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Tesla unveils its first electric pickup, the Cybertruck, starting at $39,900

Tesla unveils its first electric pickup, the Cybertruck


Tesla unveils its first electric pickup, the Cybertruck

The truck is Tesla's sixth vehicle since it was founded in 2003.

The CEO previously said that Tesla intended to price its base model at under $50,000, that the truck's styling would be "cyberpunk," rather than traditional, inspired by two films-- Bladerunner and The Spy Who Loved Me.

At the event on Thursday, Musk introduced Tesla Chief Designer Franz Von Holzhausen to demonstrate how much of a beating the cybertruck could take. The design leader took a sledgehammer to both the body and side window of the cybertruck. (He shattered the window, but the hammer did not go through the toughened glass.) Musk claimed the cybertruck was bulletproof against a 9mm handgun.

Toni Sacconaghi, Senior Technology Research Analyst at AB Bernstein, said on CNBC's Power Lunch on Thursday, ahead of the unveiling, "The pickup market is really big, it's about 3 million units in the US and that's about 65% of the size of what we think the addressable market is for the Model 3 and Model Y," referring to Tesla's most mainstream car, an electric sedan, and forthcoming crossover SUV.

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Advanced technology jjjinvesting Just wondering why the emphasis on windows that can survive heavy things being thrown at it and I suspect it's because the truck is so F*&^%ng ugly that passers-by won't be able to help themselves Here are some analysts (who are SHORT $TSLA) Tesla spewing hatred. One of them even said that elonmusk considers the Cybertruck as 'something fun' 'not a major product'. ...but elonmusk said the exact opposite. Show how deep their 'analysis' is (paychecks from oil industry)

the thing is all these people seem to care about is the stock, companies that tend to focus on the stock are companies that fall behind trying to fit the 'working mold' rather than innovate in their field, what they're saying shows how little they actually understand Tesla. Needs to be in tron Trrrrrrrraaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

You know you want one!👽 Are we talking about the same Wall St that for years has been saying Tesla was finished? That there’s no demand? That they’re out of money? That EV’s won’t sell? Not interested in what these people think. tesla elonmusk Let’s just call it a miss and nicely forget about this gaffe

Have truck CAN fly.

Elon Musk’s ‘Cybertruck’ Will Thrill Tesla Fans, But Its Pickup Market Potential Is A PuzzlerAs Musk shows the world his vision for an electric Tesla pickup he's also stepping into a massive, lucrative vehicle segment that’s going to be tougher to crack than any he’s attempted before.

Craig Irwin made the most sense Tesla will be out of business in less than 5 years. They would be in business except for taxpayer $$$ Musk is a con man. The next Liz Holmes. Wake up. Lemmings. The ugliest vehicle ever made The proposed Tesla truck looks horrible. Hope you like my design. Awful Is that a joke?

If people are reacting to the bulletproof windows they are crazy. But that truck does look terrible. Aerodynamics or not.

Tesla Targets U.S. Auto Makers’ Profit Engine With Electric Pickup Elon Musk is expected to unveil Tesla’s electric pickup, Cybertruck, on Thursday, but customers may have to wait some time before taking it for a spin

Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc 😍 Stupid is the word I'd buy it Definitely needs a redo... hardpass Tesla Fanboys to Elon 😂 So ugly

Your Thursday Briefing: Impeachment, Prince Andrew, TeslaEurope morning briefing: Here's what you need to know to start your day

It doesn't look like anything because its different! I say give it time U.G.L.Y. that ain't got no alibi, it's ugly. Mmm, mmm! It's ugly! No really. It is REALLY ugly. And I heard the windows break. All criticism sponsored by Ford, GM and Chevy.. and all the other dying dinosaurs Moonraker! This looks like something a 4 yr old would build with random Legos he found between couch cushions

Looks like some you wound see in a cheap sify movie I’m not a pick up truck person. I actually like this. Looks like a Lamborghini that can go off roading. That will begin once his windows Are actually shatterproof, right? It's only 40 grand. Apparently they saved money by not using accredited design engineers.

Porsche takes another swipe at Tesla with ‘entry level’ Taycan 4S EVBut it's still more than $100,000.

Looks like a Honda This is the ugliest truck I’ve ever seen I thought this was a joke Uh, NO nevertesla I have a feeling this isn’t gonna be the final design. What's the price tag on that thing? Probably over $100K. buryapancake It’s a joke! A distraction. Tesla Mad Max! No thanks Windows was a marketing trick )

Tesla needs safeguards to prevent drivers from sleeping on 'Autopilot': U.S. senatorDemocratic U.S. Senator Ed Markey asked Tesla Inc on Wednesday to disable its &q...

It's a great truck for picking up guys if you are a guy who loves cinnamon holes. Imagine this plowing through zombies...or whatever political party you equate with zombies. …the more I look, the more I like! If they cut that weird side panel off so it actually looks like a truck, it may not be so bad. But right now, it’s awful!!

And we thought the Aztec looked bad.... I drew that in 2nd grade! I want my royalties. Allegedly That is an ugly ass truck. Once again, Elon hasn’t looked at the market. People who buy trucks would not be caught dead in that thing. It’s a no from me.

Tesla and Uber draw scrutiny at Senate hearing on self-driving cars: 'That's not safe!'The heads of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) faced questions from senators who were, in turns, excited by the promise of self-driving cars, but concerned about everything from driver and pedestrian safety to traffic.

0 testosterone was put into the design of this truck. Probably why it’s so hideous an un-truck-like. I see what you did there elon And it's bullet proof so if you're shopping for a bank robbery get away vehicle... Will that include the shattered windows or is that extra? Before or after the other truck? E-dsel


I bet you there are many of us who will be buying this truck. Call it whatever you want, it's one clean looking truck. you'd be laughed off the construction site Ugly Back to the future? Total garbage, ugly and impracticable so will sell like crazy to those gotta have people. Value $0 Sorry: there will be no takers-- the battery will have to be huge to haul anything and will likely have a ridiculously low range. No one will by it, except for about 20 virtue-signalling wealthy fools in California!

This is a flop this thing is hideous Looks like a Lamborghini from the ‘80s.

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