Teacher under fire for questioning 5th graders’ sexualities in front of class

A Port St. Lucie woman said her daughter is too embarrassed to return to class and will be homeschooled until the end of the year.

2/12/2020 11:03:00 PM

Florida teacher asks two female 5th grade students if they are in a relationship in front of class, leading one of the students to withdraw from school.

A Port St. Lucie woman said her daughter is too embarrassed to return to class and will be homeschooled until the end of the year.

Ryan Thoreson, an LGBTQ researcher at Human Rights Watch, said these incidents happen because so few schools train teachers and administrators on LGBTQ cultural competency.“One of the most surprising findings from our research on LGBT issues in U.S. schools was that a lot of students said teachers and administrators were a bigger problem for them than other students,” Thoreson wrote in an email Wednesday. “Other students knew it wasn't OK to be overtly homophobic or transphobic, but school staff would still publicly humiliate LGBT kids for who they dated, what they wore, or how they identified.”

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She should be fired immediately and never teach again , what a vile thing to do . That thing looks like the clone from The Santa Clause movie Unacceptable behavior all around. sounds like the teacher missed the class where it wasn't her business This is what happens now. They teach and promote it in kindergarten. Very sick world where you can’t have a friend without other kids gossiping that you are gay when you are not.

WTF? Fire her ass. Child psychological abuse is the worst form of abuse on the face of this earth Why would a teacher think that is ok? They better be getting rid of her 😡 How dare she Wow, and the teacher received a “verbal warning”. Not cool. Being bullied by your teacher is extremely “Florida” 😂💀💀wtf

Why are y’all even asking tiny kids who they date when they don’t even know what that really means So dumb. Why? They push this shit. It's called tolerance in school and poor educators have to babysit instead of teaching now. 'Under fire?' She SHOULD be FIRED. And how old is a 5th grader if I may ask? It's none of her business. Fifth graders 'going together' changes every week. It's truly awful she did this. Love is love.

Calling straight kids gay is abusive. besides the fact that when I went to school girls hanging out with girls and boys hang out with boys and that's just the way it was, there was no sexualness to it or you 'with' that person just cuz they were hanging out together🙄 why is this even a topic why does this ever have to come up it does not matter who you're sexually attracted to nobody cares it's not a huge deal when straight people get together so why are we making it a big deal when same-sex get together😤😤😤

Just want to point out the person in the picture is actually a parent not the teacher in question 🙄 This B should be fired immediately et9028 What adult human being walks around asking 5th graders that question. Even if they are in a relationship it is just silly as they are just kids. Florida strikes again

OMG! Why would that teacher ask that question in front of students or ask at all. The teacher should have reported any concerns to the principal or counselor before approaching the students at all. Wtf? It's Florida what did you expect 5th graders. Is this teacher simple? She did what?!?😡 It's the age of outrage.

Seriously My 5th grader recently told us she prefers to be more than friends with girls. Her classmate called her the F word already. Why would a teacher think calling them out is a good idea? 5th grade is super rough. 🙄 In front of class? Wtf this teacher is a racist!! in our school our teachers only ask that we not bleed in the classroom if we were hurt by other students, we had a clinic and could go there if we were bleeding

VERBAL warning? What a load of shit. Any teacher who believes humiliating kids is a good 'lesson' should be forced to get a different job, immediately. 5th grade? God save us all. I mean it's a Florida teacher. Oh jeez. Damned if you do, damned if you don't... File this one under s for shoulda fricken known better

What a homophobic little girl! If she wasn’t homophobic, she would have remained a student there. Weed ‘em out early! That’s what I say. Thank god we have trump Christ 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ God save our nation from them The Bible says All in the world, the lust of the flesh and eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father (God), but from the (sinful) world. 1 John 2:16 Consider your earthly body as dead to immorality, impurity, and evil desire, which is idolatry. Colossians 3:5

Is Florida where America keep the strange people? Always something crazy in Florida. What's on her face? If you read the article, it appears classmates were bullying two girls who have a friendship, & the teacher didn't pick up on it. These girls are not gay. This culture is just so sick...Kids can't even have friendships these days w/o being accused of being gay...InnocenceLost

Oh bullshit!! Just a question! Free speech. If the alphabet people want “their equal rights” then expect questions and comments, regardless of age. I see no problem here the proper way to handle these rumors is either A dont get involved or talk to the students after class with the phrase if you eveer want to talk we jave x y z resources on campus im happy to help you. Then its up to the kids and parents to determine the actions.

Please fire this woman I remember when I was in 4th grade me and my best friend (Lisa) held hands all the time, until our teacher scolded us and shamed us for doing so. I’ll never forget that. She took something so innocent and poisoned it with her ugly thoughts and opinions. That is a bad teacher , she need to choose a new profession , something that can cause less damage , like a taxidermist.

It’s always Florida. 5th grade? Dating? What? I was still playing with Barbies in 5 th grade back in 1968!! What kind of person, nevermind a school teacher, asks 10 or 11 year old girls if they are gay and dating.... esp in front of class? What was her plan if they said “ yes we are”? 99% of terrible teacher articles boil down to common, “horse sense” and the offending teacher showing a remarkable lack thereof.

Damm... 5th grade.... The fuck is wrong with humanity.... coronavirus needs to get a good majority of you... sullysfca To ask such an absurd question clearly demonstrates she has no business teaching. sullysfca It's not the teacher's BUSINESS! That's an invasion of privacy that had nothing to do with teaching that teacher needs to be fired

Sartor resartus. Pwned This teacher is projecting something onto these young girls. Too bad. 'Grow a pair' people. Stop burying heads in the sand b/c u cannot deal w/real life issues. 'Progressive losers' have trained a generation or two 2b afraid of their own shadows. When tough gets going, they RUN 4 the hills & hope there r therapeutic puppies 2 pet there!

Florida.. What if it had led to one of the students ‘withdrawing’ from life and committing suicide? Liberalism is a mental disorder. Stop pushing that insanity on CHILDREN.😡 No 5th grader decides to leave school on their own. Thats the parents decision. It’s none of her business. Why do people obsess over who people are involved with? Stop! No one cares if you’re gay. No one cares if you’re straight. Sex is and should be private.

What is wrong with humanity? The bar is set really low for teachers. Get some homeless bums to do gym and a couple ex convicts to do homeroom. The teacher should be questioned. I just want to ask the teacher I like how 'Florida Man' stories are now diversified lol Sick. The hell was she thinking? I see she is trying to push her agenda on the kids SMH Let kids be themselves they will figure it all out.

WTF! A few more points for alphabet oppression 😀👏🏻👏🏻 If you put it out on social media then it's okay. 5th grade is way too young to be in a relationship but that's our society now. This is so stupid, even in Florida’s standards that I’m hoping there’s more to it... Stop raising weak children Kids start pairing up in 4th grade so I would understand if she was concerned, but this was totally out of line.

Okay, let's get something straight, in the fifth grade these kids are around 10 &11 years old. The teacher should not be indulging in 'relationship talk' they are CHILDREN. She should have reviewed with her students on why we don't gossip and spread rumors about people. A little common sense goes a long way. I would expect a lot more common sense from a teacher. That was a pretty stupid move.

Why is it the teacher’s business either way? Just be a teacher and a role model not some gossip spewing bitch

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