Ted Cruz Just Found A New Scapegoat For His Decision To Flee Texas For Cancun

Cruz, who previously blamed his daughters, revealed a new way to shift blame.

2/23/2021 12:59:00 PM

Cruz, who previously blamed his daughters, revealed a new way to shift blame.

Cruz, who previously blamed his daughters, revealed a new way to shift blame.

media:In another awkward moment, Hannity falsely claimed that Cruz was just going to Cancun to drop off his daughters for a trip with friends and quickly return home.“You dropped off your daughters in Mexico, you came home in a day, probably less than a day,” Hannity said. “I still think you can be a father and senator at the same time.”

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Cruz is an unashamed liar. For many states under Republican State-run government for years and decades like Texas, will clearly be facing the same fate as Texas, whether from extreme weather from climate denial or from other corporate deregulation, disaster is coming. Republicans are incapable of governing

So you're gonna ignore coumos elder abuse and genocide. Gotcha. Get over it people he came home what do you want blood? Get a hold of reality why don't you! I believe that Ted Cruz should launch a law suit against communist Huffpost for distorting the facts and printing false info about him..He should also file a lawsuit against the airlines that leaked his personal information

Typical of communist Huffpost to mention and print their communist out of context racist labels .. why is it you refuse to print the truth about the green technology that caused the problems and the facts that everybody was told to stay off the roads and stay at a safe location He forgot trump rule number one, never apologize or admit anything

Tosser, without a doubt. The Man...seriously needs to stop acting like a Child. Take responsibility for his actions and stop blaming other people. Mr Cruz, set a good example to your Child/Children and to the people you Work for. Stop being a coward. Please. Seriously. So in an effort to protect the media he blamed his daughters and has now decided to tell the truth. Such a good guy for trying to protect the media. They should be kinder to him.

The people who preach personal responsibility always find ways of shirking personal responsibility. He figures why not it worked for trump Can't wait for the day when Cruz walks out the doors of the senate - finally and forever - please Lord - let it be soon. He'd do less damage to himself if He'd just shut up. We all expected him to do hypocritical shit like this but the triple down is out of hand

POS Blaming others is a Trump thing to do. Lying Ted. Guess Trump was right . I’ve been wondering with the GOP focus on NYS COVID nursing home deaths how did other states handle theirs ... like Texas for instance ? If Cruz didn't know that leaving Texas at that time would cause him this kind of trouble, then he's not as smart as he should be.

SenTedCruz is a joke, and not a funny one. ResignTedCruz Typical Republican Party, poor me when they (tedcruz) get caught and then they just pass the blame or deflect toward others. When are the idiots in this country gonna realize that? Keep yapping teddy boy,the idea when you dig yourself a hole,is to get out NOT to keep digging deeper.Have you noticed NONE of your fellow gopq caucus has come to your defense.BTW in your absence AOC made sure to take care of your constituents.$5 mil,how much have you raised

Just,once can SenTedCruz take responsibility for his decisions? The world would be in shock if that ever happened. 🙄 Blaming on snowflake. Sounds just like 45 putting the blame on everyone else. He’s so transparent. Ted Coups is despicable. ResignTedCruz I love how he’s helping “recaroet” in his latest photo-op. In a water-damaged MANSION chandelier and all.

Cruz, the face of the “personal responsibility” party is shifting blame again for his crap choice. While he’s done nothing for Texas (only beg for a socialist handout) AOC (loathed so much in Texas some want her dead) has raised millions & is there handing out food & water. SenTedCruz Resign That weasel is full of baloney.

Cruz missed blaming two obvious guilty parties -- Obama and HRC. Meanwhile AOC raised almost $5 million for Texans. Thanks for nothing Rafael Edward Cruz. Fckr even lies about his name. TX...get rid of Ted Cruz and this past week will probably not repeat itself in your future. When first lie didn’t work, tried another (both based on blaming his daughters). When the 2nd lie proved worse than the 1st tried yet another version (and still blamed his daughters). Now he’s trying to blame the media.

Cruz your no Trump....get over yourself. Hannity is on the media but should be classified as an employee of the far right wing of the RNC. Ted Cruz incited an insurrection. He must be expelled from the Senate. Is yes Cruz the governor of Texas? The. President of the United States who can declare an emergency ?. No, he’s a congressman who as we see from others can’t do shit! He should have some like Biden and say, I’ll have someone “else” look into that.

As of now, anything they say is clearly bs but is meant for their base. They know their base follows whatever Fox News says and sees anything else as a lie. They did a good job these last 4 years brainwashing their voters. Trump will not defend him but he would give his life for Trump. 2 down. 3’s a charm

It’s pointless listening to anything he says. If he just took the blame the first day this would be over by now. Throw your kids under the bus, act like all of sudden you have no power to help besides putting cases of water in peoples car. TedCruzisADisgrace CowardTedCruz tedcruz Ted, Cruz needs to publicly thank, AOC and Beto for helping Texas , and all the workers and volunteers for stepping up while he was in Mexico. Just talk about them and nothing, no “whataboutism”.

Once a liar...... Cruz and the on-going republican mantra - never, ever take responsibility for anything you do. Is it antifa? Shedding personal responsibility & blaming everyone & everything but himself-sounds like a leftist democrat to me. Its call the 'Socialism Excuse'-Jeez! He’s pathetic. That’s all, just pathetic

🖕 tedcruz SenTedCruz When the Media has nothing better to do, this is what we get! Facts truth Democrat At least he wasn’t at home using up the power. “Poor Rafael had to cut his Cabo trip short” said no one ever. 👀🤷🏻‍♀️ The media made me stupid. no, tedcruz, it's all you & your awful decisions that will be your undoing. don't blame anyone else, it's you.

When people show you who they are, believe them Disgusting!!!! A douche bag Modern conservatives just go on Fox news. They don't govern. Twist/turns require more thought processing, more so recently. They appear to be reading from something carefully scripted. Hopefully, a greater amount of emphasis be placed in avoiding further delay of being responsible. A life should not set to align w/one of harm's way.

Textbook for how to torpedo a political career !! If Ted Cruz put as much energy into being a decent human being as he does coming up with excuses why he's not, he'd be a decent human being. stop giving this joker and any other incompetent air time. NPDs thrive on it. He's just an indecent man ready for anything to keep his position. That's what bad politicians do.

New rule: Ted Cruz has to take his daughters’ advice about 100% everything from now on. Texas will no doubt see an improvement in policy. Why is this guy suddenly everywhere in the news anyways... tedcruz is a turd And in yet another attempt to shift blame away from his ill-advised trip to Mexico, Sen. TedCruz also offered this bit of winter survival advice . . .

lies are about keeping control.. exposeHATE4PROFIT time to DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL who supported them. Accountability is key in 2021!! Resign