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Teen vaping tied to marijuana use

Teen vaping tied to marijuana use


Teen vaping tied to marijuana use

(Reuters Health ) - Adolescents and young adults who have smoked e-cigarettes are...

FILE PHOTO: A man holds an electronic cigarette as he vapes at a Vape Shop in Monterrey, Mexico February 1, 2019. REUTERS/Daniel Becerril/File Photo

“E-cigarettes are often considered benign or harmless by youth and their families,” said Dr. Nicholas Chadi, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of pediatrics at

While teen smoking has long been linked to an increased risk of drug use, U.S. adolescents today are more apt to try vaping than smoking traditional cigarettes - and less is known about how e-cigarettes impact future substance use.

In the current analysis, the connection between vaping and marijuana use was stronger for North American young people and for the past two years than for earlier studies or research with participants in Europe or other places.

Another limitation of the study is that researchers looked at all marijuana use - whether it was trying a single joint one time at a party ages ago or an ongoing daily habit - so it wasn’t possible to see how vaping might impact the frequency of marijuana use.

And, vaping might also lead to more dangerous substance use problems than smoking traditional cigarettes, Dai added.

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Stop trying to make vaping seem cool. Sure..... Maybe teen marijuana use is tied to being teen. Teen blah blah blah is tied to a teen. Anything can be tied to teens, it's called being a teen. at risk for marijuana? kids who dont vape are at risk of becoming conservative politicians pundits or bussinessthingys

Lying about vaping tied to cigarettes lobby Eating chips tied to marijuana use Good, better that they get off vaping and onto cannabis anyways. Tyson didn’t vape. Its not just teenagers ... Vaping street drugs is common and a growing issue- no way to know what's in someones vapes. Vaping & ecigs is a gateway drug. It ALL should be banned.

No shit? 'Youth who experiment with e-cigs may use the same device or switch to newer generation devices for vaping marijuana, which could lead to use of substance with stronger addictive effects.' 30% of e-cig users start smoking cigarettes, more dangerous than weed, within 6 months. Who cares, marijuana is fucking awesome.

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BREAKING: People who smoke e-cigs or cigarettes are more likely to smoke marijuana! Calm down oldster and finish your martini. When I was a teen a drank heavily, smoked weed every day, tripped, shroomed, tweaked routinely, coked-up occasionally, and took ANY pill that could possibly get me a buzz. I shudder to think what I could have gotten into had I had a vape pen. This is scary stuff.

I saw this picture and thought it was someone shearing a sheep. It’s about pot I’m guessing they are also more likely to drink alcohol, spend too much time on their phones, exceed the speed limit and even graduate from high school and college. It’s called youth! Here's some info.... Reuters Top News chained to ignorant reporting. Wise UP. Vaping vegetable glycerine and/or propylene glycol puts people in the hospital. Marijuana use is a crime, and, cannabis cause cancer cells' apoptosis. Do your research....

Reading Reuters article tied to becoming stupid. BREAKING: In other news; Trump told a fib, water wet Um, NOT...have noticed kids do what the he’ll they want! Regardless of parental oversight. Really want everyone to stop 🛑. Put yo fracking knee on Big Tobacco..., regulate the hell out of like cops on bulk folk... bobs your uncle

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And that's a surprise? Let me help you with conclusions. Obvious that vaping and smoking cigarettes leads to marijuana use. For those predisposed it leads to more drug use. And in North American adolescents you’ll find that increase use is greatest in Canada where the use of marijuana is skyrocketing

Teen vaping linked to vaping. BREAKING: Doritos linked to marijuana use What a surprise. Ayyy Teens supporting socialists is a much closer tie to not only marijuana, but heroin and suicidal thoughts. Teen suicide rates among those espousing socialism is through the roof. I stopped reading at 'smoked e-cigarettes'

Teens have smoked weed long before vaping was here. If there was no vaping there would probably be more teens smoking and they'll still end up smoking weed. It's a silly article

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How about, 'Teen years tied to experimentation.' Being a teen tied to marijuana use Or marijuana use is tied to marijuana use. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Backwards Man! escooters lead to vaping... just say no to escooters 😂😂😂 That's pretty fuckin sick tbf Oh no 😱

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