Tech Fashion Startup Zero10 Introduces Digital Clothing With New App

This may be one small step towards solving overconsumption.

10/21/2021 10:00:00 PM

This may be one small step towards solving overconsumption.

Zero10 has released an app for digital clothing where users can create virtual looks without contributing to overconsumption.

WWDit will be offering 12 unisex digital items for free from brands including Ksenia Schnaider, ZNY, AV Vattev, Florentina Leitner and Ttswtrs.For those who are always searching to produce fresh fashion content, digital clothing is an eco-friendly option. The dressing method involves no textile waste, so users can buy a trendy item and wear it once without contributing to landfill disposal. Plus, it’s more affordable than physical clothing, and makes attaining luxury items more accessible. With items capped at US$20, Zero10 is producing high-end pieces at

, without the environmental waste. It also breaks down traditional barriers of size exclusivity in luxury fashion, as digital clothing can fit any body size.Photography courtesy of Zero10While digital fashion has been around for years — most commonly used in video games like

Simsor the early aughts online gameStardoll, which involved dressing and buying virtual clothes for digital avatars — there seems to be a growing market for digital fashion in the physical world. TakeNFTs, a digital method of artistic expressionthat has been increasingly embraced by notable figures in the industry. By creating a medium where physical bodies and virtual style can meet, digital clothing may be the future of fashion content.

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