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Teenage activist Greta takes climate campaign to the high seas

With the wind in her hair and TV cameras pointing at her, Swedish teenager Greta...


. Greta Thunberg begins a trans-Atlantic crossing to further her campaign for stronger action against climate change

With the wind in her hair and TV cameras pointing at her, Swedish teenager Greta ...

German Skipper Boris Herrmann and Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg attend a news conference ahead of her trans-Atlantic boat trip to New York in Plymouth, Britain, August 14, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

The vessel has been equipped with solar panels and underwater electricity turbines to ensure that it leaves no carbon footprint. Conditions on board are Spartan, with no shower or toilet, and meals will consist of freeze-dried food.

She said that her voice was not heard at all when she first started campaigning on climate change issues, and it was only after she started her school strikes and other teenagers began to emulate her that she made an impact. This had convinced her of the value of creative forms of campaigning.

“There are climate delayers who want to do everything to shift the focus from the climate crisis to something else, or want to make people question the science. I’m not worried about that. I’m just going to do as I want to do and what I think will have most impact.”

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GretaThunberg CLIMATE ACTIVIST GRETATHUNBERG'S YACHT TRIP TO AMERICA MORE HARMFUL TO ENVIRONMENT THAN FLYING Six members of her team have to fly back to Germany from New York. GretaThunberg A child actress GretaThunberg Eco horror Show . The hull is made of carbon. The fibers are carcinogenic. The production of the fibers consumes several 1000 kWh To produce oil is needed. Recycling is not possible. The ship is later hazardous waste Construction costs of the yacht EUR 5 million Questions

GretaThunberg 5 Mio People go from Germany to the US p.a so we need ca 1.000.000 boats like this.. GretaThunberg ÖkoHorror . Der Rumpf besteht aus Carbon. Die Fasern sind krebserregend. Die Produktion der Fasern verbraucht mehrere 1000 kWh Zu Herstellung wird Erdöl benötigt. Eine Wiederverwertung ist nicht möglich. Das Schiff ist später Sondermüll Baukosten der Yacht 5 Mio EUR

GretaThunberg Insufferable. GretaThunberg It is hoped that petroleum resources are not used in her solar panels and marine wear. GretaThunberg 👎🏻 ckwbckwbckwb GretaThunberg 'Zero emissions' ignores emissions made to construct the boat. So lots of emissions. So like all climatechange cultishness mainly lies and virtuesignalling.

GretaThunberg Good for her. GretaThunberg 'I'm not telling anyone what to do or what not to do...........' Hmmm. It's must be a mistake at GQ.

Climate campaigner Greta prepares to sail to the U.S. to avoid flyingSwedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg will set sail for New York this ... Breeze_CA She should use a paddle boat.

GretaThunberg After years of depression, eating disorders, and anxiety attacks, she (Greta) is finally medically diagnosed: Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning autism, and OCD. She also suffers from selective mutism—which is why she sometimes can’t speak to anyone outside her closest family. GretaThunberg i feel so bad for this child. her parents and handlers have brain washed her.

GretaThunberg I've read that the five people bringing the yacht back will fly to the USA in order to do so. If that's true, this has been nothing more than silly PR stunt. GretaThunberg including 6 flights for preparing this joke! GretaThunberg Waarom haten mensen dit meisje met mooie idealen? Ik kan dat echt niet vatten.🤔

GretaThunberg You should mention that to do this publicity stunt, at least 5 people will fly to/from the US. Use Skype and stay home. hypocrits GretaThunberg Environmental Nazi GretaThunberg So she takes a saillant yacht but the crew of the boat flies back and forth. So... instead of 2 airfares, let’s make it a dozen or so. Go climate go!!!!

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg I wonder what will happen if the zero emission yacht has a problem Are they going to send another zero emission yacht to rescue them BTW what is a zero emission yacht A sail boat

Greta Thunberg’s Latest Outfit Asks: Can you hear me?The 16-year-old climate change activist will receive the first-ever Game Changer Award from British GQ. This poor girl has been mentally abused for too long

GretaThunberg An obvious practical solution to global shipping problems and middle class commutes. GretaThunberg Cheating. Flying would be much smarter. Or staying home. GretaThunberg And onwards journey of the crew by planes? GretaThunberg I hope that she’ll be picking up straws along the way. GretaThunberg “Reuters Top News”

GretaThunberg Zero emission yacht... I wonder what it took to manufacture that zero-emission yacht? GretaThunberg nivedita_Him We need kids like Greta Thunberg to visit India&=inspire our youth SwedeninIndia PrakashJavdekar GretaThunberg GretaThunberg Would that be called a sail boat? GretaThunberg She says “I am not telling anyone what to do or what not to do”. At that moment she has my attention, because ALL politicians demonstrate “do what I say, not what I do” each and every day, so I stopped listening to them.

GretaThunberg You must accept the 'united science' or you're a racist who hates polar bears!

Greta Thunberg leaves the UK to cross the Atlantic by boatPLYMOUTH , UNITED KINGDOM - Climate activist Greta Thunberg leaves the UK from Plymouth to cross the Atlantic in a zero emission racing boat. Her trip to New York should take around two weeks. To avoid traveling by air, Thunberg is making her trans-Atlantic trip on board the 60-ft yacht, the Malizia II, fitted with solar panels and underwater turbines that produce electricity onboard, with the aim of making the journey zero-carbon. The 16-year-old will be accompanied by her father, Svante, and a cameraman on the journey. When she arrives, she will join the U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York in September and the COP 25 climate change conference in Santiago, Chile in December. Let the child endangerment and abuse commence That boat is going to get tossed around like a rag doll few 100 miles in she will be wishing she hadn’t of bothered 🤣 Why is this indoctrinated child getting so much press?

GretaThunberg Guess what they used to build that yacht? Lithium and nuclear powered machines. Get past the fake news GretaThunberg Nothing but a marketing stunt at the cost of the climate. This little girl, GretaThunberg is abused by climate lunatics that want nothing else than put the world population in to massive debt. Who creates / owns the money on this planet?:

GretaThunberg Yet some how the zero emission yacht made more of a carbon print than if she had just jumped on a plane with Harry and Megan GretaThunberg Let me guess. She will be in a zero emission yatch, and behind her, a ship burning kerozin, to keep her safe 😂 GretaThunberg Bullshit huge emission operation

GretaThunberg Lol, Zero emission my foot, oh, and it's a 'Plastic Boat'. GretaThunberg Just do it. GretaThunberg Why she's always having gloomy face GretaThunberg Who paid for this? GretaThunberg Who cares about the others You are right Greta !!! You do what you feel with your communication(s) whatever it is. But at least YOU DO SOMETHING So 💪🙏🏻 Another earth nature lover ❤️

Greta Thunberg's sailing adventure no pleasure cruise16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg says she will not fly to environmental conferences—so she's headed from Plymouth, England to New York in a high-tech but decidedly low-comfort sailboat. Dumb world we live in isn’t it well let's see how this goes. A cult leader who likes boats. We’ve seen this before

GretaThunberg Stay in school, get educated, and then come back and lecture us. Some may then actually listen. GretaThunberg Lil' Goebbels is getting really good at that propaganda huh? GretaThunberg Enjoy your $4 Million boat for “united science” 👍🏻😂 GretaThunberg Humbug. GretaThunberg Greta is amazing! The fact that she has raisen awarness to the climateemergency more than anybody else in the world is stunning and a fantastic and brilliant achivement. And you trolls can’t even argue about the facts of climatechange, instead you are hitting a 16 year old! Sad.

GretaThunberg Obey GretaThunberg Child with problems being exploited GretaThunberg Ekonazi. GretaThunberg Why would / should anyone listen to this silly little child/girl, talking out her backside.

The Trailer for Greta Gerwig's 'Little Women' Is Just as Good as You'd HopedThe movie—starring Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, and Laura Dern—hits theaters in December.

GretaThunberg Hey, so called journalists, did you ask who pays for this trip? transparency followthemoney GretaThunberg 'Im shltting in the ocean where you get your dinner fish from' - Greta GretaThunberg Can she quote any of her so called 'SCIENCE'...? For example, the 'Science' of how she see's CO2 with her naked eye? Yeah, nah? Didn't think so. Just more bullshit from a snotty nosed child without a clue...

GretaThunberg i am sorry but all the nice things you do is not enough. The establishment only pay attention when all the people are in the streets. By the way you are doing it great so far. GretaThunberg When I was Greta's age I was sitting on a hill in Kitsalano smoking dope and nodding knowingly. I think she is amazing, and I think all the trolls she is attracting are pretty fucking dumb. But hey if you don't agree I really don't care and hopefully she doesn't either.

GretaThunberg Teenage activist goes to live off the grid in a log cabin....Now that’s a climate campaign GretaThunberg Hey you're a child GretaThunberg Bravo sister! GretaThunberg 100ppm of CO2 = 0.0001 GretaThunberg Jr, Climatic Ambulance Chaser !!

Greta Thunberg Prepares to Set Sail for U.N. Climate Talks Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who sparked a global youth movement, is coming to the U.N. climate summit. 'This is a big opportunity for those world leaders who say they’ve been listening to us to actually show that they’ve been listening to us.' All Hail The Infallible Mentally Ill Child Who Sees Pollution!!! Lol She is a remarkable young activist. Not only does she talk the talk, but she also walks the walk. Damn the bots are working hard on this one. Clearly disrupting the summit is a Kremlin priority.

GretaThunberg Swedish Malala as useless as the original and corporate-neoliberal plant who diverts from the real issues. GretaThunberg Pufff.... GretaThunberg 🤮🤑 GretaThunberg It doesn't go more stupid.... GretaThunberg Tell Dem!!!💥💥🔥 GretaThunberg The amount of vitriol and hatred thrown at this girl astounds me.... Good luck Greta and keep doing what you're doing!

GretaThunberg Good thing cause you’re s freaking kid & I’d hate to have to tell you to mind your own business GretaThunberg Carbon footprint would have been far smaller if she flew coach. Facts. GretaThunberg This kid is amazing. Should be an inspiration for all young people.

GretaThunberg You’re a brilliant communicator, particularly for one so young. Stay strong, Greta . GretaThunberg I'm not telling anyone what to do, but here, let me say some vague shit as I vague this and that while vauging. don't see how it's a 'climate campaign' when 6 people have to FLY from Italy to NY to sail the boat back. It's a meaningless stunt.

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg Might be more useful to concentrate on the countries that ARE the problem rather than continually berating the developed countries who have already done a lot. GretaThunberg this is so embarrassing for everyone involved. GretaThunberg Sure is a shame the crew is flying back and forth and making this entire publicity stunt pointless.

GretaThunberg These kids are so easily manipulated. GretaThunberg How many international flights did her crew take? GretaThunberg The Matrix writes beautiful stories about people trying to save the world

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg So you are funding it yourself Greta? GretaThunberg JuliaHB1 GretaThunberg GCF_News GretaThunberg where are her parents? why they let their daughter to be used this way? GretaThunberg Don't buy the climate lie GretaThunberg Vietate i voli aerei e chiudete la Nasa. GretaThunberg Stop making this disturbed child into a martyr

GretaThunberg She's nothing but the product of good marketing. That zero-emission yacht is a sailboat that used considerable natural resources and energy to build. Plenty of emissions are being created to follow and report on her little adventure. GretaThunberg I vacillate between feeling pity for this poor, tortured child and being repulsed by her insufferable arrogance, which is the result of coddling by adults who should know better. She's a child.

GretaThunberg ¿Quién le habra dicho que haga eso? GretaThunberg Good for her. She's an inspiration. GretaThunberg Common... do we really all look that stupid ? GretaThunberg GretaThunberg You may 'not be telling anybody what to do' , but your symbolism is like the pyramid and EU flag and how can a Swede or anybody put the EU flag above their own ?

GretaThunberg And every other person on the yacht, 2 crews of 6 each, were flown from around the world to participate... so what's the overall carbon footprint to this climate fiasco, Greta? ClimateCrisis ClimateChange ClimateAction ClimateChangeHoax GretaThunberg Poor kid GretaThunberg 'Teen Climate Change Activist Doubles Carbon Footprint By Having Crew Fly To New York.'

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg is awesome! So much courage and so clear. GretaThunberg go on girl! You are on the right track and have my blessing.

GretaThunberg You need to go to the school. GretaThunberg Travelling by yacht does look like a lot of fun though. It would be great if Dame Ellen MacArthur was the crew! GretaThunberg Well-tutored teen! 🤣🤣🤣 People should wake up to the destruction of the environment through geoengineering of the earth. Climate change is a huge hoax. Geoengineering is the real threat.

It's the pre teen activists who are the real deal GretaThunberg Pawn GretaThunberg All the geriatric cretins attacking this remarkable young woman will be dead decades when her and her generation as adults have to deal with the consequences of their actions. GretaThunberg Global baby puppet. GretaThunberg To do this, six people have to take a plane to take her back ... it's so stupid🚑🚑🙄

GretaThunberg Zzzzzzzzz GretaThunberg While support crew, family, supporters and and journalists follow by plane. 🙄

GretaThunberg Waiting for the hate from supposed adults who feel so threatened by this intelligent young girl they need to ridicule her at every turn GretaThunberg Brava! GretaThunberg هذي إذا قالوا لك وجهها مربع. GretaThunberg My first day in english prep class 😂 GretaThunberg GretaThunberg ask for antonioguterres Mandatory Recycling Law Worldwide

GretaThunberg 'I am only acting and communicating on the science' or what her parents have told her to do and say for her whole young life. GretaThunberg If shes not German whats dast point). GretaThunberg 1)The crew return by plane. 2)She sail with a member of a Royal family. 3) Mónaco have the large diesel boats per capita 4)The motto 'Unite Behind The Science' unmask an anti-religious agenda. 5) Virgin 'the sponsor' have a high carbon footprint.

GretaThunberg Wow everybody's stupid in the comment section. Disgusting too. GretaThunberg It is the job of parents to explain to their kids that human caused climate change is a monstrous fraud.

GretaThunberg This girl is going to be a ton of fun when she gets older. Guy in college will approach her at a party and tell her she is hot. She will reply, 'Let me tell you what is hot- the earth! Did you know that scientist in 1919....' Guy is gone before she is finished speaking. GretaThunberg Maybe frozen methane hydrate found in seafloor may also exist in stratum on land and cool whole earth. Something stimulus e.g. digging or heavy buildings may break the equilibrium and it may begin to gasify, dehydrate and melt. That may cause serious wildfire or severe weather.

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg GretaThunberg Hypocrite GretaThunberg Admirable ... but what do we think Greta can do? What do we think governments will do? What do we think protesting might achieve? What do we think we might actually need to do - to make an actual positive difference to our planet, the environment & the climate?

GretaThunberg Let kids be kids GretaThunberg Just a Puppet. GretaThunberg yeah except I read 2 people have to fly to sail it back... is that true? it's just a show? GretaThunberg Sick frauds exploiting children is not a new concept.

GretaThunberg But she could tell the world what to do if she wanted to,it’s woke enough. GretaThunberg 🙄 GretaThunberg Why does a 16 year old need to tell the world she does not tell the world what to do? GretaThunberg Brainwashing of children GretaThunberg Shes an autistic child being exploited by the left. They made sure to get a blond milky white girl to fit the bill of innocence.

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg What will be her CO2 footprint for the whole show...? GretaThunberg The Church of Global Warming is recruiting them and miseducating them young these days. GretaThunberg Shut up and stay in school! Where is your mother & your father? GretaThunberg Look at the little Messiah child! C’mon man, let that little kid’s brain grow all of the way up before we commit to her undeveloped ideas about reality and the world. This is childabuse

GretaThunberg Thank you Parents4future FridaysForFuture GretaThunberg 🌍✌ GretaThunberg Cannot understand why some adults are giving this intelligent and brave girl, such a hard time. GretaThunberg 'Child used by luxury brands as shield to hide their hypocrisy boards multi-million dollar racing yacht based out of the Royal Monaco Yacht Club.'

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg is being used as a pawn. Turns out the crew traveling with her are using more carbon by flying than they are admitting. Serious hoax. climatechange climatehoax GretaThunberg Disgusting, all those who attacked Meghan during pregnancy come now for child. Be proud that our future generation wants to do something good, thinks globally. Even doesnt matter all details are right or not.

anderslindberg GretaThunberg meanwhile i motorrummet på ”segelbåten” anderslindberg GretaThunberg Sund inställning. Om alla vore lika ödmjuka i sin inställning. Om man måste hata, hota och nedvärdera människor för att föra fram sin åsikt så har man helt enkelt fel åsikt. anderslindberg GretaThunberg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

GretaThunberg If Greta went to school instead of skipping at least one day a week perhaps she'd learn about... ...Unstoppable Solar Cycles - Full Video via YouTube Greta says we should panic My Question: Who is teaching Greta to say what she says? GretaThunberg GretaThunberg If she has to be rescued will she wave away the helicopters cos they're not carbon neutral?!

GretaThunberg The yacht isn‘t zero emission at all. majcarinas GretaThunberg Greta is our brave Aurora in these dark times of stupidity and ignorance. 💚 GretaThunberg Inspirational GretaThunberg What a remarkable young person. Every single adult attacking her is an unaccomplished, ignorant, cowardly bully. It's difficult to accept that so many such people exist, much less that they reveal themselves in this pathetic way.

GretaThunberg One day those that are using her to achieve their personal political dream will leave her behind GretaThunberg “I am not telling anyone what to do or what not to do” Except... the whole point of her trip & going over to the conference is to tell them what she wants them to do. YourAnonRiots GretaThunberg lol zero-emission yacht. Let us walk the supply chain....

anderslindberg GretaThunberg Kid, if you were talking to the scientists, you wouldn't be saying things like 'I want you to act like the house is on fire!' and 'I want you to panic'. Panic does not solve problems. It inhibits constructive thinking and makes problems worse. You poor sacrificial puppet.

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg thelittleapocalypsegirl has never read a science textbook in her life. climate science is a research driven science, you would only have access through journal articles, and i'm pressed to believe she's ever read anything on the nature database. unlike policy makers who have.

GretaThunberg Who pays for this trip? Just aksing. transparency GretaThunberg Before Try to act Great ,Try Some Life Experience , your Words sounding -Hollow- GretaThunberg , visit NeuroscienceNew,pfizer ,I Think You have A Mental Problem ; ) GretaThunberg Just wondering; is she flying back from America or sailing back.... 🙄Meaning; if she flies back to Europe what is the point in this action.... 🤔

GretaThunberg Can you tell us what science please And is this science manipulated or no GretaThunberg 'Zero-emission yacht.' What a joke. Any idea how much pollution it creates to produce a yacht, especially a supposed 'zero-emission yacht'? The green movement is nothing but a joke at this point. GretaThunberg Because exploiting vulnerable children is awesome

GretaThunberg Stop eating meat GretaThunberg GretaThunberg Fake News - nothing ZERO EMISSION ABOUT THIS PROPAGANDA GretaThunberg So brave to board a multi-million dollar vessel with all the luxuries any common person could never experience.

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg If we do not reduce carbon emissions by 2020 my penis is gonna fall off. GretaThunberg I wish there was an option on twitter to make a list of content you don’t want to see. This robot child is everywhere! 😫 GretaThunberg This is not a zero emission trip. Just get the footprint of the crew flying over and the construction of this fully carbon made yacht. It is enormous. So don't propagate bullshit to brand another masqotte. We need real activists and real actions. Not market clowns.

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg 😅🤦🏼‍♀️ GretaThunberg The yacht cannot be zero carbon. Someone had to build the ship and all the parts including the brass and steel along with the sails. So not truly zero carbon. Sailing it self is not new using wind to get around is old technology. GretaThunberg Toch een pittig ding.

GretaThunberg This is nonsense- poo in a bucket in race boat if you like but it’s not an alternative. It’s a publicity stunt GretaThunberg Freeze dried food is not zero carbon. A lot of carbon was used in boat construction.

GretaThunberg Her idea is OK. But why is so much About her. She doesn't know anything about sailing. I am a sailor but I do not know what is her message to the world.? Now everyone has to sail across The Atlantic Ocean instead of flying. Get real. Kind of stupid. GretaThunberg Send her back........................

GretaThunberg megynkelly maureendowd Extraordinary brave girl Greta.She is fighting”Climate Change”.Hope the world notices her efforts& follows herGretaThunbergsailing GretaThunberg It wasn’t Zero carbon to build ~ GretaThunberg Otra mentira barata cual, Malala EmmaWatson, y demás figuras que ni para el caso.

GretaThunberg How can media support such fraud? GretaThunberg No one cares what a child thinks about anything... GretaThunberg Nobel Peace Prize for GretaThunberg - someone in a position to do so should nominate her. GretaThunberg Go back to school, kid... don’t let liberal leftist destroy your life

GretaThunberg I hope a liberal never tells people that drinking gasoline was bad for you. There would not be any republicans left alive.

GretaThunberg A short thread so far but a lot of jealous people in it 😂 GretaThunberg If only she understood how amazingly corrupt the world has become and that 'scientists' are a dime a dozen, especially when hand-picked and bought like donuts to fatten and fatigue our population with the (often) absurdity of their unsubstantiated and grandiose conclusions.

GretaThunberg A yacht made almost exclusively from carbon - go figure !! GretaThunberg Brilliant speech!! 😱 GretaThunberg Globalist baby puppet. GretaThunberg Wood or fiberglass GretaThunberg Who is preventing her from being a normal teenager ? GretaThunberg she actually is telling people what to do. she is quite damning in her little ballad to the world qualifying how wrong world leaders are. how ignorant they are. she knows nothing of real science. she is at best a 16yo journalist for strong sustainability=/=scientist.

GretaThunberg Does she have 📚 to read? GretaThunberg So who is funding this? Just asking for a friend...

GretaThunberg ? GretaThunberg So all world leaders should take 2 weeks to get to every climate meeting? 🤣🤣🤣 GretaThunberg GretaThunberg Next time take a plant based boat, hypocrisy at its finest! GretaThunberg Wake-up world!!! SaveKashmirFromModi NaziModi RSSTerrorist 15AugustBlackDay GretaThunberg How about going back to school ?

GretaThunberg Ah the good old days of being young, naive and gullible. GretaThunberg neniambulance please, help GretaThunberg 🚑 GretaThunberg All government's of developed economies already know about climate change. We need to focus on finding practical solutions now...not stunts.

LaubStephanie GretaThunberg There is definitely a head on that boat. That's what a toilet is called on a boat. GretaThunberg Her parents did a great job indoctrinating her!! And I thought hockey parents were GretaThunberg Those poor sea creatures. Fancy having her turd for dinner. GretaThunberg I wonder how much global warming the manufacturing of her fancy boat caused ?

GretaThunberg I bet she flies home, on the quiet lol GretaThunberg How filthy and unhygienic. Absolutely degrading and deplorable. Miss Stink should be it’s name. Mister Men books come in useful. Someone really needs to take this child in hand NOW. GretaThunberg Leftie liberal EU loving Reuters love this weirdo

GretaThunberg 👍🥰🙏 GretaThunberg ICEgov CBP how about we rethink her visa GretaThunberg So they are putting raw sewage into the water! Once they are within 3 miles of our coast that will be illegal.

GretaThunberg The ocean is her toilet. :(( GretaThunberg Globalist baby puppet. GretaThunberg Stop trying to make this happen Gretchen GretaThunberg GretaThunberg What we have here is Democrat Cheerleaders peddling Democrat propaganda while pretending to be journalists. GretaThunberg What a fraud! GretaThunberg Dumping raw sewage in the fitting

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg Too late. Human caused climate change has been exposed as a monstrous fraud. GretaThunberg Miss Thunberg, you must stand for what you believe.

GretaThunberg She is a naive child being used by her parents and needs to finish her education before telling those who have what to do, as she hasn't got a clue! This is nothing more than child abuse. She is no child genius and has no scientific background. GretaThunberg This little person looks like a genetically modified organism

GretaThunberg We can achieve it. 🌎🌏🌍 I know. GretaThunberg Send her back................ GretaThunberg She is going to extraordinary length to skip school. She makes Ferris Bueller look like Steve Urkel. GretaThunberg The left needs to stop using mentally disabled high functioning children for their hoax issues. Its really getting annoying now

GretaThunberg She only talks about the science but has no scientific background. Derp. GretaThunberg You are sick ... Sorry 🙈 GretaThunberg She's performing a show directed by her parents. GretaThunberg

GretaThunberg Répulsif ! GretaThunberg GretaThunberg She should go to public housing and explain to kids who grow up poor how they can help. GretaThunberg this is the only eco-story worth reading, not this nonsense about the victim of hard-left child abuse... GretaThunberg Teenage. Enough was said with that one word.

GretaThunberg “Zero Emission Yacht” perhaps, but what was the carbon foooeint to build it? Elites are always not-so-subtly telling you the rules don’t apply to them. GretaThunberg I don't care. Spoiled 16 year cry baby. GretaThunberg Psyop. Go away little girl! GretaThunberg Sure sweetie and how old are you

glynmoody GretaThunberg Go Greta! 👍🌞🙏💖

GretaThunberg This is what I see when watching this... GretaThunberg Why is it that every solution to this so called problem gives the political left more power ? GretaThunberg Child trafficking at it’s finest GretaThunberg Malizia say that building this type of racing boat needs three tonnes of carbon fibre, moulds for hull and deck, a number of construction materials and various resins. Build cost of £3.7 million.

GretaThunberg We don't really want her here 🤷 GretaThunberg She's a child, stop with the emotional BS. GretaThunberg Why isn’t she in school? GretaThunberg Its hurricane season... just sayin' GretaThunberg SO LITTLE PAMPERED ALL HER SHORT LIFE TRAVELING ON A MILLION DOLLAR YACHT (very slowly unless someone lying) TO ANTI-AMERICAN U.N SUMMIT..TO AID THE CROOKED MONEY CHANGERS OF 'CLIMATE CHANGE' THAT NOT ONE DYING HUMAN CAN CHANGE--REUTERS CROOKED MEDIA -WANTS LISTENED TO..

GretaThunberg Oh my gosh! This is news?

GretaThunberg The HMS Wallflower GretaThunberg She’s 16 years old! Good grief! GretaThunberg Hahahahaha... yeah, I’m gonna listen to a teenager 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 GretaThunberg I'd leave Sweden, too. Where they tell you to stay inside at night to avoid rape. But 'WEATHER!!' Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image

GretaThunberg Kids have undeveloped brains, therefore I can see why the world's elite want to use the most gullible among us to achieve their objectives. GretaThunberg 🤔🤔🤔Ummm... U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked GretaThunberg Climate change explained: Large research grants given by government, returning in the form of campaign donation kickbacks. You’re welcome.

GretaThunberg Good honey, you just ignore the US. GretaThunberg Who? GretaThunberg Good, no one should listen to dumb kid activists. Activist isn’t a prestigious title, it’s a moniker for the overly passionate and willfully ignorant.

GretaThunberg I am not going to be swayed by a 16 year old. She joins the ranks of Al Gore, Leonardo deCaprio, AOC and other Non-SCIENTISTS. GretaThunberg Never heard of a sail yacht. GretaThunberg United science? Apparently that was just another liberal lie. GretaThunberg Americans on the whole are incredibly stupid. They have routinely ignored facts since Day 1 when they don't fit their motives. Ms Thunberg is right in ignoring them. She has better things to do. Leave the ridiculing to arseholes like me.

GretaThunberg White Privilege Publicity Stunt GretaThunberg Never get that 5 minutes back! GretaThunberg Except that fossil fuel burning diesel engine onboard. Other than that, yep... Zero-Emission baby. lolz GretaThunberg ....she isn't a climate expert? GretaThunberg Sixteen year olds are clueless. Just like this one

GretaThunberg Ok. Who gives a shit what she thinks?

GretaThunberg GretaThunberg What happened to conference calls? Lol GretaThunberg This news, why? Smh GretaThunberg What an arrogant kid! GretaThunberg Looking at some of the comments here, you have to laugh at how effortlessly she triggers certain so-called grown-ups. They're driven mad by her self-possession. None of them would cope with a fraction of the lies and hostility that gets thrown at her. Shero.

GretaThunberg Lol zero emissions yacht. Enough hot air on board to warm 3 continents. GretaThunberg All those jealous ClimateChange deniers in the the replies section, who would love to be able to sail to the US on such a yacht! 😂 Have a great journey GretaThunberg ! ⛵👍 GretaThunberg Just go away

GretaThunberg I like her attitude! She isnt forcing her beliefs on anyone. She is doing what she feels is best. GretaThunberg Just another puppet of the System.

GretaThunberg and wearing a coat made of nylon and plastic!!!! LOL----- You are what you do, not what you say you do GretaThunberg what a complete waste of time money and carbon foot print... do the meeting via SKYPE it will cost noting to get there.. this is an obscene publicity stunt GretaThunberg Tell me ... what are that so called cero-emission boat made from? Complete list of materials, please ...

GretaThunberg There's nothing else you can do with moronic climate change deniers. You aren't going to increase their intelligence level, so you're just wasting your time. They are too married to their ideology for them to admit that they're wrong and have to change their whole world view. GretaThunberg Also the plastic to build the yacht is oil free? Idiots

GretaThunberg Who’s boat Rothschilds Who’s PR team mummies GretaThunberg Autistische trekjes GretaThunberg this is such BS... more likely she said 'Daddy, since iM sucha good sailor can we sail across the ocean'.. Daddy sez 'Sure honey, and weLL say weRe doing it to promote good environmental issues....ignoring the fact the most brutal adversaries of the planetary good are in China'

GretaThunberg Sorry Sweetie Russia, China and the United States have decided their top priority is a new Nuclear Arms Race! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. POTUS thinks Climate Change is not a Real Threat! 😞. So we will wait until it’s completely obvious that we’re doomed before we act.🥳😳 GretaThunberg Juana de Barco, buscando herejes ...

GretaThunberg How you getting back? What's the boat made of. That sounded a lot like Me Me Me. GretaThunberg Awesome girl. GretaThunberg Way to be a brainwashed puppet spewing rhetoric from her parents and MSM. GretaThunberg Keep going!!❤ keep being the girl who stood up for a change the very first day. I will see what I can do to support you from Chile.

GretaThunberg Idiots on the world stage GretaThunberg Good said GretaThunberg A part of the science. To be more specific. GretaThunberg Win-win! We'll return the favor. GretaThunberg Globalist baby puppet! GretaThunberg Stay in school. Don't hang out with the elites (you will likely be Epsteined)

GretaThunberg Nobody wants to hear anything from a kid! GretaThunberg Wait until she’s old enough to learn that you can find science and data to prove/disprove almost any argument. GretaThunberg GretaThunberg is Antifa. FYI GretaThunberg Nice to have financial backers to promote your cause. Money talks!

GretaThunberg Then go away please. GretaThunberg Antifa climate puppet. GretaThunberg Screenshot: 'I'm not telling anyone what to do or what not to do' meanwhile she is literally being publicised for exactly that 🙄 GretaThunberg I hope she stays safe. GretaThunberg What was the carbon footprint in building that 70ft yacht, anyone know? Even the “Poo” bucket is plastic.

GretaThunberg Stop this delusion that it is all about convince people that there is a real environmental threat. The problem is how to deal with it. What innovation she has proposed?

GretaThunberg Does she support the death penalty? It's more CO2 friendly than locking people up for life. GretaThunberg What is Global Warming do you know exactly? GretaThunberg It’s our youth & their future children who will inherit this damaged & dying Earth. I’m so proud, humbled & inspired by the younger generation who are taking action and having their say in their (and our) future, to change the outcome. Go Greta!!!😍👏👏👍💚

GretaThunberg What is Global Warming? GretaThunberg UnitedScience Greta ClimateScience GretaThunberg No one questions the funding? The push to put a child out front with this agenda? Is she extolling the virtues of geothermal and nuclear energy? If not, it’s just a show folks to get you to buy into the “taxation = saving the environment”

GretaThunberg How much carbon was emitted in the construction of the boat? GretaThunberg LOL. United science? Sounds like a bunch of yes people that say what people want to hear to further their political agendas. GretaThunberg 'Read our continuous and exciting story tomorrow about Greta strolling along a meadow and petting some cows.' 🙂

GretaThunberg She doesn't need to do this publicity stunt, the amount of fuel needed to take her from Sweden to the US is only a few tens of gallons. Modern airliners and incredibly fuel efficient.

GretaThunberg Hahahahah I’m dead. A child has no business lecturing the world on the way we lead our lives. GretaThunberg GretaThunberg I could do it with the financial backing she’s got. 😂 but business class is sooooooo much more comfortable. GretaThunberg 👍Молодец GretaThunberg Who cares. GretaThunberg Good for her! Thank you Greta! 💕

GretaThunberg She’s cool. GretaThunberg Aboard a ship once called the 'Edmond de Rothschild' GretaThunberg Fuck it I’m gonna say it, I hate this kid. GretaThunberg Why is she being forced meme'd by the media? 🤔

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