Business, Tesla Will Move İts Headquarters To Texas, Elon Musk Says - Cnn

Business, Tesla Will Move İts Headquarters To Texas

Tesla will move its headquarters to Texas, Elon Musk says

Tesla HQ is getting a new home.

10/8/2021 4:00:00 AM

Tesla is relocating its headquarters out of California to Austin, Texas, Elon Musk says

Tesla HQ is getting a new home.

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Thank you! Now, I will never buy a tesla! Can't wait for it to failed 😂😂😂 He should move to arizona.... CALIFORNIA IS VERY BUSINESS UNFRIENDLY EVEN TO THEIR OWN SUPPORTERS Who cares Really Texas, why? Because there are some people who if they don’t get their way, they take their toys and leave. He's the man of his words :))

Don't get anyone pregnant in Texas! Be sure to warn your employees, if they play they're going to pay! Not proud to be a Texan! I Would leave Cali too. NEWSCAM is now MANDATING EVERYTHING. The BEACHES ARE FULL OF CRUDE OIL, EVEN DOLPHINS AND SEAGULLS, CRABS, AND WILDLIFE ARE TIRED OF CALIFORNIA. I'll believe it when I see it.

Elon Musk says Tesla will move HQ from California to TexasTesla will relocate its headquarters from Palo Alto, California, to Austin, Texas, though the electric car maker will keep expanding its manufacturing capacity in the Golden State, CEO Elon Musk said Thursday. It's not too late to abort that, Elon. Anyone who has driven past the ginormous Tesla building under construction in Austin already knew this How much you wanna be that Tesla will somehow become the energy providers for Texas in the near future. After all the anti sustainable energy rhetoric….they have the number one electric car manufacturer there…oooo Exxon bout to be mad at Elon

For some reason, not surprised he would pick of hand maidens and voter surpresionists. There is no place like Texas. Lorena S. Gonzalez tweeted “F*k Elon Musk, Elon Musk, F*k California They actually doubled down on office space in SV. Simply relocating address for taxes. Best talent doesn’t leave CA

'ICBMs are intercontactual cruising ballistic missiles, what you find down Castro Street, San Francisco.' -- Dennis The Menace, Dennis The Manasslubber. Hope musk leaves sooner then later, doesn’t let the door hit him on his ass as he leaves California, takes someone with him and most importantly realizes he is NOT welcome back

'Define woman. A woman is One with one hole too many.' 'All these ball-less creatures.!' -- Dennis The Menace, Dennis The Manasslubber, An Alien Who Fell From The Sky. Where's my internet box ELON? Please go! Who care’s More Liberal voters in Texas! Awesome! Musk may be stacking the deck against his anti-health agenda.

Musk Is Moving Tesla’s Headquarters From California To TexasThe company that was born in Silicon Valley in the early 2000s is moving its headquarters to Texas where billionaire CEO Elon Musk already lives. Holy fucking tax break! Few is it new invention of him office on the wheel 😜 Musk is awesome

So Tesla elonmusk believes it is appropriate to move its HQs to a state that is harming women, hates gays and blacks, and instituted voter suppression laws BUT the state is giving them free dessert space so I guess its all good for Musk. BoycottTesla Ain't nutton in Texas but steers 'n ______. Sorry Texas, I actually love you. Second wife (broke my heart) from Tyler. Great state.

CA is on life support !! don't Californicate Texas!... This is the next dangerous guy. He is going to support the Republicans so he can avoid paying taxes. Smart guy as he knows that Andreas fault line which is part of the Earth quake seduction zone is about to blow... get out now while u can... From what I've heard, Musk has a habit of having temper tantrums; this one comes off as a little petty

What if Tesla moving to Texas turns Texas blue? That would be sweet. Smart choice why does he kinda look like the white kim jong un

Texas appeals judge's temporary injunction barring enforcement of Texas abortion lawsupport thiz please horrible Just when I thought all hope was gone that was when I meet LouiseConway86 who made my little $900 became something worth more. Now I don't have to depend on my paycheck. Can't thank you enough LouiseConway86

RobRastetter blocked for trolling and being willfully ignorant. Needs more $$ to go to space why not continue improving the planet put your money where your family lives or did you buy a planet as beautiful as it little marble? Elon be bigger help feed people save the polar caps, educate. Continue to create don’t escape

✌ 👋 My next car will be an electric and Tesla was my choice. Not any more. Texas is the worst place in the US—-and not just for women and minorities. I hope Tesla’s move to Texas costs them in the long run. Texas will be destroyed the way California was by the tech compagnies Now Austin will truly be kept weird and electric

This story again? CA will sue him into the ground for taking state investments then just leaving instead of creating jobs as promised. He made this declaration once already and backed out soon after. Now if they want to see piss and used needles on the sidewalks they will have to import it. So will they start calling all of their female employees “ of Tesla”? Just saying thought it was a progressive company…

AbiaHashmi Austin about to be a hot market.

Texas ordered to suspend law banning abortionsThe law is just one that has set up the biggest test of abortion rights in the US in decades, and it is part of a broader push by Republicans nationwide to impose new restrictions on abortion. basically scared court sanctioning remorseless organised mass-murder of unborn fortuses by their own merry-making ever-unready mothers. ☝🏽⚖️⏳

Hi 👋 Let's support each other ❤️ Great job Elon Byebye Newsom, too woke for Elon Musk I’m amazed Tesla is still in business! Truly, I really am! Sitting on a “Thousand Pound Battery” is generally speaking! Not the healthiest way to spend your life and will shorten your life. Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, are just a few of issues related to “Electrical Flow”.

👎🏻 TheRealStafford And he's free to do so. Here in California, we stand up for workers, public health and a woman’s right to choose. ElonMusk can move Tesla HQ to TX if it wants, but CA remains home to the biggest ideas and companies on the planet. If only Elon would run for governor of California and get that guy out! It might just work!

Wrong move Elon! They will screw you there . Old news! Cali land of misfits I lost respect for Musk when he decided to pitch a tantrum and violate the shutdown and put his employees in danger last May. He should have been arrested for that. I love my car, but he showed us who he really is on that day

Progressives in DHS blocked deportation of Haitians before Texas surgeTwo officials said progressives in the Biden administration blocked a plan to start deportations to Haiti before the migrant surge in Del Rio, Texas.

Hasn't he been saying this for months? I wish he would hurry up and move already. No one cares. Texas is still the South with a good old boy network. And, Tesla is not going to change that. Look at the recent permissive gun legislation coupled with anti abortion legislation. Texas can go eff itself! Texas welcomes you! Tesla elonmusk

I guess he agrees with everything that Texas is doing. Hope nobody in Elon’s circle needs an abortion. Yeah he moved cuz they kept refusing to let him manufacture under the guise of Covid. He needs to make a living like everyone else. His technology is an asset so be grateful, people! Gross, and I will never be buying a Tesla

Anyone surprised? Very smart. Land of common sense

Judge orders Texas to suspend new law banning most abortionsAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A federal judge ordered Texas to suspend the most restrictive abortion law in the U.S., calling it an “offensive deprivation' of a constitutional right by banning most abortions in the nation's second-most populous state since September . Control your lust. Plan your pregnancies rather than murder the unborn. God will punish you. Texas Taliban state. What’s next that GregAbbott_TX will create paid vigilants for? This law is just cruel and sets a bad precedent. JonLemire 👏

Musk is condoning Texas's Taliban gov't. I hope Tesla has competitors who will set up businesses in states that do not treat women & POC like 2nd class citizens & do not have voter suppression/election subversion laws, & white supremacist revisionist history taught in schools. He will regret it! Elon musk “it’s a must”

Texas party then Of course he will!! Welcome to Texas !! Smart move Texas has blue roots. Great idea! California is not apart of the USA anymore!!! Smart, only considering CA is a hell hole politically is all.

He’s taking his company off the grid. This guy will move everything to China soon. Thick law books are not solution. America beat Europe because of less regulations more productions just 100 years ago. Now train back to China Makes sense who the hell would want to be in California anymore freedom I have lost respect for you to move to a state whose politics are ruining our country I guess thus is who you are? But then what do you care what I think

Makes sense no laws or taxes for billionaires my badd he already has a pass on paying taxes! 🤔 Austin is not Texas. Austin is California. Elon gets the tax breaks with the same liberal environment. His company will pull in more people who will turn the state blue. Smart move. No Tesla for me, then. nochoicenobusiness

I wonder why……. Texafornia!

why not to colorado So elonmusk decides to move his HQs to a state that hates women, blacks and gays. Great move. BoycottTesla Dems position on VaXX mandates! ...just before mandating them: He’s a very strange man. Alluring but strange. It probably has something to do with taxes. He’s def Republican. Yes reward Texas with jobs after what they did to women’s rights 🤩

Him and Texas deserve each other Look at all these immigrants and foreigners speaking for black ppl. FYI, black Americans don't need your help. Worry about the people in your home country. BlackTwitter I’ll bet they end up moving their Fremont factory out eventually too. This is a good move 👍🏻 this is not new he has been saying that for a while.. Bye Bye tesla

Here for the hate tweets Good luck with the electrical grid. Out or the fire into the frying pan. Don't let people get you down bud do what makes you happy and don't care about people you don't even know talking bollox you've a good heart a fantastic mind and are better than they'll ever know. Just lose a 37 MILLION lawsuit against RACISM of BLACK worker, class action also coming.

- It makes sense to be headquartered where the biggest factory is - California is too expensive for employees - SpaceX is also in Texas - Tesla will have giant batteries and solar, to be less dependent from the grid Boycott Tesla if he moves to corrupt Texas. Capital always flows from high tax environments to lower tax environments. Always.

How it started… How it’s going… TheRealStafford Too many fires in California it's just H🔥T too many Tornados 🌬️🌪️in Texas don't get blown away!

Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me Barf I love this. Good for him.

Shouldn’t the headline read “Tesla to expand operations in Austin, Tx” Makes sense. California is poorly managed. Texas is well-managed. Taxes are lower and a friendlier business climate. California is a failed state Isn’t most biz leaving that poorly run state? I would love to introduce you to forex trading, it's a really lucrative way of earning consistent income weekly with just little investments and it doesn't require any experience, only seriously people dm

Key word is Headquarters. A few hundred employees but keeping the factories going in California.

Won’t be long before Texas becomes Taxus. .. and I drank Pepsi max yesterday. Don’t get anyone pregnant because Gregg “Shari’ah Law” Abbott is going to be watching you! GreggTalibanAbbott To Texas? Who would want to move there? Good for him Just another proof that Elon is crazy. I know we all probably must have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a woman who recommended me to earn_with_Jens1 on Twitter she guides me through and i made a return of $ 10500 after a week of trading, connect with her

isnt this old news? i thought this was announced months ago Meh. Good riddance Well done Elon 👌🤜 😂😂😂💪🇺🇲✌️

Boers being boers. Really knew Tesla was opening in Texas when Okla lost the contract 😢 Tax avoidance is so principled. THERE IS ONLY ONE THING I STRONGLY AGREE FROM DONALD TRUMP THAT IS CNN IS A FAKE NEWS AND THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE OF DEMOCRATIC PARTY It’s very strange how this is breaking news. This has been true for almost a year.

Following the tax havens. Byeeeeee BoycottTesla BoycottTexas BoycottElonMusk EnforceTheSubpoenas ArrestTrumpNow Everything woke turns to sh*t! - President Donald J They deserve each othuh

😁😁😁🤑 You don't see Toyota moving it's USA corp to texas. Second, Elon Musk is facing a competition as many car companies are making electric car companies so no longer will Tesla be a monopoly. So, he needs a tax evading state like Texas to survive. Good riddance. Not a fan of his car but is it Time to boycott TESLA?

elonmusk .. following the money trail 😜😅😅😅 Bye!! Less traffic!!! Maybe they want bigger more energy consuming cars? I thought this was announced months ago I'm guessing we know who HE voted for.

Texas is the new West Vagina Do you want to learn how to read the glorious Qur'an fluently within a short period of time? Would you like to memorize the glorious Qur'an in the best of form? You wish to know more about the Deen, AL-ISLAM? 👇 AL-MANĀR I. A. He said that a year ago and 2 years before that. Still waiting....

Take ALL tax breaks and subsidies back for California! Russia made him do it. Heard it from CNN Fuck Elon Musk I guess it's time to buy an EV from Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, Nissan, Chevy, Ford, Subaru/Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Rivian, etc. It's needed Under His Eye Obengrupperfuhrer Musk. Thanks Obengrupperfuher Musk for supporting Texas suppression of human women's rights.

Bon voyage! I thought he, already moved out of California for Texas. If he wants to relocate just go, good luck in Texas sir. Simple. Boycott tesla Alternative lead elonmusk is a genius - BUT he can't read the room Maker of electric cars to move from the one of the most liberal states to one of the most conservative BC conservatives (and oil-obsessed Texas) LOVE electric cars 😂🤣😂🤣😂 HUGE LogicFail CommonSenseFail

California wins The state that banned a woman’s right to choose? Nice Elon. Thanks for the support. Hey Ellie. I mean, oh whatever. Ellie, you going Qer on us? So many people are so deeply triggered 😅🤣🤣 Bye Tesla, etc.

It's good boycottTesla Pretty sure abbott gave him a great tax deal too. One of the worst states in the country for healthcare and regualtion. Now their cars can be built with all the care and thorough regulation given to the Texas electrical grid. Will they stop being racist? I thought this was old news?

“Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash” Wow, big news for Austin Elon forgets that the great state of Texas wouldn’t let Tesla sell cars in Texas and if he started Tesla in Texas it wouldn’t exist today! Sadly, so many parts of this Country are divided along red and blue lines. Looks like ElonMusk has decided to make Tesla totally red. 81+ million blue potential car buyers may now pass on this clearly red company as a result.

Who cares? Fix that double chin with those billions while you're there. I wonder if the office will have racks so staff can proudly display their I love it!! Nice will go great with the Tesla battery branch in Angleton Tx Because who cares about women's rights or voter suppression when you can pay less taxes?

Hero Floki has surged about 5x since sunday. 💸 Additionaly this token has feature of rewards. 🦸‍♂️ So, if you hold Hero you earn BUSD and CAKE without exchanging any token. 🏆 🚀 Elon Musk's tweet about Floki will accelerate HERO's journey to the moon. For details herofloki Tesla's are such a joke. Why can't people drive their own car like we used to? People are always looking for an easy way out of life anymore

Wow, strange move. Will be interesting to see how many of his female employees or male employees with female family members are willing to move to the Taliban state. I suppose he has no idea how much his sales will suffer when he does this. My guess is that they will plummet by 30% to 40%. Good luck. Cool thanks for helping turn Texas blue

elonmusk doesn't care about eomen's rights, I guess, with his decision to move his HQ to Austin. Well that just cost him a sale. Perhaps others will boycott his unfortubate decision, as well. Remember all the people in Austin... and around the world ... last weekend, Elon? They'd better bring lots of batteries. The Texas grid is state of the art 1950. Also, guess they'll have to replace some of their female employees – and male employees with female spouses, daughters, sisters, etc. – because Texas is not beloved of women these days.

Cause you can’t walk more than 2 feet without running into crack and shit on the street. Noooooo The people screaming they’ll never buy a Tesla are hilarious. It’s not like you were buying one before but the attention is nice. Musk say, he just keeps digging his own grave... Did Texas fix their power grid?

Austin is already expensive and on fast track gentrification. It’ll be like Seattle with amaz*n ruining Seattle. Friends are leaving.

Boooooooooooo!!!!!! Tesla in Texas SHOULD be an oxymoron Yet another car brand I’ll never buy Same person It doesn't matter where Musky relocates. He can run but he will never be able to hide. And Texas is so inviting to the people you'd want at a tech company... Bye Felicia The grass ain’t always greener Its all about the 💰

elonmusk , are you gonna need welders Welcome to the wild South. Good luck….

Oh no! What will cali do without, *checks notes, it’s 37th best business? I know! Continue on because it lost almost nothing. 😂😂 Good Luck 🍀 Racists want to be where racists thrive It's all fun and games until you lose power again for 2 weeks. Ask Intel how well that went. Tesla will be moving to Texas at a time when many businesses have found themselves under pressure to leave , after the state recently passed one of the most restrictive anti - abortion laws in the country .

Builds electric cars Goes to a state with electricity on only half the time 🤔 Lol. Ok bye. Does this mean that Mr. Elton will finally start building his imported glorified golf carts in America now? Conservative policies versus liberal polices. easy choice. Can’t blame him

Musk hates women. There’s your headline.