Tornado, Gulf Of Mexico, Minnesota, Warning

Tornado, Gulf Of Mexico

Tens of thousands lose power from severe storms, tropical threat develops in Atlantic

Powerful storms toppled trees and downed power lines in Michigan overnight.


TROPICAL THREAT: Two systems in the Atlantic Ocean may see possible development—with the most imminent threat being a system near the southern Bahamas.

Powerful storms toppled trees and downed power lines in Michigan overnight.

STORM DAMAGE: Large branches on top of a parked car on Capitol in #Livonia. There’s downed wires all around the car. Caution tape is up, avoid the area @wxyzdetroit @rexroth7wxyz @DTE_Energy #SevereWX #MIWX

Marshall has received nearly 6.5" of rain this week with over 2" again last night. If you encounter flooded areas or roadways, do not enter them.

Powerful winds sent trees crashing into homes and tornadoes left shopping centers in shreds.

As the storm system moves east on Thursday, severe storms will develop in the afternoon from Wisconsin to Kansas.

Meanwhile, a system forming in the southern Bahamas has a 70% chance of developing into a tropical depression or storm over the next several days.

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