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Tech Founders Lost Nearly $9 Billion This Week As Big Tech Faces Increased Regulatory Scrutiny

Tech founders lost nearly $9 billion this week as big tech faces increased regulatory scrutiny by @skleb1234

12/12/2020 7:39:00 PM

Tech founders lost nearly $9 billion this week as big tech faces increased regulatory scrutiny by skleb1234

Jeff Bezos , Mark Zuckerberg and Google ’s two cofounders were among the billionaires who saw their fortunes shrink the most this week.

Shares of big tech companies have been driving the surge in the stock market during the pandemic. But this week heavyweights Amazon, Google and Facebook took a hit when faced with the prospect of increased regulatory scrutiny. Big tech stocks—and their founders’ fortunes—fell after two separate antitrust lawsuits were announced against Facebook this week. 

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s two cofounders—Larry Page and Sergey Brin—are a combined $8.5 billion poorer in the week through Friday, December 11. Read more: Forbes »

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skleb1234 A GoFundMe page for them? skleb1234 Good for them. skleb1234 He doesn't trust skleb1234 That's chump change skleb1234 My heart bleeds for them. skleb1234 Good. 😷 Net Worth: Zuckerberg - $101.8 billion Gates - $118.1 billion Bezos - $181.4 billion Meanwhile . . . 853,000 new unemployment claims in the last 7 days

cmarinucci skleb1234 Chump change

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skleb1234 They didn't lose 9 billion, they are simply less able to grift 9 billion. A loss is when you are deprived of that which you own. skleb1234 Good for them. Better for US. skleb1234 One “stimulus” survival check is wholly INADEQUATE! BAIL OUT PEOPLE FIRST! Trickle up. MILLIONS are out of $, losing homes. DIRECT $ TO PEOPLE NOW! 3K/ mo to stay home. Retroactive. Moratorium on rent / mortgages JoeBiden KamalaHarris TheDemocrats SenateDems HouseDemocrats

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These tech stocks have lost more than 20% of their value so far this yearTech shares hinted toward recovery in the premarket as bond yields stabilized. However, the early rise in share price didn't completely recoup the losses. Lets get that to 40% JForma Splunk sucks. They should be down even more. Just want the profits nothing else

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