Tess Daly

Tess Daly

Tess Daly steals the show in red hot thigh-split dress

Tess Daly steals the show in red hot thigh-split dress

9/26/2021 4:55:00 AM

Tess Daly steals the show in red hot thigh-split dress

Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly wowed fans of the hit BBC show after she stepped out in a red dress with thigh splits on Saturday night.

RELATED: Tess Daly looks sensational in the most 'extra' Strictly-inspired dress on date with Vernon KayTess looked amazing in red hot dressA picture of elegance, Tess wore her glossy blonde hair down in a lovely sleek, blow-dried style. Dusting her eyes in a smokey shadow complete with voluminous lashes,  neutral blusher and a bold lip to match, the TV star looked absolutely stunning. 

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True Violet Black Label halterneck maxi gown, £48, ASOSSHOP NOW Since returning to our screens last week, Strictly Come Dancing fans have been marvelling over both Tess and her co-star Claudia Winkleman's glamorous evening looks from episode one. 

READ: Tess Daly stuns fans in white jumpsuit for sparkling Strictly launch showTess rocked a white Karen Millen jumpsuit on last week's episode of StrictlyShowcasing her trim figure in a white jumpsuit from Karen Millen, Tess accessorised her elegant one-piece with sparkling hooped earrings and a matching pair of heels from Dune. She was dressed as always by her loyal fashion stylist James Yardley for the show and took to Instagram to share a number of stylish snaps.  headtopics.com

"It's that time again! See you at 7:45 @BBCStrictly. Good luck to the class of 2021!" Tess captioned them. MORE: 12 photos of Tess Daly's family life with husband Vernon Kay and childrenHer co-host Claudia Winkleman opted for a black embroidered gown by Retrofête

As for her equally fabulous co-host, Claudia Winkleman, the brunette beauty donned a black embroidered gown by Retrofête. Rocking a pair of metallic silver stilettos by Gina Shoes and several glistening jewels by Tilly Sveaas, Claudia certainly turned heads at the Strictly launch show. 

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Viewers are no doubt thrilled that Strictly has returned for a new series, which features a stellar celebrity line-up. The full cast of contestants includes: AJ Odudu, Katie McGlynn, Robert Webb, John Whaite, Rhys Stevenson, Sara Davies, Dan Walker, Tilly Ramsay, Greg Wise, Nina Wadia, Rose Ayling-Ellis, Adam Peaty, Judi Love, and Ugo Monye. headtopics.com

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