Tear gas, threats for protesters before Trump visits church

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President Trump demanded governors deploy troops to 'dominate the streets.' Then he walked through a park cleared of protesters by tear gas to pose in front of a church. Throughout Washington, D.C., and the United States, protests continued to rage.

Soon, law enforcement officers were aggressively forcing the protesters back, firing tear gas and deploying flash bangs into the crowd to disperse them from the park for seemingly no reason. It was a jarring scene as police in the nation’s capital forcefully cleared young men and women gathered legally in a public park on a sunny evening, all of it on live television.

As an additional show of force, Trump announced he was deploying even more of the military to Washington, D.C., giving it the feel of an armed, locked-down city after days of violent clashes, arson and looting. Moments later, the White House press pool was quickly summoned for a surprise movement. And soon after, Trump strolled out of the White House gates — something he had never done before — and walked across the park that had just been cleared to accommodate his movements.Trump walked slowly, followed by an entourage of his most senior aides, security and reporters. The faint residue of pepper spray hung in the air, stinging eyes and prompting coughing.

He didn’t talk about Floyd, the church or the damage it had suffered, or the peaceful protesters police had cleared. He said nothing about the coronavirus pandemic, the parallel crisis that has continued to ravage the nation as Trump campaigns for a second presidential term.


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Protests don't rage. Riots rage.


It's not protest, its riots and looting.

As a Citizen of NY we are calling for 'a Call to Arms', There's a reason for the 2nd Amendment and our constitutional right to protect ourselves, families, businesses and property. Rioters are NOT Protesters This is a National Call To Arms. ACalltoARMS Please Retweet !

Many trolls not happy that AP reports the facts.

If the governor's don't want to stop the looting & burning let them keep doing it oh well

This is a lie!


The Park Police have denied tear gas was used. Did you confirm with them before publishing this?

Those who identify as white are destined to become the minority & when it happens those people will 'protest' that they r being treated unfaily. Will cops be called to break it up? The national guard? Nope. Remember the tiki torche march? No cops stopped them and they had fire!

Showing how it is done. You break the law you should pay the price. All these snowflakes are in trouble when the hard folks arrive. For a society to function and survive laws must vigorously enforced. They will soon be ready to go back to their Mom’s basement?

more AP news slant?--many reporting it was smoke not tear gas and used because when trying to clear protesters police were getting pelted with bottles. If true, their actions appropriate.

What should the President do you fools. should he walk to the church dodging fireworks and firebombs. Why don’t you write you news (joke) articles in the middle of the chaos and riots. Step up and man up big mouth

AP: Always Partisan.

fakenewsmedia again. The protesters weren't cleared for the president and tear gas wasn't used!!!

Stop it!

It was a triumphant moment. A symbolic retaking of American streets

What was he thinking about? I may never have the right guess but I think 👇we all need this. Don't you think so ?

How probable is it that Jared Kushner started the church fire? Do protestors know that Trump owns a property just around the corner? Why couldn't it have been the Old Post Office located at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. that Trump OWNS!!!

Thats what happens when you get in the way of a Christians faith in God

If only you reported the truth I would not have to call you fake news.

This is what God meant when he asked us not to take his name in vain

Trump tear gassed priests on church property. Trump needs to resign.

When they call those with no husband in the church to come out for prayers, the FLOTUS should be the first to go out. This man she has is not a husband, he is an animal in human skin.

You mean riots continue. If you had any credibility left you would know that smoke canisters were used, not tear gas. Also curfew was approaching any every terrorist breaking it should have been arrested.

Profiles in courage: Draft dodging malingerer rides wave of populist fear to the highest office and uses that authority to gas his own people in order to get a sweet pic in front of a church

The is spreading verifiable false information. I’m told that Twitter does not allow false or misleading information on its site. Please take this down immediately.

Yep that’s what he did, he gave a short speech , said Americans had the right to protest peacefully, and then he had the peaceful protesters gassed and shot with rubber bullets to prove he is the leader of law and order? Then he walked to the Church and did the CHEEZY photo op.

A preview of the coming attraction.

Fix your tweet. NON-VIOLENT protestors who were NOT in violation of curfew were assaulted and gassed WITHOUT NOTICE by police, to clear a path for the President’s misleading photo op at St. John’s. Despicable!

This is the first Animal you arrest for the violence. realDonaldTrump

I thought they were smoke bombs? Can you have twitter fact check this statement. jack

This is propagating a progressive lie. Police in unrelated incident used smoke bombs not tear gas.

Who can do something about this and when TF will they?

Lets focus on the church being burnt, not Trump.

AP sucks

That's losership, isn't it?

It’s a wonder he doesn’t fall over

I just LOVE these whiny butthurt headlines.

Im sure that Bible burned his hand...

“when facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”

Den_Fabrizi Nixon's 1968-72 campaign strategy updated for the new century

CNN account?


If the system was for the people, the people would prosper more then the system. Land of the restricted.. Home of the extorted.. Life and Liberty OVER ALL!! 2020 boston tea party ! Revolt 2020 10 'good' cops letting 1 bad cop break LAW =11 bad cops !

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