Taylor Swift & Jack Antonoff Really Loved Playing This 'Folklore' Track Live

Taylor Swift has been joining this week's chatter about #FolkloreOnDisneyPlus on Twitter

11/28/2020 2:10:00 AM

Taylor Swift has been joining this week's chatter about FolkloreOnDisneyPlus on Twitter

Taylor Swift is mouthing 'retweet 4ever' in Jack Antonoff's direction after seeing his tweet about this 'Folklore' song on her timeline.

Folklorealbum in the same room together for the first time for the cozy, acoustic session, which is now streaming on Disney+, and its accompanying live album.Swift and Antonoff, who had worked on"August" together from afar during the pandemic, seemed to have a blast bringing the tune to life again live at Long Pond Studio.

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TheFolklorehitmaker has been joining the chatter about her live new release on Twitter over the past couple days, replying to not only Antonoff, but also fans."i’m so happy we got to hear the stories behind these masterpieces!!" one fan tweeted."it only added to my appreciation for taylor’s expert songwriting! so in love with them all."

Taylor Swift Confirms Identity of Mysterious 'Folklore' Co-Writer William Bowery"Thank you so much, I’m glad," Swift said."Folklore is partly personal, partly fictional so I wanted there to be some time for everyone to assign it to their own experiences before I really weighed in about mine. Ya know?"

"Gosh the illicit affairs bridge literally wrecks me every single time," one person admitted. Swift agreed:"Yeah that one scalds. Like why is it so sad?? I remember finishing that bridge and thinking it was like level 7 sad. But. It’s a 13."

She even coined a new term in response to a reaction about her facial expressions while singing"Mad Woman":"ah yes, the FolkGLARE," Swift quipped."I miss you guys terribly and am gonna keep trying to find ways to keep us connected during these times," Swift promised in reply to another fan tweet.

See Swift's recent tweets below.Taylor Swift Surprised Fans With 'Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions' Film | Billboard News Read more: billboard »

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