World, Technical Problems Prevent Astronauts From İnstalling New Solar Panels On Space Station - Cnn

World, Technical Problems Prevent Astronauts From İnstalling New Solar Panels On Space Station - Cnn

Technical problems prevent astronauts from installing new solar panels on space station

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6/16/2021 11:26:00 PM

'Technical delays' during a spacewalk left astronauts without enough time to install a new set of solar arrays on the International Space Station, NASA says

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During the nearly seven-hour spacewalk, NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet were slated to install the first two out of six ISS Roll-Out Solar Arrays, called iROSAs, which will upgrade six of the eight power channels on the space station.But the astronauts encountered several issues. About three hours into the spacewalk, Kimbrough lost data on his spacesuit's display unit and was required to go back to the space station's airlock to reboot the system and get it back in working order. Then there was a momentary spike in the pressure reading on Kimbrough's spacesuit, which was stabilized shortly after but cost the astronauts precious time. Then, after the astronauts moved the solar arrays to a mounting bracket, one panel was not aligning on the bracket when unfolded, according to Gary Jordan, a NASA public affairs officer. The spacewalkers took pictures for evaluation by ground teams and ran out of time to complete the last steps — installing electrical cables and the final two bolts that would allow the solar arrays to unfurl. The astronauts were then instructed to fold the array back up and"bolt it in place in a safe configuration," where it will remain for the time being, said Rob Navias, a NASA public affairs officer, during a webcast of the spacewalk.Read MoreUpdate: Due to technical delays earlier in the day, the spacewalkers will not have enough time to fully install the first pair of new, roll-up solar arrays on the @Space_Station. Stay tuned for more info!

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