Taylor Swift Sings Solo Acoustic ‘Betty’ on ACM Awards (Watch)

Taylor Swift Sings Solo Acoustic ‘Betty’ on ACM Awards (Watch)

9/17/2020 5:43:00 AM

Taylor Swift Sings Solo Acoustic ‘Betty’ on ACM Awards (Watch)

Taylor Swift made her first performing appearance on a country awards show since 2013 with an appearance on Wednesday night’s Academy of Country Music Awards, singing “Betty,” a s…

The performance had Swift returning to her roots by performing alone on a stool with an acoustic guitar, accompanied only by a harmonica player.It was billed as coming live from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, although that wasn’t entirely clear at first, as Swift did without the elaborate lighted backdrops and effects of the other performers at that location, lit more simply with a single spot behind. Only at the very end did the stage lights come up to reveal that she was, indeed, on the Opry stage. (Like a majority of the performances on the audience-free show, it appeared to have been recorded in advance, to the likely chagrin of Swifties gathered outside the Opry House.)

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“Betty” is the one song on “Folklore” that harks back in style to early Swift country hits like “Love Story,” complete with a teen romance, now painted as a nostalgic multi-character narrative instead of first-person experience. Read more: Variety »

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Betty who Betty WHO? dmond1989 Bianca14270969 Full circle vibes. Taylor Swift is serving as usual, Betty taylorswift13 I thought she is going to pirsion for 23 months. Not solo acoustic when there is another musician on stage...

Taylor Swift Returns to ACM Awards With 'Betty' PerformanceTaylor Swift's performance of Betty at the ACMAwards has us feeling like we couldn't breathe. 💕 It was terrible. She can’t sing Perfect ❤ hunterreis She showed up to our party and we HAD 👏 HER 👏 😍

Taylor Swift Did Her Own Hair and Makeup for the 2020 ACM AwardsHair by Taylor Swift. Makeup by Taylor Swift. Styling by Taylor Swift. (Our heart is) Owned by TaylorSwift13. 😍 ACMAwards taylorswift13 Looks like it. taylorswift13 Way to Take Control of Your Talent taylorswift13 A+😉 taylorswift13 taylorswift13 not wearing 😷 🤣 Does ACMawards not implement health protocols🤷‍♀️ I mean does She do 14 days SelfQuararantine and take a covid test before appearing at ACMawards Cc: CDCgov GovBillLee ParTNerHealthTN JohnCooper4Nash

Taylor Swift Stalker Sentenced To 30 Months In PrisonHe sent 40 letters and emails to her former record label which became increasingly violent and sexual. maggieNYT ITS A LOVE STORY BABY JUST SAAAAY YES maggieNYT Weird that the record label become violent and sexual. Sorry. Send me Cheetos in prison.

Texas Man Gets Prison Time For Stalking Taylor SwiftEric Swarbrick was sentenced to 30 months behind bars after he pleaded guilty to stalking and sending threatening letters and emails to the pop star. R we sure it wasn't Kanye? Since Taylor Swift is a liberal and does the right thing and says that Trump is bad, anyone who threatens her or antagonizes her must be swiftly and harshly punished. And roger stone walked free.....justice

Taylor Swift returns to Nashville to sing 'Betty' live from the Grand Ole Opry HouseThe Nashville-bred superstar sang the new song, a highlight from her latest album, 'Folklore.' The surprise album made Swift the first artist in history to debut at No. 1 on Billboard's album and songs charts. kuku27 Great achievement indeed JamieGr14666080 Aaaannnddd she supports a demented candidate that is the only person they find to go against Trump. Good luck with that. Did he ever go sniff the girls at pedophile Island. She needs to sit down and let the adults talk now

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