Teachers concerned over COVID-19 safety as schools reopen, new cases are reported

Teachers concerned over COVID-19 safety as schools reopen, new cases are reported

8/11/2020 8:49:00 PM

'I didn't sign up to fight a virus in a classroom. I signed up to teach English.' A middle school teacher describes the risk she faces every day in the classroom, saying, 'I'm risking my health, my life and the health and lives of my family.'

Teachers concerned over COVID-19 safety as schools reopen, new cases are reported

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.LM Otero/APOklahoma, says she’s always loved teaching. But with the coronavirus still raging and schools around the country beginning to reopen, she resigned from her job last week to protect herself and her family.

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Shively has spent the last few years teaching special education. She said it’s been “rewarding” helping students to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. After starting a job at a new school in the Skiatook Public Schools district last year, she’s disappointed she won’t be back to greet the second graders who are now entering third grade. Her school started in-person classes on Monday.

“I was really looking forward to it, and I have to finally come to the decision that I can’t [go back],” Shively told “Nightline.” “I was heartbroken. My children are grown but my daughters in particular asked me not to go back. And I lost my own mother when I was 30, and that’s about the age they are now and I don’t want them to go through that ... the choice became, do I resign to protect myself and my kids or do I keep going because I want to help my students?”

In her 60s and dealing with underlying health conditions, Shively said the potential exposure to COVID-19 at school not only puts her at risk but also her husband at home, who she says is also susceptible to the virus.Nancy Shively resigned from her job as a special education teacher in Oklahoma Monday over concerns for her safety as schools reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Nancy Shively resigned from her job as a special education teacher in Oklahoma Monday over concerns for her safety as schools reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.ABC NewsShively’s concern is one shared by many students, parents and teachers as safety issues in some schools begin to emerge. At North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia, where in-person classes started last week, images of its packed hallways between classes went viral on social media. On Saturday, a letter received by one of the parents and provided to ABC News said six students and three staff members at the high school had

tested positivefor COVID-19.Tiffany Robbins' daughter, Elyse, goes to Sequoyah High School, which faced similar criticism after a photo surfaced of students not wearing masks or social distancing on the first day of classes. She said she wasn't surprised by the North Paulding image. As an English teacher who returned to work last week at Dean Rusk Middle School in Cherokee County, Georgia, she says the excitement of being back at school turned into stress and anxiety by the end of the week.

“We are happy to be face to face. We’re happy to be in the building,” Robbins, who is also the president of the Cherokee County Teachers Association, told “Nightline.” “But we don’t feel like we can guarantee the safety of our students -- the safety of our coworkers.”

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Robbins said “it took a lot of soul searching,” but she chose to go back to school because she loves to teach. “And if this is the only way I can do it in this county, at this point in my life, then I have to go back into the classroom,” she said.She also updated her will and looked into life insurance “because I am worried,” she explained.

Georgia saw a record number of COVID-19 deaths over the weekend even as new cases and hospitalizations have started going down. In the Cherokee County School District, more than 250 students and staff have been quarantining after at least 11 students and two staff members tested positive for COVID-19.

MORE: 9 people test positive for coronavirus at Georgia school that went viral for crowded photoIn her community, Robbins says one of the challenges she faces is that some parents don’t believe the virus is real.“There are many students across the county who come in declaring to their teachers that their parents don’t believe in COVID,” Robbins said. “There are parents who’ve reached out to me to express their dislike of my requests for a safe school. Across the board, there are people who believe in science and there are people who don’t believe in science, and having a conversation between the two is almost pointless. We’re not going to change each other's minds.”

In this photo posted on Twitter, students crowd a hallway, Aug. 4, 2020, at North Paulding High School in Dallas, Ga.In this photo posted on Twitter, students crowd a hallway, Aug. 4, 2020, at North Paulding High School in Dallas, Ga.Hannah Watters/Twitter via AP

Robbins said she can have between 25 and 35 students in each of her four classes, or about 120 students a day. At the middle school level, many of these students then go on to different classes, “not really moving together as a team,” she noted.She said that even with several precautions in place, like making hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and masks available, the risk of exposure to the virus is still there.

“Every day you leave your house and you walk into the building, you’re exposing yourself to hundreds and hundreds of students who are exposing themselves to multiple people when they’re outside of school,” Robbins said.Dibett Lopez, a language arts teacher in Gwinnett County, Georgia, says she’s feeling a lot of anxiety about returning to school. Classes in her county are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, first through virtual learning until Aug. 26 and then by phasing in students for in-person learning thereafter.

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MORE: Student's school suspension revoked after her photo of crowded hallway goes viralLopez said even this plan is risky for her and her family. She lives in a multigenerational home with her grandfather, her parents, her children and her sister’s family, and she’s also a Type 1 diabetic.

“For Type 1 diabetics, fevers can impact our blood sugar," she said."It can put us in different ranges with our blood sugar, it can mess with our insulin and the production of our insulin and our hormones. And so, all of that can mess with how medicine comes into us.”

Lopez said that like her, many of her students live in multigenerational homes, and she’s concerned her students may become asymptomatic carriers and inadvertently pass the virus on to someone in their families.“Gwinnett is the most diverse county in all of Georgia, and so I have students from last semester who live with grandparents or live with aunts and uncles or live with extended families,” she said. “So I know that multigenerational homes are definitely going to be impacted. I know that they were impacted in the spring, so I can only imagine when schools reopen in the fall.”

Dibette Lopez is a language arts teacher in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She says she's concerned about returning to school due to her type 1 diabetes and multigenerational household.Dibette Lopez is a language arts teacher in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She says she's concerned about returning to school due to her type 1 diabetes and multigenerational household.

ABC NewsWhen students return to school, Lopez said she expects them to face “a lot of confusion and chaos” as they try to adjust to the new protocols. Like Robbins, she said her classes have upwards of 36 students.“There’s just no way that I’m not going to be within 3 [feet], 2 feet of a student,” she said. “You know, even if I wore a face shield and both of my masks, I’m still going to be in direct contact with those students.”

Lopez also said “there’s nothing else we would rather do” than teach students in-person. But she said teachers shouldn’t be placed in a position where they’re risking their own health or that of their students, some of whom may also have underlying health conditions.

“We are still in a pandemic. We’re still in crisis mode. We’ve just learned how to handle it better,” she said. “And so, I think it’s important to tell parents this is about our community. This is about making sure that we are all OK, because I can’t deliver a lesson if I’m constantly thinking about, ‘Oh my God, are they getting too close?’”

MORE: Why stopping COVID at schools may not be as easy as taking temperaturesShively said she’s concerned for younger teachers, who aren’t at the end of their career and don’t have the option to resign. In an op-ed she wrote for USA Today, she called out President Donald Trump and the federal government as well as local governments for what she says is failed leadership.

“It’s like a cascade of failure of leadership, starting with our president who abdicated his responsibility to handle the pandemic,” she told “Nightline."Wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID19, elementary school students begin their school day in Godley, Texas, Aug. 5, 2020.

Wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID19, elementary school students begin their school day in Godley, Texas, Aug. 5, 2020.LM Otero/AP“I’m not willing to take the consequences for these failed leaders by risking my life in school,” she added.Shively said she doesn’t “see how they are going to avoid outbreaks in schools.”

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U signed up to teach the future junkies of America. We are a drug nation: NUMBER 1 IN DRUGS! MAGA pretend to teach & the 'students' will pretend to learn. have another glass/bottle of the drug ethanol to numb you from the truth like the rest of us GreatAwakening Give her credit. She is there even tho she is worried.

I'm seeing a lot of scared people comments. Teachers do some home work. I understand the concerns but I feel our country is being played by leftist politicians and China. How many of these people had to be hospitalized? If people are testing positive and being somewhat sick then it is ok. We go through that every year. Hospitalizations and deaths are what matters

as a fellow teacher, I too am scared and nervous. :( Don’t do it! Live instead! Why. Other teacher's in other countries are opening. You know teaching as and nursing were so called CALLINGS. JOKE NOW YOUR LIFE SHOULD NOT ENTER INTO IT. NOVEMBER 15TH YOU WILL BE OUT OF THE WOODS Bet you crammed on to a beach at the weekend though!! Hypocrite

Then go to damn work and TEACH! Our Grocery Store clerk or our Mechanic didn’t sign up for it either, but their asses are at work, stop whining! If she is at risk then she should not be back to work. If she is healthy then no issue. We all take risks every day driving to work. Teachers are also Heroes.

Unfortunately we are all replaceable, its not till things happen that we start hearing the would've, should've, could've. God Bless our Educators. Quit then I didn't sign up to fight the flu. People didn't sign up to see their cities torn down by leftist nutjobs sanctioned by the supreme leftist nutjobs that run those same cities getting destroyed. I didn't sign up for having to deal with bad drivers yet I still will cross the street

Do your job We all face the same risks yet do this for our fellow citizens .. we ALL need to pitch in . She did the right thing going back to her job .. She’s not essential Lol what do you think Everyone else is doing? Way to bail. Get yerself back to work.... thousands of us haven’t missed a shift ffs So u tell me you have been in complete isolation this whole time. I bet u have been enjoying ur summer and now it’s time to go back to work and NOW UR SCARED. please. Go teach and happy u can

Then find something else to do. Healthy people shouldn’t wear masks. Same can be said about any job these day’s. Why are they so special? We are all risking our health honey, quit, or teach Welcome to the world of the essential worker. We’ve been out here since the beginning. She has a college education she is free to change her career path anytime she wants.

People calling this teacher a coward are stupid. I guess once their kids come back infected they’ll truly understand. It’s just sad that parents are sending their kids to schools... If they have done it this long why go back to putting their kids at risk welcome to the club. us ‘essential workers’ have been doing this for months.

Keep the Faith... I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Psalm 16:8 THANKYOUJESUS No one signed up for this. We cannot completely shut down life. Stop spreading more fear among people or quit your job and look for a virtual teaching job. Period. Quit.

Our country is insane. No wonder no country on earth wants us. Then get another job!!! You have a choice in your career, just like every other American. You can pursue remote education teaching opportunities if you feel the risk to your health it too great. I’m looking forward to getting back into the classroom to teach students!

She doesn't worry when people cram their kids in the car and go to Wal-Mart. There is a double standard. If we keep open all the places people go when they are bored then the schools should be open too. I live near Dean Rusk and understand your fear. But those teachers/students could not have had symptoms, tested and received results in 4-5 days. If they got results last week they were tested the week before school started. No way to get test scheduled and results that quickly.

Fine, no problem, leave the teaching profession, you can’t expect to get paid sat at home, whilst grocery staff risking work to feed your lazy backside! Personally? I would like to see ALL remote learning and close the schools for good. There are far more pros to closing the schools than there are cons.

As she sits in a parking lot about to go into Walmart with a ton of people Funny how Liberals, Dems and the Teacher Union ignore fact and science data when convenient with their mini drama clips like this one and ignore well being and health of the kids to get paid! Then teachers aren’t essential then either

Your life and the lives of our children should not be an a experiment. We are humans not lab rats. With that many case. I wouldn’t be in that school. This is sad. Forcing people to go back into a broken system that has not been fix. Where is the humanity in this? Actually yes you did, many viruses are out there yearly, classrooms have always been, and will continue to be petri dishes, suck it up, and deal, or get a different job. Schools should have never shut down.

Does she feel the same way about the gas station attendants working so she can fuel up the car she is driving? Or the grocery store workers? Or everyone else that has continued to work during all of this? Well, none of us signed up,for the virus. People have been working amongst it since it all started. What’s so special about teachers?

My son has been working since the Pandemic started. Spare me the drama, this woman should not be a teacher. Wash your hands, wear a mask, grow the hell up. Quit. Problem solved! Think of it as character building Not news. Propaganda Bravo! This woman is a conscious and caring human. God bless you! TeacherStrong TeachersAgainstCovid19

Stop. .... your not that special. Millions of people have been working for months including those is tighter spaces. Those people also took risks so you could get groceries and your Amazon packages. Just another lazy teacher who will use covid as an excuse not to work while the supermarkets , hotel employees, nurses , doctors & other hospital employees, bus drivers, uber ,taxi drivers , airplane pilots & stewards ,even Chinese people who produced the China virus are working

Most everybody else goes to work so your a coward. So she's admitting that she is no longer an essential employee? Seems as though some teachers consider themselves less essential than the Americas who've kept this country from the virus abyss Democrats want us to fall in. Thanks to the Americans who have kept us going.

Cry me a river So it begins. safety first and watch out for germs of the CoronaVirus I shouldn't say what in the heavens is happening on Earth but here it is with this election on the he way what lie would this politicians tell us toon gain our vote soon it would be a political affair you have the right to live healthy and teach i'm 100% support you

I risk my life too and I'm a cashier that has no benefits The teachers who work the least are the ones always complaining🤦🏽‍♂️ Then stay home. Let a willing parent go teach while you feel scared. There are plenty of us. But our kids aren't gonna die from this virus. They are however becoming depressed, overweight and a plethora of other problems not being at school. I gladly put the kids before myself.

Bet she shops though cause big box stores are fine riots abortions fine liquor stores fine church you'll die school you'll die wake up people i hope the people in that work at the supermarket will stop to serve you too. Yeah school is not important, why it is ok for the left to have kids in the street protesting, but learning thing at school nonono

Forced barbarity. Conservative paradise. 2/Compared to you teachers, I am more endangering myself and my environment. Then? stop it already !!! You got tired of your whining there in the United States all the time about opening a school. And I did not sign, to infect the virus, but to treat and save lives. So because of irresponsible outsiders who infect us / might infect, will I stop working in a hospital? I,

Sorry. Teaching is an essential job. Just like nursing, policing,firefighting, grocery workers etc. If you don't feel safe doing it, fine, someone will take your place. Nothing replaces in person learning, especially for the millions of kids w/o reliable internet. Kids come 1st. Multiply by X number of teachers nation wide. No bueno.

Pretty much everybody who is working now “didn’t sign up to fight a virus.” You aren’t special Karen. No one signed up for this, no matter what your profession. A teacher lecturing the students while wearing a mask will sound a lot like the wah wah wahhh teacher in Peanuts. Karen is not too old to quit her job and make a new career of being a peaceful protester. She wont have to worry about the virus if she did that.

The education of 70 million children is vastly more important than your health. You need declared an essential worker and fired if your too much of a coward to show up. Guess she doesn’t go to grocery store. Guess she doesn’t have anything delivered. Every person is affected and has to fight the virus. No one signed up outside doctors and nurses. Stop with the snowflake victim game and teach my kids some English

First this educator should educate herself on the risks. Second why is she more important than say the guy working at the grocery store? After decades of teacher glorification, we get this cowardice when we need them most. I’m so sorry listening to her story... but she and EVERY teacher in this country need to have that mass murderer administration in DC held accountable


a scared Karen, what else is new This story acts like she’s fighting ISIS by going to work. Imagine being this big of a pussy and expecting to get paid by the state every two weeks. She will be rewarded with her walking papers. foh & politicians say “open schools” when there’s no cure. Fuck that Lose weight. Wear a mask. Stay away from older people.

Flu .. just like the flu that's been around 100.s of years.. stfu and do your job . That's what you get payed.for doll JustSayNo Then don’t go. It shows how unstable some Teachers are fears overwhelming them This both saddens and angers me to my core😡 Reposting again? Have some class, ABC. Essential workers have been working throughout the pandemic and they aren’t throwing a fit like this woman is.

That idiot should not be teaching anyone! fearitself To those that think a ZeroVirusStrategy is the right way to go, pay attention to New Zealand over the coming months. It's illogical, unscientific, immoral and simply bad policy and will slowly strangle economies to death. Covid death count as your ONLY policy metric is unethical.

“It’s not the risk I signed up for” so as everybody who works in grocery stores, supermarkets, buses and many others. It is selfish to say that. These people never stopped working and I bet they didn’t get a raise due to the risks they face every day. Nobody signed up for this Here is a reminder, substitute teaching is a freelance position and that $100/day in pay comes with absolutely no benefits, no health insurance and likely little or no PPE. Oh, the plurality of substitutes in most districts are of retirement age.

There are no circumstances where you can keep everyone safe from every single thing that can happen to them. The risk factor for children is minimal. The damage is far greater for them to remain socially distance without the structure Load of crap The school need to open for the good of the students and the country. The democrats do not want the school to open to help them to try to win the election. Even if it hurt the students.

I think this is true but the tax money should be diverted to home school programs. Public schools and remote learning is not working for children under 12 or with special needs. When you can show me that a massive amount of children are dying from covid19 like they do from the influenza than maybe I’ll believe you. What’s the mortality rate again? Less then 1%... fakenews

I read the Forsyth County protocols. All I can see coming of it is death certificates and bankruptcies for medical treatment . I'm still enraged. No one should have to have signed up under those protocols. 🤚🏻NO a esta vuelta al cole !!!! Can we just move up the election so we don’t have to see this crap anymore.

This is a result of the Federal level kicking the can (national testing) downhill. That can kept getting kicked further & further: federal state county city business/school level. All because Trump & Co. opted for a perceived political advantage: Scare tactic bullshit. KrisKetzKMBC Then find a different job. You can go to Walmartfor groceries, you can go to work. Why are the children of Walmart workers, who are paid MUCH less, less important than yours? It’s voluntary to be a teacher.

She's not worried about the kids. She's already showed her hand. If you aren't concerned then you're either naive or psychopathic because there is reason for concern. Are this the lines she was told to say from the teacher's union to try to convince us of how scary her job is $15k/yr Federal money and an average of $15k/yr State money spent on each student in the US.... President Trump said 'one time' lets give the money to the parents instead and let them decide how to educate their children. Boy you sure didn't hear that again ;)

Kills less kids than the flu and has mutated now to where it is not as strong. SARS chemical weapons attack by China brought to you by Chinese bank rolled Democrats Biden, Pelosi, and Schiff , who knew they were going to lose US election unless US economy crashed. 99.95% Survival rate cowboy up lady! Covid was a chemical weapons attack on US by China. Why would anyone vote for Joe Biden who took bribe money from China in Ukraine thru shell company Burisma. Pelosi and Schiff took bribe money too from Viscoil. All fake shell companies created to commit treason. Covid=SARS.

She has a better chance of losing a student to another source. How many children are dead from Covid-19 vs the other reasons they die daily? Media has scared America with opinions & few facts. Its why people are ignoring guidelines. Kids diying by the thounsands, not from virus She should look at the science and realize that middle school children are at extremely low risk of being affected by the disease

Don't worry you can be replaced 🙄🤦‍♀️ kids are back at school...look globally! Paediatric studies support opened schools as kids do not transmit the virus and they cope well asymptomatically. You have more risk in the staffroom than the classroom. Living in fear with a virus that has a 99.99 survival rate. WTF

Thank you, Lord Jesus my nieces and nephew are doing home school. People in congress and in the White House won't send their own children to public school. The risk is still to high and it's putting children in danger. However, the Republicans don't give a damn. And since when teachers now become doctors or scientists? They are teachers and need to act like one. OpenSchools The kids need it.

800,000 will die of heart disease 300,000 people will die of obesity this year. You want the country to be healthy? Do healthy things and shut up about masks Stop being a helpful idiot. ABC peddling fear. You should probably check with the CDC and quit fear mongering. They seem to think it’s IMPORTANT to send children back to school. 🐐🔥🏔🐒💩

Arya Stark hasn’t aged well... protecting children from every upcoming disease, dengue, zika, chicken pocks, common colds, food allergies, injuries, accidents during sports, riding a bike, falling, get hit by a car, got shot by a crazy moron - not possible ... life is dangerous. More children die from the flu.. yet we never shut the schools down.

Let me guess this is in GA? Stupid masks Powerful. Clueless teacher Children barely display mild disease. Statistically. It’s not APRIL anymore. We have data. Sheep completely scared by the media. For every worker who has been working right through this pandemic...KMA There are a lot of working people that have been working as essential everyday since March, if you don’t feel comfortable I get it find a new profession. Concerns are valid but if you can’t mentally do it stay home

YouTube + Zoom + House Arrest ≠ education. Closing schools and denying children the right to an education is something that's only supposed to happen in places like North Korea & Syria. Wealthy elites will buy pods & private tutors while our children become minimum-wage slaves. How many will we loose to hunger, abuse, violence if they stay home Many more according to the cdc EnemyOfThePeople

But it's okay to riot in the masses..... Sounds about Democrat. Quit putting this post on repeat please!!! Drive your narrative somewhere else! “I don’t want to lose a student” is just over dramatic. But I don’t know why we’d expect anything less Please quit. I do not want you near children. HOW MANY GROCERY STORE AND GAS STATION EMPLOYEES WERE 'LOST'? If those essential workers, that see 100s of DIFFERENT people everyday were safe, then teachers and students - seeing the same people everyday - should be safe.

No one is forcing anyone to return to school. Also - You’ll be fine. You make it through the flu every year. Let’s all be thankful that she isn’t a doctor or nurse. 👍 Very valid point. Just can’t understand those protesting parents. Very, very irresponsible. Did she feel the same way during flu season? I mean honestly, a for real question, because the flu season has killed more children than this.

Is this in Georgia where they enforced nothing? I wonder if this is how nurses, doctors, first responders, and grocery workers feel? So much for people supporting teachers. Some of you are just pure evil. As a daycare worker I say shut up and get to work, we haven’t missed a day!!! Yet hundreds of thousands of supermarket workers have continued to feed the nation without the whinging and whining .

To my fellow teachers, you have the right to protest to protect your students’, family’s, and own lives. If it’s not safe enough to open movie theaters or restaurants at full capacity, how is it okay to shove almost 2500 people in a building? ProtectStudents ProtectTeachers Too bad she’s only even given the option to live in fear and stay safe. Wish there was a drug protocol of some kind that could be used prophylactically . . .🤔

😥😥 Too bad the brain dead won’t listen because it doesn’t fit their narrow minded narrative How ever could this actually work. I truly feel sorry for teachers, they are being expected to deliver the impossible. Why are we putting this kind stress on teachers and aides and ancillary personnel? What are these “Experiments “ proving? This insidious stress and fear that is inflicted by these trials is only going to make these people more susceptible to illnesses and not only the Virus!

So is she saying she's not essential? Cause the rest of us out here with wipes and masks keeping our own work stations clean. Teachers in my area are being denied distance teaching posts, even w dr documented immuno-comp status. Lose your life or lose your job, and the health ins from your job, that pays for the medical condition. impossiblechoices

Just quit, plenty of people who are qualified and not fearful. Kids have been serving you food and bagging your groceries for months no problem. Grow up The Communist Manifesto ! I feel you.. it’s going to be hard when I have to go back into the office. Concern of teachers all over the world How may deaths?

No one signed up for this. Unfortunately, many people have been at work for the past however many months with their safety and health and the safety and health of their families at risk. How many of these folks - those who have been working and risking it all - have complained? 💔💔💔 Get over youself!

Wow! People are so nasty. She shouldn’t be teaching in person. To risk one kid dying is not ok. Thank God I have a democratic governor who respects life at all ages and just not unborn babies. Because a lot of you jerks that know so much about teaching don’t respect life Me, me, me! Mine mine, mine! I , I , I !

God Im glad nurses aren’t such fucking pansies. It’s so outrageous that we’re rolling the dice with peoples lives Our teachers are worthless POSs. Don’t care about kids just want a free paycheck stay home!!! We will teach our own children If we want the schools to stay open or to open maybe we should listening to what she says and try to make it safe for everyone involved.

She might need a new profession 🤷🏽‍♂️ The first part is very important to hear . Few kids had COVID many family members are in quarantine. That’s the point . Controlling social distancing in a classroom is not easy . But, things could’ve been worse . We just need to adjust . Non essential. Ive been working the entire time. Eat my ass.

If you can protest you can teach It’s amazing how the poor kid who bagged my groceries today was able to work for minimum wage while being exposed to more people than any teacher will and actually survived. Toughen up pussies. Go ahead. They’re the same caucasian. Well you have to Roll The Dice sometimes🎲🎲🇺🇸

Thank you for honesty. Praying that God would give you peace, God’s children are in your hands and You are in God’s hands 💗🙏 Parents need to start putting hidden mics on their kids to see exactly what overtly political liberal 'teachers' are teaching our kids. if you can go to walmart, you can go to school. quiet down, glorified babysitters.

WTF, millions of ppl have been working for months. Don’t want to work? Stay home. we express our gratitude,that your have shown your concern over expected outcomes .these will help in decision making I wonder what reactions would be if all essential workers felt like this drama queen. She needs to be fired immediately...

Think of what kids need. My granddaughter is going virtually in September. She needs laptop, head set, dedicated desk space in quiet area, school supplies, printer, WIFI many families can provide that? Then don’t teach, simple and don’t get paid Find another career ✌🏽 I'd support the teachers' unions going on strike.

. PUTIN IS A PATRIOT. RUSSIA IS 15% OF BHARATH & INVENTED COVID VACCINE. CHEATER, TRAITOR MODI NOT ENACTED UCC OF HL, NOT TAKEN POK,... - STATESMAN, BHARAT BHAKT. DATED 12-08-2020. So sad. Wonder what the doctors, nurses, police, firemen, and all the social people who worked under these situatons, if they said something like this before going to work? Lady, don't like it, find another job!

When did testing positive become a death sentence? Oh just stop this is such BS who paid who to film this one? I understand*please just keep washing your hands*6ft distance & stay safer*smarter & healthier Shit up please Replying to abc This teacher and I’m sure many others are union members she/they are not in favor of children but instead are fleecing tax payers by using excuses to not work. Maybe they should not be paid or just do parents a favor and quit.

just quit if too many problems and not happy to do the job. go take a rest until the virus is gone. Save taxpayers' money for a rich country surely it's not too hard to install these in each class? 🤔 Think about those that have worked since the beginning of this, she needs to just quit. RonBrownstein They also need new filtration systems. It’s an aerosol virus that spreads like Tuberculosis & Measels❗️ Would you send your kids to school w/a measels or TB outbreak raging out of control⁉️ It’s just insanity to me❗️

Boohoo. The teenagers having been working serving you in grocery stores, fast food and restaurants. Pull up your big girl panties and serve them Quit then! It's a free country. Every child left behind I’ll do it. You’re not an essential worker I guess. 99.96% 'my personal children' I need (want) to stay home, I need (want) my paycheck to be the same, I need (want) more human beings to do my one job, I need, I want, I need, I want...

What a joke. Wear your mask & outside teaching ... And dont teach Darwin's ... COVID19 This lady looks like she frequently sends back meals when she eats at a restaurant Praying for you all! Why not virtual she seems needy Teachers are not more important than cashiers. Do your damn job Wow. Doctor and English teacher.

You need to sit down and do your job I don’t know why she’s so worried, her school has a nurse. 👍 Her name is Karen. I need a pony . . . Teacher Karen has spoken You will also need high bandwidth internet access in your home. 5G if you have it on your phone. Sooo cute, the smile 😊 I can give some insight, it’s going to be a fckn joke

So teachers aren’t mission essential Yeah - if your scared - stay home or quit. Work is a choice do not blame her When are you going to show us the millions of teachers that WANT to go back to the classroom? I challenge you to show us a story about a teacher that WANTS to go back for every story you show us about a teacher NOT wanting to go back.

So, big deal. Bs!! Who’s keeping the Walmart employees safe? I did too. One of my students contacted me today to see if I’d be there. Sad. WorldNews Then quit. That way you will feel better. The same thought EVERYONE in every job has! So no one is forcing you to continue teaching. Stay home and make more whiny videos.

We should strike !!!! Yes you are! This is how all essential workers feel. Teachers are no different than any other essential worker. Go sack groceries or something then Next time pick IT!!! There is a 98.97% survival rate. If you are so scared, quit & find a different job, this isn't for you. chasevsonision Teachers have it rough and I applaud them, but all I've seen just looks like whining. Plenty of other people worked through it and didn't have months off. Some that did, are working again. Either do the work and stop expecting special treatment or move along

Make sure your kids wear masks I wonder how she feels about the people making minimum wage who have been working & selling her food & non essentials through the entire pandemic. Then Quit She can find another job, right? I got *zero* days off because of this, and haven't taken any PTO. My work load went way up because of this. Yet my pay stayed exactly the same. Tell these lazy whiners to get their asses to work.

She is a drama queen. Do your job or quit. Simple. It was fine for people to work at grocery stores, gas stations, and all other essential jobs while she had her summer off. She wants to stay at home and get paid. 100s quarantined is not positive cases, only contact with one. You signed up to teach Marxism. Just resign.

I’m a teacher, I’m in my 50s, I have four children, and I cannot wait to get back into the classroom, and my kids can’t wait to go back to school. Virtual learning was a waste of time. Life is meant to be “lived”, and hiding in my home is not living. All I can say is she's White and she looks healthy and they need to separate the white children from the rest of the children. It's just becomes a horrible nightmare to be thrown together without any choice except to be part of this experiment.

You signed up to teach in public school to children attending in person. If you don’t want the job - quit! indynewsmedia DefundTeachersUnions SchoolChoiceNow HomeSchool Whiney little bitch. People have been working all through the pandemic. Quite the job or get back to work. This is the new normal.

GMA I work in a drs office everyday. I wear a face mask and face shield. If I can do it with an autoimmune disorder you can too. Then quit your job and go hide under your bed. Then give your pay to the parents since they are doing your job. OK, quit. Teachers are exposed to almost every illness out there. They have the strongest immune systems of anyone. Kung Flu ain’t Ebola so do your job or quit, but STFU drama queen.

Then quit. This is the new normal we are told. then quit, i bet she goes to walmart, the grocery store, etc. My daughter starts back the 24th of August. W into be able to see her for a long time. I'm afraid for her n the staff n all the children in the school. Schools need to stay closed to keep people safe! Let the government go in n teach in their stead!

None of us ‘signed up for this’. LOTS of people have continued with their jobs (most of them earning a lot less than teachers!). Child care centers have been opened for months, while managing new guidelines. Grow TFU! Wow it’s an absolute pain to listen to her talk shorten the class probably help reduce risk?

Sound like she lazy and wants to stay home and collect a check heres a plan lady stay home but we pull funding to that school no need to pay for schools if their pay checks if you dont work. Bible say a man that doesnt work doesn't eat... No pay for staying home. she says as she is apparently going somewhere outside?

Don’t worry, just wear your beloved mask. They work right? you signed up to teach children so do your job!?!! Then quit your job and let the school broad hire someone who wants to work Give me a break! How about the cashier at Walmart who has to face hundreds of customers per day? Should they be able to sit at home and still get paid?

Teachers are amazing people. We cannot force them to risk their lives. virtuallearning is a MUST! U and everyone else that works in the school system! Retail environment! It’s every where! Get a new job then. Go baby no Trump failed to develop national Coronavirus response plan, failed leadership led to many unnecessary cases and deaths. TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNoe

I urge you all to go to this website and look at the death rates in America since February 1. You will be shocked at how we have treated this virus in respect to other death rates. Confirmed cases don't always mean sick and contagious nor does it imply imminent death. Also, everyone will be exposed in the end. Economy and education are essential. You should balance this reporting by highlighting the BRAVER teachers that understand this. These are heroes!

Amen! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 😢😢😢😢😢😢 GMA Well poor baby ain’t she special! Well then find another job then cry baby! 🤣 Nauseating. If you cannot do your job quit or be fired. And what the hell does she think the rest of us are doing. She must think she's the great one. That she's the only one having to take risk.

Man. Are there any more sanctimonious narcissistic dorks than teachers? Maybe nurses? I mean at least nurses work more than 8 months out of the year. I’m worried about you all. My heart aches for you all. My prayers to you all. I agree this is a troublesome situation. Then go to damn work and TEACH! Our Grocery Store clerk or our Mechanic didn’t sign up for it either, but their ass es are at work, stop whining!

What about the person who drives the buss everyday, or the nurses in the ER or the person working at a grocery store? They show up to work everyday. If you don’t want to teach then quit. Not really. Cowards. Time to fire each and every one of you. defundtheNEA You fight viruses everyday and every year that are more deadly. Just confess this is about trying to justify mail-in voting and move on. Thx

Just stop! Plenty of people have continued to work this entire time. I do NOT feel sorry for teachers, do your job or quit! homeschool What makes you so special, there are millions of people working in essential jobs risking our lives everyday to keep food on your table, lights on, ac and heating running and numerous other essentials.

I guess fuck all the grocery store clerks and other people ... she is more important then then Now do The Flu and Tuberculosis Please don't show how little educated you are on these topics Look for another job, what about the thousands of nurses, doctors and other people who serve the public every day, do they feel afraid?

And what does she say to the shelf stockers at Kroger’s, the gas station attendants, the amazon drivers, her postal carrier, the garbage man, the restaurant workers? Is she better than them? They didn’t sign up to fight a virus either, but we are all in this together. So quit. Then quit Don’t go, plenty of teachers looking for a job. Shouldn’t shut down all schools because some don’t feel safe.

Teachers whining about having to go back to work while blissfully going to shops, restaurants, bars, yoga, etc - all places where their students have been working for months.... I didn’t sign up to fight a virus in the workplace. I signed up to sell pizzas. Yet I'm risking my health, my life and the health and lives of my family.

👏👏👏 Please stay safe Get your ass to work, you’re not the only people going to work thru this crap... you are not special, get to work or quit I hear you loud and clear, well spoken. As a parent and grandmother I don’t expect this of you or any educational institution. Your right-this is not your line of expertise, it is too big for all of us... it is the federal government’s job to have a coherent national strategy 1st

ElectionVirus CRONYvirus PLANNEDdemic LockStepUNplan FakeNewsClownsVirus MediaIStheVIRUS BidenVIRUS ChinaVirus WooFLU KungFLU VirusWillDisappearNov4th Millions of Americans are working daily, teachers are just enforcing the idea that they are a non-essential work force. America understands our kids 'may' get sick, but since Covid started, over 10k kids have died from other illnesses. Less than 50 have died of Covid...

Now we going to have some dumb shit about support the teachers and another stupid protest I’m over of the crybaby’s of this country that’s all we are crybaby’s None of us signed up for this. We are all going back to work and dealing with it. Some of us never stopped working. Absolute horse shit. What about all the families with members that work in 'essential' businesses that go home to their families every night? What about in-person schooling isn't essential for the students? SMH. There are 7+ billion ppl in the world...

Dear Covidiotas stop comparing a class room to a grocery store & a teacher to a store clerk 😑... A store can limit number of customers & enough space to maintain social distancing... +30 kids in small room is not the same 🤙 Me sticking my face on unexploded bombs with the potential of catching covid

Covid is a HOAX I support clients by driving them in a bus to and from rest area jobs. We keep working, support from company and staff. We are doing just fine. Welcome to the front lines! Wow u are a martyr for doing what you are doing ..You will be blessed You have to look at the twitts of some of the fascist loving traitors here, lack of empathy is one thing uncaring pigs is another, Russia is accepting American Traitors if you like fascism so much there is a wide choice of fascist places to move. CBSNews CNN MSNBC

I get it lady,but 130 kids died of flu over past yr & that doesn’t scare u-Many ppl are working in places w/a lot more risk-gas station/grocery store-the virus has changed & being positive doesn’t mean you’ll even be sick-160,000 deaths(50,000 NY & NJ bad care)out of 350 Million Quit your job. You’re not cut out for “essential” work.

Then it’s your choice to stay home and stop complaining. There are others that desperately want to go back to work and are FORBIDDEN BY THE GOVERNMENT! Quit Okay but we all know its real CHANGE JOBS Do not speak for me. I am a teacher and I understand ALL the risks kids are facing. Staying home is very bad for kids.

The kids are better off without you. Buh-bye. All you so called educators... educate yourselves on the survival rate ... put your big girls/boys pants on and go ge a good example for these kids. She is very unstable 🤮just do your job Says the walking comorbidity who is super concerned with her health. ALL teachers need to band together and if parents have an ounce of sense, stand with them! If they can 'put men on the moon' as *claimed*, they can certainly teach remotely with all of today's technology! So which lie do 'Cons want to play?

Get over it lady, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning Talk to a vet chick, you have no clue. That's how we front line workers feel like. as I work at a very busy retail grocery store I am risking my health and safety but I need money. And of course King Doni realDonaldTrump doesn’t give a crap about anyone but himself. All the talk about the kids but what about the teachers and staff who are vulnerable? No talk about them from King Doni.

if you had half a brain. you would put together home school classes for rich kids. start to live outside of the box. Quit. There solved your problem. Next. Teachers also be wanting a annual salary thats as high as other jobs but don't wanna give up their 10 week summer vacation where they don't even have to work 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

nice to solidify that grocery workers and liquor store clerks are more essential than you. homeschool Guy wanted to be a nurse but he was afraid so now he is teacher My husband never stopped working during this year. He is an essential worker. So don’t go. Sit home and look at the statistics for child to adult transmission.

scnyny Everyone, but most especially every person who has children, every teacher, every principal, every school employee, needs to listen to this. No state has the resources needed because public schools are grossly and criminally underfunded. The Trump administration demands death. Get out while you can!! Hearing there is always the oldest job known to man

If the kids have been tested,teachers tested, families at home tested.... She should quit. Nobody signed up for this and many actually never stoped working even during the peak times. Then quit, coward WorldNews The only question I have for these teachers is, 'is it worth your life?' I know you gotta get paid, but ask your self that question.

Imagine if everyone said this. No one would work. On how many levels is this wrong. My ❤ is breaking for this woman and all the others that are going through this exact thing. Wear your mask at all times... how does 10 staff members get it? Wear your mask! That makes u immune right? Teach home school. Get with other teachers to help home school. . You can teach better and one on one with true education not the crap they have you dish out now.

Don’t want to teach shouldn’t get paid. She will change her tune quick. Imagine if all essential workers felt this way...... While I do believe teachers should go back to schools (if they choose), we are doing them a huge disservice by not addressing their concerns and those of students. What a shame that this country has fallen so far

FakeNewsMedia FakeNews uses teachers afraid to do their job in those tough conditions just to undermine POTUS decision to keep our schools open. biased Trump2020Landslide My husband didnt sign up to fight a virus for 10hrs a day every day, he signed up to be a trucker. I’m in the car with a mask on

Then you better stay locked at home to save your life..corona is just like any other infection, more people are dying otherwise. All these ignorant people who claim she that they work too should try sitting in a classroom of 30+ students for 7-8 hours for 5 days, with no real precaution. They’re just asking for protective gear and precautions in place.

Ridiculous you have to deal with flu, colds, and mono every year 🙄🙄 I bet the person at the grocery store you buy your food at didn’t sign up to get sick either. Anyway cases don’t matter. Kids get sick and get better. So do 99.8% of people. GMA Poor thing. Quit then. As she wears a mask willingly without asking the side effects just like the draconian vaccine doses she supports that kids have to submit to for her education.

Then stay home. No one is forcing you to work. Preschools and nursery schools have been open for months. What are their stats? Get back in the classroom. Everyone knows that students need social learning, cooperative learning and centers to be successful. I felt really bad for her. This video makes me wanna cry. Locking down for almost five months and I still don’t know when we will be able to live a normal life again. Good luck to her and all of us.

She need to find a new career. My daughter is a Registered Nurse who works for home health care taking care of the elderly. I admire her stoic demeanor as she cares for the sick. You don’t belong in the classroom anymore. Gather yourself... Well when I check people out at the register thru all this March 17 and counting I adjusted! When our store has the only bathroom in a hundred mile radius I still cleaned up the 💩 after thousands of people used it who didn’t stay home as requested! Adjust

shockingly this woman doesn't realize that she can get another job. . . “This is not working.” Of course it’s not. We need to fix the pandemic before we get back to work. Any idiot knows you’re 100% right. It’s not working, it won’t work. Trump is killing people. Every single day. Then it’s your choice to get another job not teaching! Great country we live in!

Teacher are our hero’s more today than ever Omg. Drama queens. I bet she’s been in publix Welcome to the world of “essential workers” . We have been doing this since the start. No one wants to hear you complain. Either you are essential or you are not. We are told mask work. Put your damn mask on and teach our kids in the classroom. Your not special.

Tell this to someone making minimum wage at a Supermarket the last 5 months Then quit. I’m sure you go food shopping and get gas in your car. Do you think these people signed up to fight a virus also? If u don’t want to do your job. Then quit. Wal Mart workers didn't sign on for it either sweetie pie but they have been there every day while you enjoyed your summer. Now do your essential job or quit, maybe Wal Mart is hiring.

Where is the need for substitute teachers? What qualifications are required? Would be helpful to disseminate this information so people know whether they are eligible to volunteer and can step forward GMA Then quit and stay home. She clearly needs to try a new career. What makes her deserving of special privileges grocery store clerks aren’t getting?

So don’t teach seriously....pull out a violin. Quit and shut up. Oh please. Are grocery store workers fighting the virus? Boy, have some teachers shown their true colors. And so are the grocery store staff and the banks, gas stations, health care teams. With the right protections, return to teaching......

Everyone risks getting Coronavirus when working at any job, buying groceries, getting supplies, etc. Follow the Task Force Guidelines. Remember who sent it all over the world. Why ABC owns the video 🤔🤔🤔🤔 another FAKE STORY?. Risk covid everyday at work! covert your handsketch plan to autocad here May the Force be with her.

Pray we never have another world war... this generation would all hide. I suppose this teacher is fasting since March, saving her trash in her backyard, not ordering essentials online, refuses to receive her mail etc,etc,etc! Haven't heard doctors saying ' we will only see healthy patients'. If you don't like the job, you can always quit

You are an essential worker, don’t teach , get out Gosh, grocery store workers are laughing at you. Quit. Did you sign up to fight the flu? The cold? No one is asking her to box with it. Just to teach English. As is her job. And cue disinterested people with horrible comments. Now we are telling teachers to stop whining, suit up in your flak vest and body armor, dawn your chem gear, strap on your side arm, and get to work! If you don’t like that then quit! PS clean your own desk we’re cutting funding

Then don’t teach and don’t make money. I’m sure your family will still support you! Well follow the safety guidelines and you should be safe make all work on line for students homework and you won’t even have to touch papers. I guess you have been staying home and never left the house right 😂. Tired of this complaining you can quit

Why is she in her car and not inside her house, where it's safe? I hope she doesn't go to the grocery store, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's, etc. The people that work there could be infected and she could get it. Resign It's about the kids, not you. You are supposed to protect the kids, you know them, you know the ones that act up and may break distancing protocols. You are supposed to educate them. It's not about you. You are replaceable Resign

ThisWeekABC What is the difference between you and someone working every day for the past 6 months in Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. etc.? She has to cry to Obama, Fuci's and Bill Gate who develop Covid 1984 in the Lab in Wuhan. Boot your immune system, Stop eating MCDONALD'S, VC, VD exercise and pray. Make peace with God and you won't be afraid. Ahhh Stop watching TV.

Why is the school still open with rising cases, y’all should go remote if you can She should quit. Give the job to that nice cashier at Walmart that hasn't missed a shift in 6 months. Too much, too soon. USA, always REACTIVE, but rarely PROACTIVE. Watch, this school will shut down soon. Quit, and take your participation trophy with you.

Where are you driving? I hope you’re not going shopping where you’ll expose the employees. You above all people should be staying at home. Fact: contagiousness is not the same as virulence. The problem is the virulence. A common cold virus is quite contagious but not virulent. By Muller’s ratchet all viruses eventually will drop in virulence. Stop convoluting contagiousness with virulence. It’s a scare tactic

In two years we will learn that wearing masks was more detrimental than beneficial because of the bacteria. Just like the Spanish flu. Bullshit, they are the people who don’t want their ass moving. Finding excuses and pretending like emotionally distressed are signs of losers. No body signed up for this virus in a whole world but we have to be strong and deal with it. Everyone needs to do their part. No excuses

As a teacher it pisses me off hearing this shit...she just wants paid time off and it’s a bad look for all of us. She’s a dope and doesn’t reflect the voice of all teachers. No good teacher I know has this attitude, and are eager to het back into the classroom for their students. I suppose that's what makes them higher achieving, more successful teachers than their peers. They actually care about their students and the caliber education they provide.

Wow didnt see any of the minimum wage fast food workers or cashiers in the supermarkets acting like such fucking crybabies. firewhiningteachers Somehow, I just don’t get the right vibe off this woman. Too much over exaggerated eye movement and facial expression, constantly looking around. It looks coached.

She has the option to quit just like anyone can do with a job they don’t want to do. I’m perfectly happy to fire all of the teachers in all of the school districts and to disband those districts if it means children will get an unbiased education from teachers that demand the kind of respect they had 50 years ago. COViD19 is not the problem - teachers unions are.

She’s the anomaly not the rule. Very simple don’t work. GMA I think you should change your career. We see sick people every day and like healthcare workers, nurses and doctors we more at risk. But we loved what we do. Why shouldn't you, your just teaching. Don't Go to Class, Stay Home! Then she went to target, the grocery store and had packages delivered from Amazon.

Everyday they’re in the classroom is a risk of getting sick. I understand this is something new but when would it ever be safe if not everyone is getting the vaccine when it comes out? Teachers are non essential OK so you’re fired because taxpayers are not flipping the bill for you lazy ass teachers to teach from home which is a joke!!!!!!

Maybe she should find a different profession I think that’s the best decision... our kids need their education and interaction for growth.. The science shows Our school should be open The same can be said for everyone having to deal with the public during this pandemic. And doctors don’t ? Cry me a river go do your job or quit it's that simple you are no more important than any of the rest of us

She faces this threat every year, why is this year different? The odds of her dying from any of the viruses are the same. If she doesn't know this, then she is uneducated. 🙋🏽‍♀️Check out this amazing resource designed by 🍎teachers for teachers👩‍🏫 👉🏽 She does not “have” to teach, she can do other non essential jobs...

Did she go to a store since March? Went into a gas station? Ate out? If the answer is yes, then that’s a good reason to hime school your kids. If the answer is no, then I understand her point. Okay... But what is it with making demands irrelevant to doing your job like defunding the police, having no police presence on campus, and wanting to close charter schools?

Politics A news company wanting to keep the economy in shambles? WTF!? Many subs are retired teachers who are at risk. They won’t be subbing this year and replacing them will be extremely hard. This means the student count in each classroom is going to go up. I don’t know how you safely solve this. So don’t be a teacher then.

If she’s that worried about her health she should have spent her six month vacation losing some of that extra weight on her body. Just like the rest of us, drama queen GMA Maybe she should go work at a grocery store... So are police, so are restaurant peeps, so are doctors, so are the grocery clerks, so are Home depot clerks, so are utility workers, So are relators, so are liquor store clerks, so are Dispensary clerks, so are bus drivers, so are truck drivers, so are every working America?

She looked better with the mask on. And Don’t compare teachers to Nurses !! Nurses knew the risk when becoming on. Grow up realDonaldTrump JoeBiden Like everyone else - without the summer off /// find a different profession where you can work in a bubble Everyone working a job is doing the same thing! BacktoWorkAmerica

GMA Then she should resign She has the same risk of contracting the flu and the same mortality rate. She doesn't care about the flu though... Don't be Donald Trump's guinea pig. Everyone works. No one signed up for this. Oh, well that's life. Go to work!!! Everyone has made adjustments to this new life and you can do the same!!!

News Flash, no one signed up for this Dishonest twit. GMA I am worried about the viruses 🦠 being injected into the minds of these children. It’s more deadly than Covidcane. ❄️what about all the people who have to go to work! Walmart and grocery stores! They’re at risk too! You don’t have to teach. We the tax payer will not pay you. EveryoneWins

Don't go. Hire a lawyer. Wait for a vaccine. Times have changed, suck it up or take up another profession. Politics Life itself is a constant risk and struggle, to be alive is a lottery win. Some of us realize this inherently and others have lived their lives oblivious of all risk until the total overreaction of COVID-19. Death is absolute for everyone. I choose to live everyday I’m alive.

Looks like a teaching degree is simply bought these days. GMA Grocery store workers didn't sign up to fight a virus either, but they knew they were essential, so they stayed on the job. We are now seeing that today's teachers do not view themselves as essential workers, so we can all stop worrying about how much they are paid.

Imagine being this stupid AND being a teacher. Covid has been great for getting our children away from these psychopathic Zombie Apocalypse dooms-day-ers, who still cannot comprehend what 99.9% survival means. Thank God they keep outing themselves on social media. Keep it up! She is more essential than any firefighter or police officer. Please go back to work with all the other essential workers.

You're free to quit and do something else. So everyone else who is working is any different? But it's okay for an elderly person to work at Walmart to serve this teacher Enough already. Everyone needs to get back to work So stay home! There are many others to fill your position Sending her good thoughts and peace. Wishing the best. Stay safe!

Sue the Anti Christ in the White House! JustSayNo bag boys signed up to bag groceries. stockers signed up to stock shelves. waiters and waitresses signed up to serve customers. life sucks for everyone right now. I'm so sorry this is adversely affecting you and you alone. The checker at Ralph's is essential, teachers are not. Got it.

Meanwhile, the guy at safeway just keeps on working so everyone can eat. The GOP doesn’t care. They just want you to do your job so parents can get back to work and make Chump look like the almighty savior. GOPCorruptionOverCountry Yet she has no problem with wal mart Go find another job. Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?

Quit, that simple Libs worst nightmare 🇺🇸🗳🇺🇸2020GreaterthanEver Now do one about the guy making 7 bucks an hour at the BUrger King she’s going to. Then quit to make way for someone who actually wants to teach. Thank Elon Dr. Yan Limeng spoke for the first time: The new crown virus is a product of the Chinese Communist People’s Liberation Army Virus Laboratory!

Parents and teachers must work together to protect students from COVID-19Teachers and parents and students all will have to work together to help defeat the novel coronavirus. Don't do it. Where the f is the government

Covid-19 Cases Top 20 Million World-WideConfirmed cases of the new coronavirus surpassed 20 million globally, while the U.S. reported its lowest number of new cases in about a week, as new infections in some parts of the country trended down. Lies. They're all cancer, Pneumonia, flu, car accident, bike accident...etc I live in Ocala. Our mayor, Guinn( who once declared a Confederate History Day) just vetoed a mask ordinance. Send help , please Ok propaganda, Now post the recovery rate!

Africa closes in on 1m reported cases of covid-19The true number will be much higher 💔 Are you reporting on the whole continent, do Europe next as a continent ,than Asia. Would love to see those numbers How are the other continents fairing?

Dr. Ranney: 'Absolute abdication of responsibility' by executive branch on COVID-19 responseDr. Megan Ranney says the fed. government's COVID-19 response has been 'an absolute abdication of responsibility on the part of the exec. branch' as the US surpasses 5 million cases. 'Any public health official who had been put in charge would do better.' No they wouldn’t have. They would have taken the east/lazy way out and just shut the entire country down for god knows how long. We would never have been able to recover. You can tell when liberals are scared of losing

COVID-19: Our ExperienceWe now have over 5 million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. -- but that number is more than just a grim statistic. Each one of those “cases” is a real person, with a unique experience. What 12 people who've been impacted by the virus want you to know:

Will Insurers Pay for Telehealth When COVID-19 is Over?Hospital-style care iTelehealth options exploded during Covid, but will insurers continue to pay for it when it's over?