask mandate, Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday, making it the largest state to end an order intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that has killed...

3/2/2021 10:57:00 PM

BREAKING: Texas is lifting its mask mandate, making it the largest state to end an order intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Gov. Greg Abbott has faced sharp criticism from his party over the mandate, imposed eight months ago.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas is lifting its mask mandate, Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday, making it the largest state to end an order intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that has killed...

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas is lifting its mask mandate, Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday, making it the largest state to end an order intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that has killed more than 42,000 Texans.The Republican governor has faced sharp criticism from his party over the mandate, which was imposed eight months ago, and other COVID-19 restrictions. It was only ever lightly enforced, even during the worst outbreaks of the pandemic.

Texas will also do away with limits on the number of diners that businesses can serve indoors, said Abbott, who made the announcement at a restaurant in Lubbock.ADVERTISEMENThave been easing coronavirus restrictions, despite warnings from health experts that the pandemic is far from over. Like the rest of the country, Texas has seen the number of cases and deaths plunge. Hospitalizations are at the lowest levels since October, and the seven-day rolling average of positive tests has dropped to about 7,600 cases, down from more than 10,000 in mid-February.

Only California and New York have reported more COVID-19 deaths than Texas.“The fact that things are headed in the right direction doesn’t mean we have succeeded in eradicating the risk,” said Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers, a professor of integrative biology and director of the University of Texas COVID-19 Modeling Consortium. headtopics.com

She said the recentdeadly winter freeze in Texasthat left millions of people without power — forcing families to shelter closely with others who still had heat — could amplify transmission of the virus in the weeks ahead, although it remains too early to tell. Masks, she said, are one of the most effective strategies to curb the spread.

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Biden should threaten to deny the state of all federal funds People reactions to this shows who is afraid to die from a virus that’s not only been around for decades but has a .0001 percent mortality rate The reactions people have to mask wearing is showing who would die first if something that was actually dangerous ever happened in this country. Too many Americans have become soft and mindless.

This is fantastic. Huge respect to the governor and his willingness to stand up in the face of the lefts fear based propaganda. A major victory for honoring the law instead of distorted public sentiment. Hoping others states follow in his wake Personal choice to wear mask or not . If you are that dumb, just stay the hell out of Texas !!

Don’t you hate it when government tells you what to do with your own body? No mask wearing is the new Pro-Choice!! Or does Pro-Life exclude mask wearing Good decision! maddow Lawrence drsanjaygupta DrLeanaWen CDCDirector. This has to be the most stupid decision since Trump said, “We have one case now, maybe 15, then we’ll have none.” What is it about white males in the GOP that put them in perpetual denial of needing or being pro active

RaymondArroyo I thought u were pro-life Is anyone tracking COVID rates in Texas before reopening businesses compared to 2 weeks afterward to make sure they didn’t reopen too soon? Greg abbott is just following Trump we are not stupid isn't he the one that said let the elderly die for the sake of the next generation 🤔 he's a failed governor not mandatory masks in public is killing plp does he care is the problem. No he doesn't

I wouldn't care half as much if these fuckers weren't about to go on spring break and clog my fucking state with their disease. This is one the main reasons I dread rehoming to Texas.This mask mandate has already proven,that wearing a mask does help stem the proliferation of the virus.Only in Texas,lunacy is common place.

Carbon dioxide and the mask you have does not do that. It is a sociopath Too Bad we Okies can’t have a fence built between us and them.Just kidding, I have family there.❤️ But, SERIOUSLY, this’d someone that wants his Constituents to just believe he’s helping them,as if they’re too ignorant to think for themselves as to what suffering lies ahead.😢

You can wear a mask if you want. It is just not mandatory. But what about the hundreds of thousands of illegals that have been invited over the border during this pandemic. That's okay by the media and the Democrats. Gotta keep building those votes up for the future. So SORRY FOR THE HEALTH CARE WORKERS. FOR THE LANDSLIDE OF SICK PEOPLE COMING YOUR WAY.

So that should also mean no more wasted funding on treatments, no more useless risk of life to healthcare workers, and refusal to treat anyone that gets the disease. This is awesome, now we can ship all of their Covid treatment equipment to other states. Texas .... Darwin It’s going to be funny when Texas succeeds with this and these experts look dumb as fuck.

Don’t let them Texans come to my state. Keep your behinds at home. Oh boy time to read the comments So, they have a right but if they get sick, children included don't go to the hospital. This way we can keep the frontline workers safe and everyone is happy. My most ultimate respect for Governor Abbot!!! People over politics!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Really you crying over Texas while Biden letting in illegals with COVID-19, tell us the truth. COVID was never as deadly as you made it. Deaths would go down as fast after Biden stoked office. Finally someone smart Sad And its spectacular! Fine when Civid is out of control let him and his buddies Cruz and Trump help him solve the state's problems. This time keep the federal government out of it.

This is awesome. I hope that more states will do the same thing. Hell ya Texas, maybe others will follow and and put this Mask BS to rest! At this point I’m kind of ok with the people who know better but still rush maskless into restaurants etc. killing themselves off. So what? Texans burnt their masks to stay warm in order to live to see another day. Long love the free market...or natural selection, or something.

Let’s get the score card out . What states have approached COVID in a logical , common sense approach ? The states protected the most vulnerable and for the young permitted safe schooling ? So let’s separate the manipulation, opinion from HARD COLD FACTS .. NY, CA v TX , FLA etc Yes it’s called freedom but we as a society should not need permission from gov. By the way who caused this nonsense in the first place. Abbott is so great cause he’s allowing the state to open 100%. He to is part of the problem. The people still needed his permission.

Maybe they don't need the vaccine either... Olbermann is right. Why waste vaccines on a state that's siding with the virus? It's irresponsible! Y’all STUPID! MASKS DO NOT WORK effectively unless they are N95 and certain materials. You SHEEP can all hide in fear. Masks aren’t saving you. How bout we get big people to diet n b healthy? That would be better than a mask.

So they joined 14 other states that do not have mask mandate. Interesting lets see if statistics change Sad 😞 Governor needs to be removed Abbot has been vaccinated YALL Did you hear People who do not wear masks are the ones who Reuse CONDUMS 😜😳😳 They were dumb enough to ignore the warning about their electric grid that it’s not really surprising. Watch COVID numbers begin to trend upward after spring break

Big andSTUPID No problem. If Newsom has a problem with that, he can stay home in his state and quarantine and wear a double mask- there's no mandate for that. Texas may turn into a blue state sooner with all the anti maskers taking themselves out of the game. One word jckas Ok can I please say.... ummmm hell no for me. I’m keeping mine on Thank you !! 👍😷

About time Bravo, Governor Abbott! Can we impose a ban on Texans traveling to other states? Ya'll want to be stupid and open up everything, keep it to yourself!! We don't want any parts of it on the East Coast. Blood on the hands of these governments for not following advice is cdc. They failed texans for infrastructure water) electricity..why not go all in for complete failure. I say lock em up..throw away the key..so many selfish leaders..in Mississippi too!

Not advisable at this time I think. We’ll just wait for a while until everything goes well and we are certainly going there. Welcome back to the stone age TX. where there is no science, just a reinvention of the pamdemic...because you know, we're tired of it. And our Gov needs to take our eyes off him and his latest failed leadership.

Now workers are at risk of being attacked by those that refuse to wear a mask for the health and safety of all. GregAbbott_TX has just screwed the min wage worker This is basically the Governor of Texas telling all of his constituents that he doesn't give a f+ about them and if they get COVID, who cares, they probably won't die now. wtf govidiots

Someone quick, discern and share the legal CULPABILITY difference between a Mandate/Order and a Suggestion, Way to ABDICATE responsiblity but not power underwhelmed, AND PEOPLE WILL DIE now Ban Texans from travelling out of state put up a wall around them. Lol Good luck, TX. Sadly, this is what happens when you elect Republicans these days. This will inevitably lead to countless unnecessary deaths. sciencedenial

What Texas needs to worry about is Biden allowing illegals to come in to Texas with Covid. Then when the covid numbers go up, Biden will blame Texas for not wearing masks. The thing is, Biden is sending these infected illegals out over the whole country. Biden=devil It's never been about government policies — it's always been about our respective behavior. COVID19

Well guess we have to wait and see what happens. This should mean also if you don’t wear, U can’t go back later and sue the state or anyone if you catch it. mistake I don't think it's a good time with the crisis at the border. Abbott is ultimately responsible for his state! It’s all conditioning for forced vaccination courtesy of BillGates

It's time Queue the panic from Democrats. Prayers Everybody calm down. It's not like they bombed Syria or anything. Idiots . Clean house Texas. Vote them all out especially GregAbbott_TX Texas Governor GregAbbott_TX needs to be personally liable for any loss or damages. Public service means your word is trustworthy. Stop the stupidity.

Hang in there Texas! Keep wearing a mask until more people get the vaccine. You got this. TexasCovid should have their medical costs covered with State taxes. If your Governor can’t make good decisions for you- you need to get rid of Gregg Abott. Your loved ones will die. Man what a great government when we just Casually cull the poor during an uncharacteristic winter and a pandemic

GovAbbott & tatereeves intentionally subjecting people to harm...sounds like... 'Murder is the intentional unlawful killing of another human without justification or plausible/moral intent, especially the unlawful killing of another human with malice aforethought' -wikipedia Today Texas has reported over 7000 new Corona cases. What the Fuck is Abbott thinking? This is so crazy there is NO reason for it. It's a mask, it saves lives. Why do they want Texans dead?

Texas survived the winter storm, but will Texas survive Greg Abbott? Did they all get the vaccine or something.? Irresponsible and just plain uneducated .. ✊🏽👇🏾 It will take about 3 weeks for this decision to have any effect on the numbers. Sadly, by then, many freedom loving individuals will have needlessly lost their their lives. Are Texans lives not worth more than the right to not wear a mask? Is it really that difficult?

About time what the hell it took so long It would be a mistake to respread the virus throughout Texas, with out tracing each person who has been vaccinated. Texans need more patience. I like how the headline tries to make it sound like Texas is murdering people. kentnish He is trying to change the narrative

GavinNewsom - CA should not allow people who yravel from TX or MS to enter our State without testing negative and require a 10 day quarantine upon arrival. We ate just getting back to reductions in new cases. It just says 'Be an adult and make good decisions.' Nobody is shoving you into the street or making you go into that building or business. You can continue to sit your anxious ass at home and have all your needs delivered. Texas is moving on!

Don't blame us in Texas for GovernorAbbott idiocy.He is only thinking of himself.I will continue to wear a mask,practice social distancing and NOT eat out.I do NOT want to become a statistic on a graph! Dumbest shit he could do. Cant he wait until the summer to do this shit So Pro Guns & Pro Life Republicans, but when it really comes to saving lives or protecting them: Well the Scientists are interfering with my freedom!!! Lol 😂 😂😂😂😂😂Meanwhile, Your Governor can’t even fix the power issues for you people that they been putting off ! 👌

Sounds like another Trump. It's because Texas has an IDIOT for a Governor. Why not open up all the prisons and set them free also. “Science advances one funeral at a time”. Godspeed, Louisiana I have to read this article, I can't believe that the Governor of Texas has lifted any COVID19 restrictions.. So What are we doing ? Texas

Awesome!! Idk. Texas is huge. Why should they have statewide mandate? City mayors, county officials & local governments can still require masks to curb infections.Rural areas aren't complying anyway & the mandate is difficult to enforce. Arkansas never had a statewide mandate, only local Texas and Mississippi lifting mask mandate. 😷

On the plus side maybe this will help cull the red in deep red states. Ridiculous! Seriously? We really don’t mind wearing a mask as long as we can get out and do things! That’s not the issue. It’s the reopening of things!!!! Leave it to Texas. I need this and everything else right now so more power to him but typical Republican unless it happens to them they don't give a s*** about you

Proving once again that the GOP has NEVER been the pro-life party These states are in the pockets of Trump and the other deplorable’s He tried to kill us with ERCOT and that failed. Now he's trying to use CV-19. Obviously GovAbbott handicap is more than just physical. GregAbbott was quick to blame ERCOT for what occurred during the winter weather in Texas, his decision to open Texas 100% is nothing more than a diversion because he’s to blame. You’re the governor right accountable for what happens on your watch!

If Abbott gets re-elected, I'll have virtually no faith in Texas any further. He just can't stop failing. Homeboy’s just jealous he ran all his citizens off to Texas Too early. This needs to happen in all 50 States. Ban all Texas traveling. GovTimWalz us next? All of the elected officials got their 2 doses for Covid so they don’t give a crap.

You dumbshits want to go maskless fine by me I'm vaccinated 👍 Greg’s an idiot! Don’t care for the guy! Great job Gavin GavinNewsom ! gavinnewsom health progressive I heard COVID had a resurgence in Texas about 3-4 months ago. Smart 🙃 Everyone else is censored for mentioning masks. Why not you? Thank god

good job Texas Who the hell decided that we should collectively give any governing body the authority to mandate one stinking thing. Its fine to require masks in your place of biz. Wanna wear a mask? Do it. You can also stay home if you think it’s best. Some states don’t even have a mandate Are business owners still able to request their patrons wear a mask and cap their numbers in store?

Are businesses and workers ok with this? 'now is not the time' okay, so we will wait until 2083 when there is no such thing as a virus or disease. until then, the united states will be under marshal law, small business will not be allowed to open but the massive corporations will be allowed. I love america!

If mask and social distancing were medication they would have been pulled months ago due to long term side effects. This is Texas they only cover when they are robbing the bank like usual nothing change Trump styles it’s a shame for this country unlawful people in charge. Can’t wait to move to Texas where people in power value the constitution over control.

Sanity returning to the world. Thank you, Texas for leading the way back to freedom. When the outbreak starts again in Texas and people start dying in greater numbers...charge Gov Abbott with negligent homicide (one count for every single death). Convict him. Jail him. At what point does willful ignorance, also known as pandering to the base, become a criminal act of negligence?

I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people. Canceling trip to Texas in 3..2..1.. Because of Texas hasn't gone through enough, they want to be a SuperSpreader State now... This is merely a bait and switch to distract voters from the colossal failure of oversight by the Republicans on the Texas power grid and get there voting base back to fighting the 'evil socialists' for telling them to wear masks. The sad part......it works.

Politics and party affiliation should not continue to outweigh science, logic and human lives. What is the downside to keeping the mask mandate in place when the risks to do otherwise are so high and unnecessary QANON says, 'PRESIDENT BIDEN'S PLAN to DESTROY AMERICA, by keeping U.S. SHUTTERED, while opening up our BORDERS to ILLEGAL ALIENS, GANGS, EXPELLED FOREIGN PRISONERS, DRUG CARTEL MEMBERS and DISEASES like COVID-19, SCABIES, EBOLA, and to many more DEADLY DISEASES tooOOO LIST!'

Wish PA would do the same. Not far enough GovAbbott! Texas isn’t “100% open” while your health department unconstitutionally forces food industry workers to wear hair nets and your police persecute anyone brave enough to go pantless at your precious capitol building! Dumb hicks. Well let’s see kill as many black people with the virus you won’t have to worry so much on voters suppression ew hmmmmm

Smells like sabotage to me. We have been given a vaccination by date and those leader jack holes do this? With variants of COVID19 running through the population these decisions will seriously jeopardize everyone's efforts. Awful For all of the cruel and callous commenters- the most economically and politically disadvantaged areas of Texas are being hardest hit by COVID. We are maddeningly gerrymandered- with the Supreme Court's blessing. Deny Texans COVID relief, and you just help Texas GOP slaughter us.

Sacrifice for this progress and now Texas is ruining it for the rest of the country. They are so ignorant look with their power grid where did that get them Murdered their people with their power grid and now they’re murdering them further Texas is horrifically lacking in absolute leader ship they only care about power not their people

What I haven’t heard about Texas beating COVID-19. No longer any cases in hospitals? They’ve found a cure — but only in Tx, for Texans? Gosh, Abbott ranks right up there w that Orange idiot who thinks he’s a world leader & tried to destroy the U.S. gov in one day!! When this blows up...will he blame windmills again?

người vui tính , dễ gần.... trẻ con About. Fucking. Time. Not that I've been wearing one outside work anyway. 🤷‍♂️ their governor is vaccinated, so what does he care about YOU This Governor need to be checked by the CDC/ Federal. Too excited to be free and who knows what’s next. CDCgov You scared ass people need to just wear 2 masks and a face shield. Problem solved.OpenTexas TexasMaskMandate

Texas is smart. Wish more states were like Texas. Texas is doing this against the advice of federal health organizations Will they never learn? They are still facing spread from their time huddled together in the cold. I hope they don’t travel out of state! All these pro mask weirdos are psycho dont live oin fear covid is a real bad flu

dumb Good, when thing get bad and they need help, it should be denied, they deserve what it’s coming to them for being so willfully ignorant. Did GovAbbott or his family, staff/ benefactors get vaccinated? Can you confirm please? CNNPolitics jaketapper TexasTribune Jeeze of all the dumb things. You should be held responsible for every death and charged for it.

WAKE UP from the PSYOP and DECEPTION!!! The 'VACCINE ' will change your DNA FOREVER!!! Great! Now when Texas cannot handle the COVID cases, the Federal Govt SHOULD NOT SEND THEM A THING. You don’t get to be reckless and then ask for assistance. It's ALWAYS Texas! Wasn't it abbott who said the elderly are expendable 🤔🤬 he should be removed he is only doing this for one reason obstruction! PRESIDENT BIDEN is getting this virus under control and some people don't like it 🤔🤬

we could’ve still opened 100% and worn mask... Considering Texas is the second largest state in America, unless Alaska does something first, Texas will always be 'the largest state to do xyz'…journalisming awesome OMG all you sheeple need your government to tell you how to stay safe!! If you want to wear a mask go for it! If you want to stay locked in your homes isolated from society, do it! If you want your kids stuck at home behind a screen suffering from depression then fine!IDIOTS

The Gov Abbott is lifting The Mask mandate is Predictable for A Republican. He do not care about Taxes’s People. He is just thinking about his own Political Career.? He wants President Biden to fail. Will do anything. Like throwing his people under the bus. I feel like if we as a country would just put all politics aside and instead look to our past and remember our history. Maybe then we’d stop repeating the same mistakes and be able to move forward as a nation of strength and unity in overcoming this pandemic.

COVIDIDIOTS Texas Sick of politicians making healthcare rules after they’ve pushed themselves head of the vaccination lines. VoteHimOut As a Texan I realize that my govt doesn't care about my life. Wearing a mask,staying safe and staying alive is on me. I have never experienced such hate and ignorance displayed so blatantly. It's costing us our lives in Texas and around the world.

Guess the winter storm didn’t kill enough people. What percentage of politicians, and other elected officials have already received the COVID vaccine in the states that want to open up before CDC recommendations to do so? Have you received the COVID vaccine? should be the first question posed by every journalist and interviewer.

Uh-oh spaghettio Republicans desiring to murder more Americans of color, wtf! While in the dark?! I think all the latest news about vaccines is making people jump the gun here. We still need time to distribute the vaccines, and wait for them to take full effect. Then again, I can understand why many people, particularly those out of work, would be willing to take the risk.

Finally can travel to Texas. Waited a whole year never thought it would happen in my lifetime Lololol so many liberal cry babies in these replies. If you're sooooo scared: keep wearing a mask! Just because the government says you don’t have to doesn’t mean you do not have a choice There should be a restriction on any Texans coming from Texas for risk of spreading the virus again.

Up tic of covid from Texas and other state s 🔜 !! Watch there cases will go up immediately. They say everything is bigger in Texas. Maybe so in this case. I won't be surprised at the case and death spike in 2 weeks. Way to go Texas! Looks like the Gov is trying to salvage his job from the winter storm fiasco

The Texas governor is exemplifying negligence to fully open up his state only for the morticians to be excessively overwhelmed and more profitable. Why is it so hard for governors like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis to do the human thing and save lives? Why is it so hard for most voters to vote for leaders who care about saving lives?

But you can't teach an old fool new tricks. You know what? Go ahead. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Darwin wasn't wrong. It’s not about political affiliation it’s about how America has now become a third world country and have lost all dignity and respect from other countries. You don’t have to wear a mask but you can if you want, not sure why this is a hard concept for you apes.

Honestly dont know if we should ever stop wearing masks in public. Usually get sick a couple times a year but not this year. No idea why wearing a mask is such a hard task for people. I wear it for 9 hours a day and usually forget I'm even wearing it. Things are always bigger in texas . Why not the Vid?

Everything is big in Texas. Except their IQ score, that's pretty small it seems. Based Texanians Isn't Ted Cruz from Texas? There it is. The south will rise again! In cases, that is.... Impeachment 👍 So 1 of 2 things is going to happen Texas and Mississippi have a massive spike in death toll from infections (or they're going to have to juke the numbers to make it look that way) Or nothing happens and this entire pandemic is exposed as a scam perpetrated by our government

This IS SABOTAGE!!!👀👀 Very pro life of them No stupid to put in his comments on here saying you need to wear a mask it’s simple if you want to continue to wear a mask you can it doesn’t say that you have to take your mask off. It just says that the rest of society doesn’t have to wear that damn thing on their face

Proud to be a Texan!!! Why Biden letting them in by thousands and some have covid California has been locked down since March with the strictest restrictions in the country and they have 90,000 cases per million people. Florida has been 100% open since September and they have 87,000 cases per million (also, floridas pop density is 1.6x higher than california)

Another brilliant decision by Abbott. Voted in by idiots. Please succeed tex ass Again can families sue governor and state when they get covid-19 and die How sad praying for the people that live in Texas. They have enough to deal with now the Governor has open that State up to higher rates and death due to the Corona Virus Shame on him. That’s what you might call he don’t give a damn about the people in Texas.

Freedom. You’re either for it or against it. For all of you snowflakes, get back in your closet and hide. The rest of us will carry on living. Basically a big fuck you to healthcare workers STFU Thank you Texas for again showing leadership and putting aside the politically driven nonsense coming out of the CDC! Hopefully other states soon follow.

Stupid is! Damn it Texas GovAbbott now AZ numbers will go up again because Texans flee to AZ when crisis hits there. Stupidity at its finest! Texas Gov like 😂 Lort . When y’all next election? Hypocrite! Cc; GovChrisSununu Ah, yes. I guess cowards are more cowardly in Texas. As long as his buddies are ok, his citizens can just suffer.

And that’s on being a republican state...y’all got no brains!! Texas wear your mask listen to the experts GregAbbott_TX is not an expert! Give me those sweet sweet frightened liberal tears lmao Ted Cruz kids schools has a very strict covid policy Texas thanks 'Operation Warp Speed.' Power failures, preemptively dropping the mask mandate— so excited to see what Texas has in store next to kill its citizens!

It is amazing that the government said be free and be responsible and so many people are upset about it. Interesting for every 500 pro lockdown comments on Twitter, I know zero in real life🤔🤔 Can you say Twidiots . Paid for hacks and bots to keep the narrative going🤔🤔 Cuz the mask is gonna deny you of your rights? Ok then 🤦🏻‍♀️

history will repeat Good So partypeople. Got it ap GovHogan GovAbbott Texas wants to Wild Out-please place a mandatory travel quarantine on all people coming to MD from Texas. We are working too hard to stay safe and healthy in MD to let this recklessness impact us. Reading some of these tweets truly proves how FUCKING STUPID people are...quite watching CNN and do research about masks and the virus. Then look up how many unborn babies are killed every year in this coumtry and then comment...you people are morons

I guess we're going to find out if masks work. crmn_v 😰 Texas, Mississippi ends mask mandates and allow businesses to reopen. NO MASK!!! This is the same Texas that stupidly ignored there electric utilities. Some do dumb things and learn, not Texas 99% recovery rate. Something the media doesn't report often. If you are scared stay home forever

I live in Texas.The reason rates are falling is because masks were used universally. I can see opening business 100 percent (we were already at 75) but only if masks are used. Doing one without the other is stooopid. My God, Texas just can't get out of it's own way... Meanwhile, in Western Australia. We had a community case that was stopped in its tracks and no more further cases because our gvmt went hard, did a lockdown with mandatory mask requirements & now we’re back to zero cases. But good luck, Texas. 😬

🤯 I ask again: How is the GOPQ still a political party in this country?!? Voter Suppression by sabotage of the post office sorting machines,truck routes, drop boxes, and more but nothing happens. Who regulates political parties in the US AbbottFailedTexasAgain AbbottHatesTexans Texans rn That’s fine let’s deal with this pandemic for another year then 🙄

Is it too late for Mexico to take it back? Keep throwing your healthcare system under the bus. This is great news for YourAlberta albertaoil Abbott is committing negligent homicide. Dickhead Texans. What a surprise. NOT! Very bad idea !!!!!! China joe Biden fault hi dumpster fire comment section today I bring you walter white

Weak Texas is the Lonestar they do everything independently because the leaders don’t think about the people so they use them as guinea pigs we will see what happens with the body count y’all are gonna die lmfao Oy los sacos de wea pa grande GOP = Party of Death. It means you don’t have to wear masks if you don’t want to. You know, liberty. Ever heard of it?

Any state fully opening realizes what a virus really means and how one cannot catch someone else’s sickness unless they were exposed to the same toxins. Enough science propaganda already. We already know how and why EMR’s are obstructing oxygen causing cells to become poisoned These people are dumb as rocks.

I'm sorry I just don't get Americans, love you all ,but all about your rights? It's a mask in a pandemic ,more dead than WW2 , What's the problem? Texas Massacre. Price of 'freedom'. The Texas economy bout to look like You mean he left it up to the citizens to CHOOSE if they want to wear a mask or not. What a concept

Care must now be personal . BoycottTexas BoycottMississippi NoTexasTourism Make sure the VISITOR section in their baseball stadium sits EMPTY this season ! NoMississippiTourism ! uhm. just when we thought things were getting better, and that things would stop eventually. The 2nd LARGEST state in America decided to do this? Literally what’s wrong with this world.

Move the wall a few hundred miles north... Klaus Schwab should be angry! Remember this when Texas needs our help. Again. Absolutely embarrassed that Texas took this long to get rid of masks Do they even have electricity yet? Because Greg Abbott enjoys watching Texans suffer We used to see reports on social media almost everyday from national news the numbers of covid-19 cases in hospitals. I haven't seen a single report this year or more so after the election. How are hospital beds?

Props to them ! Let me guess. Abbott got vaccinated recently. I can taste freedom TacoCrdSuccess 🌮 In the lack of brains governor contest of the week.Texas Gov Abbott wins out in close contest over Florida and New York ,after announcing Texas will be open 100 % next week with NO Covid or business restriction including no masks ,edging out Cuomo and DeSantis

DO NOT TRAVEL TO Texas They don't deserve your money. After practically a whole year of doing things the liberal way and still losing 500,000 people to the virus and many more to suicide and starvation, people will NOW have the option to not do things the liberal way. If you have enjoyed the past year, you can keep doing that

Good thing Texas isn't close to that California super strain.....o wait.. Greg Abbott: Unencumbered by the burden of rational thought. People acting like they aren’t still free to wear a mask. The state just isn’t forcing people to wear them or telling private businesses how they should be ran... I hope the rest of the world is just as confused as I am, because now we’re definitely all fucked.

About time something that has a better survival rate than the flu and all these liberal sheep are eating it up Freaking joke. WERE NOT READY FOR THIS STUPIDITY!!!!! I will listen to our Dallas county judge Clay Akin. “ continue to protect yourselves” wear the damn mask 😷 Texas!!! Does Texas want to commit mass murder or mass suicide? Asking for the obituaries.

A republican state of course that’s where all the crazies be at Yes, California & New York have reported more COVID-19 deaths than Texas. But it's better to look at deaths per million (DPM). I've attached tables showing the DPM from 10/31/20 to 03/02/21. Texas & California have similar DPM values and are just above the national average.

93.2% of Texans aren’t fully vaccinated. GOPFailedTexas Texas Governor Abbot’s lifting of the mask mandate is like lifting a condom mandate on swingers during herpes epidemic. i hate it here Anything to get Texans attention off the power grid. The Texas governer is a fucking joke. Good luck Texas 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Sorry, but it really seems like your leaders don’t care about you. Vote out GovAbbott tedcruz JohnCornyn GOP

I don’t get what most ppl are on about though. The governor is NOT FORCING anyone to go out without masks. He’s just saying if you want to wear masks, go on. If you don’t want to, it’s your choice. Why’s that so offensive to y’all? If you believe in mask science so much, wear 1! All trump supporters should live in Texas especially the ones in Florida 👍🏻

I'm sorry to all the Texans caught in the middle of this. Good luck and keep each other safe. Exactly. It is clear he doesn't care about saving Texans lives. VoteHimOut COVID19 COVIDIOT No Covid restriction in Texas, no Covid restrictions in Mississippi! COVIDIOT VoteHimOut Texas COVID19 Sure, who needs ‘em? Or a functioning power grid? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Insanity. Have they learned nothing in the past year?! Are they stupid Like the powers at the end of World War I determined to fire final shot of the war, the Trump Republican governors seemed to be determined to have the distinction of registering the final COVID-19 death in the USA. BanTexas They don’t have power or water. Might as well get rid of the masks and let everyone get sick. Congrats Texas you e become a “Shithole Country”.

elisabeth_pal ' faced sharp criticism from his party ' blah blah blah. They are in lockstep with just about Everything. Bet Texas and Mississippi Governor's, their families, and friends were the first to get the vaccine. So now let the strong survive and the weak fend for themselves. In Florida here. We are doing five n living. We are not reckless

Well done Texas! 👏🏼👏🏼 We are with you ✊🏼 their new state motto: Everything is BIGGER and BETTER here in Texas - well except for some reason our population (we’re still trying to figure that one out). *Texas I really think they’re trying to kill off all of us in Texas They didn’t follow the rules anyways

I see no issues with this. They wanted secession, there’s more than one way to get there. Good riddance to bad rubbish. -More than 7 million vaccinations will be given by next week. -We do about 1 million a week. -We gave 216,000 shots today alone. -More than 50% of the seniors will be vaccinated. -Hospitalizations & the positivity rate are lowest in 4 months. -All Texans know the safe practices.

Happy Texas Independence Day! 🇨🇱 Fanfuckingtastic Texans don’t even wear masks. 💪🏽💪🏽🙌🏽👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 the First smart governor along side the governor of GA . Keep standing up for your rights Relocation to Dallas might not be a bad idea after all just give me a chance and read, even if you can only donate a supportive message those are just as valuable to me🙏I need a Miracle ❤️

Well done Texas 👏 die Musk forces you to suffocate. It is unnatural. It causes Brain mutation. People will have defomed kids. Nature created people to have immune system. There's no covid-19. It was BS to get rid of Trump. As soon as Biden got in the Office, all covid-19 notifications have stopped. Masks barely work people. Stop your tv influencing you

crypt0e You guys know you can still wear a mask and stuff if you want to, right? You can also continue camping out in the basement. Or you can go sit in a packed movie theatre. It’s called freedom. The combined losses from the storms & power outages, capital riots, & Covid-19 deaths just weren't enough? What's wrong: Americans just aren't dying enough fast enough to please Texas & Mississippi beaurocrats? WOW! StaySafe StayHome StayHealthy WearAMask

Will blame renewable energy 🤪 I live in San Antonio and will still be wearing my mask. To work to the grocery store and staying my ass at home for any other reason Texas is one hot mess. Just reading the comments gave me cancer. How stupid some people can be ? For some people wearing mask equals to taking their freedom. What the actual holly fuck ? The USA looks like a 3rd world country, but TX... Like those isolated tribes in the jungle XD Fucking apes xD

My body... My choice... That’s stupid Darwinism Not seeing Texas passing any stealthing laws either. Party first! 🙄 But Texas politicians want to tell women what they can/cannot do with their own bodies. Let Texas drown. F**k it. So tired of them. Housing the rich there to take advantage of their ppl. 🤢🤮.

AP that’s just crazy.. can’t they just wait till they are sure everyone will at least be vaccinated Obviously, Texas wants to kill off the citizens of the state. If the lack of power, clean water, doesn’t kill you the ignorance of the Governor will. Unbelievably stupid! Texas: Removes Mask Mandate Also Texas: Why are Covid cases spiking?

I guess the 6,000 new cases in TX just today (Tuesday) meant nothing to GovAbbott who was being cheered by an audience of big business at his announcement today. Wow, Texas - you must rid yourselves of this guy! Y'all got some idiots down there in Texas lol I went to Texarkana once. The centre line of State Line Street is the state line.

People should ignore the governor and protect themselves and others. 👏🏽👏🏽🥂😭😍👍🏼 Those that are not in favor of this should protest by staying at home until we all become immortal and nobody ever dies of any diseases at all! It will be such a righteous thing to do. Can we ban texans to visit other states

Good. No; *Abbott* is lifting the mandate. The rest of us here had *nothing* to do with it. Try again, AP. Texas: Removes Mask Mandate. Also Texas: Why are cases suddenly spiking? I mean, Covid-19 was really just a Democrat hoax against trump that the whole world participated in. I mean, in the USA alone, 500000 people died to carry the hoax.

Trump: It's a shame I couldn't kill more Americans with COVID. Abbott: Hold my beer, Mr President. Murderers Of course, he is opening the state, he expects his constituents to pay the ridiculous electricity bills. So with that in mind, he needs to create financial options for people in Texas. America is a joke, Texas currently has 172,000 cases. Smart move dickhead!

Americans are always leading the world in what not to do... Just like it’s energy grid, Texans should not be allowed to cross the borders into another state or country. Lol, let the freak out begin! I’ve ran out of words. Crazy! Texas is the worst They’re just doing this to distract from the power grid issues

Guess Abbott who is married to wife who is Hispanic- married her to get elected- since Hispanics got him elected! Hope they do NOT follow his advice. what the fawk Just like Trump, he’s put his election over his constituents. MemeBurk I believe that if TEXANS decide to not wear masks, eat in FULL RESAURANTS, party hardy then WHEN THEY GET COVID THEY NEED TO STAY THE FVCK HOME!! ENOUGH PUTTING OTHERS AT RISK IN HOSPITALS😫🤢😡🤮

W GOP has said that they are opening their states for the summer, regardless of recommendations What does one gain by lifting the mask mandate. I can only see what we all lose Whhhhhhhy 🤯what are you not thinking about TX! 🤬 People are not ready and they are not vaccinated. 😷 Texas keeping America, America 🇺🇸 truly a shining standard

So he is dumber than he looks Just cause the idiot says it’s a good idea does not mean it’s a good idea Why does this have to be a political issue? It is, and I can't change that, but I don't see how masks are oppressive at all, and I for one, am going to take the vaccine as soon as I can. Businesses can still have the mandatory mask rule to enter so don’t be to exited. Abbott may be stupid but most businesses aren’t.

Texas has electricity problem. Texas Govt: 'Let's reduce our population!' I wonder if people who get exposed to covid after this in these states can sue the state. That would be perfect. God damn stupid 😡😡😡😡 Why can’t these reckless politicians be charged with malfeasance at the very least? Hell yeah. Texas fucking rules.

Tell me you're the dumbest state, without telling me you're the dumbest state- We are NEVER going to get out of this pandemic because of these COVIDー19 idiots. We are in the last couple of miles in this marathon and are dropping out?!!COVIDIOTS Ah Gregg Abbott's a Republican... Everyone knows wearing masks is important right now. Why would a governor tell people they don't have to? Because... Republicans hate the fact Joe Biden's vaccine drive is going very well. Risking lives for political points. GregAbbott_TX🤡

Stupid To all the Texans, sorry your leaders are out of touch old white people. Also, business are private and can still enforce their own mask policy. If you aren’t comfortable in them then take your business somewhere that still believes in science. Too bad...was hoping to go spend some money in Texas. Not happening now! StayHealthy StaySafeStayHealthy TexasBlackouts

Hopefully common sense will prevsil by all Texans Republican stupidity. Texas should just reference itself a super spreader state. By order of the Governor. I think about this tweet a lot... I literally cannot wait to watch covid numbers see no deviation or variations from rest of the country Traveling over there in a few weeks - don’t mess it up Texas!

He doesn't care this man must think he's killing off Democratic votes. Well, now we know the plan of action developed at the qpac debacle. Good luck TX. Follow the science, not your dumb gov. Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Right wingers have the right mindset for many things, where leftists don't. And vice versa. The commonality there is a desire for freedom, tainted by a justification of freedomless assumptions i.e. private ownership or state rulership.

Let the games begin.... natural selection... you’re up... make us proud. A more accurate headline would be: In an attempt to deflect a massive failure in Leadership during the preventable loss of power to the many residents of his state, Governor Abbott further endangers the lives of his constituency.

Does he really care about the people in his state? After the debacle with no electricity or water and now this, I have to wonder. Its too soon , specially after the winter storm. Maybe the governor dies not care that people get sick or be dead. Or is it to show off that he will be the first to won the contest of stupidity applying zero common sense!

All the governor of Texas cares about is how many fun loving college students can pack the beaches, bars and hotels during the Spring Break. It's all about money. So much for pro life Love it. The mask doesn’t block any pathogens which means it doesn’t protect anyone and the mask is a life-threatening health hazard. Hypoxia, hypercapnia, immune suppression and petri dish (w/in 20min bacteria/mold spores colonize mask), lung infect., bacterial pneumonia, etc.

Looking at how they ran the power grid, I’m sure this will end well. And to think, this used to be a joke: to everyone in texas who is going to continue wearing a mask even though the mandate is lifted u have all my love 3 Is this what y'all want? Ban them and those from Mississippi from traveling to other states. I refuse to have my life drag on in this miserable limbo bc these states are being insanely reckless.

Abbott's real goal here is a loyalty test. Now non-Republicans will be easy to spot while wearing masks; and, thus easier to persecute. It's open season on science-believers in Texas. Americans are so so gullible... Fear makes them forget common sense. This is what fear does: Y’all don’t have power or water? Might as well get a deadly virus too! Feels like Texas doesn’t want to be inhabited by any people.

Natural selection has worked for millions of years and will continue to work for millions more. Everyone has that idiot friend who would do practically anything for a free beer, well that idiot friend is the state of Texas. AbbottFailedTexas I get wanting to re-open the economy. But making masks 'if you wanna' prior to everyone being vaccinated... is 100% stupidity or malevolence. Texans, do better; elect someone that... 1) is smart 2) gives a whit about you (but this is largely preaching to the choir, ain't it?)

So the CDC CDC begs to keep being safe even w vaccines. Because of new variants VariantsOfConcern still coming! So what do the schmocks do they fully open texas Mississippi etc. Wtg fools if smart keep being safe & listen till it's safe the simple fools don't care! ... A mistake. The lucky don't care at all.

But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine. Psalm 33:19 Come to freeze to death or stay for the SARS CoV 2! YAHOO Who knew Abbott's favorite album was 'Kill 'Em All'? Texans, Stay the fuck away from the Tri State area!

What is in the minds of Texas and Mississippi Republicans? Do they care about the health of their citizens? How can they sleep at night? Get back to work even if your health is jeopardized? Serve the wealthy. Even if you might die. Who are these creatures? Are they human? Surely Texans have the brains to ignore what the governer says and keep wearing masks when out and at work here in UK we have lots vaccinated I've had both my shots but we still must wear masks

Letssss gooo Texas! Stop being sheep 🐑 masks don’t work We’ll see what happens. Abbott Too early.....please wait until more people are vaccinated......how about 12 more weeks please I’ll have the COVID Burger, with a side of freeze to death fries ☠️ Texan Governor when he signed the mandate Seems like moving to Texas was the best idea. Now if GovStitt would grow some we could get along great in Oklahoma as well. Sadly, our gov and mayor of OKC are too busy appeasing the left.

Sounds like they’ve taken Patrick Henry’s lesser known phrase “give me liberty and give me death!” 🤦🏽‍♀️😡 Put Terrorist MAGA Texas in Prison .. HARD LABOR! 🤔😷🙏 Awesome....! I so appreciate the higher cost of housing and sanity in California. Abbott is an ass. Some Texans still have no water and some froze to death with no heat, so why not just kill them with Covid that’s easier right. SMDH

What took him so long. Oh the lonely star ⭐️ state Governor Abbott receives his Covid shot before telling Texans to eat shit and die. I think they need to build a WALL completely around the whole state! Well, Gov. GregAbbott_TX & the TX GOP took a break for about a week or so in their job of hurting Texans. Now they want to get right back to spreading Covid and getting people killed. Abbott works hard to bring on more misery. You can’t fault him for trying hard on that score.

Goodness us Texas trying to kill us all? It’s like just when you thought that governor was done fucking you through the winter he does dumb shit like this, now all the other Republican governor’s have to compete to see who can give less fucks. What will you do when the people die because you lifted the mask mandate? They make make you leave once the numbers escalate. I thought you wanted to protect your people not infect your people!

Awful to kill people for politics. Would have made much more semse to tie vaccination rate goals to easing of restrictions milestones. Dam texas jus keeps getting hurt,seems like texas replubicans feel like not enough died n storm so there goin the covid-19 route,SORRY TEXAS but u voted these ass clowns into office

Godammit. Just when I think it can’t get more stupid. Crazy We won’t be distracted or forget about the grid GregAbbott_TX covid19 liked that! 👍 I'm trying to understand is brain damage part of being a Texan a Floridian or simply a Republican? Only making things worse for us here in Texas! Fantastic! Way to go TX

GregAbbott_TX thank you, mask were and will never be the answer , all the “scientist” did was rename the flu a.k.a.Covid I know plenty of friends and family that got it and always had a mask on and still got covid. likeyoubabykillerssay mybodymychoice wearitifyouwant orDont Yikers I am in disbelief at the evil, the absolute dark evil, behind these decisions that are made only to curry favor with the Trumpublicans.

When a new variant emerges from this asinine move, we shall name it the Greg Abbott Variant. Hmmm, I thought that the largest state was Alaska. 🤔 Because Texas can just Nazi the virus away yeah fuck y’all Texas is always in the race to the bottom with Mississippi. I think we are beating them now. I think we are going to be competing with 3rd world countries next.

What the fucking hell?! Biden should impose martial law nationwide requiring masks and all violators should be hit with extremely heavy fines for each and every violation. Even if it means posting military personnel on the ground. 3 violations and you immediately go to prison! Big Mistake Greg! Masks aren't useless, you're thinking of your legs

Stupid is what stupid does - Forest Gump Greg Abbott? Not an ounce of brain under his ten-gallon hat! VoteHimOut Wear a double-mask for the foreseeable future or until we're safely out of the woods. About time. A disaster is coming just hang on. God bless the people who aren't rich and don't shop at public grocery store

Party over people’s health. Typical GOP Texas, the Lone Brain Cell State. FuckYouRednecks The U.S. population is 4% of the world's population yet we account for 20% of the world's COVID-19 deaths. Why? Here's a reason why! Liberals claiming republicans politicizing mask choice...ha ha haaaa. That’s rich... Is there no low then will not stoop...

Looks like it’s High Time to RecallAbbott and RecallReeves. Texass and MessedUpPeePee Oh boo, you faced sharp criticism...so cave and let the death toll keep rising 275 new COVID deaths reported in TX as Gov. Abbott lifts the mask mandate. More deaths to come due to a lack of leadership by a gov. who is trying desperately to do something his base will approve of.

Stupid LOL. Enough of this Covid bs. People that want to stay under their beds can stay under their beds. Just stop telling us the rest of us what to do. And stop moving to red states if you can't stand us. You are unwelcome. “Texas. Advancing stupidity for 175 years.” AbbottResign Bet he'll live to regret this decision. Question is WHY is he really doing it? Isn't half a million deaths enough proof of the seriousness of this killer virus. People aren't collateral damage

'Duuuuuhhhh..SECEDE!' (Ice storm hits) 'Duuuuhhh...help us!' Hey, hey slowdown...One State Level/Soon to be National Emergency at a time. Texas WearAMask RogerNoEar let's move to Texas so we don't get carbon dioxide poisoning from these face muzzles You're wreckless! GREAT JOB DESTROYING CA!! You POS.

Because GovAbbott is batshit crazy... Finishing off whoever did not freeze to death. Yes, people in homes froze to death. At this point who is really checking if you are wearing a mask or not. If you want to protect yourself you know what you gotta do. Leave the rest to deal with the consequences Stay the fuck in Texas

Just another of the many stupid moves by Abbott and the Republicans in the state. My advice: sign up to volunteer at a vaccine event so you can get vaccinated as soon as possible! And the republican legislators have all signed on to seceding from the US. There’s even group working to seize land belonging to Democrats in order to push them out of the state. I moved here in 85 because it was the greatest state in the nation. Now it’s a nightmare. 🤬

The Texas governor’s policies are crippling the state and handicapping the state’s recovery. Even the most right wing of parties in my country don't object the use of masks. What is wrong with you gringos? Gov. Abbott and Texas republicans are not pro-life. If they don't want to get the virus all they have to do is wear a black lives matter shirt. They will be 100% immune just like the mostly peaceful protesters were last year.

Good luck Texas. Greg Abbott just cancelled the freedom of Texans to be safe from the selfishness, carelessness and ignorance of others who refuse to wear a mask. CancelCulture GregAbbott_TX The beautiful thing about peer pressure is, when you cave into it, it goes away. Are people complete Morons in Texas Asking on behalf of the world.

BREAKING: These states to follow suit. Let's place bets on the race! I thought Republicans were ProLife. I guess not. THIS IS THE MOST FUCKED UP THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Thank you, Abbott, for essentially MURDERING US. The comments on here. The brainwashing is strong. Texans WARNING! DO NOT LISTEN to GOVERNOR ABBOTT (QR-TX) He is endangering your lives! Please Wear a MASK. StaySafe SafeDistance NOCrowds WashHands StayHome ElbowBump Texas TexasVoters SenateGOP RNC GOP LeaderMcConnell BetoORourke SOS WEAR MASK!😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

The Federal Government should be able to do something. Lives are at risk. Cool. Stop any Covid related federal funding that would go there. Send it to states that are not trying to kill their doctors. He needs to be voted out or resign. He does not care about the people of TX or anyone except himself and trump. No one wants to visit TX anymore. That's a shame.

Thank you 🙏 Texas Hell yea Merica I feel for you texas friends. I'm so sorry GovAbbott is an incompetent fool. In no universe is this leadership! VoteHimOut Floridian here across the Bay. We been open since May of 2020.... Mask are not mandatory but people still wear them. We still alive 😉 Well, we gotta keep them poor, stupid, and sick to keep them voting Republican.

We all know that the ones that will suffer the most from this. the poor, elderly, and essential workers that are predominantly minorities Preach has gotta eat Man. When damn state's policy is written by the religion lobby Stupid stupid Alright boys! Flip the tally back to zero cuz America’s fockin up stuff again!

I’m so sick of science denying Republican politicians and the people that vote for them. Greg be like No government or federal help if they do If tens of thousands more die, the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed and key industries need to shut down, perhaps they will rethink. This childish need to object will have consequences within two months.

RobertoCSada Madness. Total madness. Apparently he doesn’t care if Texans live or die. Wonder if Dell Oracle ATT tenethealth SouthwestAir and other Fortune 500 headquartered in Texas are OK w/ GregAbbott_TX reckless decision to abandon CDCgov NIH recommendations. The masks are obviously not working.

Do people think that because its not mandated you can't still choose to wear a mask and stay the fuck home? VoteHimOut I just don’t understand why they can’t wait until summer, at least?! The vaccine is on a roll and cases are dropping slowly. This is nuts!!! What do you think it feels like in your brain to make a decision this bad

Sharp criticism from whom? now is not the time to change the mall mandate!!! I bet Abbott and his family has been vaccinated—just like they had electricity Spring break I would like to see all these anti-maskers ask their doctors not to mask up doing surgery. You know personal choice. Mother Nature wrecked Texas- now Gov wants everyone to commit mass suicide?

And Texas takes the lead on stupidity over Florida, but Florida is still right on their heels Finally someone with common sense. Very rare commodity these days. WE Texas need to MaskUp 😷. DON'T put teachers & staff in danger exposed to COVID19 🦠. PROTECT our students so they can be the leaders of the future. Don't become COVIDIDIOTS‼️ Tell GovAbbott to READ MY LIPS 👇🏾👇🏾

BoycottGreggAbbott Texas is literally trying to kill off as many Texans as they can in, what I can best quess is, an feeble attempt to keep the state red. Anyone think these are distractions from their failures? I mean Jackson, MS hasnt had clean water for what 2 weeks? TX I am sure ppl still dealing with damage. I think he is tryin to hide somethin, thinkin ppl will forget what just happened last month.

brilliant!! what next i wonder in this series of incompetent idiocy I’m exhausted and so frustrated. :( Texas GOP so much blood on it's hands. Halt all interstate to/from Texas and Mississippi. Need to contain any of their variants at their state lines. Where’s Texas Nice knowing you Texas... So reduce their vaccine allocation. Simple.

They didn’t outlaw masks...you can still wear one freaky if you choose. At some point you have to try What is the problem GovAbbott YOU HAVE NOT KILLED ENOUGH TEXANS? Dont forget folks TX leaders let their people freeze and now they all might get covid. Time to move to Texas! Sadly many in Texas will interpret this as masks are now illegal.

Greg Abbott is trying to kill poor people in Texas. Here’s why? Sales tax dependent...no state income tax. Look at Florida too. Interestingly California has fared better than texas A mistake with the virus still surging! When the hospitalizations go up and deaths rise, blame the green new deal. GregAbbott Texas

Good. Reminds me of the time Texas decided to make its own power grid.... I’ve never been so excited to not be in Texas. Come to Texas, we can’t pay the heat bill but we can kill you with viruses. henrymcmaster South Carolina next! Criminal negligence. Time to order more body bags. Apparently, Texas enjoyed being compared to a third world country and figured,” how can we keep up that reputation?” We went from Don’t mess with Texas to Texas is a Mess.

What a swerve. And this is why our country will be fucked. Thanks Texas. You deserved what happened. Good. More maga hats will die and IQ of the country goes up a bit. No ones saying you don’t have to continue wearing a mask....Some of you just like to have rules and something to follow lol. Get over yourselves.

Welp, say goodbye to the idea of aclfestival taking place this year. Instead you can hit Coronapalooza with smashmouth on the Honda stage Soooo...let’s appease the party and let Covid rapture the Texans...🤦‍♀️ And wait and watch their numbers increase! Nobody should be able to leave the state or go to Texas! Cancel flights, all forms of transportation! I’ll bet the gov would go back to masks and social distancing! Hit em in the pocketbook!

Go Texas!!!!!! I'm so pissed! Abbott is a fool! I'm fully vaccinated and I'm still going to follow CDC. That idiot doesn't know what the F he's doing. We are going to go backwards not forward! Texas Blue in 22! He needs to go. $$. Spring Break? Coincidence? Not! Mississippi, too Insanity! The stupid get their way.

angelas95379515 They should ALL drop it! If you want to mask up, go for it. Teachers don’t count as an essential business in Texas. No vaccinations. School districts were supportive of masks mandate but many are now just considering it. They believed in science, but now? Maybe they think Abbott has better hair than Dr. Fauci.

Good about time! FL needs to stop it too. ritaloooc69 Who’d live in Texas This is stupidity on a level of absurdity for which words fail me. How about NO? is he vaccinated already and willing to give up? Failed state has most likely run out of money. There is no income tax and can only get money from sales taxes which you need businesses open. Will be a disaster with flights. too. They will endanger the entire country.

Texas needs to secede already. I felt it was over the top when it was a mayor with one shark. Yay! The pandemic is over! I’m sick of fucking hot wheels governing this state RepublicansAreKillingUs What is his reasoning?! It’s so irresponsible given the crisis the state just went through. STAND UP Greg!! When you address the people of Texas.

Texas, the only state where you can watch The Darwin awards happen in real time. Don’t come to Texas then if you’re scared 😂😂😂 Abbott HAS CHOSEN WHILE COVID CASES & DEATHS ARE RISING to commit NegligentHomicide & CrimesAgainstHumanity by NOT Listening to CDCgov US_FDA GQP does NOT care about your life AFTER you are born. AssholeAbbott ResignAbbottNOW ExpelAbbottNOW Texas AbbottFailedTexas

You can still choose to wear your masks, oh and this guy is an idiot. Dead People Walking 🚷 FL - No mask mandate NY - Mask mandate Go look at the curves of the two states. They are identical. Virus doesn’t care if you wear a mask or not. Social distancing is the only 100% effective means and that’s from scientists at Hopkins.

If you live in Texas stay in Texas. i dont understand the conservative logic. u force women to birth babies bcuz.. all lives matter.. but u refuse to wear a mask around those babies and risk literally killing them with ur breathe bcuz.. my body, my choice? 🤔 wtf?! Great, Thanks Texas ! We will never get rid of Covid & its your damn fault 😒

With over 500k lives lost to the pandemic, and the fact that not everyone is vaccinated, it’s difficult not to resolve that this is a profit and power vs the best interest of people decision. Listen people if you want to still wear a mask wear the Flippin mask nobody’s telling you you can’t wear it There people that prefer not to so hey it’s a free country last I checked maybe not for long

Thank god praise Texas God why isn't this an act of genocide? Dunno why the size of Texas really has anything to do with this Texas niggas wildin I’m so glad most businesses have enough common sense to keep a mask rule in place. So in the end, we will all still have to keep our masks on (unless the business is run by a science denying republican)

Idiots. Good luck in your libertarian paradise Texas. No water, no heat, no masks. Please do not go to the hospital after you get sick. Has he gotten power and water restored yet? Darwin’s “Survial of the Fittest” seems to apply here. I just call it, “More food for me.” Seriously, I do fear for, and pray for, those following the incompetent and selfish leaders. However, people get the policies from those they elect. God help that weak.

Rescinding this order makes Texas look reactionary and ignorant. So embarrassing. i feel bad for the half of texas that knows this is wrong and will suffer for it. it's not a one note state, even though voter suppression makes it seem that way. Can't wait to pick out my coffin Living in Texas be like... I hate it here

Rather Darwinian of them. This is a mistake. Vaccines are still brutally hard to come by and the hospitals are still trying to recover. What’s the reasoning for lifting restrictions? We haven’t even slowed the spread yet. 'We're building a wall. A great big, beautiful wall. Beautiful. A big wall, around Texas. And Texas is going to pay for it. They're paying for the wall, believe me.'

Guessing Abbot is feeing competitive with Kristi Noem in SD for how many of their constituents they can kill with dumb-ass party-line public health policy decisions GovAbbott govkristinoem No one should be allowed to leave Texas until the pandemic is over. Based on the Liberals responses to GregAbbott_TX TexasIndependenceDay COVID19 announcement they deserve GavinNewsom and NYGovCuomo. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

It’s almost like some Electeds don’t want the pandemic to end. Let’s look at who is benefiting from the pandemic. 🤔 Who is it, again?...increased their wealth by the billions (collectively, trillions)during the past year, while most Americans are unemployed? Oh, That’s right🤬 Because fuck our citizens! That’s why!

Yikes. This is not good. Just because COVID 19 is getting better does not mean we can just end the wearing of masks. Abbott did it wrong last April by opening too soon. He learned nothing. Here we go again. It’s all on him. Politics! Not the first states to do this. All the other states that did this are doing just fine.

Look at the weak minded feeble peasants on this thread. You can still wear a mask or 2 or 3 if you want, i mean they work right? Its not hard. If u see someone without a mask, simply stay 6 feet away. sCiEnCE 🙄 GregAbbott is an idiot. If Texas kept MaskMandate, vaccinated Texans could mask up, go out, start shopping locally. We won't breathe COVID19 from maskless morons. If your store allows unmasked shoppers, get ready for lawsuits.

Texas officials really wanna kill off their people.. first, they suffered from a natural disaster, now this?! Bad Spanish too. So freezing during a lockdown wasn’t tough enough huh? Good job Texans! You voted for that wet paper towel!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️✊🏾✊🏿 Beautiful, way to get your balls out Gov Abbott. Let people begin to get their freedoms back as law abiding, tax paying citizens. If people are still afraid wear a mask, keep distance, or stay home. lessgovt

This what happens when ur leaders believ someone in the sky gives a shit about u This is stupid as fuck and we're never getting out of this pandemic. That's all you have to be kidding going backwards again Build a wall around Texas I say. Wonderful news ...and they’ll want federal aide when their hospitals are over run and people are dying

Impeachment of Abbott! Damn y'all can't tell Texas shit!....guess we gonna see what them stats look like... The death count from COVID-19 will inevitably rise in Texas. Abbott will have “blood on his hands” just like Trump!!🤬 Not smart. People are still dying. About 29 cases to 100,000 where I live due to lockdown and masks. Please rethink for the health of the State and States.

Why are people freaking out? You can keep on wearing masks if you so choose. If you don't, then be prepared to face the consequences. Businesses still have discretion and if you don't like their decision, don't spend your money there. Simple If there is not a bigger proponent of outright white domestic terrorism than GregAbbott_TX then please educate me.

we don’t need texans anyway 💔💔 The VACCINATED governor is committing an immoral order. GovAbbott wants to KillOffTexans who didn’t FreezeToDeath under his inept leadership during the TexasFreeze. TexasPowerOutage TexasWinterStorm2021 Bunch of dummies boutta catch COVID like 20 times I mean if all the deaths and illness hasn't made them learn, then nothing will.

plain dumb. I hate it here 😒 All GOP Governors will be now trying to sabotage the Biden strategy to curb the pandemic. That's Trump favorite tactic: destroy and sabotage, even (or especially) if there are American lives involved. GOP/Trump Cult has became the Terminator Party against American Democracy.

Get a politician to talk to this governor, get him to reverse that awful decision. Obviously, the gop doesn't believe in science or the 42,500 deaths in Texas. It's appalling to not require masks in a pandemic, GovAbbott The fascist gop party of America wants to open up the economy at all costs, while 90% of the population isn't vaccinated.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes 🤷🏻‍♂️ This is why we can’t see the end of Covid in the United States. We can’t even see low numbers. Because Republicans don’t know what a pandemic is and how to control it. DeborahHealy_ We need to take care of ourselves and do what we know is right. Science leads and that’s it! To do otherwise, places us in the zero brain category.

Wish that wall around Texas was completed Texas fucking sucks dick First you leave us helpless during one of the coldest winters and now this 🤦🤦🤦 BREAKING: Texas “leadership” continues to be public enemy number one against the residents they represent. I concur. wise decision. enough is enough Maybe the wall should have been around the northern border of Texas, not the southern

lmao...we juuuust moved 2 days ago! God is good! I won’t be shopping ANYWHERE without a mask requirement. How’s that going to help business? I'm sure the family of my friend who was a perfectly healthy 48 yr old and just died of Covid in Texas will be thrilled to hear this. Efficiency and progress Is ours once more Now that we have corona virus Kill kill kill kill kill the poor~ (Stolen from Intellectual Dark Wave)

Seems the STUPID just oozes from Texas and many other states, mostly southern but not all. Death cult No masks/No federally funded vaccines They should not be allowed to leave the State unless they are vaccinated! Government doesn't work and we're making that come true every day! why does texas hate its citizens? tried to freeze them to death with a shitty power grid and now lift mask mandates. sheesh....

Wow they’re so groundbreaking! Look what they did! OMG Texas becomes the biggest embarrassment VoteHimOut All y'all got something to say about keeping the heat on, yet Newsom has made it law that no gas powered vehicles will be sold by 2035. Because rolling blackouts hasn't been an issue for how long? Y'all really live under a rock.

texas skill set Now it’s time to tie Texas federal disaster aid adherence to federal health guidelines. I was positive for Covid in late November in San Antonio. Seven weeks of hell. Vaccine in 2 weeks. I'l be wearing my mask for another 2 moths. I want nothing to do with that virus. 👋 bye texas Now I understand why 'Vote Him Out' is trending. GovAbbott, just how many in your state have been vaccinated?

Even as infection rates in Texas and Mississippi are on the rise. JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING BREAK! GregAbbott_TX is so fucking stupid. Fools. POTUS THOUSANDS will die and Abbott doesn't even care😢 WTAF GregAbbott_TX GovAbbott tatereeves Every Public Heath official around the world has said that we need to wear masks for another year or two to stop this Covid monster?! How can these men be so careless & cruel to their constituents?! They must be removed immediately!!

Each state is its own individual laboratory of kakistocracy. You’re killing your constituents all in the name of Republicanism. Or should I say “trumping”? I’m a school school teacher and I also own a children’s art studio. I’ve spent this entire year pivoting my business strategies in order to stay open while also training and implementing new school Covid safety protocol and procedures. This is a slap in the face.

Continue to wear your mask and wash before you touch your face, and continue social distancing. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Woke Nation is going bat chit crazy saying we are going to die lol cases are going to go up lol 😂 Here in Austin we DONT wear masks and are perfectly fine despite any “numbers” or “cases” or whatever else the news says

Definitely qualifies them as nominee for the Darwin Award. Natural Selection in progress. TX and FL have the highest number of new daily CoVid cases in all US! As far as I see it, the GOP is culling their voter rolls! More power to them! And these reckless Texans are going to be flying on planes with the rest of us. Texas COVIDIDIOTS TexasStupid

GregAbbott_tx is going to be killing people. and he DOES NOT CARE. he didn't care about an 11 year old freezing to death two weeks ago, and he doesn't care about Thousands of other Texans who are going to die from Covid. RANKED 48th in Vaccine Rollout! Round Three: BEGIN! We should gift Texas to Mexico and throw in Mississippi and Arizona. Just send us some good tequila and we'll call it even.

Wave 4 on the way... Whelp atleast we can get rid of the stupid ones first good luck texas I thought we sold Texas to Mexico? Is this a meth thing or what’s up? Stupid is as stupid does 👍🏻 Texas Great. So it's like stopping antibiotics simply because we're feeling better now rather than finishing them to ensure the infection is gone. That seems smart...

Ban travel to and from Texas & Mississippi POTUS JoeBiden No...don’t Why Texas governor hates his people. This from the state that was so proud of their electrical grid. 'We don't need no stinkin' Feds telling us what to do (especially with our bodies ... except for unborn babies). Science be damned!'

lmao The median age of death of this thing is in the upper 70s, and many of those were due to government mismanagement, neglect, or possibly even something more sinister, but yeah, continue cheerlead the continued shutting down of life, bootlickers. Super glad my immunocompromised BFF & her mom got the vaccine, but not quite as thrilled to learn that they live in a state where the governor quite literally does not care if his people live or die.

Dumb idea Masks are better than dying. Mother nature: im bouta freeze these mofos to death! Abbott: sheeeiit bitch, hold my beer! When you don’t have a solution, go start a culture war. When you’re facing catastrophic mismanagement of the grid, go and start a culture war. Stupid and irresponsible from start to end. That’s .GovAbbott and the .TexasGOP. I’ve learned to focus past them, and laser in on 2022

texas teachers are pissed and coming for all elected officials including GovAbbott GregAbbott_TX RonnyJacksonTX tedcruz JohnCornyn Bad idea I wonder if people had the same reaction when we first introduced pants. Like did people just swing out their d*cks and bushes and scream FREEDOMMM. Perhaps I will write a script on this now lol

It's called culling the herd not herd immunity A**holes. Texas resident here with a comprised immune system. I’ve been isolating for over a year only out of my home for doctors appointments that had to be in person & voting-bc I don’t trust mail-in voting in this state. Still waiting for the vaccine. Registered in two counties.

The misinformed killing more people! VinceMcMahon TonyKhan time to bring fans and live into wrestling again Leave the country already!!! My gawd Texas will begin spreading COVID19 ! Why must Texas make the rest of us despise that beautiful state! Making Americans sick and killing them! So angry 😡! GOPDomesticTerrorists killing Americans with COVID19 !

Why did I choose to live in Texas? Abbott is the most irrational person i can think of, apart from Ted Cruz Let's hear him out. It's probably because of the Green New Deal. Dude what Who would approve of that holy shit God help us. Why not wait another month or two until the vaccines get us closer to the supposed herd immunity that is to result? Why rush things like this? Good people are about to die for bad reasons.

What better way to distract from the epic structural failure that they created. If your household is fully vaccinated why do you still need to wear a mask? It is like breaking your arm. It heals but your Dr says keep the cast on for 6 months. Anyone can still wear their mask. Is his name Bud Abbott. Can DC just have Texas's statehood already? I'm pretty sure we can handle ourselves better, and also y'all can live out the secessionist fantasy.

The ignorance of this Governor. Doesn’t listen to the science and obviously doesn’t care about his constituents. I’m glad you are all here. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you regarding your car insurance.... GregAbbott_TX screwed up with the water/power outage crisis and compounded it with lifting coronavirus/COVID-19 restrictions -- he cares more about playing politics than he does the Texas people, especially doctors and nurses -- it's time he and his co--conspirators resigned ...

Here we go again. The numbers will fly through the roof again. First the storms and their governor leaves for Cancun then Florida. Does any of the government care about the Americans in Texas? I feel bad for all the people who will suffer because of this horrible decision. Might as well, no one was following it any way.

So...not only did yalls power grid fail, yall being charged out the ass for electricity, your governer or mayor whoever literally told y’all it’s your fault that you can’t keep your family safe during this time and now Corona will run free. Texas really is betting high. Good luck Texas. I lived there for 9 years and am happy I moved away. Between your shitty deregulated electrical grid and shitty governor, you're going to need all the luck you can get.

Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!! Cancelling my plans to travel there now! Stupid, stupid, stupid state!! Idiot! Are we supposed to be distracted from Texas’ complete infrastructure failure because the governor decides to create another catastrophe? I know, let’s add a virus surge to no water and no electricity.

I believe it's called death drive. I see Texas is once again having a normal one Brilliant GovGregAbbott. But what else should we expect from the gub who brought us the power-grid fiasco? He really wants to see as many of us dead as possible. For what it’s worth, many people here in the great State of Texas were only wearing chin masks to begin with.

Governor Abbot never handled the response to the virus properly. He re-opened Texas too soon the first time and this latest mandate is more of the same. Well for all the negative comments if you don't live in Texas why do you care and if you do live in Texas you can still wear your mask if you want to. Or are you just upset the government is not telling people how to live anymore?

Texas is hopeless. this is fucking bullshit. this pandemic is never going to end. Philly852 and no more restrictions on capacity. Other states will be forced to follow, no? So Abbott is so jealous of the frozen pipes, no electricity story; that he decided to create a covid storm. Good call Texas...I am a healthcare worker and have made my own observation. The people wearing the masks are the people contracting the CV.

Psychopathic Add to this, people not wearing masks ridiculing or mocking people who choose to do so. Texas is so ass backwards. Wearing mask 😷 to prevent others from getting covid is infringement on ur freedom. But smoking a plant into your own body will get u locked up in jail. 😂 small government my ass.

I hope smart people pay that ass no mind WTF is wrong with him I could just see Texas at the round table coming up with this plan Texas variant here we come. Thanks Texas! Too soon I’ve been to a mental health unit and I’ve heard from patients who have RELAPSED and came in because they’ve had family/relatives who have DIED from covid, i can’t with this state anymore

Way to go, Texas!!! It is time for all states to re-open, put people back to work & allow citizens to use common sense. Those wanting/needing to wear masks can certainly do so; however those of us vaccinated should also have the right to make the choice best for them. Lol. This is a freaking joke... ew

No masks, no power grid... I guess Texas doesn’t want any citizens anymore Wow.....imagine making all the sacrifice worth nothing bc you can't wait just a bit longer LMFAOOOO I wish we lived in Texas! This may have to be my new state!!! Those who are worried can still wear the mask, but gives people the choice!!

Wtf. 🤦🏽‍♀️no masks? good for them bruh 😐 We need a new governor!!!!!!! This is absolute nonsense and a danger to our community! What could go wrong? Ignore science and facts. GQP at its worst! Sounds like a serious distraction technique to mak me people forget the electrical disaster Say hello to the next epicenter Texas

Good job get those masks off let’s go back to being real Yikes! It had to be Texas 😩🙏🏻 Texas 🤝 being idiots. A tale as old as time lmao Let the experiment begin... Texans are accustomed to suffering in the greatest nation on earth (sarcasm) Does he still think Texas is its own country Let’s hope it’s all the people pressing him that kick off as a result. But probably not.

Mask are about as unless as joe biden My family and I will continue to wear mask social distance no inside gathering, if some people are stupid to listen to a guy who couldn't protect us from winter storm Power outage something wrong with them. travel nursing contracts in Texas about to be willlddddd Well, they must have the virus totally under control, well done Texas [sarcasm].

Novel concept. If you’re scared stay home. If you’re so concerned about getting sick you shouldn’t be out anyways. Great job Texas I’m sure Republicans are making good choices like they have for electricity. Republicans keep doing it Cruz and his family with other Republicans did they get covid vaccine ? I’m sure many in government already have had covid vaccine so do they care for the people

Now people who refuses to wear a mask in the state of Texas to stop the spread of COVID-19 might be brutally murdered. Someone who lost beloved family members to COVID-19 might immediately assassinate GovAbbott and his supporters. The FBI should arrest for endangering lives.