Teen gets college scholarship, donates savings to help other students in need

Joshua Nelson, 18, is donating his college savings to help out other students in need.

6/4/2021 8:22:00 AM

Joshua Nelson told GMA he will donate $1,000 every year to help other students in need.

Joshua Nelson, 18, is donating his college savings to help out other students in need.

Nelson, in conjunction with his high school, set up the Joshua Nelson Leaders In Action Scholarship fund. Each year, $1,000 will be awarded to a senior. The money will come from donations, of which there have been $16,000 so far -- for a total of $17,435 at last count, according to the school.

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With the money already in the fund, there's enough to give out a scholarship each year for over a decade."I would have never guessed in a million years that we would have this much funds," Nelson said.The first scholarship was awarded on June 1 to Darrell Montalvo-Luna. As the inaugural recipient, his scholarship was $2,000.

MORE: Teen reacts to winning 4-year college scholarship in Ohio's vaccine lotteryCourtesy Joy NelsonJoshua Nelson (right) with Darrell Montalvo-Luna (left), the first recipient of the Joshua Nelson Leaders In Action Scholarship."Joshua has the heart of a servant leader. He leads by example and he's genuinely excited when good things happen for other people," Curry said."He's an encourager -- he's good at building others up and does what he can to help encourage and motivate those around him." headtopics.com

In addition to the fund, Nelson is also the first president of the school's Multicultural Achievement Council Scholars program, which aims to assist underrepresented students with college and career preparation.MORE: Teacher who adopted her former student and his brother eliminates over $48,000 in debt

Nelson said he wants to help people with his professional career as well. He will be entering into SEMO's pre-optometry program and majoring in biomedical sciences."My whole family has very poor vision, we're all relying on contacts and glasses," Nelson said."I was thinking if I want to go into the medical field, let me go somewhere that's going to help me and my family."

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