Tennis-Peng Shuai appears in Beijing, WTA not reassured

Peng Shuai appears in Beijing, WTA not reassured

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11/21/2021 8:55:00 AM

Peng Shuai appears in Beijing, WTA not reassured

Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, whose whereabouts have been a matter of international concern for weeks, attended a tennis tournament in Beijing on Sunday, according to official photos published by the tournament organised by China Open.

The former doubles world number one had not been seen or heard from publicly since she said on Chinese social media on Nov. 2 that former vice-premier Zhang Gaoli had coerced her into sex and they later had an on-off consensual relationship.Register now for FREE unlimited access to

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RegisterNeither Zhang nor the Chinese government have commented on her allegation. Peng's social media post was quickly deleted and the topic has been blocked from discussion on China's heavily censored internet.World tennis bodies have expressed concern, with the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) threatening to pull tournaments out of China. The United States and Britain have called for evidence of Peng's whereabouts and safety.

The photographs and video footage of Peng that emerged on Sunday remain "insufficient" and do not address the WTA's concerns, a spokesperson for the group told Reuters by email.The U.S. and British embassies in Beijing did not immediately respond to Reuters requests for comment on Peng's Sunday appearance in the Chinese capital.

Peng also visited a popular restaurant in downtown Beijing on Saturday night. Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the state-backed Global Times posted a video of the outing, which a restaurant manager confirmed to Reuters on Sunday.Seven people including Peng were at the Sichuanese restaurant, said the manager, Zhou Hongmei, adding that they ate in a private room and were joined by the restaurant's owner.

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"It was crowded at the restaurant as usual," Zhou said, showing a bill that included noodles and bamboo shoots. "They didn't have much. I think they mostly chatted."PENG'S SAFETYThe issue of Peng's safety and whereabouts has emerged as China prepares to host the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February amid calls from global rights groups and others for a boycott over its human rights record.

Searches for Peng's name on popular Chinese microblog Weibo continued to yield no results on Sunday, and discussions about her initial accusations have been blocked on social media.Chinese state media outlet CGTN on Wednesday released what it said was an

emailPeng had sent to WTA Chairman and CEO Steve Simon, in which she said the allegation of assault was untrue. Twitter is blocked in China.Hu of the Global Times also tweeted Peng's Sunday appearance at the tennis tournament. The Global Times is published by the People's Daily, the official newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party.

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Videos posted by Hu and a Global Times reporter showed her smiling, waving and signing autographs for children.The 37-secondHu posted showed Peng standing in a row of people being introduced to the audience. An announcer says, "Two-time Grand Slam champion, former world number one in woman's doubles - Peng Shuai!" She waves, smiling, and acknowledges applause.

Global Times chief reporter Chen Qingqing posted a 31-secondvideo, apparently from the same event. Peng appears to sign oversized tennis balls for children and pose with them for pictures.Reuters was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the images, which were both credited to Global Times staffer Cui Meng.

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Leave and be free Waiting for some words from you about the UN handing dissidents' names to Bejing WTA has no business interfering in an interior politic governement I love how China is hermetic to western propaganda bs This is one person (who has a voice). How about the others whom the Chinese govt had made disappear Uighurs and tibetans ?

I can’t imagine having to “perform” to silence the speculation. She is an abused woman and she is not okay. If there no any problem why they don't let her to make a live in Twitter video or in any of the China social media but live, not recorded ? WTA indeed America to be the world Human rights police we know exactly where Julien Assenge is, but still...

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WTA chairman willing to pull out of China if tennis star Peng Shuai not accounted forThe head of the Wom en's Tennis Association has said he is willing to lose hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business in China if tennis player Peng Shuai's is not fully accounted for and her allegations investigated. Now that's a real leadership!! Hell yeahh Thank you for putting money BEHIND the welfare of your players. I didn't believe the statement either. Peng Shuai needs to be met in person by you WITHOUT minders to ascertain her situation. 🇳🇿🤨

America lie people die nothing find in Iraq War.Killed million Muslim people in the middle Asian.continue lying to the world. Everyone has the right to be alone, and when faced with some sharp personal questions, avoid the spotlight and leave her alone. 相信胡錫進? WTA never showed same concern when US women tennis players claiming being sexually assaulted , it seems that WTA values chinese human rights more than American , we suspect WTA is controlled by China , until WTA prove otherwise , it should be banned in US forever .

Under supervision, without any freedom. Did WTA ever try to contact her? Or just received the order and assumed a worst situation then post? Videos of a body double at a very staged venue aren't proof No, deepfake all over the place in those videos Chinese deepfake department working overtime It looks like a hostage video.

Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams Among Athletes Asking “Where Is Peng Shuai?”The tennis star has not been seen in public since November 2. Has the man she accused been seen in public since? My friend wants to know... Always remember: BulliesRuleHongKong ButchersRuleBeijing A tennis player who ranked World No.1 A barrister who studied at Cambridge and University of Hongkong A citizen journalist who reported on COVID-19 pandemic The International Women of Courage Award winner in 2021 4 extremely talented women, what do they share in common?

Her Re-education in Xinjiang camp is finished , she is now patriotic toward CCP nice

Photos of missing Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai posted onlineAn employee of Chinese state TV has posted photos of missing tennis star Peng Shuai online in a new effort to dispel concern about her disappearance. My son James Bonds 215403, 20 yrs in prison, and the Judge and DA said he had no involvement. Make it make sense... Help him plz.

Serena Williams latest tennis great to ask: Where is Peng Shuai?Serena Williams is the latest tennis star to ask: Where is Peng Shuai? Peng hasn't been seen in public after making sexual assault allegations against a top Chinese official. Holy 💩!!! 😮😮😮 Thank you for saying 'latest' The MSM ignored the WTA members that spoke out first, but when Serena speaks.... wta WhereIsPengShuai

Purported Photos Of Missing Chinese Tennis Player Peng Shuai Released By State Media Editor Spark QuestionsThe Chinese tennis star has been missing for over two weeks since she accused a retired high-ranking government official of sexual assault. “Claims”, huh? You guys are heartless. 😩 Right after people are looking for her. Sure China. We believe you. 🙄🙃🙄

Photos Of Missing Chinese Tennis Star Peng Shuai Posted OnlineA Chinese state TV employee posted the photos apparently to assuage concern about her disappearance. A Chinese state tv employee? You mean a Comcast employee? Meaningless.