Tess Daly Style, Tess Daly Fashion, Strictly Fashion

Tess Daly Style, Tess Daly Fashion

Tess Daly wears jaw-dropping dress on Strictly

Tess Daly's figure-hugging dress is incredible ✨

11/22/2020 3:25:00 AM

Tess Daly's figure-hugging dress is incredible ✨

Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly stunned viewers by wearing a show-stopping Suzanne Neville number with sheer panelling.

The star, whose husband Vernon Kay is currently competing in I'm A Celebrity, surprised BBC viewers in her gorgeous all-black outfit as she joined Claudia Winkleman to introduce the remaining acts, including Maisie Smith and Jamie Laing.Tess Daly stunned in a sultry black dress

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Tess' stylist James Yardley designed the dress along with Suzanne Neville and he shared the creation on his Instagram revealing that the design was a nod to Blackpool. The strapless dress featured a sprinkling of delicate sequins and two daring sheer panels.

READ MORE: Tess Daly shares previously unseen photo with Vernon KayADORABLE: A look inside Tess Daly and Vernon Kay's family photo albumShe topped off the look with delicate strappy heels and kept her jewellery and hairstyle simple.Week after week, we look forward to seeing what Tess wears, and she certainly hasn't disappointed over the course of the current series. 

Tess upped her game last week in a daring thigh-high split dress by Alexandre Vauthier last weekend.Loading the player... var track=function (evt_name) { dataLayer.push({ 'event': evt_name, 'eventValue': { 'category': 'videos', 'action': evt_name, 'label': 'HELLO - sO0fmoRy', 'videoUrl': 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/sO0fmoRy.mp4', 'videoTitle': 'Tess Daly confirms exciting news in new clip' } }); }; var playerInstance=playerInstance || []; playerInstance['sO0fmoRy']=jwplayer('MC4zNTM1NjkwMCAxNjA1ODc4NzU0MTcxNzE='); playerInstance['sO0fmoRy'].setup({ sources: [ {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/sO0fmoRy-720.mp4', label: '480'}, {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/sO0fmoRy-1280.mp4', label: '720 HD', default: 'true'}, {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/sO0fmoRy-1920.mp4', label: '1080 HD'}], primary: 'html5', image:'https://content.jwplatform.com/thumbs/sO0fmoRy-720.jpg', related: { file: 'https://www.hellomagazine.com/feed/video.html?publication=hello&tags%5B0%5D=Vernon%2520Kay&tags%5B1%5D=im%2520a%2520celebrity&tags%5B2%5D=tess%2520daly', onclick: 'play' }, autostart: false, sharing: {} }); //TODO: convert static variables to dynamic (maxRetries and interval) function getDataPermutive() { return new Promise((resolve, reject)=> { let maxRetries=2; let countRetry=0; let checkingInterval=setInterval( function() { if (countRetry { // Resolve accepts a playlist item, this can be modified // The playlist item that is scheduled to load is // passed in as 'item' // Reject can be used to cancel a scheduled item from being loaded return new Promise((resolve, reject)=> { try { let playerConfig=playerInstance['sO0fmoRy'].getConfig(); let tagUrl=playerConfig.advertising.schedule[0].tag; return getDataPermutive().then(_pdfps=> { let playerSegsPerm=encodeURIComponent('&permutive=' + encodeURIComponent(JSON.parse(_pdfps || '[]').slice(0, 250).join(','))); tagUrl=tagUrl.replace(/(cust_params[^&]+)/, '$1' + playerSegsPerm); const updatedAdSchedule={tag: tagUrl, offset: 'pre'}; const updatedPlaylistItem=Object.assign({}, item, {adschedule: [updatedAdSchedule]}); console.log("Permutive added to Pre-roll !!!"); resolve(updatedPlaylistItem); }).catch(()=> { //resolve without modifying the item console.warn("Permutive no data!!!"); resolve(); }); } catch(error) { console.warn(error); resolve(); } }); }); jwplayer().onPlay(function () { track('play'); }); jwplayer().onPause(function () { track('pause'); }); jwplayer().onComplete(function () { track('complete'); }); jwplayer().onSeek(function () { track('seek'); }); WATCH: Tess confirms exciting news in new clip

The velvet gown was embellished with delicate crystals for added glam, with ruching at the hips higlighting Tess' gorgeous figure.Last weekend, Tess shocked viewers by opting for a daring red gown instead of her go-to dark jumpsuits.Tess looked stunning in a figure-hugging velvet dress last weekend

Taking to the stage in a red bespoke Suzanne Neville gown, which featured a flattering thigh-split cut, Tess accessorised with bespoke Gina shoes and Lark and Berry diamonds.She wore her beautiful blonde hair in a low ponytail and added a slick of scarlet lipstick to match her dress. Perfection!

For Movie Week, Tess looked ravishing in a red gownTess - who raises daughters Phoebe, 16, and Amber, 11, with husband Vernon - previously opened up about her secret to looking good and dressing with confidence."The older I get, the less I care about outside opinions", she told You magazine."I want to feel good in my own skin, and if that ever changes I’ll get out."

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STYLE QUEEN: Fans go wild for Tess Daly's daring outfit Asked if she ever compares herself to others, Tess replied: "No, I don’t feel competitive in that way – it will only lead to discontentment. I’ve got one body, one face, one life and I intend to embrace it, enjoy it and have a good ride." Wise words. 

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