Tesla forecasts 2022 growth above 50%, despite supply chain challenges

Tesla forecasts 2022 growth above 50%, despite supply chain challenges

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1/27/2022 3:40:00 AM

Tesla forecasts 2022 growth above 50%, despite supply chain challenges

Tesla Inc on Wednesday forecast vehicle deliveries would comfortably grow by more than 50% year-over-year in 2022 despite persistent supply chain issues that it expects to be alleviated only next year.

Read More(TSLA.O)But the cautious note about supply chain woes showed that even Tesla cannot avoid the shortages that were pitfalls for many larger automakers last year. Shares fell 0.8% after hours.Tesla, which produced a few cars at its Berlin and Texas factories last year, said scaling up production there would depend on supply chain headwinds and the successful introduction of new technologies.

, Semi and Roadster next year. Tesla said it is not currently working on a $25,000 model that Musk promised in 2020 would launch in three years.supply chain issuesHe said Tesla's volume growth would comfortably exceed 50% from last year, meaning that Tesla expects to deliver more than 1.4 million vehicles this year.

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