Ted Cruz under fire for 'photo ops' in Houston following controversial Mexico trip

Sen. Ted Cruz under fire for 'photo ops' in Houston following controversial trip to Cancun.

2/23/2021 5:08:00 AM

Sen. Ted Cruz under fire for 'photo ops' in Houston following controversial trip to Cancun.

Sen. Ted Cruz came under fire again this weekend for posting images of himself volunteering in Houston, just days after he was criticized for taking a trip to Mexico.

Cruz took a trip to Cancun with his family Wednesday while many parts of the state were still out of power, water and other supplies. He was photographed and videotaped by passengers at the airport and on the plane and those images prompted a flood of criticism and jabs.

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Sen. Ted Cruz/TwitterSen. Ted Cruz in a photo posted to his Twitter account, Feb. 20, 2021.Cruz was scheduled to return Saturday but flew back to Texas on Thursday following the backlash. The senator's office put out a statement claiming the trip was for his two daughters, Caroline and Catherine, and their friends. He later told reporters that he had second thoughts and, in hindsight,"I wouldn't have done it."

Abhi Rahman, a spokesman for the Texas Democrats, said in a statement to ABC News that Cruz's actions this weekend would not diminish the senator’s misguided vacation."Ted Cruz showed the entire world who he is when he ditched Texas during our greatest time of need. No amount of pandering is going to change that," he said in a statement. headtopics.com

Representatives for Cruz didn't immediately return messages to ABC News for comment about his activities this weekend. He was back in Washington D.C. Monday for Senate hearings.Critics were key to highlight that Cruz's social media posts and charity actions took place at the same time that U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., one of Cruz’s staunchest critics, flew to Texas to help with relief efforts.

The New York congresswoman teamed up with Texas congresswomen Sylvia Garcia, Penny Morales Shaw and Shelia Jackson Lee to help the Houston Food Bank and raised over $5 million to help families affected by the storm.Elizabeth Conley/AFP via Getty Images

Texas congresswoman Penny Morales Shaw, Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sylvia Garcia help distribute food at the Houston Food Bank, Feb. 20, 2021, in Houston, Texas.The Democratic congresswomen also helped distribute food and water and spoke with families affected by the storm.

"Charity can’t replace policy, but solidarity is how we’ll face climate change and build a better world," Ocasio-Corteztweeted.In a statement to ABC News, the Houston Food Bank said between Feb. 17 and Feb. 21, it distributed 1,000 emergency pallets that contained shelf-stable foods, water and produce. The non-profit commended the congresswomen for their efforts and outreach. headtopics.com

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"Their efforts to amplify the awareness of need here in southeast Texas has been a huge help," the Houston Food Bank said in a statement.Rahman said the Texas Democrats are also grateful for the assistance from Ocasio-Cortez. Read more: ABC News »

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Photo opt only!!! I can’t look at Ted Cruzs face he makes me sick Fake....just like him!!! SenTedCruz loads water into the trunks of people in need and fake news makes it sound like he is a criminal....and NYGovCuomo actually kills people and fake news hides the story after cheering his “leadership” what is wrong with them?

The fact that Ted Cruz went to Mexico during a crisis in his state shows just how little he does for his state. The fact that he was doing zero to coordinate help and relief is so telling. He is no public servant. where are all the people, liar liar pants on fire. SenTedCruz complete tool. Ted is not a good person.

Everyone(just about everyone) does a photo op when there in trouble or did something stupid Love it get him Do you know why we can fly a helicopter on Mars but can’t on a light on in Texas? Because scientists are in charge of Mars and Republicans are in charge of Texas.—-Liberals are Cool This guy, one in the same

Ted's damage control worked like cologne on a dirty body! Texas voted for this... hopefully they’ve learned something now! Why is he in Houston? Does its citizenry know he’s there? Why isn’t he “loading up” in the cold with his constituency? Rachel_McRea Clearly the parking lot is empty. Does he even realize just how stupid he looks?

Funny how people are just now recognizing “photo ops” but literally every politician has them He even looks uncomfortable doing manual work. Funny how Cuomo is not, under fire for killing 16,000 Not just that. This guy is such a piece of work. And there’ll be enough votes for him again. That’s the messed up part.

Jim9482 Is that how Americans quarantine? Wow ABC news this is bigger news to you than the elderly, that Governor Cuomo put in harms way? NO. NO. NO. 7 dead people. Enormous damage. They knew it and crossed the line!! Capital Police suspended! As Sasse said, Trump enjoyed it. He refused to call for help. He wanted - them hurt He wanted them dead! He sent them! No consequences no change. Charge them convict them!

Just stop Cancun Cruz lol! This dude......smh. The man can’t win Shave his head Why aren’t there more assassins? Why is he stealing water from that car? Just stop. It doesn't count...it's like being required to do community service. You didn't do it out of free will. tedcruz Cancun Cruz is a disastrous senator and Texas should get rid of him. He's another Trump.

As the old saying goes . When your helping those in need leave the camera at home. Or don’t help me if you have to tell everybody you helped me. No , not really. abcfakenews Rafael Resign. With a Saturday return flight, do you think he had this water distribution planned before he went to Cancun? After returning, how do you explain this?

What a humanitarian. NOT Recall Cancun Cruz. Useless Rafael really needs to take it easy for a while. Every thing he does makes him look worse. He should’ve wore a Cancun T-shirt while passing out water in Houston this was Houston, a city with major water shortages and there is no line, it looks like it was created to give him a pr opportunity, it just looks orchestrated

tedcruz is the most reprehensible jerk! Photo ops are not helping! Plus today during The Congress Meeting regarding the insurrection of the Capitol; good ole Ted was going through his phone! Not the least bit interested in what happened that fatal day! He’s the worst! What is wrong with this country!!! Stop the greed and trying to be in control of power!!! This is driving people crazy! Crooked cops leave black men alone! Stop the obsession you have on black people! Seek help for your mental illness!

Under fire = butthurt liberals. He's a SENATOR, NOT the governor. Find some real reporting! Get off the horse, it’s dead!! Enough w/ Ted Cruz already Yet he went to Cancun and still beat Joe Biden there JoeBiden POTUS LOL saw this picture on Jimmy Kimmel last night never noticed it till last night I got excited, thought he had a slab of beer

Under fire? What are you talking about? Who cares about that? We re more worried about Cuomo’s genocide, the lack of mental and physical capacity of the “ president” elect etc etc.... you, the media, must understand that we are not longer ignorants like we were in the past. He’s a fake and a liar.. Ted’s trash

You know he didn't wash his hands that day. Total photo op. Ughhh ResignTedCruz Can’t un-ring a bell, Ted. It’s not like he posed looking at a parking lot and crying like AOC did. Guess what? Its not an issue ABC..now haul your asses up to NY and cover Cuomo This doesn’t work Cruz. A little fake photo op just made you look worse than you already are!!!!

But a first term congresswoman flying from NY for photo ops is totally cool... Got it He did learn from the best Right. So when my future husband runs for office, are you going to do a spin tactic on him if he makes a controversial trip to take me to a resort? Because this is insane. He's a family man. His family quite literally comes first in everything he does. Ted is an American hero.

Lol, he really does need a handler. He can’t walk out the door without embarrassing himself.. Why doesn't Ted want to use his real first name? Rafael You guys need to keep up. I think Ted Cruz is in Texas helping put out a fire caused a collision between a tanker truck and another vehicle. With a camera crew.

What the hell do you call Biden with his photo op for the 500,000 Covid19 deaths? Get real ABC Ummmm.... AOC did the same. Why isn’t she under fire for her ‘photo ops’ in TX. after travelling abroad, he should be in quarantine....... Doesn’t count when it’s your own car trunk. Dork This is why the loony liberals wanted him back, photo ops , can't win for losing , focus on killer Cuomo, we don't care he wanted to take a family vacation for a week .

Gov of NY kills thousands of seniors and MSM is more focused on this 😂 Why not? Just following AOC’s playbook SenTedCruz and the GOP are morally corrupt. Empty parking lot!! Omg that dude is a LOSER!!! Nice to see the good senator handing out water that AOC purchased. LOL Isn't he and his family supposed to self quarantine for 7 days? Photo op isn't going to fool people.

Sure hope GQP Proud Boy leader Ted Cruz did not get his hands dirty carrying water. He is needed by his party to demolish the constitution. I still don't get why he keeps spitting on the flag of Texas. Well, at least he’s not standing outside a church holding a Bible upside down Take the hint 'Ted'! 2024 'from the action of babes!'

Every other line for water is hundreds of cars deep. Ted finds the one in an empty parking lot with 3 cars. He's under fire by the media. We in Texas could give a crap. Why don't you go find out why Andrew Cuomo killed the elderly in NY Does lying Ted know that whole photo-op was more of an insult than an attempt at an apology. He just embarrassing himself even more.

And that is all they were... Inhuman, vile scum... Even the surroundings make it clear that this was a staged photo-op. What a dick. He is no different than Trump. Being it’s Cruz, you know he scheduled a back massage after posing for that one picture and lifting that small package of water, one time. His reputation is damaged before the power grid disaster..its up to the Texans how long they're going to tolerate him!! What he did is ok If He's an ordinary citizen like everybody but he is an elected official, people expect him to do his Job!

I am sure FOX will jump right on that like they did with AOC for photo ops? Pure set up photo op. No other people there He’s only “under fire” because you say he is..those “photo ops” are your photographers that you use to do this shit. Media get more dumb every day🤦🏻‍♀️ He dug his own grave.... You say he shouldn’t or think ,I would never but down the road it happens.

So many people think they would do better.really If they were in his life who knows. I have seen so many people say I would never and years down the road they did. Bless his flakery Don’t you have actual news to report ? He would have NEVER been doing this if he wasn't caught doing something completely self absorbed for him and his family while the other TEXANS sat in their homes and froze to death... his wife is just as bad - they both knew better and made a choice and now they blame the media!

SenTedCruz OMG you have no shame.....maybe a tip from Trumps prop of holding bible in front of church he never even attended....jerk. You know you sent your reporters down his tonsils to take photos so that you could use this caption. Now expose schumer and pelosi. People need to get a life Where's all the ice and snow and lines of people?

Exactly, totally prepared to mend corners Some 25 years ago scum head of nestle said “water is a privilege not a right” he Wasn’t kidding and knew shit’s about to hit the fan and he’s one of the elite financiers of weather Manipulation along big pharma and bankers Give the man credit demonstrating and pretending how little or none they give a fuck till they get caught the privileged corrupt class

Looks more like he heisted a case of water and is putting it in his own car. The rest of the lot looks empty. Is that a photo op or security camera footage? No snow or ice? C'MON MAN or Fled Ted.. tedcruz AnimalAbuser The white elephant gift that keeps on giving. Now he wants to come help, should have had his ass there in the beginning.

After The Former Guy, tedcruz is the most self centred low life. I have no idea how he looks at himself in the mirror Mmh Ted Cruz is right about one thing- Ted is the A..Hole for uncaringly taken a vacation when Texas needed their senator to give a 💩 once-in-a - catastrophic-storm. Gutless Cruz and wife thought inviting friends to escape the freezing 🥶.

Damned if he don't damn David does lay off of them he's human at least he knows that unlike the left in Washington pelosi Schumer and everybody else who do not suffer the pains of covid closures or financial issues What a joke! Texas Proud! Cruz is without character or honor The equivalent of Trump tossing paper towels to the folks in Puerto Rico after the hurricane.......

What a joke mr phoney!! Photo Op Is that his car in the photo? Cruz is useless and spineless. 😡 There's so much misinformation, disinformation, and deceit coming at Americans/Texans, they'll forget about Ted Cruz' actions. Trump has not come out to defend Ted Cruz because he doesn't give a damn about Ted Cruz. But Ted Cruz would give his life for Trump.

So gullible, them GOP Texans. Should it also be mentioned that if you leave the country, then return, you’re required to quarantine for ten days? But I’m sure insignificant requirements like that mean nothing to him anyway. He’s an insult to the human intelligence. Several things wrong here. Shouldn’t he be in quarantine since he left the country, why is the parking lot empty? Did he just Endanger those poor people? emptylot comeonTED

The Battle of the Bridges La Batalla de los Puentes 🤔 I’m old enough to remember George Bush being vilified by EVERY media outlet for his RESPONSIBILITY in everything Hurricane Katrina. I have yet to see a single media source, including you, even dare to mention Biden when it comes to TX. But sure...run with... tEd cRuZ PhOTo

Can we hear his excuse for going to Cancun again. You know 'My daughters asked to go on a mini vacation' while his wife was busy inviting friends to come with them to stay at The RITZ CARLTON FIVE STAR hotel where there was electric, heat & water. I dont want to see another picture of a politician 'helping out' unless they've broken a sweat.

Lmao!!!😆🤣😁😂 like putting one pack f water bottles in a truck will absolve him of all his failures!!! Too little too late now ... everyone has already seen that you couldn’t care any less about them !! When are Texans going to wake up and see what damage some of their representatives have done to their constituents and their communities in order to line their own pockets with $$$$.?

We don't believe you, you need more people Asshole should be quarantining. The daughters he blamed for his “lapse of judgment” will be kept out of school for 7-10 days . . . what a “good” father. Busted for playing hooky. Cruz, WAY TOO little, WAY TOO late! Doesn’t compare to AOC’s raising of 5+ million for Texans...and she didn’t even go to Cancun!

ONE CASE.... BOY BYE Photo ops is what GOP hypocrites do 🤷🏽‍♀️ the biggest issue is he traveled internationally, didn’t wait to return after testing negative AND has not quarantined yet out and about touching s***. Give it up Cruz. You sunk your own battleship. Bye. tedcruz has always been a model of fakeness

Ted Cruz under fire for being, understandably, tedcruz the Reps attempt to tarnish the Dems. the Dems attempt to tarnish the Reps. what's new and why is this news? The media is not biased. SenTedCruz Cruz shamed into helping constituents in his own state of Texas. He’s an embarrassment. Glad others stepped in without having to be told or forced.

Thank you for your support in my troubled time texas. These pictures could be used in history books under the heading of “GOP Politics and Photo Ops.” I am positive that he will need to spend some time at a relaxing spa to recover from such exhausting work. Oh yeah because liberal politicians have never done anything for an easy photo op at a disaster to look like they are working for the people haha. Bias media much ?

Here we see Cruz taking water out of a trunk... Lying SenTedCruz ' Look at me I came back from vacation to spend 1-hour loading water and handing out BBQ - I am a hero!' AOC 'Hold my beer' Ocasio-Cortez Fundraising Drive For Texas Relief Raises $4 Million Now he's calling his neighbors assholes for leaking the texts. He's pissed he got caught lying

Too late, Ted. My wife and kids are slipping...they need to get more 'photo op' pics of me...time for a family meeting...📸 When he was supposed to be in quarantine Damned if you do, damned if you don't. And AOC's fundraiser isn't in *any* way a publicity stunt (showing that Dems care about Red states too). The left are all genuine, honest folk who just want to help people (or shove them in nursing homes to avoid making (R)s look good).

He’s a phony goat cheese tedcruz Ummmmm did he quarantine when he got back? Hahaha... Better than sleeping with a Chinese spy or kills 15,000 nursing home residents... Cancun Cruz all rested up from his vacation to CAncun and going back to work. It really doesn’t matter what he does. As long as he is a Republican, he will be shed in a bad light by the media and Dems. Imagine if he ripped up Biden’s State of the Union address on national television? He would be crucified. But when Nan did it to Trump, no criticism.

That was probably the one car he put a case of water into for the photo op his PR management put together. It’s not nice to gang up on people... Everyone get in a single file line and take turns Is make-up charity porn the right answer to CruzToCancun ? Probably not, but his options are limited as his mindset all messed up

Ted Crooks (Q-TX) is a good and honest man!!! Can someone start a fund raising for him so that he can buy razors and shaving cream. The cost of travel to Cancun has put financial pressure on him. He can’t afford razors and shaving cream anymore Better check the plates to ensure that is not Lying Ted’s car😳😳

So he is criticized for not being there. He is criticized FOR bring there. juststopthehate 😂😭😂😭😂😭 shoulda stayed in Cancun This one's called Ow My Back I Quit He should have thrown toilet rolls instead like his buddy Donald. What a gem this guy is. Shameful. Phony Ted. Who believes such theatrics? Hey Ted, it's 60deg. now wow don't freeze!

Resign!! Leave this Senator alone. He is the most hard working Politician on Capitol Hill. Pick on some deserving lazy arsed Democrat instead! Ted Cruz is jolly popular here in England. I look forward to four-years time, when President Trump asks him to be Vice-president? tedcruz GOP Hard-working Democrats, photo-op Republicans. The media is the message and the problem.

Ted is a parrot, not a politician He’s helping... he’s doing more than you did. Well, at least he wasn't in a bath tub naked with a crack pipe. what a shallow little man cruz really is.... Maybe he should've stood in front of 500 lit candles Some people are just born cheap 😜 Ted took the water bottles back after the shoot ?

One case of water and that was for whom? Himself? 🤦‍♀️ pathetic monster.....he looks like a creepy pig these days. Me. Sleaze and all his gooeyness. That sucker is more fake then a orgasm in a porno. Of course it's a photo op. Do bears, or people who look like bears, sh** in the woods? But you praise Biden for spending 'quality time' with his granddaughter by playing Mario Kart at camp David while millions are dying of COVID-19. He also took a snow day and never went to Texas as people were dying. is hot garbage.

This ASSHOLEEEE have NO SHAME .... I’m embarrassing 😳 for him, sorry his kids have a daddy like tedcruz Is the pack of water THAT heavy? The Apostle John, probably the author of the Gospel of Jesus Christ According to John, and 1 John, wrote a very important message to children. John wrote 1 John 3:18: he was saying prove your faith. Just look at the picture. He wore a mask and he is VOLUNTEERING (no pay). Christ.

This is why we vote. Start paying attention to who is taking care you at home before we send them to the capital.. Teddy trying to show he has a clue. He showed his real thoughts by his actions. Bail to Cancun then when called out on it blame the kids. If Texas votes for him again then they truly do deserve everything they get. I would hope they wouldn’t be that dumb but it wouldn’t surprise

This story has been told. Several times. Let’s find something else to cover huh? It was an empty parking lot with one van!!! CancelCancunCruz There are zero cars anywhere. Not in front of this car. Not in back of this car. Even this photo is a lie. Yet he sits in these committee hearings acting holier than thou while badgering the nominees. tedcruz

Appears that it wasn't cold where tedcruz was assisting. Cruz spent more time on Hannity than wandering around holding that case of [water?] None of them either side...gives a FUCK about us middle class I live in Texas and I am not impress with ted’s dramatic show. You can tell he does not want to be there helping Texans. He rather be in Cancun, Mexico.

Poor lying Ted Hannity claims Cruz did a 'turn around' trip to drop off his kids. So why did Ted have a ticket scheduled for days later that he turned in for his 'turn around' ticket? Someone took his picture and that’s a photo op? This guy is definitely the latest vampire model available. He is digging a hole the size of Texas. Good luck crawling out of it.

Probably the first time he has done any lifting, usually he's the leaner. He is just like Trump tedcruz Oh how you want to help.. get out😳🧐 He just keeps demonstrating that he’s not a leader nor does he have integrity Fake ass motherfucker 🤡 Ted Cruz stages photo OOPS. How does this guy show his face in public anymore? He's a disgrace, and needs to resign.

His family time is none of our business! For those crying...how did his trip to Cancun personally effect YOU besides your personal feelings?! It didn't-so STFU and worry about YOU and the damn president you voted for! WokePolice CancelCulture Cruz cannot 'fake' his way out of this one... Loading it in his own car?

Hypocrisy smh Show me on this doll where Ted Cruz’s vacation hurt you He passing out water bottle after the Democrats came out and raised money to help people with everything else Trying to perform penance falls way too short for his SINS! Flyin Ted tryin to do damage control but it won’t work. He's going to have to load a whole lot of water to catch up with AOC's $4 million+ and BetoORourke incredible efforts. If he keeps up the pace, he may be redeemed by 2030. Or not.

Not one ounce of shame. I can’t wait for the violent uprising. Keep your eye on the ball ABC. Cuomo., Cuomo, Cuomo. Alternative Reality It's clear how he rocks, aka conducts himself, so he should've left it alone. החיים זה 'אבנים מתגלגלות'🤫🤫🤫🤫 Isn't that what RepAOC has been doing all week photo op after photo op? Giving herself a pat on her back every day. Man her arm and hand must be tired

I’m glad no one got tear gassed for this photo op. This loser is a piece of work. Just trying to remove the stain he left on himself.🤔 Not buying Ted! Resign you bum Best photo op would be in quarantine after crossing the border Now do her He’s embarrassing to look at. I’m not much for politics but I’m definitely voting for his opponent in the next election.

Lying Ted was probably putting the water in his trunk🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ INDIVIDUAL SUPER SPREADER AND TRUMP LAP BOY Shouldn’t he be quarantining since he left the country & came back? Has Biden visited? Everyone needs to stay home, do not post on social media, do not volunteer, give up your right to travel, stop being a human being, but, by all means, cash your stimulus checks.

Too little, too late, Ted. haha He could have just ordered someone to get several moving trucks fill it with bottled water and food. Then have that trucks drive around each cities to deliver water and food. Phony Be honest, If he was democrat, there wouldn't be shit in the news. 'Bad optics' my ass -he's conservative; which means he will always and forever be attacked by leftist media.

How pathetic can Cruz get...Too late... tedcruz givetedtheboot Wait... Doesn't Ted drive dark blue Hyundai? He is disgusting! Compare the pictures of AOC and others to Cruz all by his lonesome.. You can see that Cruz was a photo opt! Focus on Biden not helping Texas and cuomo killing elderly in NY Really? Just some bottles of water Also you should really be self isolating first!!

Damn if you do, damn if you don’t Yet no one is upset over the fact that Cuomo killed 16,000 people. Photo op, nothing more This is full “Veep” mode. Staged. He should've stayed home and let stuff die down. Aside from the obvious photo-op, he’s disobeying CDC guidelines by not quarantining for 7 days, assuming he will get another COVID-19 test.

Cruz is the gift that keeps on giving😂😂He is a joke and not a good one. super spreader Ted H I P O C R I T A! Really, posting your own pictures how low can you go, guess a lot lower. Bet you needed a nap after all that hard work. When has a conservative senator not been “under fire” from a media composed almost exclusively of democrats? Cruz especially. Meaningless headline.

FlyingTed Pathetic. Resign This is last year’s picture whenever the COVID 1st hit. What a shit of a photo opportunity. He is a supreme joke. tedcruz is so transparent. Where is the snow? RepAOC from New York raises $5 million and goes to TX to help people. tedcruz from TX gave out bottles of water. And he blames going to Cancun on his daughters. Is this the type of person you want representing you. Is not about party, it’s about you, your family and your future

Charity of value needs no recognition. Charity with anticipation of benefit is really a dirty thing, an insult. Should he be in quarantine? What a Dick! Of course they were photo ops The parking lot looks empty. Note to Rafael: Hire more cars for background More backlash from Cruz for taking his girls to the beach than from NY gov Cuomo murdering thousands of elderly. outrageous

Hahaha!!!!! What a dirtball!!!! This has to stop. Ted Crooks (Q-Cancun) is a good and honest man. I don’t care what Liberal Media say about him. Cruz is despicable but Paxton, the crooked AG, Crenshaw and other GOP luminaries have been Out of state or MIA during this crisis. Meanwhile AOC raised millions and traveled to Texas to help distribute food. And predictably, was roundly criticized by GOP

Are you going to report real news like where the rest of the 1.9 trillion $ is go8ng because only 9% of it is for covid! The rest is for other stupid things and foreign spcountries! Why not all for covid, we need it here not overseas! Pelosi and Schumer using tax $! Sad What a joke SenTedCruz Cuomo is under fire.

Ted's wife still vacaying in Cancun. Eat, drink, swim, catch some rays. You'll be returning home to a shitstorm. People need to just mind their own business. Learn to be independent. Buy propane heaters, generators, etc. always keep extra food and water in your home. Stop thinking others are supposed to take care of you.

How phoney can a person get? He must have borrowed the PR team from ERCOT_ISO . CancunCruz 🌴🥥🍹🌴 tedcruz AnimalAbuser Did you expect him to do community’s work in secret. Probably lasted 10 min to get a video for his next campaign He didnt even go to the cold spots People bitch about anything and everything. It reallly doesn't matter what he does, somebody gonna bitch!

Fled Cruz dog hates him too! Ted: I got time for 1 case of water then I gave to jet back j to Cancun...I mean DC. 😁 “A day late and a dollar short“ But it's OK for AOC , a New York Congresswoman, to go to Texas to promote herself as a savior by single-handedly raising millions for relief after the failure of green energy? ALL politicians do 'photo ops' and anyone who doesn't recognize that is too naive for words.

He can use the exercise. this guy As he should be. He needs to resign But AOC wasnt photo ops but helping. Get in the bin biased schills Fire him. Well at least its not AOC at the border loading up illegal aliens. I suggest resignation and a bender in Cancun Even if after returning i felt i should be helping out i would be too ashamed to post pictures!

Ted Cruz could care less..he worships and serves one constituent of Texas..himself. Too little; too late, Ted. No even a close call. A day late and a dollar short... The best PR that money can buy apparently didn't show up until after Cancun Damned if you and damned if you don't... so go ahead and 'do' -- haters gonna hate and sycophants gonna worship.

AG Ken Paxton and Wife escaped to Utah; SenTedCruz escaped to Cancun; noone knows where JohnCornyn was, but wasn’t seen anywhere in Texas! If when disaster strikes the leaders escape & ran away, what’s the point of having elected leaders? Really? cruz is so pathetic What a great guy... The media is trying so hard to cancel Ted Cruz.

Come on. You really expect decency from the best of the GOP here. Fight back with the corporate controlled media. On top of it, Ted Cruze is driving an imported car. He deserves nothing but torment. Old story Did he throw paper towels? I will always tell you about mikebrian_ he's one in a million I make money from home despite the world pandemic inbox him to know more about his crypto trade offers / 🙏🏻🙏🏻