Teacher Sued for Serving Cupcakes Tainted with Sheriff Deputy Husband's Semen to Students

The tainted cupcakes were allegedly served TWICE to students. (via @toofab)

5/22/2020 11:45:00 PM

The tainted cupcakes were allegedly served TWICE to students. (via toofab)

On Monday, Cynthia Perkins, 35, and Dennis Perkins, 44, had a civil complaint filed against them, the fourth so far, claiming the couple fed the tainted baked goods to a class at Westside Junior High School.

The former law enforcement officer is also charged with sexually abusing an animal.A Louisiana junior high school teacher and her sheriff deputy husband have been sued for allegedly serving students cupcakes containing the husband's semen.On Monday, Cynthia Perkins, 35, and Dennis Perkins, 44, had a civil complaint filed against them, the fourth so far, claiming the couple fed the tainted baked goods to a class at Westside Junior High School in 2018 and 2019, according to

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The Advocate. The school board is also being sued in the filing.The pair had been arrested in October on charges of"rape, sexual battery, video voyeurism, mingling harmful substances, obscenity, and producing child pornography," per the outlet.

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TooFab What an incredibly sick story. An officer and a teacher? Both should be protecting children. What a horrible couple! TooFab Yes yes we get it , they served jizz cupcakes to kids okay already! Why can't you let this story die? TooFab cUm caKe 🎂🎉🎈💥 TooFab Wtf TooFab Head of the swat team? Oh my days

TooFab Sick. Just sick. TooFab What in the entire...!!! 😡 TooFab Well....that got dark fast (*even darker/more disgusting, I guess*) TooFab Wtf ! I didn’t understand what it meant by tainted but these people are sick TooFab I stopped at 'Louisiana' TooFab I feel like she should probably go to jail for this. They did prove it obviously somehow or it wouldn't be in the news.

TooFab TooFab Sick TooFab How many times can you post this story This has to be at least the 3rd or 4th time....You guys recycle the same crap all the time. TooFab DatSuckaDave dem protein snacks TooFab Not sure but I think you should post this 6 more times. TooFab realDonaldTrump precinct captains.

TooFab Kimberlykokourt TooFab DISGUSTING arrest the bitch TooFab Sick🤬 TooFab She was just serving up some cumcakes... TooFab TooFab This is some sick sh** TooFab Nasty people should be locked up💀 TooFab So gross TooFab Sick 🤮 TooFab TooFab To the streets...👉 TooFab Folie à deux between a malignant narcissist and his idiot

TooFab Folie à deux between a malignant narcissist and his idiot. TooFab Send her off to prison 😢 TooFab How many times are you going to post this same article? TooFab What tf would make a person think to do something so nasty ! Horrible there asses needs be in jail for long time TooFab Welcome to CumCakes! We be servin up the creamiest cakes in the world y’all! It be drippin down to chin it be so good. Watch out too y’all! Our CumCakes come warm, real warm. You be wiping that warm cream off you face all night. CumCakes 2020 y’all!

TooFab TooFab Sick and twisted. Ugh. TooFab Damn y’all ! She be servin up cumcakes. I think she on to something y’all hahaha. Make that money baby baby!!! Hell yeah! TooFab I’m sorry I thought this was america TooFab Explain to me why these people and people like them need to be alive when the world is overpopulated

TooFab AEvans1224 X_ItsCrazy_X TooFab These 2 belong behind bars for a long time. Predators come in all walks of life. TooFab This is type of shit some cops do, but you won’t see this on OfficialLivePD TooFab 3 things here. 1) never do anything that will embarrass you on tv or online. 2) never do it twice or admit to it. Reading this first time was to much.

TooFab Sickos TooFab Sick, sick SOBs TooFab Cumcakes TooFab Police in the US. Wild. Sup with this father tho 'One of the complaints alleges that the father of a student who ate the contaminated cupcakes has fallen into a debilitating depression over the incident and has not been able to find gainful employment' 😂😂

TooFab Haha! Fuck them kids TooFab I, for one, have never seen this article. But ... HOW did anyone know there was semen in the cupcakes? Someone take one to be analyzed? TooFab This shit is nasty TooFab I think we’ve seen this article enough times. TooFab Nothing new to post Tmz? Quit posting the same shit over and Over! I for one am tired of it and I'm sure the masses are tired of it!!!!! Knock it off!!!!

TooFab wtf TooFab 'But what about black on black crime' looking sickos TooFab TooFab Who’s idea was this? How did it even come up? 🤣 TooFab Another reason I don’t eat from nobody 😏🤦🏽‍♂️ TooFab This is the fifth story. they’re posted TooFab Most likely in Florida right? TooFab I would’ve gladly enjoyed that cupcake and asked to help make the next batch

TooFab Sick fuccs! TooFab YuP 😂🤣💀 TooFab How in the entire fk does one cum to the conclusion that nutting in children’s cupcakes is a great idea as a fully functional adult? 🤔 this should be considered an act of terrorism 🤷🏽‍♀️ Lockthemup TooFab I need to know how the cum baked cupcake info was revealed

TooFab She nuts for that TooFab This is not news this is some svu shit TooFab Uhmmm ... why?!? TooFab How do these messed up people meet? This is so unreal why? TooFab I thought this was America? TooFab That's hard to swallow... TooFab Cumcakes. TooFab How many times y’all gonna post this? TooFab TooFab Ewww

TooFab Put these scumbags behind bars TooFab Bro? TooFab They say that ingredients can keep your skin young. So I heard... TooFab Omg what is wrong with this couple? TooFab TooFab ONLY IN AMERICA!!! Seriously TooFab TooFab WTF is wrong with some people? Are they that fu****g bored with life that this idea comes to mind and they both are like. “Ya, let’s do that.”

TooFab Disgusting TooFab Bioterrorists TooFab 😳 TooFab This is the type of 💩 that will get a person offed TooFab Sickening TooFab TooFab Cumcakes. TooFab Hey guys. 2020. Amirite TooFab SpiritCooking TooFab FUCK THE POLICE TooFab If it taste good... what’s the harm. 😳 TooFab The real question is how many kids liked the cupcakes even more after finding out they were Cum Cakes? 😂😂😂

TooFab How many times are you going to post this? Slow news day? TooFab In addition to this alarming headline, the article also mentions sexual abuse of an animal... These people are sick 🤢 TooFab TooFab Wthhhhh TooFab Disgusting as it is it’s nothing compared to the crap they put in our foods and our vaccines

TooFab This people are sick as fuck! TooFab TAINTED WITH SEMEN. Teachers. Heroes 🤢 Also buried: they produced CHILD PORN. How corrupt is tmz to bury the lead when children are being abused? adamcarolla aubrey_huff AdamCarollaShow GPatState markgeragos TooFab I'd rather live in ignorance. It's so messed up. That's the tip of the gross iceberg of these two trash humans. Just eat nothing from your teachers, ever.

TooFab CrisEspi1341 TooFab Boy, a SWAT leader and a englishteacher ? Some fine people serving Louisiana. TooFab Wtf? Why? TooFab Crazy F***s!! TooFab Sooooooo many questions TooFab Just when you think you have heard it all another freakszoid turns up TooFab This is sick! TooFab What did I just read?!

TooFab Okay read the article, y’all need to rewrite this caption... they’re pedophiles, who also tainted cupcakes... don’t skip over that shit! TooFab Seriously trust no one! ...seriously TooFab Disgusting!! Wtf is wrong with you?!?! TooFab Legend TooFab It is called spirit cooking, and these people are SICK and EVIL!

TooFab Hmmmm, disgusting!!!!! Ewwwww 🤢🤮 TooFab This is why I don’t eat cupcakes... TooFab That story has been posted much more than twice. There's more important news to tell us. TooFab 😡🤬🤬🤬 TooFab yikes... hopefully nobody got pregnant 😬 TooFab Also how did anyone learn there was semen in the cupcakes?

TooFab TooFab WHAT THE FUCK TooFab People are weird as shit! TooFab TooFab SpiritCooking TooFab Marina Abramovic calls that a form of art. Hollywood SpiritCooking These people are sick. TooFab What the hell is a matter with people TooFab 🤨 huh? TooFab TooFab They are pieces of shit💀 TooFab TF is wrong with people. 😐

RUAnonymous1 TooFab Seems like I’ve heard this story before today TooFab Satanic communion TooFab TooFab What did I read TooFab What the actual fuck TooFab That's nasty TooFab 🤬🤬🤬🤬 and I can't get a freaking job. This is BS TooFab Burn them both at the stake TooFab Gross!!! TooFab What? TooFab USA USA USA. Fml

TooFab Wowsers!!!! TooFab We need to start making people who do these things famous. 'There will come a day when they won't be able to walk down the street in public' TooFab sick twisted freaks🤮 TooFab Gross🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 TooFab That is one very fucked up person.

peteyfoozer TooFab Hang him by his extremities! She should be locked up for a few decades if true. TooFab homeschool TooFab TooFab Bruhhh TooFab What is SpiritCooking TooFab TooFab Vile! TooFab What in the actual he!! did I just read? This is crazy! And sick! TooFab There’s so much going on in this story 🤢 sick fucking couple.

TooFab The people in life you tell your kids to go to when there is trouble, police, teacher! Yeah, NOPE! can’t trust anyone!!!!! Wtf! TooFab Well sheriffs deputy you will be having sperm for your meals when they put you away! TooFab And sexually abusing an animal. These people are sick and evil!! TooFab

TooFab TooFab Thankfully I read the article, but this title is misleading. Apparently there were more things going on than this isolated incident clickbate TooFab There was a guy in my workplace who did it too... Then he reveiled that man from quality controll pissed on his face when he was drunk, forced him to some blow things and brutally molested behind closed doors when we all grouped to our boss because of his birthday...

TooFab I would have a real problem with that someone should have put the paws on both of them. 😡😡 TooFab TooFab Satanic spirit cooking! These people are evil and sick! TooFab What the....? TooFab Sick!!! TooFab WTF? TooFab WTF TooFab TooFab TooFab Yo MichaelRapaport you see this shit?! Sickfuckoftheweek

TooFab Damn OfficerNorman fucked up this time TooFab What the actual fuck is wrong w ppl?!? TooFab Taint is right TooFab Really TooFab Reason 9,578 why I do not participate in pot lucks. TooFab What the actual f*** is wrong with people? 😡 TooFab 🤢 TooFab THIS is why you don’t eat food from potlucks. I don’t eat anything from anyone I don’t know, haven’t seen their kitchen, or I’m not related to.

TooFab Wypipo always doing something evil or harmful then claim 'its just a joke'. Hissss TooFab TooFab How are there people this disgusting? And how did anyone know about the semen? Could they taste it!? Throwing up in my mouth... TooFab What the fuck did I just read. TooFab Oh my goodness TooFab is this the big meech sheriff that was on desus and mero?

TooFab TooFab TooFab Thought that was megan markle for a sec TooFab Cumcakes 🤮🤢🤮 TooFab And energy drinks TooFab That’s why I never eat homemade anything given to me TooFab I’ll take a dozen please 😂 TooFab TooFab คิมเบอร์ลี่ nnnnnnnnnnnnnn TooFab This is why I don't eat at the companies potluck

TooFab Disgusting people TooFab What a read TooFab TooFab TooFab This is worse than the coronavirus TooFab TooFab What the... TooFab How do they know there’s semen? TooFab TooFab TooFab I took gummy bears there are non allergenic. TooFab TooFab TooFab Sick and disgusting TooFab That’s f***ing disgusting, what’s wrong with people

TooFab TooFab deep doo-doo TooFab Wow...smh TooFab Put these scumbags behind bars TooFab Nope TooFab TooFab Disgusting TooFab I know some girls that would love to eat cum flavored cupcakes 🧁 TooFab scary that they look so normal TooFab TooFab Death penalty 💀 TooFab wtf TooFab Everything about this is extremely disgusting & wrong. I do have one question though, how did they know the cupcakes contained semen? 😣

TooFab Harvey! Lance Armstrong is doing a 10 part show.......... But hes not gonna tell the truth! on how the Virgo's get down! So you make sure you lineup up A interview with Sheryl Crow, zodiac already knows TRUTH ! It's a VIRGOS thing........ he got secrets, JUST LIKE U DO VIRGO TooFab Wow what sort of depravity is this?! Disgusting

TooFab Served them to Children This is beyond gross these maggots better get Long prison sentences. TooFab These fucken Animals should be exterminated yesterday TooFab TooFab Whack jobs! TooFab TooFab So gross TooFab Jesus Christ. TooFab Disgusting,disrespectful, those kids didn’t deserve that. But life will catch up with them .. it always does .. and if they have children of their own please take them away from them.

TooFab TooFab SO. YANKEES. CRAZY LIKE. THIER PRESENT. CRAZAO. IN CHIEF TooFab 🤨 I have so many questions about this article smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ TooFab Salty TooFab You said taint and semen in the same sentence, you win the internet today. TooFab This is disgusting on so many levels. I’m disgusted as a person and a fellow teacher.

TooFab What did they have? Anthrax? TooFab What. The. Actual. Fuck?!! 🤦‍♂️ TooFab I thought that frosting was a tad sour. TooFab This is gross TooFab 🤢🤮🤮🤮wtfffff? TooFab Feed em both to the sharks. TooFab TooFab Wtf wrong with people! TooFab This is beyond sick. How did anyone find out about this though? Serious question, no sick jokes please.

TooFab Got to be a Demo Rat they are the ones with a twisted mind cause they have Shit for Brains. TooFab What an effing mess ..cumcakes, abusing minor, animals....these two deviants have some very serious issues. TooFab WTF 🤦🏻‍♀️ TooFab Execution TooFab SMH TooFab Did they share the recipe online? 🤔

TooFab MacTruthCDN why? 😩😢😣 TooFab I wish that I never read this. TooFab Wtffff. Like what even possesses people to do some sick shit like this TooFab Can I get the recipe? TooFab Unreal!! TooFab Capital punishment should be more popular TooFab Fuck them kids. TooFab Weirdos TooFab TooFab Sick and twisted couple should be jailed for life just sick

TooFab In not eating from no one. TooFab Porsha4real another Dennis who enjoys the company of animals! Sick freaks! TooFab NASTY!!! TooFab TooFab Soooooo how did anyone know the cupcakes had semen is my question. TooFab She just ruined all the school bake sales for me TooFab Holy molly. TooFab Disgusting! These they type of folks that voted for Trump..

TooFab Whaaatt TooFab What in the actual fuck?! TooFab WTF is wrong with people 🤦🏿‍♀️ People are so sick and twisted. They just keep getting worse TooFab TooFab They’re sick! TooFab U guys are weird...ewww TooFab White people🙄 TooFab Oh cum on? TooFab TooFab tariqnasheed Disgusting. TooFab W T F R Y’ALL ON ANYWAY!!!?

TooFab TooFab Lmmmaaaaoooo bruh they're NEVER going to eat in peace at ANY public restaurant ever again. They better hope no servers or cooks see this shit. TooFab Good ole Ms. Cumcakes was up to no good again. groomjkl TooFab 🤬 ThesePeopleAreSick TooFab Wtf did I just read TooFab MikeTay11662691

TooFab TooFab Sick people TooFab TooFab TooFab Why!!? Why is his semen in the cupcakes!! TooFab “Cumcakes”... LOL!!!! TooFab TooFab That is some nasty foul business. TooFab Jail. TooFab TooFab Disgusting and heinous TooFab TooFab TooFab TooFab TooFab Lots of SICK ppl out there! Cops, preachers, and teachers R some of the worst!

TooFab TooFab Some kind of twisted person. Disgusting. TooFab Wtf TooFab Bait TooFab Bro wtf TooFab That’s so foul if I was a student I’m getting that bag for sure 💰 TooFab Peter North opened a bakery? Avoid the icing! TooFab This is why we have corona TooFab TooFab how would the students know they were tainted?

TooFab Wow...I didn't even think it could get more worse than the title. So gross. TooFab What a twisted couple. What they did is absolutely disturbing. Lock them both up and lose the key. TooFab TooFab Why are people so disgusting?! TooFab How did they prove this 🤔. Did someone confess TooFab TooFab Really

TooFab ARIES! Nasty bitch's! they will always cross that line........... You cannot help the month that your born in........ and they work in every fast food restaurants......... If one person pisses them off! they take it out on thousands offffff........ Is it that right Method Man. TooFab Sick fucks

TooFab At least they weren’t racist lol TooFab Excusez moi TooFab Joe Biden supporters smh TooFab An animal too? TooFab Abelungu 🤮😷 TooFab LMAOOO TooFab Trumpers TooFab HIS WHAT TooFab TooFab TooFab TooFab TooFab Wtf TooFab Like, IRL, why!?! Y’all be.....😕 TooFab Back the blue! TooFab I’ll never look at a cupcake the same way. Ever. 🤢

TooFab They had video of them “making” the cupcakes on their phone and she sent him pictures of the students eating them in her class. That’s how they knew. TooFab Thats nuts. TooFab Dirty bitch TooFab They took freaky to a new crusty scabbing nasty level TooFab TooFab What the...? TooFab What. The. Actual. F%$.

TooFab that is fucking disturbing! TooFab TooFab Dig a hole in a remote place. Throw sex offenders in there,pour some gasoline(just a little gasoline) and light them on fire. TooFab In what world does a trusted member of society not see this as being psychotic or just wrong. This is where we are as a society. Lack of discipline. Lack of oversight. Lack of morals. Lack of consequences. This is what happens when there’s no accountability.

TooFab TooFab 2020 TooFab totally repulsive. Lock them up and they better pay up. TooFab TooFab Them two, gotta to go. I know revenge is toxic; but other than a case study in law school, they serve no purpose in this world. TooFab One of those kids taste buds has magical powers TooFab TooFab TooFab

TooFab Lol TooFab That is so sick and gross TooFab Ya but how were the cupcakes? TooFab Wtf TooFab Well miss, you did a terrible thing. However you’re one smoking hot teacher. So I sentence you to 10yrs of homeschooling.....me! TooFab Oh ‘come’ on, that’s disgusting. TooFab But why? TooFab SICK PEOPLE..

TooFab DiscerningNews TooFab I’m SURE they were trump supporters. ofcourse 🤦🏾‍♂️ TooFab I neva try 🤣what is the taste like 🧐 TooFab Why i don’t eat shit from work. I thought cats was my biggest worry. TooFab What, what, how, what... TooFab TooFab Sure TooFab What the holy fuck? TooFab TooFab A prize worthy matrimony!!

TooFab So I did some reading....these same ppl got caught videoing themselves rapping a child...did this event happen after all this or what? That event happened last year... TooFab Why in the world would a “teacher” do this? Why did he still have a job after ALL the charges brought against him!!! These ppl are sick!!! Hope they both are locked up!

TooFab Hope they enjoy prison food TooFab So many unanswered questions. Like. What about the animal? They breezed right over that. Wtf TooFab TooFab Baby batter... cupcakes. TooFab Dude, The HEADLINE SHOULD READ: “Police Officer Arrested for having SEX WITH AN ANIMAL & btw his Wife feed kids tainted Cupcakes”

TooFab TooFab TooFab Too many psychopaths in this world. TooFab Ewww wtf 🤬 why? 🤷‍♀️ what would serve the purpose to do such a vile 🤢🤮disgusting thing? TooFab TooFab So the students, boys and girls were able to identify the taste of sperm.... interesting reading material, the article just left a bad taste in my mouth.

TooFab TooFab When she told them the cupcakes had “Nuts” in them she wasn’t lying🤣 TooFab Cumcakes TooFab bigbrothrgossip TooFab Whew just read articles on these two. The cupcakes were the minor stuff to what they did. Rape, drugging people, Bestiality. Wow messed up individuals. TooFab TooFab TooFab She'd be dead if one was my kid. Dead.

TooFab BroccoliBuddy beepbeepbuddy FendiDeng read this entire story, it's absolutely WILD TooFab How tf was this discovered?! Like what led to this?!!! TooFab WTF is this story.. 😳 TooFab Rule 1 about potlucks: TooFab Some people are just plain skanks TooFab What ingredient were they out of that this could possibly replace?

TooFab Okay seriously, how did they find out the cupcakes had semen in them? TooFab Ok that’s enough Twitters for today. TooFab So how did they know it was twice, who found out about these creepy ass cops? He looks like the type of guy that holds a whole conversation with a pedophile outside the school about kids...

TooFab You did this for what? TooFab TooFab Oops TooFab So many questions. Questions I don’t even want the answers to. TooFab JUST ALL KINDS OF NASTY! TooFab Sued? Not murdered? What’s this weak ass world coming too? TooFab Freaks walk amongst us. 🙄 TooFab Put them in prison...Gen Pop. TooFab Female children as young as 5 years old Have been and are being sexualy abused In the Lakeland School District NY Being covered up by the school and Westchester County PD & DA Video ME ADM BOE

TooFab That AND THIS and CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! DEATH PENALTY. TooFab TooFab TooFab wypipo 🤦🏽‍♀️ TooFab Wow guess they ran out of icing so they used his cumm . Not nice TooFab How was it discovered there was semen in the cupcakes? TooFab TooFab What in the actual shit is this! TooFab TooFab The husband is a cop, we really know how to pick them

TooFab How did they find out about the cupcakes? TooFab What the FUCK?! TooFab TooFab Imagine not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding because it’s against your religious beliefs, but baking cupcakes with SEMEN IN THEM AND SERVING THEM TO CHILDREN is ok. TooFab TooFab Really TooFab TooFab TooFab Smdh

TooFab ........wut

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For teachers and students, remote learning during COVID-19 poses challenges, stokes creativityRemote learning has forced students, parents and teachers to get creative and adapt to ensure their education. Vote for Trump! First, the left. Second, globalism. Third, GOP No it does not it spokes stress and confusion for kids Black father + white mother = black son?😱😱😱

Loughlin, Giannulli to serve prison time for college scamBREAKING: Court papers show Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, will plead guilty in college admissions bribery case. Under the plea agreement, Loughlin has agreed to serve two months in prison and Giannulli has agreed to serve five months. Isnt that the lady from Full House? Two months, after putting the courts through all this garbage? Should be 2 years!!!! Lori Loughlin. And yet, we can't get a single politician to go to prison for even one day. Bush Hillary Obama BidenGate Pelosi

Lori Loughlin and Husband Officially Plead Guilty in College Admissions ScandalUnder the proposed deals, the 'Full House' star hopes to spend two months in prison, with her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli seeking to serve five months. Put them away for at least a couple of years. What a joke and a complete abrogation of justice. These criminals shamefully undermined those students who worked diligently to gain acceptance to USC on merit. Loughlin will probably probably serve a half to a third of her sentence if that.

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli to plead guilty in college admissions caseIf the agreement is approved by a judge, Lori will serve two months while husband Mossimo is set for five over conspiracy charges connected to a college admissions case

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